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STTNG: Overrated or Undervalued

By Blitzburgh99

2 years ago

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#101 2 years ago
Quoted from Hammerhead:

What? You put Baby Pac ahead of WH2O?!

Yeah, their credibility took a major hit from that one in my book.

1 week later
#102 2 years ago

Top 15 game.....can’t give ‘em away. 13 games listed for sale with one pending. Overrated or Undervalued?
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#103 2 years ago

I've just noticed more games for sale in general these days. Seems like people (like me) who have been buying them up for the last 3 or 4 years are just out of room and have to cull the herd or make hard decisions about their keepers.

That said, I'll never sell my STTNG. In fact, I just bought a Color DMD for it the other day.

I'm glad to see prices coming down into the stratosphere though. That's for sure.

#104 2 years ago

Seemingly prices are dropping for this title. When I was looking to purchase one about a year ago, you couldn't find a nice example for less than $4500, only beat up / routed games. Prices fluctuate on all games as new games are released and people make room to buy the new hotness.

#105 2 years ago

This is one of my favorite games, but there are too many good games coming out. I either have to thin the heard or buy a bigger house. I'm running out of space. My STTNG is staying, but other games are not as safe.

2 weeks later
#106 2 years ago

Pinside ranking at #15....there are 14 games listed for sale....Can’t give them away at $4500....even with free shipping. Undervalued or Overrated?

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#107 2 years ago

Based on my experience taking mine to 3 shows now and talking to people at those about it there appears to be a lot of people who have never played the game or even seen it before, especially those newer to the hobby. I think that contributes to the "undervalued" situation somewhat.

#108 2 years ago

I sold my Congo to fund a Star Trek: The Next Generation. I regretted it. It's not a bad game or anything, but 15 is higher then where I'd rank it. Solid value though for $4,500. You won't find a more packed game for the price. So, to me, it's both overrated and undervalued.

EDIT: In the end I sold my Star Trek: The Next Generation to fund Lord of the Rings. Zero regrets there.

#109 2 years ago
Quoted from Blitzburgh99:

Pinside ranking at #15....there are 14 games listed for sale....Can’t give them away at $4500....even with free shipping. Undervalued or Overrated?[quoted image][quoted image]

I’ve been trying to do trades with several sellers, and almost every one is looking for cash. (Still have 2 good options but I’m not able to do the deal yet as I’m traveling a lot this month). That’s a lot of competition for a game well known as being hard/a lot to work on, and a theme which isn’t exactly lighting up the charts any more. I’ve been recommended to go for a Stern ST instead, but I had held on thinking I’d be able to get a pretty good deal once the fervor died down. Pretty interesting thing to watch...

#110 2 years ago

One the few games I've purchased, sold, and then after a couple of years, had to find another. It is a great widebody of the 90s. Three flippers, three ramps, great toys, and multiple ways to play for score -- all things that really resonate with me. Also, I like the theme and custom call outs that the actors of STTNG recorded, and being a S Ritchie game, it has lots of flow.

I paid $5k for my most recent example, but it is in great shape with a recleared playfield. For me $5k was a no brainer. For others, they won't spend $4k. Overrated/under valued -- that is up to you to decide. For me, it is a great bang for the buck game. YMMV

#111 2 years ago

Markets dictate value...
Next inane thread please!

#112 2 years ago

I can say why it does not appeal to me but that's no fun for others. Why would anyone want to know why you specifically do not care for some particular item?

The game is everywhere and it typically has issues when you encounter it on location or at a show. In a collection, you are more likely to encounter one fully working. I personally think that STTNG was one of the best dramatic TV shows from the 1990's. In the pinball realm, there are certainly better games and certainly much worse games. I think in today's market, it fits in the middle of good game, decent price at 4K. I would ONLY buy one only if I found a cheap one, then I would fix it up and sell it right away. I just don't love the game and it has nothing to do with maintenance, reliability, or theme.

Personally, I would rather own an Indy 500, BSD, or a similar title that is harder to track down, cheaper, and has more difficult gameplay.

#113 2 years ago

I'm the one that's selling the one with free shipping. This is my second one. It's one of my favorite games, but I don't really like the theme. It's just so fully loaded for the price. And yes it's still for sale. Seems to be tough to move right now.

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