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Stranger Things Premium - speaker vibration from bottom

By palacekeeper

12 months ago

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#1 12 months ago

Hello - first time owner, here! Just bought and set up a Stranger Things Premium. Overall very happy with the machine. I've seen plenty of references to the ball lock issue and mine is no exception, but I'm not too concerned about that. Maybe a stronger magnet?

In any case, the reason for my post is to see if anyone else has had issues with too much vibration/distortion from the bottom speaker. It's not too bad but I'm a bit of a perfectionist with these things, and I'd really like to eliminate the vibration during the parts of music and gaming where the bass is more pronounced. I tried some cushiony double sided tape under the inside edges of the speaker, but it still does it. I also ordered some vibration reducing grommets from IsolateIt, but they won't arrive until Sunday. I'll report back if those help.

Anyone else experiencing this? And if so, were you able to find a way to resolve it? Thanks!

#2 12 months ago

Is it the glass rattling?

#3 12 months ago

I haven’t heard of this yet, but I guess try to figure out exactly what is vibrating. Maybe take the screen off and see if that’s it?

#4 12 months ago

Actually the glass was vibrating a little, but not bad. I put a little felt under the inside edge near the front and the glass is snug and doesn't vibrate now. If you get underneath the machine, it's definitely coming from the speaker, and if you push on the edges of the speaker with your finger in certain places, it stops it and sounds perfect.

The problem is that if I tuck something like thumb gum or styrofoam around the edge, it doesn't do the trick. So, I checked the 4 bolts/nuts on the inside and tightened them a little, and also put a little double sided tape that has a slight cushion underneath the edges between the speaker and the bottom of the cabinet. I figured that would do the trick - but no dice.

So, now I ordered those IsolateIt vibration reducing grommets ( amazon.com link » ) to try next. It's definitely not a bad speaker as far as the actual sound. It's just vibrating the bottom of the cabinet, and I was just wondering if anyone else had run into this in case the grommets I ordered don't work.

Incidentally, the sound is very good (except for the vibrations) that is coming from the game itself, but it has a fair amount of bass at times which of course, is the challenge. I have the volume set at about 18, which is reasonable.

#5 11 months ago

Just wanted to report back on this in case anyone runs into something similar. The grommets did work but i had to use more than just the 4 for the mounting screws. I ended up spreading them out evenly (picture attached) so that the whole speaker had a little cushion - no more vibrations and sounds clean now!

Funny enough, after I finished this, I also discovered that one of the recessed light cans in the ceiling was also vibrating from the bass. That was a much easier fix

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#6 11 months ago

We recommend removing the speaker grille - it's a terrible source of vibration and likely what you are hearing. If the game is for home use most guys don't care if the grille is out, but it might be a different story if the machine is on location.

- PinWoofer

#7 11 months ago
Quoted from PinWoofer:

most guys don't care if the grille is out

I cook on mine

1 week later
#8 11 months ago

Thanks for the tip, it is for home use. At this point there is no vibration at all from the grill but I can always remove it later if it shows up again. I do get very minor vibration from the glass once in a while, and was thinking of putting a bit of felt under the side edges. It doesn't look like there is much clearance though. What do you think?

2 months later
#9 9 months ago

I am having these same issues, NIB. Rattling glass and noise from bottom woofer. Was running at sound level 40, then kicked it down to 30 sound level which is only 75 decibels. Same rattling problem still at 30.
20 seems to be rattle free but not as loud as I want it. OP, what decibels are you getting at 20?

Removed glass and problems seem to go away or at least not noticeable from playing position. Will try removing screen and report back.

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