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Stranger Things Club. Join our Party!

By chuckwurt

11 months ago

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Post #235 Be sure to check PRO Ball Lock Post, it can come loose. Posted by chuckwurt (11 months ago)

Post #712 Replacement rubber info Posted by fooflighter (10 months ago)

Post #1272 How to adjust demogorgen if it is too difficult to make shots Posted by rs812 (9 months ago)

Post #1273 How to adjust focus on projector Posted by rs812 (9 months ago)

Post #1717 Stern info on how to dial in the TK lock and deflector. Posted by chuckwurt (9 months ago)

Post #2052 Screen material to improve projector image quality Posted by dri (9 months ago)

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#34 11 months ago

In on LE. Love the theme, immersion will be off charts

#51 11 months ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

Anyone have an idea how much the game designer helps out the programmers with rules and modes of a game?
Like does Brian Eddy hand off this layout and say “good luck with the rules” to Lonnie or does Brian work with Lonnie to come up with a rule set?
I can’t imagine Keith Elwin not being majorly involved. Anyone ever hear how this works?

This is why i think game will be great overall. The rules are a collaboration of all 3, Mike V., Lonnie and Brian. Brian wouldn't just "turn it over", he was a former programmer. Fun House, Shadow and Indiana Jones ain't too shabby. Mike V. is impressive to me and Lonnie seems to do well in a team environment.

In his interview, Brian acknowledged the need to make the game deep for HUO folks and yet accessible for everybody who walks up to it.

Fun times!

#100 11 months ago
Quoted from cleland:

Started looking at the music and sound in Pinball Browser. Thinking I'm gonna go for something like this for the main theme. C418 Remix, with some quotes mixed in from EP1.

Love it Cleland!

#144 11 months ago

I don’t see Stern shortchanging the projector coding

I think it’s gonna be epic. They have hired significantly more production talent the last few years to make it happen

The pro looks really good and plays fast but this is gonna be a premium Le game

I predict expectations will be exceeded

#154 11 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

As for predictions on the projector - I'm always in for the prem/LE model but I really think this projector will be an epic fail. Not only do I think it won't work well enough unless you are absolutely pitch black, I don't see the assets it's showing as significant enough to truly make a big difference especially with the trade off of having those white screens to look at.

I'm going with epic success. We will see.

I could care less about what it looks like when its turned off.

#157 11 months ago
Quoted from Trindawg:

I’m thinking about pulling the trigger on the pro model in the next week or 2. Gonna be out on medical for 3 weeks and will need something to do in the meantime. I really want this game. But don’t know if I can convince the wife of my purchasing it. What do u guys think would happen if I just order it without her knowledge ?

She will love your for it #1

Secondly, wait until you see the premium reveal before you decide

#165 11 months ago

Seriously Law. I'll be pulling the tarp off after the play delay. When you flip the on button, that's when it gets real!

#166 11 months ago
Quoted from Trindawg:

I won’t be able to afford the premium model. Pro is the highest trim I can afford.

Get it. It looks great. Watched several hours on a couple of streams. Great pro.

#241 11 months ago
Quoted from Trindawg:

Who here saves their boxes once their machine is unpacked? Not sure if I should save mine or not. This will be my first NIB purchase.

Best advice, rip it open, set it up, 30 minutes max and play the heck out of it. Have fun. Don't sweat the minor BS.

Check the balls, you might want to order some premium balls to replace those. Wax it every 500 plays or so and you are good to go!

#249 11 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Unless you’re always completing one or both of the mode ladders it’s plenty fun right now.

I think the code has a good amount of modes implemented right now after watching two streams.

It's NOTHING compared to BM66 when it first launched.

This is gonna be SUPER DEEP.

#350 10 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Our spinning arcade sign is now ready for production. Here is a video of the prototype, fits perfectly in the back right, but really can be mounted in other places. No issues with power and it will spin continuously like an arcade sign should. Took me about 90 seconds to install it. The base will be different on the production model. Wire hole will be on the other side and the base itself will be narrower. We will start making these this week.
$59 shipped will be the price, on our website now and in our pinside shop shortly.

