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System 11 Club !

By mof

7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago

If you *LOVE* System 11 pins, please post below with, "sign me up!" in your first sentence.

The simple goal is to build a directory. We can make it easier for you to have a one-stop "Favorite Topic" to find other like-minded owners/previous owners of System 11 games.

Ideally, with a focused directory, it will increase your odds of meeting other System 11 junkies to buy/sell/trade/short-term swap/part swap/request help, or even meet a local to PLAY that RARE System 11 you didn't think you'd ever have a chance to see in your lifetime.

* Existing members should 'thumbs up' people with "sign me up!" in the first line of their replies so we can find actual 'intentional' signups faster when scanning the thread...

* A nice reference for all 30 games from HS to BBBB:

* flipper upgrades

* Drop Target replacement parts

* See freeplay40's thread for ramp updates: high speed, Pinbot, etc.

(I would strongly suggest we keep this thread a 'directory', and continue to post all System 11 threads as you always have, in whatever forum they make the most sense to post in. Maintain this a pure directory, and nothing more.)

Looking forward to networking with other System 11 Die Hards...


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Signups: 49+45+29+28+20+10+10+9+10+10 = 220

#14 7 years ago

Sign me up, boss !

I like the System 11 collection postings...

Grand Lizard <-- hard to find, best flow ever
Taxi <-- just got it, just starting to tame this beast
Whirlwind <-- finesse game, so subtle
Diner (my first, and still my favorite System 11 pin)
Space Station <-- another great sys11 soundtrack
Cyclone <-- Hey you with the face!

1 week later
#106 7 years ago

I'm glad we finally asked this question.

BOP* and FH* are not System 11 by virtue of their chip set.

Now, for the purpose of this thread being a 'Directory for owners who Love an "era" of machines', I would like to count BOP and FH as honorary members of the System 11 "era" since they play and act like System 11, and if I am not mistaken, are the final two Williams pins before DMDs.

I would like to declare the System 11 club includes 30pins +2*, as long as nobody makes a strong case against such inclusion.


#108 7 years ago

I'll start a new thread to discuss. Sounds like a topic worthy of discussion!


Quoted from Taxman:

Strong case? OK - They are "not" System-11 machines. Case closed.


1 week later
#115 7 years ago
Quoted from shlockdoc:

Sign me up I have a few

very mysterious, this one.

3 weeks later
#142 7 years ago

Just added an excellent condition "Space Station" to the fleet -- amazing soundtrack, and green mode rocks...

#156 7 years ago
Quoted from practicalsteve:

Well done! Whatever happened to that Cyclone you were talking about shipping out?

Hope to close on it this week. =)

#164 7 years ago
Quoted from snyper2099:

Shouldn't system 9's count? The only major difference from system 11's is the sound section of the game.

Wondering... Should there not be a club for system 3-9 games?

#171 7 years ago
Quoted from amalongi:

Thanks! I think I am actually going to put the WCS94 on the block soon and replace it with another System 11 game! My 13 year old son and I are fighting over which game though. I like Cyclone and Swords of Fury. He actually wants something older like a Space Shuttle.

That's a great problem to have: which of those three great games to get? I bet you the market will dictate which one you get -- grab the first one of those three that's available at a price you can afford.


#178 7 years ago
Quoted from Ranhorton:

I'd check the coil sleeve to see if it's all gummed up.
Plus the spring. It could be wedging itself against the flipper plunger.
Also the coil stop to see if it's super beaten down and somehow "gripping" the bottom of the the flipper plunger.

I will be trying Vid1900's suggestions regarding replacing the flipper springs on System 11's. I bought a pack of 10 pairs to change 'em up on all my machines. Will report back the improvements. Will need to take videos of before and after. Got the parts, just need the time.


#181 7 years ago
Quoted from practicalsteve:

Only two weeks until I get to move Taxi from my want list to my have list!

Haha, I already moved my Cyclone over. If NAVL fumbles the ball somehow, I'll have to slide it back. =)

#187 7 years ago
Quoted from Pauz21:

And more to the story yet. I've come to the conclusion... this flipper coil was replace with the wrong coil. I've now noticed where it mounts there are 2 possible mount points to put the coil. This one was on the bottom mount because it's a smaller coil. The others are on the top because they're longer coils. Thus, when this one engages it has further to go to extend fully and is over-extending.
Looking in the manual and comparing parts numbers confirms this. So I'm hoping if I replace that coil I'm good and nothing has been wrecked.
Still would like advice on how to clean it up.

Great detective work.

