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System 1 Roller Disco random scoring

By Pinwalk

27 days ago

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#1 27 days ago

Have a Gottlieb Roller Disco Wide Body. System 1 with new driver board and power supply by RottenDog. CPU replaced with Pascal PI-1. Worked fine until we moved it 20 miles to its new home. Now if machine is nudged, random scoring of 10 points up to couple of hundred points (in 10 pt increments) will occur. Sometimes you get a chime (electronic sound generator replaced with re-built chime unit), sometimes you don't.
Have visually checked all switches and tested them while machine on, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.
I am a novice. The guy I bought the machine from has been more than helpful! He rebuilt the pin, and has spend hours trying to figure out what the issue is. At one point, he cut a wire to a switch, and that stopped the random scoring, but also stopped some normal scoring (and chimes).
So he reconnected it, and problem returned. Any suggestions on how to find the offending switch or what else might be the problem?

Pics below, one a close up of talked about wire (blue terminal), second a pic of entire board with close up pic area circled.

Also, pop bumpers function but don't sound chimes or score points. I have read they should score 100 points per 'pop'....

IMG_1011 (resized).jpgIMG_1012 (resized).jpg
#4 27 days ago

forgot to mention, when I ran a test/diagnostic of c-10 c-100 and c-1000, the c-10 did not chime, the other two did.

#6 27 days ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

Are you saying your game has an old school chime box? Is that by choice or because the original sound card failed? My guess is it failed and this was the only fix available at the time. Times have changed. That sound card is being made again. I recommend you snag one. Here is the link:
I own this game so I'm very familiar with it. Please upload a photo of your boards and a shot of this chime box. We'll get this sorted out.

Thanks, once I get the random scoring fixed, I'll look at that. May end up keeping the chimes, at least for now, because my 2yo granddaughter loves the game, and walks around saying "ding ding ding ding", imitating the chimes.....brings a smile to my face everytime I hear it!

#7 24 days ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

This is likely an easy fix. If it isn't a misaligned 10 point switch it will be a diode failure on one of your diode boards. See the 3 little boards on the bottom of your last photo that have nothing but diodes on them? Turn off the game and set your multimeter to diode test and test each diode one at a time. Put the mm leads on each side of each diode and the swap the leads. They should all show the same results. If they don't, you have a bad one that needs replaced.

Thanks for that! I followed your suggestion, and have good news and bad news. Good news, found one diode that was bad (no reading), and replaced it. Bad news, game still scores randomly, and its a lot of scoring, more than before, 50 to 80 points at a time in 10 pt increments, some times I get the 10 pt chime with the random scoring. All I have to do is hit the flipper button(s), and the random scoring begins. Also, see picture, the two areas highlighted I thought were 10 point scores do not score at all. Any other suggestions very welcomed!!

IMG_1013 (resized).jpg
#9 24 days ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

Can you post a photo of your game boards in the back box? Also, if you disconnect the chime box does the scoring still run? I would also bypass all of the 10 point switches by inserting thin cardboard in the gap (like a piece of business card) and don’t forget the ones on your pop bumpers. Tape the cardboard in if you have to. There are 2 switches on each pop bumper. The top one is the “pop” while the lower one does the scoring. Report back with your findings.

Will do..

maybe this is nothing, but diodes tested all measured around 0.2 on MM except for bad one (0). Replacement diode read 0.5 vs 0.2, could this have anything to do with increased sensitivity of random scoring?

#10 24 days ago

pics of all components on back wall

IMG_1014 (resized).jpgIMG_1015 (resized).jpgIMG_1016 (resized).jpgIMG_1017 (resized).jpg
#11 24 days ago

3 wires to chime box disconnected, points still score, random points still tally.

ALL contacts that I could find separated with folded paper, random points still tally

by the way, noticed when chimes did sound with random point tally, the lower chime would ding once (10 pts?), then if field bumped or flipper activated, higher pitched chime would ding once (100 pts??)...but random points added seemed like only 50 to 80 points, 10 at a time...


