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TAF upper right flipper stays up

By PatrickMeyer

10 months ago

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    #1 10 months ago

    Bought an Addams Family machine finally and it has this issue where the top right flipper will activate and go up, but it just stays up. It stays up when the power is off. If I push it down, it will work and go up when the right flipper button is pressed, but not return. I looked underneath and the blue thingy with a piston and spring is hot to touch compared to others. I can push the part which has the spring attached and manually bring the flipper down. Anybody have experience with this? I am debating replacing the blue piston thing (very technical here), but it looks like I'd have to cut wire and solder the wires.
    I am new to all this having just bought TAF and Terminator 2 in the last year, so I apologize for a total lack of knowledge on what the "thingy" is!

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    #3 10 months ago

    Yeah, no need to replace the coil (blue thingy). My guess is you could replace the coil stop and the coil sleeve and fix your problem.

    #4 10 months ago
    Quoted from pinlink:

    eplace the coil stop and the coil sleeve

    Usually a new plunger assembly too.

    LTG : )

    #5 10 months ago

    Yea I bet the coil stop and plunger are just worn And the plunger is catching on the sleeve and stop . Get a rebuild kit and it will be good to go .

    #6 10 months ago

    That or the end of stroke switch is holding the flipper up from friction....had that happen on mine and had to adjust the leaf

    #7 10 months ago

    check the link LTG provided.
    you mentioned that the coil gets hot. that might mean it is not just a mechanical issue. Does the flipper move freely when you manually move it?

    get in there and take it apart! take some pics soo you put it back together correctly!

    fixing shit is pinball too!

    #8 10 months ago
    Quoted from Aflacjack:

    That or the end of stroke switch is holding the flipper up from friction....had that happen on mine and had to adjust the leaf

    Plunger worn, coil stop worn. Pawl travels father and catches the end of the EOS blade.

    LTG : )

    #9 10 months ago

    Don't forget a new coil sleeve.

    #10 10 months ago

    Wow, thanks everyone! I've learned a whole bunch just from this and it is super nice that you all chipped in for some guy you don't even know! I ordered the rebuild kit and a new bushing and an rnd if stroke normally open switch (what TAF uses) and will see if that's all I need.

    On a side note I also have a complete LED kit ordered which should be here any day and I am really looking forward to switching all the bulbs. I've got at least 15 dead bulbs.

    My TAF was delivered and fell over in the truck as they backed up my drive. I heard it for sure and it was on it's side. I don't know if that has caused the machine to play wonky, but it has been erratic with opening the GREED spinning door, balls fall off the metal ramp returning the pinball from the ramp from the left to right side, the plastic ramp is broken off it's support posts in a couple places which results in it flexing some, and there's this metal spring thing on the launch ramp which is not forcing the ball into the swamp if you don't shoot hard enough to actually get the ball onto the playfield and out of the launch area. It also smelled horrific inside and I spent hours cleaning out this black filth and working to clean iff what looks like 30+ years of filth on the legs if the machine. The front door has had the lock removed so its just a hole you stick your finger in to open the door and the coin slots don't light up. The decal/side graphics have wear around where the legs attach.

    Anyone have thoughts as to whether it's worth redoing the decal, replacing the door/rebuilding it, replacing the legs, or any other suggestions to bring the machine up to a "high" level of restoration? Or suggestions on what I should do, like just rebuilding all the flippers, replacing more "thingies" which are probably shot?

    0E587EAF-47C5-4906-8F18-EACAA49B83E9 (resized).jpeg1ED1528F-64F6-4893-81E3-B9C190422C6F (resized).jpeg253EB370-0958-4752-9C75-85E310F15FB1 (resized).jpegB19CEF31-3E82-44F5-A6D1-17E439FEE09D (resized).jpeg31B23CEF-E06B-40EF-92A7-D278D4A02446 (resized).jpeg4BA8F822-6FBB-45E6-846C-F91A5A076451 (resized).jpegCC5D9530-09A1-429B-9951-6F903CEDD6F4 (resized).jpegFD7DB59F-CDA1-4A30-B16D-E707B888B76E (resized).jpeg
    #11 10 months ago

    I don't have TAF and I don't know specifically all of the stuff you are asking about, but I will say that a lot of mechanical issues are solved by getting in there and taking things apart, seeing how they are worn or bent and making adjustments.

    Here is a link to a lock that should work for your coin door. There are other options as well (locks that you just turn with out a key). Other vendors have them as well.


    If you don't have a manual for your game check out IPDB https://www.ipdb.org/files/20/Bally_1992_The_Addams_Family_Manual.pdf you can get the names for parts and pieces and discuss/order them more easily.

    Good Luck!

    #12 10 months ago

    As above was mentioned, for the mechanicals, start tackling one mechanism at a time. Take it apart and see if there anything obvious like broken parts. If you’re not sure, post pics here. Someone will have some help for you.

    As for the ramp, I’d get a new one. They’re clear vs smoked (original) and will be easier to see as well. It will lend you time to clean underneath and fix anything with it. As for flying off the wire form ramp, that’s not uncommon at least with a fresh wax or set up steep in my experiences. It looks like you’re missing some #6 and #8 screws screws too. You can find these at many pinball places like Marco and Pinball Life. The manual should tell you the correct sizes and lengths.

    For the leg decal damages, I wouldn’t worry about replacing the art work. Most original games have that wear of some degree. If it were my game, I’d buy some felt and make a leg protector or buy the black plastic ones. They’ll (plastic) possible dig in too, but I don’t think it’s goong to be enough to worry about. You can also buy the metal spacers to put a gap from the leg and use above too.

    #14 10 months ago

    Your flipper coil is installed backwards, when you install a new one the wire lugs should not be at the coil stop, unless you want broken wires more frequently. Best of luck

    #15 10 months ago

    Thanks again everyone! I learn best by just taking stuff apart and having to figure it out.

    I just did a LED kit but somehow blew perhaps a fuse when I tried clipping the flood light onto a bulb post as directions said to. Photo shows the bulb base I hooked onto. I can only guess I reversed polarity and it blew a fuse. I looked all around but couldn't figure what was blown. I am hoping somebody can point me he right way. Anyone ever blown a series of lights by hooking a flood light on?

    I realized all three magnets were unclipped and the circuit board for the magnets had the plugs pulled as well, so I hooked it all up. When I turned it on one magnet started to seriously cook and the transistor made a buzzing sound. I turned it off and undid it all, then hooked it all back up again and it didn't do it again. Ordered some magnet line fuses for that, and the circuit board looks new/ replaced, so I ordered a new magnet for the offending magnet to replace that if theres some burr in the line or something.

    One bulb socket seems dead. Tried several bulbs which worked elsewhere. Picture posted. It's the yellow multiball one.

    One picture of the work in progress!

    70BEE0E8-2615-433C-A237-7EC517FF9746 (resized).jpeg8949C37C-8E4F-4B2C-883C-B2B2392107F3 (resized).jpegF2CA08E8-F4C9-47F2-9889-1442A03EE6E1 (resized).jpeg
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