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Tech: Gottlieb Genie System 1 three coils locking on power up.

By action76

1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

I've got an issue with a Gottlieb Genie. Every time the machine is powered on, three solenoids (that I know of) immediately lock on. The saucer outhole kicker, ball trough kickout and knocker solenoids are the three that are locked on (unless a relay coil or one that is not easily seen is also locked). All transistors tested good but I replaced them anyway. Also, the interconnect harness is new. If I disconnect it from the driver board, the coils do not lock or fire at all. The only other culprit that I can think it might be is one of the "spider chips" on the main MPU board. Is this a possible cause of this behavior or is there another possibility I should look into? This behavior was not happening but started all of a sudden while I was shopping it out and doing some restoring on the machine. That's why I was hoping it was something simple that happened and not the MPU board crapping out on me. Any suggestions or things to check would be greatly appreciated.

#2 1 year ago

Calling all system 1 gurus! I would like to get this up and running before the State tournament on the 18th if at all possible. I don't want to buy a $250 board if it is something I can fix or if it is something else altogether. Help!

#3 1 year ago

I don’t have schematics on me but have you replaced the under pf transistors as well? I’ve had some of those bad that lock coils on.

If you know how the logic works you can use a logic probe to test for bad logic on the board too.

#4 1 year ago

Genie is one of the system 1 games that does not have any under the PF transistors. I do have a logic probe if you can help guide me on what to test. If this helps, with the 25 volts disconnected from the transformer, the MPU plays and scores perfectly fine. Sounds play, switches score, displays all work, just no coils of course.

#5 1 year ago
Quoted from action76:

"spider chips"

These chips can not be replaced or fixed and yes they do create problems that's why most owners of system 1 are replacing the boards with the newly designed Ni-wiumph boards.When you tested the transistors on the driver board they might have tested good because on genie some coils are CPU controlled... We just went through troubles with a genie its in the thread "my genie wont boot"

#6 1 year ago


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#8 1 year ago

Ok, here is some more information so maybe it will help pinpoint the problem. According to Clay's guides, a bad U4 could cause coils to lock on. I figured nothing else had worked and I had a donor board, so I replaced U4 with the one from the donor. No change It exhibited the exact same behavior as before. So now I assume, unless the U4 chip from the other board was bad in the exact same way as the other one, the problem is somewhere else. But where? This is driving me nuts. I can only think maybe some kind of grounding issue but if three of the CPU controlled coils are locked because of that, wouldn't all of the CPU controlled coils be locked on? Where should I check the ground to test this theory? Any other suggestions?

Thanks for all the help so far.

#9 1 year ago

Was the other board that you took out U4 chip in good working condition?The schematics would be really helpful in this case showing what IC controls those coils that are locking on.

Note.. not all system 1 games have cpu controlled coils only a few and Genie is one of them that has cpu controlled coils.

Quick question are the ground mods done on your game?

Did this problem just occur?
Did you test the ohms for them coils and diodes on those coils with meter?

#10 1 year ago

Yes the it has the ground mods. The problem occurred all of a sudden a while back and I just now got back around to working on it. Yes I did test the coils and diodes and they seem to all be within spec.

#11 1 year ago

CPU controlled coils vs non CPU controlled coils

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1 week later
#12 1 year ago

Just a quick update. I ended up getting a Ni-Wumpf board like Pinmike suggested and it corrected the locking coils. Both U4 chips that I had must have been bad or either it was something else that I could not find. Thanks Pinmike and Northvibe for the help.

#13 1 year ago
Quoted from action76:

Just a quick update. I ended up getting a Ni-Wumpf board like Pinmike suggested and it corrected the locking coils. Both U4 chips that I had must have been bad or either it was something else that I could not find. Thanks Pinmike and Northvibe for the help.

Those old boards :/ sucks when you can’t get parts, but the new designed ones are so much better!

Lots of smart people here like pinmike! Glad the forum was helpful and you posted the solution.

I acquired two sys1’s and just shotgunned the games with flipps aka pascal all-in-1 board . I didn’t want to deal with spider chips and all that.

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