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STTNG Full Tilt Modding

By knockerlover

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

A while ago I put together a beautiful star trek next generation, that I poured lots of time, love, and money into to make it how I wanted it. It had Mike Chestnut black nickel chrome everything. (Gun, Rails, Lockdown, Legs, Wireforms), hand painted borg ship, upgraded and modded hallmark ships, etc. Someone came over to look at another game in my collection, and offered me (at the time) silly money for it, and I regrettably took it.

When one popped up on craigslist just a few miles from me that had been kept in a home for the past 15 years, I had to jump on it. My plan is to take this game to the fullest (and still tasteful) extent possible. Since this isn't really a restoration but more of a cleaning/upgrading I thought the modding thread would be a good place to document the progress, and talk with you guys along the way!

I've had a few people ask me what I usually do to a game, and it's really hard to remember/list everything so hopefully this will help with some of that also.

Here is the short-term plan: (all done now)

Clean inside of cabinet/lightly sand out water spots and dark stains
Remove wiring harnessess and hand clean with bleche wite
Re-pin burned connectors (GI)
There is one connector with two cut wires, need to inspect and repair as needed. update: appears to be a hack for the backbox GI the orig are burned out.
Replace all broken parts
Replace all posts and rubbers
Convert Red Top-lanes, and Pop bumper caps with purple
replace pop bumper rollover switches with purple
replace white pop bumper housing
replace all ramps with NOS ramps
upgraded ramp protectors
Metal Polish all large metal pieces (5 different grit's of scotch brite, mothers polish, and finally a polishing compound and buffing)
Remove subway and clean

Inspect boards for hacks/cold solder joints and repair as needed

clean cannon mechanisms (they are noisy as all heck currently because the motor strains to turn them, they are pretty gummed up)
flipper rebuild
new flipper bats
hand painted borg ship
hand painted launchers
Target Decal Set
Cointaker LED and Flasher Kit
Neutral Zone Cliffy
Metal Spacer Cabinet Protectors

Hand Painted (Accents and Battlewear) Hallmark Romulan Ship with (LED MOD)

Hand Painted (Battle Wear) Hallmark Klingon Bird of Prey + Zitt's Wing LED Mod

Hand Painted (Accents and Battlewear) Hallmark Next Generation U.S.S. Enterprise

PinSound Board
Flipper Fidelity Speakers (2.1 w/ stereo adapter for pinsound)
Remove Playfield
Topside Teardown
Novus 3 in spots
Novus 2
Meguiar's M9 Mirror Glaze Swirl Remover
Meguiar's M7 Mirror Glaze Show Car Glaze
Novus 1
Carnuba Wax
remove all underside boards and scrub with simple green
clean all inserts underneath

Long-Term plan:
plastic protectors
lighted flipper buttons
Dome covers for launchers
chrome siderails
chrome lockdown bar
black nickel chrome habitrails
black nickel trough rails
rebuild launcher gun
black nickel launcher gun w/ chrome trigger
Ball Launcher Ultra Thin Cliffy
Great Lakes Modular DCS-TBS - Widebody Ball Trough Opto Board Set
Great Lakes Modular WPC-UFB - Universal WPC Flipper Boards
Aurich Alternate Translite
blue hard plastic borg ship windows
pinbits STTNG Extended Exit Lane Ball Guides- Stainless Steel
Widebody Invisiglass
anyPin NVRAM Battery Eliminator

#4 3 years ago

Topside Teardown
When someone says they "fully shopped" a game.. ask them for a picture like this..

IMG_1028 (resized).JPG

#5 3 years ago

I have a video of the previous game I did, I'm thinking I'll tone down the purple LED's quite a bit. I wanted the game to look "spacey" but still bright. Also want to take more time with the ships/painting. Combining what I did with my MB figures and the ships here.

#7 3 years ago

Wire forms, phaser launcher, and lockdown bar headed out for plating.

IMG_1037 (resized).JPG

#10 3 years ago

Adding a little shine

IMG_1052 (resized).JPG

IMG_1053 (resized).JPG

#12 3 years ago

Working on the hallmark enterprise d

IMG_1056 (resized).JPG

#13 3 years ago

Cleaning inserts and listening to some Guthrie govan. Also, bic pen coil stop bumper mod? That's a new one.

IMG_1057 (resized).JPG
IMG_1058 (resized).JPG

#14 3 years ago

Going through try some of this pigment on the cannons around where the ball launches from. Stoked about this!!

