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Tech Help: Pinball Pool Drop Targets Set up

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By Turboderf

1 year ago


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#1 1 year ago

Is there a way to make the drop targets drop 1 at a time as you hit them ? the way its set up know is if you hit 1 target then both sides are dropping together is there any way to change this. thanks Turbo Fred

#2 1 year ago

Set it up for 5 ball game

#3 1 year ago

its on 5 ball but its easy to get all of the targets down trying to see if I can make it harder

#4 1 year ago

Is the jack pin adjustment under the playfield set on 5 ballimage-930.jpgimage-930.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

#5 1 year ago

yes its on 5 ball but if I put it on 3 ball it still plays 5 balls

#6 1 year ago

You have an issue with your game.
When set to 5 ball, targets on opposite sides should not trip "in sympathy" to other dropped targets.
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#7 1 year ago
plowpusher said:

Is the jack pin adjustment under the playfield set on 5 ball

image-930.jpg 195 KB

on the 3-5 ball connector the 5 has no wire on mine. when I put the pin and wire In 5 spot the targets drop on the left side 2 4 6 will also drop the 14 12 10 targets and that's the same for either side when hit

if you hit 1 3 5 7 the other side stays up same when you hit 15 13 11 9 others stay up is any of this normal ?

Thank you for any help

Pinball Pool 2.jpgPinball Pool 2.jpg Pinball Pool 3.jpgPinball Pool 3.jpg

#8 1 year ago

I'd have to review the schematics, but it may be that only some targets are cross-configured. I just don't remember.
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#9 1 year ago

I order a book & schematics but it hasn't got here yet . I got picked this game up last week so I'm not sure how it should play


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