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By Londonlad5

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

Hi all,

Have had my sttng about 3 months now and have already had to replace trough opto board and give it a damn good cleanup, am doing it bit by bit as this is my first pin so am learning as I go (cleaned subway the other day was really worried whilst taking it apart but all went back on good )
The machine all working correctly and I have added color dmd so far which I love, question Is my alpha ramp is cracked and I want to replace so how hard is this to change by a novice ?, also the playfield has been cleaned and waxed by me using novus 2 and proper wax but I still cannot get rid of what looks like dull patchy bits any advice on how to make this shine like new? I don't have a buffer but is it really required to get this playfield gleaming again all over ?

Cheers all
Ps this game it rules although outlanes are annoying

#2 5 years ago

Those dull patchy bits could either be mylar or areas were the clear coat has worn through. If that's the case, If you scrub too much in those areas, you might take off the unprotected paint.

As for the outlanes, there are outlane extenders that some folks have added to their machines. If I owned a STTNG, I would certainly add them since I've always found the outlanes to be brutal.

#3 5 years ago

A good top-side shop job should have you removing most everything (plastics, ramps, assemblies, etc) in order to do a good cleaning. Cleaning all the underplayfield routes will keep it clean longer as well. Just take pictures and notes as you go and you should be fine. Everything goes back together in the reverse order that you took it apart...


#4 5 years ago

I just tore my playfield down a few days ago and did a good deep cleaning/waxing to the playfield.

It seems daunting at first, as there is so much going on, but just take a deep breath, have a camera at the ready to take LOTS of pictures for reference, and then start by removing the habitrails. Once you've done that, use this as a basic teardown guide:

Once you have it torn down give it the Novus 2 treatment, and focus on the patchy spots (as long as the playfield hasn't worn through the diamond coat) and use small circles with a reasonable pressure. A buffing attachment on a power drill works wonders and you can pick up a buffing/polishing attachment kit for very little from a hardware/automotive store.

Once you have the playfield thoroughly cleaned/waxed just re-assemble it in the reverse order that you tore it down.

I will warn you that if the machine spent any reasonable time on a route location there are likely many non-stock playfield parts, screws, washers, etc, that the operator used as quick fixes along the way. If that's the case you may find yourself reassembling it thinking "that doesn't look right!", so it's best to have a cache of proper screws, posts, rubbers, etc on hand to replace make-shift on-location repair jobs.

Aside from that, just have plenty of cold beer on hand, some good tunes, and a positive attitude. Have some fun and enjoy it!

P.S. A telescopic magnet pointer is a godsend for the screw heads that like to wiggle out of your fingertips and slide down the playfield into a GI socket.


#5 5 years ago

Hi all thanks for the replies ,

Yeah did notice a few of the plastics already were not stock and someone has used black plastic cutouts i have since replaced these bits as ideally I would love to restore this machine I'll try get some pics of playfield up on here as don't want to take paint off if coat has gone so would like some input on if u all think it just needs a good buff or if more serious , Mylar is fitted to the length of mission start section and has a few bubbles in it so ideally I want to remove this but am terrified of taking paint off and decals .

Looks like whoever has worked on this in past has not put back together properly as u said screws aren't right etc so gonna be fun to get this baby gleaming and proper again
I'm generally okay with taking things apart etc but not any good whatsoever or soldering and electrical parts so hopefully none of that will be required to do a cleanup Jobby

#6 5 years ago

Just to reiterate

"P.S. A telescopic magnet pointer is a godsend for the screw heads that like to wiggle out of your fingertips and slide down the playfield into a GI socket." !

I just shopped/cleaned mine and without this it caused the most delays, headaches, and paranoia (that I was leaving screws everywhere in the wiring).

I got one and couldn't believe how much it helped. I found it to be most useful for holding screws in place or starting them for you.

#7 5 years ago

Excellent point there mate , I had this very issue when removing subway the other day bloody screws kept dropping into wiring I had a nightmare trying to find them as like u I was paranoid that I was gonna short something if I didn't locate them but took me ages putting the bugger back on because of naff screedriver set so will definately be purchasing one of them

#8 5 years ago

One thing I forgot (doh) is to clean the Opto s in the subway and since putting it back together I am every now and then getting an extra ball thrown into play could this be where I disturbed the dirt in there ?, don't think its the trough as I've just replace that last month and all switch tests are showing okay.

#9 5 years ago

yep, unexpected multiball is a classic symptom of dirty / misaligned / malfunctioning subway optos.

#10 5 years ago

Ahh damn so subway off again jobby then eh , this is a fun old game pinball haha ahh well I will learn I suppose

#11 5 years ago

The trough opto boards are a known issue for about 5-6 games before being retrofitted/adapted by B/W. This issue is with vibration causing breakage - mainly on the transmitter half. There are retrofit instructions on here for putting grommets and bushings in after you do the board repair. You could also just buy replacements if you don't want to go through the effort yourself. I retrofitted the 3 games I have of this generation that needed updating. It's not too bad.


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