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Strato-flite score problem

By Bardo

2 years ago

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#1 2 years ago

Has not fully worked in my possession, just started working on it, the problem is,currently,None of 1,000 point wheels are counting on any player, the 100 points are fine but they are not turning over to 1,000 after 900.

Since it's every player I don't think it's a wheel problem,
Also notice I do not see "player disk" engaging,
Isn't that where the score wheels voltage comes from?

#2 2 years ago

The Player Unit stepper in the head routes the power to the reels. It has four positions for the four sets of player reels.

There is a 1000 point relay in the head of the game. Is this relay locked on during play? If not, can you activate that relay by hand to activate the 1000 reel to advance?

#3 2 years ago

The thousand point reley when activated it stays stuck on, humming, I also noticed the chime solenoid is also stuck in the on position so now I'm something is not closing properly,
I am ohmed it out between play or unit disk to 1000 point drum unit coil and win the hundreds wheel is in the nine position it's a dead short so the wiring seems fine thank God

#4 2 years ago

Check the end of stroke switches on all 4 1000 point reels. One might not be opening.a

#5 2 years ago

I had this EXACT same problem on my Strato-Flite (hundreds worked, no rollover to 1,000 (or 1,000) and then the machine locked up) and mine and hunted it for weeks, lots of switch cleaning and what not. It turned out to be that one or two jones plugs were not in all the way. Pushed them in and it worked perfect...

Although it was having the same problem before I bought it too (I bought it that way), so I think there is an extra set inside of the backbox that aren't removed for shipment or something? Either that or I fixed my problem during my cleaning and the jones plug just simulated the issue as well, but I do believe it was the jones plug.

There is no inside-backbox picture for this on IPDB but check out your game. I remember it was on the bottom right of the backbox, I do believe there was more than just the two or whatever that you plug in when putting the head on. (Sometimes they are used for different units and whatnot that aren't removed for shipping, only service)

#6 2 years ago

Sounds like a stuck playfield switch if the chime unit is always on

#7 2 years ago

Thank you both for your replies, I thought maybe I had a stock targets which also but all of them? I've cleaned and reset and checked the connections and all the Jones plugs, now if the problem is the end of switch, wouldn't it score the thousand before the switch was turned off?

#8 2 years ago
Quoted from Bardo:

Thank you both for your replies, I thought maybe I had a stock targets which also but all of them? I've cleaned and reset and checked the connections and all the Jones plugs, now if the problem is the end of switch, wouldn't it score the thousand before the switch was turned off?

If it's dirty that means it's stuck open and always "off"

#9 2 years ago

I would not expect the reel eos switch to be the issue if the reel isn't moving at all. If the 1000 point relay does not lock until you hit a 1000 point target, I also would not expect the issue to be a closed playfield switch. I would start tugging at the wires on the reel switches..you might find one that is loose. Also, make sure the player stepper unit in the head of the has clean rivets and is making precise contact.

If you manually advance the player stepper unit to player two, does the 1000 point relay remain locked after 1000 is scored?

#10 2 years ago

Bonzo is correct,an End of stroke switch (probably center pop bumper) is either broken or not registering.

#11 2 years ago

No, it does this with all players. Except on reset when all of them spin.
As far as the stepper unit is concerned, the spring is a little bit honky to loose to up pulling the drum all the way back, clean contacts and tighten the spring,
I'll recheck relays and hunt up the eos switch

#12 2 years ago

Found the EOS switches,
Located on the relays. I've noticed two problems I guess, The 10 point and the 1K. Point relays stay closed and hum when engaged with voltage still present on their sources. As a opposed to the working 100 Pt relay that I can watch cycle up and down as a target is depressed.

#13 2 years ago

Have you checked the eos switch on the reel itself.. There is great diagram of the reel in this thread:


#14 2 years ago

Nice a Animation!
But all wheels have same problem with the 1k reley sticking closed but no voltage hitting the 1k reels

#15 2 years ago

I Think I have to figure out why the voltage is still present on the relay causing it to stay closed, then I have to figure out why that voltage is not reaching the reel

#16 2 years ago

Hey bonzo,
Is that the location of the eos?
I thought it was the " in hold circuit to this relay" on the 1k relay

Little harder to get to without removing

#17 2 years ago

The eos switch is on the reel itself. It is on the top in the animation link labeled "eos." You will need to pull the reel out of the metal frame to see it. The voltage is sent to the reel when a switch on the 1000 point relay closes. The voltage is routed to the reel through the player unit stepper. The eos(end of stroke) switch on the reel cuts the power to the 1000 point relay.

Have you checked the switches and wires on the 1000 point relay itself?

#19 2 years ago

Thanks for the help! Turned out to be player unit index Wheel, shoes they're not aligned, for example,
Shoes 23 and 22 on player one should show low to no resistance, I hand moved the wheel to align then reset spring tension, all four players score all reels,

Next problem:out ball does not end turn, bonus counts down but neither ball advances or player

#20 2 years ago

The manual confirms the ball count until, which is on the bottom board inside the body of the game, also routes though the player stepper unit in the the head. Did you check to see if the ball count until is stepping and resetting freely?

#21 2 years ago

My 10amp fuse was blown,
Found the problem!

#22 2 years ago

Fused changed but ball stepper not engaging.
Back 2 schematics

#23 2 years ago

Question: where is the "drain switch" on schematic?
Also the "ball in lane" switch, that ones not doing anything yet

#24 2 years ago

Hi Bardo
ipdb shows manual and schematics http://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=2398
A schematics is not an exploded view - the coil of a relay and the switches to it can be shown in completely different (far apart) sections of the schematics.

Your post-19 - at end of a ball the ball rolls into the Outhole between the flipperbats and closes the "Outhole-Switch, my encircled light-blue switch" - this makes (and it works in Your pin) the Bonus-Relay pull-in. This Bonus-Relay makes the Bonus-Ladder to step down - the so called Bonus-Unit. The Bonus-Relay has (encircled dark-blue) a Self-Hold-Switch "self-feeding electricity to the coil on the relay". As the Bonus-Unit reaches position-zero the "encircled brown, short red line" Switch opens and the Bonus-Relay quits pulling - question: In YOUR pin ?
As the Bonus-Unit reaches position-zero another "encircled brown" switch closes and let current flow to (encircled brown) "Coil on the Outhole-Relay" - the relay pulls-in - establishes "Self-Hold-Current (encircled burgundy-fed-brown) - the Score-Motor is running - through "my orange line" the "Ball Release Coil" fires means the ball is kicked over to the shooter alley.

At the time the Bonus is counted down (does the Bonus-Relay quits pulling ?) and You would like to have the ball kicked over - try: Press the armature (anchor plate) of the Outhole-RELAY - what is Your pin doing then ? Greetings Rolf

P.S. - here http://www.ipdb.org/showpic.pl?id=2398&picno=31862 in the shooter alley way up --- I believe this switch is for to make 5000 points when the upper gate is open and the ball rolls through the open gate - see bottom of my JPG.

0Strato-Flight-Work-03 (resized).jpg

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