[quoted image]

Very cool Lermods!

1 week later
#510 10 months ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

LIVE NOW: Stern Pinball rules designer Mike Vinikour in tha house playing and talking Stranger Things Pinball!

Gonna have to get home and watch this and the game. As in National championship!

Gotta hear what Mike V has to say !

#680 10 months ago

This really is a GREAT theme with very broad appeal.

Even my wife and kids are excited about getting this game. That hasn't happened in a LONG time.

My wife likes Elvira because its relatively easy shots to hit and just flip for fun.

Stranger Things has the potential to end up being a huge seller for Stern as the code develops.

Video, audio and call outs should be as good as it gets at the end of the day. Only Alien should beat it on that front and its phenomenal.

So don't F it up Eddy, Mike and Lonnie

#695 10 months ago
Quoted from fuzz:

Just unboxed and played our Pro. Me and my 9 yr old love it. No problems sinking the ball in the demogorgan. Haven't updated the code yet.
The game is fast and a drain monster when hitting the center targets, hopefully they add some code for a ball save when hitting that shot.

The best part, a game you can play with your 9 yr old and he gets the show, loves the theme

#715 10 months ago
Quoted from tomdotcom:

Noted. I had both topics saved, didn't mean no harm

Now get the F outta here Tom! Jk

1 week later
#933 10 months ago

"Theme is everything"

I'm stoked about LE's shipping right around the corner.

Love what i see on the streams and MUCH MUCH MORE to come code/integration wise!

#1134 10 months ago

It’s a beauty Chuckster now get on there and give us some gameplay reviews!

Think I’m gonna go pinsound on this one!

#1138 10 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Does pinsound work for spike? I have to say, I’m a pretty bit audiophile and the sound system on this is strong already.

Well, I defer to you then brother!

You have the LE in house, set up and having fun! Congrats

#1224 9 months ago

My family is looking forward to Stranger things because they love the show and can relate to the theme

I have no other pins that my kids can relate to other than Nbafb and they like that one

It’s nice to get a game that other people besides myself will enjoy. Super Chexx fits that purpose but it ain’t pinball

#1307 9 months ago

You guys shouldn’t buy pinball machines if you don’t like some dimpling

I have tiny dimpling on my JP and Elvira and who gives a F. The clear is thin!!!

I’m hoping my STHLE dimples the shit out of it when it gets here

It’s the dumbest f ing thing in pinball period

#1369 9 months ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Got my LE, set it up, and just played a couple of games. Telekinesis shot was consistent on my issues there. I hit the Demo shot on the first try...and then couldn't hit it again. Yeah...that shot is a bitch but it's certainly doable. Code is in its infancy, but the game is fast and fun. The center target shots and some standups are have to be careful how to get at them with going SDTM.
Subwoofer is a must as chuckwurt said (I use the Pinnovators sub out card), and I'm adding red lit flipper buttons and a knocker.
I have to tweak it screen doesn't sit flush with the side panels (can't remember who posted the solution to that), and I had to adjust the Y axis on the projector. I've currently got the back legs jacked (screws all the out to the top of the collar), and I think the angle is a little too severe. I'll lower it tomorrow and see how it effects all the things that seem to work right now. I really think recent Stern games have to be leveled at a pitch that literally needs to be spot on with a predetermined angle, or they don't work properly--and that seems to vary from game to game.
Overall, this is really fun game that I'll keep for a year or two and probably sell at a 2k loss. But I don't care because fun usually costs money, right? Don't compare this to JPLE (one of the best ever, so it's an unfair comparison), and you'll have a great time with this game.
The doubters on Pinside can suck it.

Of course they can suck it Boobie! Lol

Congrats on game

#1642 9 months ago

Bought my kit. This Dude abides!

#1697 9 months ago

Holy crap all these pics look awesome!!!

I'm tired of not be able to join in the fun yet.

#1702 9 months ago
Quoted from Ledman62:

Stern can’t stop money grabbin. Stop buying there pins.

This is the club thread, take your stupid BS elsewhere.

