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TOTAN is ill

By wes2989

12 years ago

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#1 12 years ago

Id like to hear some stories on TOTAN it has some pretty catchy music especially the ending music/light show.

#2 12 years ago

Played it at Rick's Place - in a tournament, great game, would consider buying one for the right price - typical Popadiuk game, good flow, lots of toys, magnets etc. Would consider maybe trading my ToM for one down the road - but it would have to be really nice.

First I need a Pat Lawlor game in the collection.

#3 12 years ago

One of the nicest looking games ever made, awesome "cage" style ball save. Great music. Alot of people don't like the spinning genie lamp as it can skew the way the games scoring works. My friend has a clearcoated one and it's absolutely gorgeous...

#4 12 years ago

Ya i agree with you fusion on getting a pat lawlor game i love his games they have so many toys.

#5 12 years ago

On the wishlist: AF or TZ, Funhouse or Whirlwind-maybe earth shaker, then TOTAN or AFM, maybe an old 80's game (pinbot) hrmm to many good choices not enough money

#6 12 years ago

Id go with AF its sucha great game. And as for pinbot i wouldnt bother system 11 games are a pin in the ass to fix unless your a diehard pinbot fan.

#7 12 years ago

Yes, Tales of the Arabian Nights... I sold my near mint totan 2 years ago for 3,000. I now have an opportunity to purchase it back. Do you guys know if the market is high on these? What would you pay for a cherry TOTAN?

#8 12 years ago

Dude ill sell you my life if i can have that TOTAN lol. Im still trying to get my first pin if your ever looking to give that thing away to a needy kid let me know lol. O and if i wer you id buy that TOTAN back ASAP. And yes the market is high for them its kind of hard to come by only a little more then 3,000 wer ever made.

#9 12 years ago

I guess you're right... Now I need to make room for it. Either my Judge Dredd or STTNG must go to squeeze it in my tiny gameroom.

#10 12 years ago

Wow ive been looking for a judge dredd for quite some time now i had an offer fall through last week. What condition is it in? And if you could give me some details on the gameplay ive been dying to play one.

#11 12 years ago

My Dredd is in excellent working condition with the usual cosmetic wear on the cabinet. A great playing machine with all the necessary fixes to include the Deadworld locking ring, and cliffy on the plastic ramp fix.

#12 12 years ago

Sweet is judge dredd's helmet outline red or yellow on your machine? And what is the cliffy plastic ramp fix?

#13 12 years ago

The helmet outline is red. Aren't they all? The plastic ramp on the far right breaks on almost all of them. The Cliffy is a metal patch that drills on to the existing broken plastic ramp part. It works well.

#14 12 years ago

Actually most of them arent red a lot of JD's have sun fade on the cabinet and they are completely yellowed out. And as long as that ramp thing works well ill buy your JD. Where are you located?

#15 12 years ago

TOTAN rocks with its theme, lights, music, looks, and overall fun. Im glad it has 3 magnets (magnets rock), but no video play and I can only find one mod for it. Does anyone know where I can find TOTAN mods. I can only find the topper that lights up with play. Do you have a xbox 360 0r ps3 you can play TOTAN and others The game is called Williams pinball hall of fame.


#16 12 years ago

If you want to sell that mint TOTAN I'll buy it for 3K or we can trade my mint ToM for it which is collector quality paid more then 4K for I think you'd be making out on the deal but It a good trade off for a bit.

#17 12 years ago

I'm located in Northern Virginia in case you want to check out the Judge Dredd on the way to the Allentown show.

Fusion, I need to inspect the TOTAN to see if the condition has changed. I will try to have a look later this week. She also has a very nice Tommy to move out as well.

That scimitar topper looks fantastic! Does it light when you collect the jewels? Functional mods are worth checking out. Much better than gluing a bunch of action figures to the playfield like my Star Trek TNG friend.

#18 12 years ago

Yeah it lights up the color of the jewel you collect, It's wired to light up the same that the playfield does. Also the lights will scroll when the game is in idle before you hit the start button.

#19 12 years ago

3Gs for a mint TOTAN is DEFINITELY a good buy in my opinion! I just saw one listed on Mr.Pinball Classifieds the other day for $4,200!

If I had the extra cash laying around to throw into a single game, a mint TOTAN selling for 3Gs would make me more than hot-to-trot!!!

#20 12 years ago

If i had the money id def. jump on that deal and get it for 3,000. I want a TOTAN like really bad lol.

#21 12 years ago

Yeah, but now I want that topper for an additional two hundo. If you had to drop down to one pin which would it be; STTNG, or TOTAN?

#22 12 years ago

TOTAN for sure. This guy has the topper for 165.00 I know its pricey but cheaper than the one on Ebay

#23 12 years ago

I'd pick ToTAN over a next generation anyday. I am even a trek fan and would still make that choice easily.

#24 12 years ago

Ya me 2

#25 12 years ago

how difficult and or good is getting to and achieving the wizard mode on TOTAN, I have only played it a few times, never made it --- finally got my warp factor 9.9 last night on STTNG - I kept choking on 9.7 and 9.8 continually

#26 12 years ago

Its fairly easy. A lot more easier then ToM but the playfield is harder to work with in TOTAN the lamp gets in the way often and the shots are a little bit harder to make.

#27 12 years ago

Perhaps I can work them both. How sweet would it be to own a TOTAN and STTNG in pristine condition? Two in the collection is much better than one!

#28 12 years ago

That would be pretty sick do it up.

#29 12 years ago

I have had my TOTAN for about a year now and I love it. All the guests that come over and play it have an absolute blast even beginners enjoy it. Market is high for them if you can get one in good condition for 3K then do it if you can. As mentioned above those in good condition are going for over 4K right now due to limited run and it being an overall great machine.

#30 12 years ago

Would Twilight Zone be a fair trade for TOTAN?

#31 12 years ago

Yea, I think they are pretty close in price right now if both parties wanted to try something new.

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