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(Topic ID: 270714)

Teacher's Pet scoring modification

By John_I

4 months ago

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#1 4 months ago

Teacher's Pet is an EM that I looked around for a while before finding a nice one. The game play is really great and fast. One thing that bothered me from the get-go was the way the progression for the drop target scoring was set up. Basically it progresses from 50 to 500 points as you spell "Teacher's Pet". The problem is that once you have spelled it fully, the drop targets become "Special" and score no points. Add to that if you already have the "S" and "P" early in the game you skip right over 400 and 500 and go straight to Special when you get the "R".

So long story short, the way the scoring is controlled, this can be modified very easily. The Special relay has three normally closed switches. By jumpering closed two of those switches, it leaves the 500-light and the 500-point scoring active along with the Special, so you get both for hitting a drop target. Alternately you could disable the Special relay which would simply halt the progress at 500 and you would get 500 points and no special from then on. I prefer hearing the knock, so went with the first method.

To me this makes the game more fun and would be much more friendly for tournament play too.
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#2 4 months ago

I just want to add on to this post that there is a third normally closed contact on the Special relay. You want to make sure that you DO NOT jumper this switch and just jumper the other two NC switches. If you jumper the third NC switch, the Special relay coil will most likely burn out the first time you complete "Teacher's Pet" in a game and light Special. I very carefully installed the jumpers with the game turned on after manually achieved lighting Special. This way I saw the 500-light come on as I installed the first jumper and there was no buzzing relay as I installed the second. After putting both jumpers in, I hit a drop target and sure enough was awarded both the Special knock and 500 points. I then sequenced through a couple of games with the glass off to make sure everything was working as expected.
20200612_122542 (resized).jpg

#3 4 months ago

I am working on a teachers pet now any possibility you could send me over a pdf of your schematic itd be very helpful. Thanks.

#4 4 months ago

And would u be willing to lend a hand on video to possibly help me diagnose the problem?. Only the light comes on apon startup

#5 4 months ago
Quoted from John_I:

Add to that if you already have the "S" and "P" early in the game you skip right over 400 and 500 and go straight to Special when you get the "R".

Something is wrong with your game! True, once you spell TEACHER'S PET the drop targets get you the SPECIAL, not points. I guess you can rewire the game to change that if you don't like that. But if your game is skipping from 400 to 500 points if you only have the S and P then the special after R, then something else is wrong. The way this game scores is as follows:
Drops are worth 50 points until you get the T and E. After you get the T and E the drops are worth 100 points. Then after you get the A and C the drops earn 300. If you get the A and C before getting both T and E, the drops remain 100 points. The drops become 400 points after you get the H and R, but only if you also have T E A C. If you get the H and R before completing all T E A C then the drops remain and the lower value. Basically, you need to complete EACH PAIR OF LETTERS from the top of the playfield towards the bottom to advance the point value of the drop targets. Complete them all and the drops become special awards!

Another example: If you get the T A C H R S P (everything but the E at the top of the playfield), then the drops are only worth 50. Hope that makes sense.

I love my TEACHER'S PET.

#6 4 months ago

I apologize if I didn't explain it well enough. The way you explain it above is exactly how my game functions - there is nothing wrong with it. Point is that in a lot of cases you never see 400 or 500 because you have already gotten the later letters in the sequence. So yes, you can get every single letter but the T or the E at the top and the drop targets are worth just 50 points still. Get that last letter and it goes right from 50 to special - skipping everything in between. That is the way it is designed and it is plain as day in the schematics in the second to last picture of my original post.

The way it transitions in itself is not what I disliked about the scoring. I disliked the fact that special scores zero rather that continuing to score 500. In the arcade back in 1965, a Special meant a free game and therefore more valuable than points. In my arcade we play for points and completing Teachers Pet is tough enough that there should be a nice reward.

This is really a fun game and I am glad to hear there are others out there who love it!

#7 4 months ago

One of my favorite games to play just wish i could fix mine.

#8 4 months ago

New EM code! Maybe someone should start a thread for scoring or other gameplay mods for EMs.

#9 4 months ago
Quoted from wolverinetuner:

New EM code! Maybe someone should start a thread for scoring or other gameplay mods for EMs.

Funny, I did a similar thing with the clock operation on my Beat The Clock recently to make it more competitive friendly.

#10 4 months ago
Quoted from wolverinetuner:

New EM code! Maybe someone should start a thread for scoring or other gameplay mods for EMs.

I'm looking into mods for games like Dodge City and Ship Mates to disable the way they carry over progress from game to game. I would like to be able to have them reset every time you start a game. In this case though it is pretty much strictly for tournament play each game starts with the same scoring enabled. Furthermore these mods would preferably be done with one or more switch or added plug, so it could easily be switched to play as normal when not being used in competition.

#11 4 months ago

I had that same thought (would be nice to score 500 points + the special) when I owned a Teacher's Pet.

Great game. Of all the pinball machines that have gone through my small collection (including Jack's Open, King Pin, Heat Wave, Quick Draw and others), I think I miss that one the most.

#12 4 months ago

Teacher's Pet is one of the GOATS of the EM world.

#13 4 months ago
Quoted from fireball2:

Teacher's Pet is one of the GOATS of the EM world.

It is very much a goat.

#14 4 months ago

I love Teachers Pet also. About the only thing I do not like about mine is that the pop bumper layout geometry does not provide for much lively ball action. Does anyone else notice this? 1or2 bounces amongst the pops is all I normally get. To me the main purpose of the red pop bumpers up top, is to try and nudge the ball back up into the T&E kickout holes. I also love the fact that the game gives you a chance to earn the S&P without having to drain, if a the appropriate drop target is down and corresponding light lit.

#15 4 months ago
Quoted from John_I:

I'm looking into mods for games like Dodge City

Easy. Which ever player makes the cowboy dance the most, wins.

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