#1733 9 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Ler has a dig dug mode, arcade sign, and xmas lights sign
Mezel has the following
Starcourt Mall sign
Arcade sign (spinning)
Castle Byers fort
Hawkins lab building facade (Pro)
Leaving Hawkins sign
Hawkins National Lab sign
Hazmat gear dome cover
Demogorgon bat
Backboard lighting
Plastic protectors
Playfield and shooter lane protector

I think Lermods has the spinning arcarde sign right?

It's sitting in my checkout basket

1 week later
#2021 9 months ago
Quoted from Pinballer31520:

Weird how $9000 games are sold and the main centerpiece shot in the game does not work . They had to do a software fix for a hardware issue . I tried a rubber band and it helped but too much forward and the ball gets stuck in front and demogorgon face edges wont stay adjusted. Seems a rushed and lack of testing or concern on Stern’s part . Ramps being sent out with the wrong pitch to some customers ? wouldn't they all be the same part ? The playfields also seem to hold up less every year . I don't expect no dimpling but mine looks horrible after 600 games worse than any other I have . Also the ramp when folded down cuts into the clear coat on the playfield . I had to put a lot of layers of scotch tape on the playfield until i can get some mylar. I would watch out for wear there. Anyone else seeing this on their games ?
Stern should release a small mini ramp that could be glued to the top of the existing ramp. A little more pitch is all that is needed to get the ball lined up for mouth shot. I have tried leg adjustment and flipper strength but no help .
I like the game and enjoy playing it overall.
Slow down . Make less games per year .
Focus on quality control. My advice to Stern.

This is the club thread. There is another thread to dump on Stern. Go there with this

#2031 9 months ago
Quoted from Pinballer31520:So you cant be in the Stern club unless you agree that everything is awesome !
Good to know .... And a little crazy
I have all the new Sterns like some, love some , have issue with some.

Yeah that’s right. Post your troll BS in other threads

1 week later
#2289 9 months ago

STHLE is finally on the way!

#2398 8 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

UV kit is sick. Just saw it in person.

I’ve seen it too Chuck! Wow. Kit arrived today and game shows up tomorrow

Gonna be an awesome weekend!!!

#2435 8 months ago

Just got my game set up and played about an hour or so on it. Heading back out later for more

It’s heavy, lifting on my stool by myself to get back legs on was dicey!

It’s set up pretty steep. Bubble at the top

Game is in your face for sure. Had to get used to that at first.

Demo shot was easily made. More times than not. Maybe I had it set up right? Jan 30 build

Telekinesis lock worked great.

Basically zero issues out of the box. Need to update code was on .83

Immersion wise it puts you right into the show. Sounds and light show are great. Call outs?

I freaking love the game so far. Much more so than when I unboxed Elvira at first

Should receive uv kit on Monday

Great f ing job thus far again Eddy, Mike and Lonnie

#2459 8 months ago
Quoted from Captchaos:

Still having an issue with the ball coming out of the left orbit and hitting the left sling. I have tried different pitch and leveling the playfield. Anyone have a suggestion? Is the game designed to do that or should it feed the left flipper?

Same thing for me on Elvira

Trim down a little piece of self adhesive felt. $1 from Hobby Lobby. And place it at the end of the ramp. Adjust it until it feeds how you want it

#2493 8 months ago

Holy crap this game is awesome!!!!

The last Demo mode isn’t coded? Ramp just closed up before I had a chance to hit it

Tiny piece of felt fixed left ball guide beautifully

Right ball guide, I assume the post rubber is supposed to be there to kick ball?

Just got total isolation and 500,000, most of points scored on Demo modes though

UV kit going in this weekend.

I couldn’t be happier fellas. JP, Elvira and now STH.

#2495 8 months ago
Quoted from Morhaus:

Where are you putting the felt piece in the left
Guide? At the end?

Very tip at end of guide, tiny piece. Better than risking bending the guide imo

Works 100%

#2570 8 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

My uv kit is in! Very straightforward and sterns instructions are fantastic. Very well done.

Mine is going in tomorrow.

Already a fantastic game

1 week later
#2847 8 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Make sure the right orbit guide is such that it puts the ball into the gate at the exit of the shooter lane. The ball should graze off that and feed the flipper.