There's a must-have "SWITCH ADJUSTER TOOL" for about $10. I'm sure one of the online pin stores has one in stock. It's a top-10 tool for sure.
I am re-adjusting pops, flippers, and flipper button switches often. It's VERY satisfying to get your pops to become loud fast machine guns.
I use rubbing alcohol for easy stuff -- Citrus cleaner occasionally for gummier stuff since the fumes are more harsh.


1 week later
#205 7 years ago

Really enjoying Cyclone and Space Station. I now have a lot of respect for Big Guns after playing it at the local pin expo. Need some "alone time" with Big Guns some day to really hear the callouts and music and get to know the game better.


1 week later
#215 7 years ago

I just did the flipper upgrade and it is amazing. Thank you vid1900. I am really enjoying my WW
again. Took me 90 mins. per flipper... Do it !!!


#219 7 years ago

Just to help motivate anyone still "thinking" about upgrading their system 11 flipper springs...
Can you tell which one has been cleaned and has shiny new parts?
They even *sound* much better -- you hear that hard *CLACK* sound on every strike -- instead of a slow murky "splurghfffff" sound with every spring contraction (gross).
Thanks Vid1900!

OLD sys11 flipper (slow) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - NEW sys11 flipper with much faster play (fast)

#226 7 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Can you buy the whole assembly new or do you have to rebuild the old one? Thanks

From what I've read in the vid1900 thread Terry at Pinball Life will assemble an entire assembly for you for ~$36. I've found that re-using the brackets and coils is fine, so I saved a little $ since I was planning to do 10+ sets of flippers.


1 week later
#245 7 years ago

Hey YOU with the face!!!

I am going to start some "members only" threads for some system 11 games... be sure and jump in...

Cyclone Members Only thread http://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/cyclone-clubmembers-only


#252 7 years ago
Quoted from Jeff_PHX_AZ:

I like how you painted the stainless black on the High Speed, well done! I put in the same clear flipper buttons you have there with the matching clear shooter rod.
Also what are signing up for? Is this the place we will come for our System 11 problems since a lot of folks have HS, I will post here instead of the main forum. I signed up last month.

I was thinking this thread is simply a good place to just build a directory to find "active" System 11 owners for trades/swaps/etc... perhaps we just put our names in here, and keep the chatter low so that the thread doesn't reach 100 pages too quickly... =)

I would still use the tech forums for issues, so that we don't bloat this directory with too many side threads. Also, you'll get more people chiming in that don't "own" system 11's that can help as well.


1 month later
#273 7 years ago

Just opened up a club for Space Station owners. Looking forward to discussing LED options for it.

#276 7 years ago
Quoted from shimoda:

Going to rebuild the flippers adding the springs but curious as to whether you could just order:
Prices have gone up, no longer are the Sys 11's $36, but even at $40 per assembly, it isn't bad.

I really enjoy the process of disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling the flipper assemblies. I took the cheaper route, and just bought a bunch of upgrade kits. I have found that the old coils on all my machines seem to work fine, and all the old brackets seem fine as well, so I saved a little bit of money there. I will, however suggest getting extra coil-brackets for $1.50 each since those wear a lot, and sometimes don't have the divet when you flip the coils around... So in short, I didn't see the need to buy the whole assembly put together. It's nice to learn how things are all put together. So I got the arm kit + bushing + coil bracket. This skips/saves rebuying coil+main bracket.

I've got 7 of 9 machines done... So close...
It's totally night and day once you complete them.

#279 7 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

I can't find the assembly's for my HS at PBL. They have every thing but.

I can't speak to HS, but for GL, which is also 1986 -- I had to grab 2 flipper brackets with the cap bracket on there, since GL's brackets didn't have 'em. From there, add parts as needed. So if HS is like GL, that might be why you wouldn't get an all-in-one -- not sure if that was your goal.

#284 7 years ago

Here's the complete set of links to UPGRADE your flippers to WPC Fliptronics-era flippers. (note: If you have a system 11A or earlier, you will likely be missing the capacitor bracket in your flipper bracket assembly, and you'll need new brackets as well (#6.)

1) these are required x1 ($21.50)
2) these are required x2 ($0.85)
3) these are required x2 (2x$2.50)
4) you "MAY" need these depending on which coil brackets you have x2 (2x $1.50)
5) you "MAY" need these depending on whether your old ones are reusable/missing x2 (2x $1.30)
6) you "MAY" need these depending on whether you have the capacitor brackets built into your flipper assembly brackets. Get L and R, one each. 2x ($9.25)

Total Min cost:
Total Max cost:

OR, you can have an entire kit sent out $40: http://www.pinballlife.com/index.php?p=product&id=172

Hope that helps!

