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tech: F14-tomcat help needed

By pinballsteph

11 years ago

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#1 11 years ago

I've had this machine for 15 years now... first real issue. (been playing it alot lately since i just removed the mylar... wow is it ever fast now.)

I have three 89 flashers that are almost always stuck on all of a sudden.

these 3 "89" flashers are under the playfield. according to manual flasher #8 (i have three of theme under there) just under the "rescue" / "kill" / "rescue" lights in the big "target like circle" is where they are.

so what's wrong with my machine... where do i start???.

thank you in advance for any help.


#2 11 years ago

Remove the bulbs until you figure it out so you don't melt anything.

Check if the transistor that drives them is bad and shorted on.

LTG : )

#3 11 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Remove the bulbs until you figure it out so you don't melt anything.
Check if the transistor that drives them is bad and shorted on.
LTG : )

sorry, the lights are not always on, when i start a game they are off, as soon as i let go the plunger they turn on... hence "almost always on"...

still a bad transistor?

#4 11 years ago

sounds like it to me

#5 11 years ago

according to the manual, it should be q22 (tip122),( (gry/blk wire)??. since i am a newbie, i compared my readings to the ones beside it... all looks good.

it is fine when the game is turned on... it only lights up and stays lite, when the game starts. (not on during attract mode)...


#6 11 years ago

stuck or bad target switch?

#7 11 years ago

There are two circuits to that insert, one is the green #47 or #555 bulb that is green for the normal 'radar' color and then there are 3 #89 flashers on 'Flasher 8' circuit.

Where I see 3 glows on your picture it looks like the 3 #89's are on.

Run through the service tests.
All lamps should be off.
If those three light up under the 'all lamp' test then some hack wired you #89's into GI.
Those lamps should only turn on under 'coil' tests and only flash once when you get to 'Flasher 8'.

If they flash at any other time, you either have a miswired something, or a short in your driver logic.

#8 11 years ago

so these 3 "89" lights only stay on when any solenoid is fired...(start of game, in attract mode if i drop a ball in one of the ball locks, it spits the ball out and then the lights stay on at this point)

during game play, they flasher brighter when they should flash. but stay on...

i will do some service tests... this happended all of a sudden during game play a couple of days ago.

during the test mode, the 3 lights turn on during flasher 1 thru 8 only... they turn off during other solenoid tests. so only during flasher 1-8... what is common for flasher 1-8?

thanks for the ideas/help so far.

#9 11 years ago

It sounds like you have some sort of voltage 'bleed' problem.

Remember that on all flasher circuits, what we call a 'driver' is actually a 'grounder'. Meaning that there is always a voltage being sent out to the solenoids/flashers during play, and when we select a certain coil/flasher we are 'grounding' them electronically with the 'driver'.

Sounds like the driver circuit is either weak and leaking some of the voltage to ground, or something is touching that circuit. In looking at the prints your looking in the Q22 area.

Look at the voltage on that flash circuit and compare to a similar one, if Flasher 8 is lower than any other you will get the delta in voltage being pulled across the bulbs making them glow.

1 week later
#10 11 years ago

had time to look at this finally... so simple.

My 89 LEDS...

i replaced the red LED (89) for regular 89 bulbs and problem solved... guess the LEDS are defective. weird.

thanks everyone for your input. my next move was to change the tip122 q22...but the readout i was getting was that it was good. now i have confidence i know how to use a multimeter.

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