Mine bounces off that post rubber every time
From the ball guide!

Need to look at it tomorrow. Maybe remove
The post rubber or adjust ball guide rail

#2903 8 months ago

Hey Chuck, my Demo shot is less reliable the longer I’m playing.

It’s def rocking too far back. Where exactly did you place those washers under the PF to force it forward? Thx

#2906 8 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

There’s only two treaded posts on the ass end of the demo that go through the playfield. Put them on those.

Ok thx Chuck! 41 combos today for me but I had to to stop playing out of Demo frustration!

This game is so addictive it’s crazy

#2922 8 months ago
Quoted from dendoc:

The other adjustment I found was the adjustable "coil stop" post underneath the "shaker DG coil". My DG was easy to his, became progressively harder, then impossible. Noticed it shook less too. That long adjustment screw had somehow gone fully "out" and when I put it half way back in everything settled back to normal - vibrates more and can hit is 80% of the time.[quoted image]

Thanks for that tip!!

#2923 8 months ago

Just watched an LE stream. Some randomness as the ball travels down the ball guide on the right side off that rubber post and into the left sling but many of the balls returned straight to that left flipper

It’s not bouncing off the rubber post. Looks like
It’s coming off the shooter lane gate?

Did I go the wrong direction on adjusting the ball guide outward?

#2926 8 months ago
Quoted from dendoc:

Adjustment should allow it to go directly to R flipper

Thx guys. It smacks that post rubber every time. Less so when I moved ball guide outward

I will move it out a bit further until it cleanly rolls to right flipper hopefully

#2936 8 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Thx guys. It smacks that post rubber every time. Less so when I moved ball guide outward
I will move it out a bit further until it cleanly rolls to right flipper hopefully

Update, wrong move on my part, had to move rail back in, no way the ball can roll cleanly to the right flipper off of that right rail, its going to the left flipper or left sling now which is better than it was. Thx guys.

On the Demo shot, i hit it consistently from the cradle position, not so much on the fly

#3003 8 months ago
Quoted from jurulz:

I agree, but the releases notes looks very promising on paper.
I still don’t understand after couple updates why we don’t have basic callouts for Multiballs, shoot the demon dog’s or shoot the glory hole.
Only my 2 cents ! I still love the game but it’s missing basics stuffs that personally would like to have.

It's pretty damn good right now and it's only .87 code.

I get what you are saying but that's part of the fun with each code update.

Patience, this is shaping up to be another all time great game.

#3050 8 months ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

I have a solution that may work for this topper or your own wall.
I did the alphabet wall for my daughter’s room last year, and it actually spells out messages.
I used the LEDSeq pinball board, but instead of inserts, I assigned each letter of the alphabet as an insert. After that, you can program hundreds of phrases.
I programmed it to spell out about three dozen sentences. It looks pretty neat in the dark.
Anyway, the lights are currently in a box. If anybody wants them, let’s call it $100 shipped. I’ll include the board, lights and mostly sober customer support so you can add your own messages.
This is a DIY project which may involve some tinkering, but it’s fairly straightforward. I’ve already done most of the work. You just need to attach to the wall or the topper.[quoted image]

Let's have Lasserific do a Longhorn Topper for Stranger Things!

#3071 7 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

True story. I’m about to rip the right ramp especially out of my game and burn it in the back yard.

Lol. That’s part of what makes the game so great. A certain level of frustration like TWD

I wanted to take a sledgehammer to that game so many times early on!

Time to update code and get some play on this weekend

#3086 7 months ago

I just watched some of you latest stream Chuck and i'm baffled at how you get that ball return to the right flipper from the right loop!

Gonna have to go tinker with it again, it almost seems like my right sling position is misaligned somehow. I don't know . Would be nice to have a little control off that right feed.

Maybe i'll try a thinner post rubber.

#3106 7 months ago
Quoted from Bzamborski:

Hey- I still can’t get the damn right loop to go to flipper either. Just bounces around like crazy. Please let me know if you find anything and I will do the same.

Outlanes are hard enough without getting some control!

I didn't get a chance to work on it but will tonight and let you know the results. I'm gonna bend the ramp inwards and/or replace the post rubber, mine is super thick.