#286 7 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Thanks Jeff and mof. Now you've got me wondering what's the dif. btw the stock rebuild kit and the changing over to the Fliptronics set up.

It's all described here from Vid1900:
Bottom line is the springs. Do you want them bunching up, or always free and tight? The new design from 1992+ is much better. Feels snappier. Sounds snappier. Also you have more control with the newer flipper mech style. I'll put a video up later that shows the difference.


#289 7 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Thanks mof, I've got enough projects going so I would get the entire assembly, with 3 flippers to do and only $40 each it would save me alot of time. Three question though, which game, which coil and which stop?

Ya basically, look at your JM machine's flippers. Your other three games can feel that good.

#292 7 years ago

Anyone have a System 11 they are thinking of selling this summer?

#299 7 years ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

I just completed my first ever total shop job. Got everything reinstalled this morning. Except for the wear spots, every thing is look SOOO much better!. I installed LEDs in the backbox and on the playfield. Hopefully will be able to get the insert LEDs installed tonight.
After that, I'll only be lacking the sound/callouts and the police light to fix. Thanks for your encouragement.

Fantastic! You have rescued a pin! -- make sure to post a separate tech-help request in the tech forums so the tech gurus can give you a hand...

1 week later
#304 7 years ago

If you or a loved one owns a Space Station -- just started up a club for it... Hope to see you there!

1 week later
#323 7 years ago
Quoted from swedishc:

I am really excited about starting my HS restoration. I saved the machine from a barn, and it was in pretty sad shape.
I just need a System 11 or 11a CPU board to get it to fire up. Any help with finding a nice used one is greatly appreciated!

haha - I was wondering who went to pick that up!

1 week later
1 week later
#330 7 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Joined the club, picked up a really routed EATPM, working on nursing it back to health. Playfield wear is really bad, and right over Elvira between the flippers too, gonna be a project to touch it up. Had mylar over the damage, pulled it yesterday without any paint coming up, so that's a good start.
Rebuilt the flippers to WPC style (with proper segmented bats), have a new LED display to put in for the outgassing plasma, picked up the CPR plastics, new chrome for the speaker panel, and if the playfield goes well and I don't screw myself on this project I'll get decals and redo the cabinet, it's shot. Oh, got the ramp cliffys too.
The CPR playfield might be a couple years out, so no point in waiting at this point, if I hold onto it until then I might swap it though.
You know you're having a good time when you have to order from Marco, Bay Area Amusements, Pinball Life, and MAD all at the same time because nobody stocks everything you need.

I hope you have a thread with your process in there. People get so inspired when they can follow along.

1 week later
#374 7 years ago
Quoted from Dommer:

got a pinbot and earthshaker. thinking about picking up a project Whirlwind, but only have room for one more pin max. worried it might be too similar to ES and also that it might be too much system 11. thoughts?

Way too close to ES for a keeper. You have a BO, a Lawlor, now aim for a Mark Ritchie: Taxi, Big Guns, Diner, or Sorcerer -- or Steve Ritchie: Black Knight, High Speed, BK2K or F14.

F14, High Speed, and Big Guns will pop the most.

#375 7 years ago
Quoted from TheShameGovernor:

Hell yeah! Sign me up!
Just picked up a nice Cyclone (lifelong wishlist pin) and Dr. Dude.

Great, now go get your butt in the Cyclone Club!

1 month later
#414 7 years ago
Quoted from zippydapinhead:

Was cruisin E-Bay and found a nice pink Cadillac. Fits right in and matches the ES car.


1 month later
#497 7 years ago
Quoted from hootowls:

I just installed a PinScore JOLT power supply in my WW, choosing it over a straight rebuild. I like that it omits the high voltage section as the game was already converted to an LED display. I put the kill-a-watt on it and found it to be more efficient, as claimed, seeing more than a 10 watt drop. I'll take them at their word that it also doesn't generate as much heat. Previously putting LEDs in the back box and lighting panel insert had already dropped a good 40 watts, so I'm really liking what these kind of mods are doing for overall power use.

IMG_0004.jpg 270 KB

Sounds good!

4 months later
#546 6 years ago

Having some switch issues on my High Speed, opened a thread here, if anyone has recently conquered some switch error demons:


#561 6 years ago

I just played BBBB, and it was a decent game -- it reminded me of playing Cyclone. I can't figure out how BBBB could possibly be ranked the worst solid state ever (of the 299 now ranked on Pinside).

3 months later
#617 6 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

I got 100 battery holders for 26c each out of Taiwan plus postage. I think it was $32 USD all up.

Got a sweet link for this?