#15 24 days ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

Were you able to find the scoring switch on each of the 3 pop bumpers? Can’t remember if they are 10 or 100 points but you said they weren’t scoring so they might be suspect. That is a fancy mpu. Haven’t purchased one yet but I would think it has decent testing capabilities. Does it offer up any potential problems in test mode?

in test mode, the only unusual result I got was no sound when testing C-10 (10 point chime), see post #4 above. will double check pop scoring switches

#16 24 days ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

The different reading tells me you didn’t replace the diode with the same type. Gottlieb’s don’t like that usually. Try to source the correct part. It might help. Try running the game with that diode removed. Does the score quit running?

disconnected the diode I replaced.....no difference in problem, still have random scoring. Assuming first step is to replace diode with proper replacement, then go from there.....

found new first connector you mentioned on ebay, will get if proper diode does not fix problem

#18 23 days ago

ordered and received DMM and diodes (for coils, part number 1N4004). Just tested a new diode on its own, and its reading 0.59, was looking for 0.2. Dang it, guess I ordered the wrong diodes!!
can anyone tell me, for Gottlieb System 1, maybe I should have ordered the 1N270 diodes for switches or the 1N914?

#21 23 days ago
Quoted from BorgDog:

[quoted image]


so these 1N270 diodes are harder to find than the 1N4004.... found some say 1N270 Germanium Diodes 40mA 100V DO-7 IN270 1N-270 Glass Axial Diodes for TV FM AM Radio Detection
2 concerns- says 40mA, but my current ones reading 0.2, problem? and these say used for TV FM AM radio detection...so can it be used for my purposes? Sorry for the probably stupid questions, I have little knowledge on these things, thanks!

#23 23 days ago
Quoted from pintime:

I would take a close look at all the 10 point switches ,it's possible the metal of parts of switch are touching even though the contacts are open .Another possibility with the switches that don't score is that switch may already be closed

I have limited paperwork/documentation on Roller Disco, does anyone have documentation that shows all the switches and their point values?

#24 21 days ago

after reading pinrepair.com/sys1, specifically "use 1N270 diodes for switches (1N914 or 1N4148 can also be used, or in a pinch 1N4001/1N4004)", I ordered some 1N270 and some 1N914 (just to be safe). Got the 1N914 in today, was excited. But in testing diode with mm, reading came in at 0.61, way above 0.2.

installed a 1N914 diode for broken one anyway, had nothing to lose. No help. In fact, in testing the coils, I get no sound for C-10 AND C-100 now.

Hoping once 1N270's come in next week, problem will go away.

Also did switch test on the flippp board, nothing came up as broken or working improperly.....

1 week later
#25 10 days ago

update- just received 1N270 Germanium Diodes. Tested one, looking for 0.2v....nope, just like the others i ordered, its reading 0.631........Still, just replaced non working diode with one of these new ones, got nothing to lose, right? Interesting results....machine seems 'better', but still not right.
Before installing latest diode, C-100 chime had stopped working during testing of boards, now I get a chime when testing C-100, sounds weak, but it is working. (Still no C-10 chime during testing). Also, random scoring is not as bad as it was, ie, before, with 'bad diode/no diode', triggering flippers would cause random scoring of 20 to 70 points in 10 point increments. With latest diode 1N270, random scoring still occurs, but it only adds 10 to 30 points at a time.
So, do I order another diode, one specially rated at 0.2v, even if part number does not match with suggested replacement parts? Or do I move on and continue to try and find a bad switch, and is there any way to do that besides hitting the rubber/switch with a ball/finger?

#27 9 days ago

yes, that is how I tested all the diodes. I will test them all again, and will continue to look for switch that is stuck or shorting out.... if not visual, is there any way to test switches using the DMM?

#29 8 days ago

Thanks Mad Dog! took my DMM and did a continuity test on scoring switches, see pic, yellow tags circled in black.

Have about 6 switches were I could not get a tone after multiple attempts. Thing is, I could swear most of them seem to add points when activated.

Also, could it be a central connect point to one of the boards that is the issue??? Probably going to ask a friend to come over next week so we can retest all switches, 4 hands better than two for this work. Mad Dog had recommended replacing a couple of cables and re-pinning, wondering now if this is the issue.

IMG_1046 (resized).jpg
#31 8 days ago

i figured it was operator error, so tested them again, this time with wife pushing the switch to close them one by one, freeing up my hands to get better connections..
Same results.... could still be me not finding good contact points, but here's a new issue. Lowered playing field, turned pin on and started testing individual switches. the ones that tested 'no tone with DMM test' either scored no points when triggered, OR scored 2 or 3 times the number of points it should have given.
could i have an issue with one of the boards? Or maybe some of the connector pins have corrosion?

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