IMG_1061 (resized).JPG

#15 3 years ago

Before and after borg ship

E42D7976-D39A-4B0F-AE53-4F434F8075F9 (resized).jpg

#17 3 years ago

Cleaning the cannon assemblies with zep degreaser.

IMG_1092 (resized).JPG

#20 3 years ago
Quoted from HarryReimer:

Damn. Is there a pin sound board in there. Thats HOT.

indeed.. and definitely doing that again.. have one at the ready!

#22 3 years ago

beautiful, and it has good company too! The install wasn't hard, and probably took about an hour. For the most part you can download pre-made sound libraries, but I bought the actual soundtrack song and put it in there. Figuring that out took about an hour or so also, all in all not terrible and definitely worth it!

#24 3 years ago

"Hey what did you do this weekend?"
"Oh you know, the usual. Cleaned around the house, took the kids to swim, retrofitted LEDs to a romulan warbird hallmark ornament"

IMG_1103 (resized).JPG

IMG_1104 (resized).JPG

#26 3 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

Very cool, but I've never understood why people try to make the ships look better and more realistic with onboard LEDs, and then cut the huge hole in the bottom to fit the original flasher dome back in. With so many LED options these days, that green flasher light could be done in a much more subtle way. Flex heads under / behind the ship or LED strips under the top "wings" would preserve the ship's structure and look while still retaining the flasher effect. Just a thought.
Everything looks good though, and this thread was the final straw for me to go Black Nickel on the inside metal.

Good point. I actually really liked the way the green dome looked lit up inside the romulan ship when you get into the neutral zone mode, and it is a little more true to the original. The original ship has the LED's plastic windows facing inwards. I reversed them and have them facing outwards for now to see how it looks. But I may end up reverting back when it all comes together.

#27 3 years ago

Finished romulan ship and cannons

IMG_1124 (resized).JPG

IMG_1125 (resized).JPG

IMG_1126 (resized).JPG

IMG_1127 (resized).JPG

#28 2 years ago

Finished playfield polishing.. mirror finish baby!!

IMG_1151 (resized).JPG

3 weeks later
#30 2 years ago

Doing a little metal polishing.

IMG_1235 (resized).JPG

3 months later
#31 2 years ago

Re-decaling the backbox.

IMG_2160 (resized).JPG

#32 2 years ago

Putting wireforms back on and connecting everything up.

#36 2 years ago
Quoted from Zitt:

Knocker; when are you planning on wrapping this up?
I'm wondering if we should work on getting you one of the three sample sets I have here.

The rest of the hardware will be here tomorrow!

1 week later
#37 2 years ago
Quoted from jake35:

How difficult to program and install? I have a nice one that I'm thinking of doing that with.

jake35 What kind of trim is that you have on there, when and where did you get it done?

3 weeks later
#38 2 years ago

IMG_2406 (resized).JPG

IMG_2404 (resized).JPG

IMG_2407 (resized).JPG

IMG_2408 (resized).JPG

IMG_2409 (resized).JPG

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IMG_2415 (resized).JPG

IMG_2416 (resized).JPG

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IMG_2419 (resized).JPG

IMG_2418 (resized).JPG

IMG_2420 (resized).JPG

IMG_2421 (resized).JPG

1 month later
#43 2 years ago

bumper I do it as a hobby and mostly sell games when I'm done. I'd be interested so try and do a game for someone though.

#46 2 years ago

Hey Zitt, this one is a keeper for me. Until someone offers me something silly I can't refuse. But it would have to be pretty silly.

Would love a set of your bumpers.

1 month later
#52 2 years ago

Finally got around to installing the pop caps that zitt makes. They look astonishing and way better than the originals, and a lot better than the other ones I had in there (purple with chrome decals). They feel very heavy and solid in the hand, and are extremely polished and shiny. I also like that there is now somehing covering the missing popcap under the beta quadrant ramp. Truly completes the game.

Very happy with this purchase, very easy to install. A premium product at a reasonable price.

Get yours! http://pinball-mods.com/oscom/game-specific-products-star-trek-the-next-generation-star-trekthe-next-generation-popcaps-p-24.html?osCsid=7ea9e2f175a82758d268222344408793

IMG_3215 (resized).JPG

IMG_3216 (resized).JPG

IMG_3217 (resized).JPG

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