#633 6 years ago
Quoted from Inkochnito:

Would any of you System 11 lovers appreciate a Tech Chart for your game?

Hi, I'm wondering what you mean by a "Tech chart" ?

1 month later
#660 6 years ago

In case you haven't upgraded your flipper assemblies in your System 11's here's a little before and after for ya...

Working on my Grand Lizard, one assembly at a time. Takes me about 2 hours an assembly. I replace *everything*

I molex all components that I repair first.

Here's a "before and after" simulation... hehe.

Then run a quick EOS gap check before fully tightening... 1mm vertical gap, check... I've only done 30 of these now... I'm almost good at it.



#677 6 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

Where's the capacitor? Oh, and how did you manage to get the coil flipped around without removing the plastic 'key' on the new coil? I see you have a notched out space for it, but on my F-14 I do not have this. Did you use a file or did you just swap the metal L brackets out?

Sharpie and a Dremel, and about 10 minutes each bracket. Fun stuff.

#680 6 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

What happened to the capacitor?

It didn't occur to me to include a cap.

1 month later
#742 6 years ago
Quoted from supermatt:

everything they tried to do on ES was brought to pure perfection on WW.

That is how I feel about Taxi and Diner. I like Taxi, but I *love* Diner. They are very similar games. I think big improvements were made in Diner, the most important one being that feeding people carries over from ball to ball. Many people like Taxi over Diner, and I'm perfectly fine with that notion.


1 week later
#763 6 years ago

Quick question: Is High Speed the only System 11 with a "re-rippable" spinner orbit shot? (It has 2)


1 week later
#777 6 years ago

If you know someone that wants an immaculately restored Taxi by one of Pinside's best, here's your chance to be a hero... 2 hours left...

ebay.com link » Fully Restored Williams Taxi Pinball Machine

#803 6 years ago
Quoted from Bohdi:

Like to get some thoughts and opinions on Police Force to any owners out there. Found one for a fair price in decent condition, but just don't know enough about it.

Rotation pin. If you can get it cheap, enjoy it 3-6 months and move it.

1 month later
#814 6 years ago

Anyone have any insight into display "noise" in system 11 displays?


1 month later
#885 5 years ago

Diner > Taxi, and it doesn't come around as often.

#899 5 years ago
Quoted from stumptown:

Added another System 11 to my collection today... A very minty Big Guns that inexplicably has a trashed cabinet exterior.

really nice.

#918 5 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

I'm in again with a Space Station. What a great game, it took me 4 years to realize that these are my favorite style of pinball, not too deep but great shots and coolest music SFX I've encountered with nice lightshows. Just appeals to my 80's youth. They remind me of Nintendo and early Sega consoles. Good Times.

Sys11s are the gateway drug to early Solid States.

#953 5 years ago
Quoted from Oldgoat:

I'd like some guidance on what I should post here vs other threads.

Things general to all system 11s could be posted here...
Here's the Whirlwind thread:
If you have any tech questions, it's usually best to open a unique thread for it.

1 week later
#959 5 years ago
Quoted from Blackbeard:

...system 11... God I've missed this ... raw, fun, pinball.. Just beat your buddy's high score...

Wait a second. That was genius.

Is that the essence of what's different about (most) modern pinball to pre-DMD games?

Is modern pinball about *privately* beating the PROGRAMMING -- by reaching a final mode 60-80 minutes deep into the game, and NOT about it being a quick fun 5 minute SOCIAL event where you try to best a FRIENDS's score?

I was playing a modern game with a friend the other day, and he had a 15-20 minute ball, and I just sat there watching in complete awe -- and wondered -- "How is this good for pinball? (socially speaking)" (That would never happen on one of my 80's machines... )


2 months later
#1026 5 years ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

Son of a gun! Took forever to get my few
What system 11 do you guys think is the hardest to acquire ???

Banzai Run (1750) or Radical (1315)?

3 months later
#1146 5 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Buddy of mine has a jokerz..when he turned game on the other day all the digits on display got bright, then garbled then died. No display now...Any ideas?

Just some general display advice until a display expert chimes in:

1. reseat cables
2. check the power coming into the display against the spec
3. see the clay guides for more ideas


2 years later
#2299 2 years ago

Did you open up a new separate thread for this?

I was surprised that I could vote all the way through on my own. Seemed odd.


#2301 2 years ago
Quoted from Pwaka1986:

64 down to a champion?


2 years later
#3205 87 days ago
Quoted from GRUMPY:

Do you realize that you have to hold it for more than 5 seconds to reset the high score.

Nope - didn't know -- always hated hitting that button by mistake...

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