Last time i took the glass off and tried to tweak and roll test it and made it better but not like the Chuck roll.

I do remember having to tweak the TWD shot out of the pops, had to be perfect but once dialed in it was great!

#3108 7 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

And for mine I actually made the post rubber bigger.
These pics may also help you I’m adjusting yours. Just match yours to mine. Haha[quoted image][quoted image]

Wow, like i said, that blows me away, i'm baffled but i'm determined to figure it out tonight.

I appreciate all your help!

#3110 7 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

My post rubber helps for the sloppy feeds that miss the gate. Feeds it to the left lane guide for a clean dead bounce off that to the right flipper.

Got it, i just haven't found the sweet spot for the bounce off of the gate yet. Reminding of TWD but i'll get it there hopefully.

Also, i'm pretty consistent on making the Demo shot off a cradle but its gotten really difficult and random otherwise. In your stream it seem somewhat the same way for you as well?

#3132 7 months ago
Quoted from FertileSpade:

Hey, i'm fairly new to pinball so i don't know all the ins and outs yet or terminology. dropped 9k on the LE and while i am loving some aspects of the game there are a couple things that i'm finding really frustrating. from what i'm seeing in this thread you guys may be experiencing similar things. i'm thinking about making adjustments but not 100% on what to do. any advise would be appreciated. here are the main points of contention:
1. way too easy for a ball to be thrown to an outside drain lane. very, very often a ball drains on both sides with me never having even hit a flipper. just launch the ball and watch it drain. to the point where it will drain again immediately when it initiates a ball save! again not once hitting a flipper. just watch it drain. really?! thinking about dropping the pins that will close that gap a bit.
2. the telekinesis lock mechanism that is supposed to throw the ball up to the magnet isn't timed properly. often activating early pushing the ball back down the lane when it would have gone through or activating late and not getting the ball locked when it should have.
3. the lanes are really tough and rough to hit
4. the lower bumpers by the flippers are death. throwing the ball down the outside drain lanes without mercy. are they supposed to be like that?
5. seems like each update has only added more glitches and thrown the game farther out of sync.
6. having played a good number of machines at local arcades, this machine seems like a drain monster.
pretty frustrated right now, to the point where it's not much fun to play.

Keep playing and practicing. It will get better. MUCH better

Like Chuck says, it’s not a beginner pin and reminds me of TWD although not nearly as hard.

Play it for fun and it will start clicking

#3159 7 months ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Yeah it works about as consistently as anyone’s can. I don’t know anyone personally that hasn’t been completely annoyed by the mech. I’d say it’s a 6/10 working. Tried many many many adjustments to the point I’m over it. It’s a mixture of as the game goes on the flippers lose a little snap and unless it’s a completely perfect shot sometimes even early

I’ve gotten lucky with the mech thus far

I hate that frustration. That piece of garbage Sarcophagus mech on IMDN made me sell it!

Well, my Demo is working like a charm now

I see scoring went way down. I nailed 3 shots in a row on second Demo mode, 3 rd one before the ramp lifted and got some
Weak score?

Hey Chuck I’ve got my right ball lane feed coming to the left flipper for now so I’ll take it!

#3185 7 months ago

This blows my mind at times and probably why i love this game so much, but I swear the Demo will shift back ever so slightly the more games you play, making it more difficult to hit as you go!

I'll turn the machine on and hit that shot on the fly, cradle, etc. boom boom, then it might start getting a bit harder 10 games in or so? Maybe its my imagination!!! Crazy, but i LOVE this game and the shots!

#3270 7 months ago

I knew Eddy, Mike V and crew would come through

This game rocks!

1 week later
#3471 7 months ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

ordering titan glo rubbers and plastic protectors...what size works best for sling plastics on ST? 3/4, 7/8 or 1"?

Not sure but they are awesome. Get em both

And I can’t stop playing this freaking game

1 week later
#3687 6 months ago
Quoted from Zampinator:

Just purchased an Le from Frankmac. Good dude by the way! I'm considering installing the PinStadium Light kit for UV lighting over the Stern offering. Good idea, or not?

