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STTNG Drop target not working right, Need Help.

By Boatshoe

7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago

Hi all, My Drop target seems to have a mind of its own when I start a new ball.

For example, when launching a ball and selecting "Warp 4" the drop target will rise, get hit by the ball, go down, but will not go up again. This happens about 2 out of every 3 balls. This happens on all launch ball modes, Drop target always goes down for starting something, but only goes back up about 60% of the time.

I know the problem is not switch related, because I removed the switch from the equation. The only things I can think of at this point are a bad solder joint or that the problem is a transistor on circuit board.

Help would be appreciated. Thanks!

#2 7 years ago

I should mention that everything works 100% in test mode, up solenoid, down solenoid, and the switch.

#4 7 years ago

How did you take the switch out of the equation?

#5 7 years ago

Even though the switch worked perfect in testing, I physically disconnected it from the drop target (still connected electrically) so that when the drop target dropped it would not hit the switch. On ball launch the ball would hit the target, dropping it, and then it would pop back up as it is supposed to. The problem is that it won't pop up consistently. It popped up some of the time, but not all of the time.

Just to be safe I also replaced the switch with a new switch and reconnected it physically and electrically. It tests 100% fine, triggers on and off when the drop goes up and down.

The problem remains.

#6 7 years ago

I'd say, take the glass off, put the game in Switch Edges test, and try activating every switch. Try the test both with the drop down and up. Do you get any double switch activations? If so, you'll need to troubleshoot your switch matrix.

#7 7 years ago

Ok, I went into switch edge test and tested every switch. There were no double switch activations.

I also played a couple games. Drop target would come up sometimes, and not other times. When it did not come up when it was supposed to I immediately opened the door and checked the switch edge and it showed that the drop switch was triggered corrrectly.

I also did a full 5 circuits of solenoid activation in test mode and the drop came up and went down perfectly every circuit.


#8 7 years ago

Unless the problem is a bad solder joint on the drop up coil, I'd really prefer not messing with those 3 purple wires.

#9 7 years ago

Check if the target is not obstructed by the PF and is aligned flush (not with an angle)

See if the reset-plate is not bend, that is a known weak-point at that target.

#10 7 years ago

So you tried the very same thing I thought of this AM... go into switch test during a game when you think it should be up and see if the switch shows open! So you confirmed the switch says closed when the target is down and should be up.... sounds like the switch isn't the problem.

The problem I have is that if the software thinks the target should be up and the switch is registering it down, I would think it would keep firing the solenoid to put the target up. You are not seeing that, right?

Does the target stay reliably up when it pops up or does it sometime take a couple solenoid actions to latch up? Is it mechanically reliable as paul asked?

Finally, is it possible that the target pops up as you make a shot up the ramp when it should be up? I'm not yet that familliar with how STTNG works this part. It may leave it in a position until it knows a ball is on its way and then put the target into position at the last minute. This way the target isn't going up and down unnecessarily.

#11 7 years ago

Target is flush and reset plate is good. Just played a few more tests of just ball launches. The drop target does appear to do *something* after it is hit by the ball.

All I can tell is the drop target moves, It moves by about 2 millimeters. It could even be the drop down solenoid hitting the target, but if it is the drop up solenoid it is not trying very hard. I guess it is time to put a camera in the cabinet to see what is really going on.

When I start a ball the target pops up 100% of the time. It is after that when the problem starts.

#12 7 years ago

Schwaggs, When I installed the new switch this weekend I made the mistake of leaving the microswitch length too long. When the drop target was UP, the up solenoid plate would fall because of gravity, and it would hit the drop target micro switch. At that point the up solenoid would go nuts and keep trying to go up over and over.

I am not sure how this software works. When the solenoid is supposed to be down for a first shot is always goes down. When it is supposed to come up for a first shot it always comes up. When the drop is up and is hit that initial time it is supposed to pop back up immediately. I think it is a one time signal in the software. I really don't know.

I have to go to work, will check more tonight. Thanks for the suggestions!

#13 7 years ago

I suspect there's nothing wrong with your machine at all. I just played a few games and found that the software works as follows for Warp 4 mode: after the ball is launched and strikes the drop target, it will be reset to the 'up' position ONLY if the target was up BEFORE warp 4 was chosen.

#14 7 years ago

I understand if say lock was lit, or holodeck was lit the drop should be down. I think that is what you are talking about. Correct?

My testing was just launching ball after ball, so it always should have come back up. If I launch ball 1 it should come back up for me to hit to light the lock. I wasn't actually playing the machine. I did it so much I had a bunch of switch errors on start up from lack of use, including the flipper buttons!

After doing all these tests an opto started freaking out, and I just had to put the whole thing aside. When it works, I love this game. It is a fantastic game, but it has given me more issues than all of the rest of my pins combined.

I'll go back to it in a couple days. Thanks again.

#15 7 years ago

Let me put it this way: when the ball is launched and hits the drop target, the software will not always pop the target back up. The software makes its own decision. That is normal behavior. Good luck with your machine!

#16 7 years ago

Hey boatshoe!

Sorry I don't have any advice ... other than to say that the INTENDED behavior is confusing to me. I believe mine might be doing the same thing yours is, though -- it often seems to stay down after Warp 4, even when lock and holodeck aren't lit. Don't know why it would do that, since it seems to go up and down just fine in every test and at other times.

#17 7 years ago

Well.... hahaha. That behavior makes no sense to me, but thank you guys for the heads up.

I think both your games are broken.

#18 7 years ago

Could be!

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