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Team Pinball - Mafia Just Revealed

By pcprogrammer

1 year ago

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#12 1 year ago

While I can appreciate the theme's middle finger to PC culture, it seems like a poor choice for a first pin.

#26 1 year ago

I'm making an assumption here, but if you know the gameplay is gonna be a bit lacking, then make up for it with the theme/artwork. I have yet to play a Houdini, but it at least looks cool as hell. Plenty of folks will buy a pin, regardless of how well it plays, if they love the theme/artwork.

#45 1 year ago
Quoted from Richthofen:

So a company comes out of nowhere and has games to deliver today, with a throwback design and illustrative artwork, and didn’t rip anyone off through preorders, and the first thing people do is crap all over it? Jeez. It costs a lot to make manufactured goods in places like the UK and USA. Especially from scratch.
If this is fun they’ll rip through their 100 no problem. And yeah they probably are padding their pockets a bit on price. But better to do that and use the money to possibly make another game or buy equipment to scale up, vs offering a way too low preorder price then failing to get the games out the door.
8K couldn’t get TBL out the door profitably from a European manufacturer. So I don’t think their price is outrageous given the history of pinball manufacturers not making it.

So you like the theme and think it looks fun?

#49 1 year ago

Because the artwork/theme and gameplay look kinda lame? If I play it and like it, I'll admit I was wrong. I thought TNA was going to be a turd, but I really like it. This pin does not look fun.

#59 1 year ago
Quoted from RJW:

The Mafia is a family friendly theme?

Smoking, sex, guns, crime, mafia... Totally family friendly.

I'm just gonna half-ass think up a no license theme, Dante's Inferno. Retheme this bitch as Dante's Inferno with killer artwork and you've got something better than what you have now.

#61 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

Why family friendly anyway? Who really cares what the lamest 10% of pinball players want anyway.

If you aren't going for family-friendly, at least make it cool. This theme isn't cool. It's cornballish.

#67 1 year ago

Well, Spooky didn't start with TNA, so you ra-ra folks buy this. I'll hope for something better the next go around...

#140 1 year ago
Quoted from DerGoetz:

Make sure to post photos here once you have assed finished the first 10 production models. Us here cannot wait to crap all over whatever you came up with.

I'm just being honest. If I wasn't sure about a concept, I'd try to gauge interest before building anything, not after already producing 10.

#147 1 year ago
Quoted from John_I:

I thought it looked like a playfield overlay and that was confirmed in the article. The plastic on top of the art looks pretty thick like the old Sonic games. One thing for sure it this will be the only modern game that absolutely won't dimple!

You can see the overlay flex in a few areas as the ball rolls over. I'd like to see a player's perspective video of a full game with actual in-game audio. I guess we'll see it soon enough though.

#187 1 year ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Just a bunch of sad sacks crapping all over a passion project from some people who escaped Andrew Heighway’s garbage heap and wanted to get to work on a game that wasn’t a shit show. They built 10 games in their spare time and hope to drum up enough interest to do a limited run with them. Hardly criminal behavior.

No, just a bunch of folks commenting on what was posted in the thread, a basic pin at a premium price from yet another boutique company. Gameplay? They are apparently still working on it. Why announce it if the software isn't ready? Why post that heavily edited video with the dubbed sound?

So now we get the name calling and guilt tripping. I'm having flashbacks to a couple bozos sitting around a campfire making big plans. Anytime a negative thing was said, certain members of the community would vouch and assure and attack. Of course, the sheep rally around.

It's cool that a small team built these pins in their spare time. But judging the pin as revealed against its $7,500 peers? This appears to be a mediocre product with incomplete software.

Archer and TNA were impressive, even as whitewoods. Most could see that. I don't think folks are really helping them when they say "looks like fun, though it's missing all this shi*". Does it really look like fun to you then? I think people want to be supportive and nice when it doesn't cost them anything. It's like telling the designer of the Pontiac Aztec "Killer SUV dude. It's beautiful". No, it's not, and probably not a good idea to put it into production.

#200 1 year ago
Quoted from WJxxxx:

They've managed to make 10 machines with no external funding, no commitment to foreign factories for 1000's of unique parts.
It's been done as 'financially responsible' as could possibly have been.

While a hell of a lot more responsible than Predator or Jpop for sure, why not just make 1 whitewood and gauge interest? Why make 10 of something you aren't sure is going to be well received? If they don't sell, the burden is theirs, but it still sucks for them.