Stern UV 100%

1 week later
#3846 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

What fixed my demo shot for good was taking the whole mech out and loosening the screws for the rubber washers that allow the demo head to give. This allowed the head to give more when the ball hits it.
I also added a couple washers to the treaded posts that go through the playfield and hold the backside of the demo bracket down so that the bracket can not lean back as far.

Do you think adding the washers made a big difference?

That’s adding the washers to the two posts underneath the PF right?

Does adding the washers tighten it up? I can’t figure out how it keeps the bracket from leaning back as far and thus tilting the mech forward.

I’m still getting more low hits as the game wears on


#3848 6 months ago

Got it. And you are talking about loosening the “10” screws in the diagram above right?

Thanks Erik

#3933 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Yep. Best way to get the demo is from a trap. Now if I can just get my flipper performance to stay consistent. I’m 100% accuracy on the demo mouth from each flipper on games 1 and 2 of the day. Then it drops to like 50%. Haha.

Yeah I’ve come to just accept it is what it is

Fun and frustrating!

But hey, wouldn’t be much fun hitting 100% of the time right

#3935 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Not my point. The game is clearly losing flipper performance the longer you play. What if all of a sudden the ball didn’t have enough speed to make it up the ramps? Same thing is happening here in relation to the demo mouth shot.

Why is that you think? My game does the same thing. Usually takes about 8-10 games

Maybe changing out the coils and flipper rebuild?

Has anyone installed their new ramp yet and has it made a difference ?

#3938 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I’ve rebuilt my flippers three times in 800 games and didn’t see much of an improvement.
No idea. But these shots seem to need perfect setup to work. Any variable changes slightly and the shots are no longer makable.
Might be a special coil type game like LOTR.
Ramps are on backorder. I hope this solves it once and for all.

Wow. 3 times already!

My point is that in some ways like TWD, which also needs a perfect setup with those pops, some aggravation is not a terrible thing

2 months later
#4939 3 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Man this game is so so good when the machine is dialed in. Vireland’s fans are the final piece to the puzzle. Just had some really long games and I was making the demo and lock just as easy as when I started with the first few flips.
Can’t wait to see where the code ends up. This thing plays so great now. So glad we were able to figure out all the issues.

This fan from Vireland?

Replacing the Stern fan helps keep the flipper coils cooler?

3 weeks later
#5254 3 months ago

The shooter rod is one of the coolest ever!!

It’s adds another super feature to this great game

1 month later
#5933 40 days ago
Quoted from HurryUpPinball:

I was having issues with the left orbit ball guide feeding to the sling and sling post so I decided to make a tutorial on my process to fix it. I have played about 20 games since the fix and have not had any issues with it since. My game is set at 6.7 degrees and .1 degree low on the left side. I hope this video helps anyone having issues with the ball guide.

That's a great tutorial and thanks for taking the time.

I get a perfect feed with the burn it back loop shot which is important to hit it multiple times for the EB. Fun shot.

I get an inconsistent feed to the left flipper out of the demo dog lock shot because the ball is traveling slower.

I've also put a tiny piece of adhesive felt at the end of the ball guide to adjust it as well.

My crude adjustment? Bend the ball guide a bit with force using a screwdriver.

I had the worst time on the right lane ball guide. It's still a mystery to me and I've tried every angle. I think i need to bend the gate from the shooter lane out a bit so the ball hits it slightly on the way down?

The ball feeds are the most frustrating part of STH for me!

#5935 40 days ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

The ball from the right feed should hit the ball gate for sure. So yeah try and bend that out slightly. Also put a bigger ring on the skinny post right above the G target below the stock ring. So if it misses the ball gate wire on a sloppy feed it should graze that rubber and feed the left flipper area for a safe bounce over to the right.

Thanks Erik! Yeah that makes sense and def not grazing that gate. And I'll put a bigger ring on that post so at least it will feed that left flipper.

Got to get those balls off of the slings, it's tough enough on the drains.

Still a great and underrated pin though! I put it right up there with JP and EHOH, just a tiny notch below.

The coil fans seemed to have solved the Demo shot. That's huge.

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