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ST:TNG Right Orbit

By Jwf_pinball

1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

My TNG is having an issue where the right orbit rollover (sw 58) also triggers the left gun launch opto (sw 38) and the borg entry opto (sw 48). I've tried checking their shared ground on both the opto board and cpu (white-gray wires) but they seem ok.
It causes the game to credit you with picard maneuvers and delta ramp shots that it shouldn't due to the borg entry opto being tied, but the left gun seems to function normally.
Any idea where I can start? thanks

Edit: after a little more looking and taking a slo-mo video of the dmd, I can see that the gun opto circuit opens and the Borg opto flickers pretty rapidly between open and closed if I hold down the rollover.

#2 1 year ago

As an update:
I checked the j207 and 209 pins on my rottendog mpu board against each other as per the pinwiki documentation and they are fine.
It seems to ALWAYS open the left gun opto circuit which doesn't affect gameplay it seems, but intermittently open the Borg entry opto which can trick the machine into thinking you made a left ramp shot and tries to clear the Borg hole.

#4 1 year ago
Quoted from grumppy:

Try unplugging the gun turret harness and see what happens. The wire harness can get messed up from rubbing when the gum moves.

Thanks for the reply.
I've just tried unplugging the molex connector with the 4 cables for the opto transmitter/reciever and with it unplugged still get the borg hole entry trigger.
I've also just changed the diode on sw 58 to no avail.

#8 1 year ago

Thanks for the replies guys,

As another update, I'm not sure if ive been testing them correctly, but all the diodes in row 8 seem to be functioning normally. The only one I'm not sure about is the shooter lane switch diode. It tests correctly, but doesn't care if the switch is actuated or not to get a good reading as all the others do. Is this the bad connection I'm looking for?

Also, I've just found that if you hold down the malfunctioning sw 58 (rt orbit) it displays its normal behavior of opening 38 and sometimes 48, but if you simultaneously close sw 18 (rt outlane) it will also now close sw 17 (rt return lane) which is the eddy sensor. I didn't even know there was a sensor there and it's very cool.
Is this the box that I see referenced when I search older threads?
tng_matrix (resized).png

#9 1 year ago

Is it weird that the rollover only falsely triggers the two optos in its row? And also weird that it will always trigger one opto, but only sometimes the other?
This is my first machine and I'm just trying to wrap my head around this.
I do have a professional coming this weekend though, so perhaps I should stop monkeying around with it.

#11 1 year ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

Yep, that's the classic rectangle you get, good job. Does the shooter lane switch register properly in switch tests when you close and open it?

It does operate correctly when pressed, but it is the only diode I tested in that row that worked regardless if the switch was pressed or not. I don't know if that's relevant as I've seem some places that say you must disconnect one leg of a diode to test it. Maybe my results are bogus, but again it worked on all the other ones.

#12 1 year ago

Revised rectangle. I've just learned that a similar issue happens when you hold sw 78 (t.r. lane), triggering sw 77 (t.c. lane) right next to it.
Would this be two rectangles or one big one? I don't have enough hands to check all three at once, but maybe when my roommate gets home.
tng_matrix_3 (resized).png

#14 1 year ago

The drop target (57) is probably tied to this. I just tested again, and don't get the weird behavior of 18 closing 17 and 78 closing 77 if the drop target is up and the circuit is open. Resumes wonkyness when the switch is closed. It would seem I have two rectangles going on with both sharing 57 and 58 as corners.
I should wait for my guy, but man do I want to play.

#15 1 year ago

I've figured out that if both sw 57 and sw 58 are engaged at the same time, activating any switch in row 8 will also light the switch in row 7 in the same column. Even the most accessable opto I can open (sw 67, trough up) will close itself if its adjacent switch is activated (sw 68, shooter)
I disconnected the 16-opto board and tested again, same results just with no optos functioning.
Just to reiterate as I'm collecting my thoughts and findings here;
My machine has two probably related problems.
1. Closing the right orbit rollover (sw 58) will ALWAYS open the left gun opto (sw 38) and sometimes, and intermittently if held down, open the Borg entry opto (sw 48).
2. If the drop target (sw 57) and right orbit rollover (sw 58) are both closed, closing any other switch in row 8 will also close the switch in the same column in row 7. Apparently even if it is a blocked opto.

#17 1 year ago

Thanks again for your help Bob,
As a late night update, my roommate came home so I had enough hands to thoroughly check the switch matrix on j207 and j209 on my rottendog mpu. All points tested good there so I can rule the mpu board out. We also reversed both ends of the ribbon cable leading from the mpu board to the driver board in the backbox and no change was detected.
I guess it's an issue with the harness or switch/diode at this point.
I'll keep at it until my guy comes.

1 week later
#18 1 year ago

In case anyone stumbles upon this, I had a tech come out and he found sw 58 must've been replaced by the previous owner and wired backwards. All solved. Thanks for your guys help.

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