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Stumped with 2 ball eject issue on Ghostbusters

By nlrobert

1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

I posted my problem in the Ghostbusters Issues Forum, but I think this issue is likely a general stern issue and not specific to Ghostbusters. I've read through several forum posts already and tried several different fixes, but nothing has solved the issue yet.

Whenever I start a new game, two balls are ejected. The balls are ejected immediately, one right after the other. This is not a situation where the first ball isn't making it out and falling back into the trough.

What I've done so far...
- I replaced both trough opto boards with new ones. This had no effect.
- I reduced the power to the trough coil. The balls definitely kick out less aggressively, but I it did not fix the issue.
- I checked the shooter lane switch and it's good and works without any issues.
- I removed the trough assembly, cleaned it and made sure there were no blockages in any of the sensor holes. This did not fix the issue.

When I reduced the power to the trough coil, I mistakenly left 1 pinball out when I installed all the balls back into the game. With only 5 balls in the game, I could start a game and only one ball ejects as expected. However, when the game would end and a new game is attempted, the machine goes into a locating ball search. If I wait about 15 to 20 seconds, I can start a new game with just the 5 balls installed and it only ejects one ball as expected. If I add in the 6th ball, it ejects two balls every time I start a new game.

I went into the switch test matrix and here is what the switch status looks like when all 6 balls are in the trough. I'm not sure if its supposed to be like this or not, but trough switches 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2 are all showing closed, but trough switch 1 shows open. The Trough jam switch shows closed. If I take another ball and put it into the trough eject opening (so that it's stacked on top of the ball in first position in the trough), the trough switch 1 closes. The trough jam switch status never changes.

I included a second picture of the switch status with no balls in the trough.

I guess my first question is whether this supposed to be how it works and what is expected for normal operation or is something out of whack?
TroughSwStatus (resized).JPGSwitchStatus (resized).jpg

#2 1 year ago

Had a similar gremlin an a KISS premium. All it took was reseating the connectors to the trough opto board. Make sure pins are all straight and wires are seated fully into the connector.

#3 1 year ago

The Trough Jam should not be on, and the Trough 1 should be.

With 6 balls in the trough, Trough 1 through 6 are on, I then added one from the shooter lane and the Trough Jam switch activated.

Check the trough holes above the ball about to go to the playfield next for something blocking them (or maybe the hole is missing), or something is wrong with that LED/Opto pair.

Let us know what the issue is when you figure it out.

#4 1 year ago

Problem solved!!!!....I reseated all of the connectors and that didn't fix the issue. However, while I was doing so I noticed that the connector for the LED light board in the center of the playfield (the one that indicates completed modes) was plugged in and off by 1 pin. It's connection is located right next to the where the trough connector plugs in. I was so focused on trying to troubleshoot the trough issue that I didn't notice those lights not working. I reconnected that plug correctly and that resolved all the issues. Odd that it exhibited the behavior I was experiencing, but that definitely was causing the problem and fixed the issue.

1 year later
#5 8 months ago

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