Quoted from WJxxxx:

All those people saying "It's too expensive", or "It's too simple" why not get off your ar$e$ and design and make 10 machines yourselves and see and what price YOU could sell them for.

I don't get your logic here. If you can't build a competitive product, then you probably shouldn't do it. The "gotta have it" folks may save them, but I wouldn't count on it. If you want to build a basic functioning pin to show you can do it, fine. Now go back to the drawing board and build something desirable. When you know you've got something, build 10 of those.

#225 1 year ago

Buzz is buzz. Activity keeps this thread at the top of page 1 where all the potential buyers looking for a pin like this will better see it. That's not a bad thing. The scolding is lame. This should be valuable info for them, whether negative or positive. They may not like all the feedback, but you can stick your head under a pillow or you can address the concerns. Most everyone commenting here owns multiple pins. This is good feedback.

This thread is 2 days old. How many SUATMM! memes have been posted? Have a look at some other reveal threads for comparison.

#247 1 year ago
Quoted from 3rdaxis:

Yea but wait a second. You're not talking about a modern pinball rule set with multiball, wizard modes, ball locks etc. This looks like a very basic game that is most likely based on a pre-existing game and layout. In fact I would bet anything that it is. Be curious to know which one... Anyone dare to take a guess?

Quoted from Haymaker:

All that said though, the playfield layout looks just like Wild Life and Jungle with 2 exta pop bumpers

I'm bored...

#257 1 year ago
Quoted from EalaDubhSidhe:

It should go without saying but I'm going to bloody do it anyway: anyone saying 'I'm out' at this early point was never going to be in regardless.

And half the folks who say "I'm in!" aren't really in. Unfortunately for these folks, half of zero is still zero. You said it plays better than it looks and was fun. I'd sure get some gameplay video up, full playfield, start to finish, actual audio. I'd also figure out a way to lower that price considerably.

I listened to a couple podcasts discussing this pin. They weren't terribly excited and I guess even the limited run is in question? The US distributor made the suggestion they'd build more if they sold 100. A collector buying it just because it's going to be uber rare isn't going to like that, though I don't think it's ever going to be a problem for them.

#259 1 year ago
Quoted from ZenTron:

If they build 100 pins and only sell a few a good idea instead of lowering prices is to just say only 100 will be made total. AMH did something like this.

I don't disagree, but a certain interview suggests something different is possible. Another good point that was made, a collector spending thousands on a collectible wants it to be special. It's a pin built by a small team in their spare time with no deposit money, and kudos for that, but those aren't selling points. If anything, we've learned that small time pinball businesses can disappear just like that. They just stop responding and that's it.

Theme? I wish the theme was something special. The community will forgive a lot if the theme is desirable. A neutered Taxi with DVD box cover art for the playfield had folks chomping at the bit a few years ago. I'm not saying they are Skit-B at all, but my point is the theme is important, especially if gameplay is in doubt.

Build quality? It's obvious this isn't up to JJP's standards right? Up until DI, they sure as hell weren't getting by on gameplay. Flame suit on

Gameplay? Show me. Right now I don't believe it, but I didn't see it with TNA either until I played it. I sure don't see it though, especially with that edited video.

Price? Crazy now and probably crazier after Brexit. At this price point, there are so many better options.

#281 1 year ago
Quoted from EalaDubhSidhe:

It's definitely not aimed at the market that people think it is

You've got 6 pages of the market talking here dude. Read the Pinball Magazine article. It's pretty clear on the intended market. The damn thing is the playfield is printed on plastic. They could retheme this more easily than if it were a traditional playfield. They could probably even tweak the design of the playfield itself without too much trouble. They can be stubborn about it or they can listen to the market. As is? I suspect they are going to crash and burn.

#286 1 year ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

That's not the market talking. The market talks (or doesn't) in numbers of units sold. You might be right if the 10 they've built remain sitting in their office for a long while.
I suspect they will not, however.

You can debate the semantics with me, but they ignore the lukewarm response at their own peril. The last pin I can recall that got the cold shoulder from Pinside was WWE. There are probably 10 collectors out there who will buy this hoping those are the only 10 made. I don't think that's what they really want. They want to sell at least 100. Retheme it and maybe tweak the gameplay. Consulting with a marketing person would be a good idea too.

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