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Post #235 Be sure to check PRO Ball Lock Post, it can come loose. Posted by chuckwurt (2 years ago)

Post #712 Replacement rubber info Posted by fooflighter (2 years ago)

Post #1273 TECH: TOYS. Projector focus adjustment instructions Posted by rs812 (2 years ago)

Post #1717 TECH: PLAYFIELD. TK Lock and deflector adjustment instructions Posted by chuckwurt (2 years ago)

Post #2052 MOD:Screen material to improve projector image quality Posted by dri (2 years ago)

Post #5955 MOD:Stranger Things action button surround and shooter plate Posted by pinballslave (1 year ago)

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#1368 2 years ago

Got my LE, set it up, and just played a couple of games. Telekinesis shot was consistent on my machine...no issues there. I hit the Demo shot on the first try...and then couldn't hit it again. Yeah...that shot is a bitch but it's certainly doable. Code is in its infancy, but the game is fast and fun. The center target shots and some standups are brutal...you have to be careful how to get at them without going SDTM.

Subwoofer is a must as chuckwurt said (I use the Pinnovators sub out card), and I'm adding red lit flipper buttons and a knocker.

I have to tweak it tomorrow...my screen doesn't sit flush with the side panels (can't remember who posted the solution to that), and I had to adjust the Y axis on the projector. I've currently got the back legs jacked (screws all the way out to the top of the collar), and I think the angle is a little too severe. I'll lower it tomorrow and see how it effects all the things that seem to work right now. I really think recent Stern games have to be leveled at a pitch that literally needs to be spot on with a predetermined angle, or they don't work properly--and that seems to vary from game to game.

Overall, this is really fun game that I'll keep for a year or two and probably sell at a 2k loss. But I don't care because fun usually costs money, right? Don't compare this to JPLE (one of the best ever, so it's an unfair comparison), and you'll have a great time with this game.

The doubters on Pinside can suck it.

#1397 2 years ago

24 Hour Update:

Lowered the pitch to around 7/7.2 degrees and the game plays even better. I hit the Demo around once every one to two games or so, and I figure for a guy with my limited skills, that pretty much means that it works.

My problem? Those damn white projection pieces keep falling off my standup targets when I hit them. Pisses me off because I have to stop playing, take off the glass, put 3M double-sided tape on them, and reapply.

On a totally unrelated note, thanks to chuckwurt (who I consider one of the smartest guys here) for talking sense into me. I'll just post in fan and tech threads from now on, and be of help if I can when people need it. I'll try to ignore the increasingly large population of idiots and assholes that feel the need to shit on everything. Really I will...

#1470 2 years ago
Quoted from dri:

So, here's first impression and setup quirks of #374, my game was built 1/29. The vagmonster has zero issues (you need to aim to hit it), lock magnet is flawless - I had a few incidents where the 3rd ball flings past the two previous locks though. I think the flipper strength is a tad bit strong, at least on the right side. A clean shot to the left ramp is violently fast. Pitch is around 6.5 and 7.
Projector was hopelessly out of focus and fiddling with the mapping is a right fucktardery when you need to hold the interlock while navigating. I left the bracket for the focus wheel off.
The bumper shot pinches the ball and the ball guide needs adjusting. Bumpers need adjusting too, no action what so ever, I kid you not I had a stuck ball resting on the bumper skirt.
A clean burn it back shot sends the ball DTM, guide needs adjusting.
Speech and music attenuation is a right piece of work, sound levels across the board for some modes and call outs are completely out of whack. This is exactly how I experienced GOTG when it first came out. Chaos in the audioscape.
I dialed back the insert brightness to 25%, it gives the projector less light to fight off and it looks more moody.
Inserts in general on the playfield are very washed out on mine, like the printer ran out of black ink, anyone else experiencing that?
Put in the real knocker kit in from PBL along with transparent lexan washers for the slings and super-bands on the flippers.
Only had a handful of games due to setup and waxing took a few hours. It plays fast, flows fine (5x combo is not very hard to nail) and I love all the modes. Code needs many iterations to make this game a holistic experience, some modes are more or less silent (callouts - voice) and the sound effects are screeching loud.
We need to figure out how to get the black diamond projection surface into this game. The projector is a complete miss in my opinion with the white surfaces, most projections are simply too washed out to be pleasant to look at. The low res of the projector doesn't help either, especially on the surfaces with a weird throw angle.
I don't love it, but I don't hate it either. All fixable issues.

Thank God for this...I thought it was just me. Yeah, my bumper shot rattles around and rejects most of the time as well.

But here's the thing about this game: It makes me feel like I REALLY suck at pinball (and I'm not THAT bad), and I think most of it is in the setup. My left kickout, when the drops are down, will frequently hit the right drop target post and then go SDTM. Really frustrating, but again, I think that can be tweaked along with the other stuff.

The other thing about this game is that I can't stop playing it. As much as I curse at it, it's a hell of a lot of fun. And I've barely touched my JPLE since I got it. Once the code is polished and the mechanical annoyances are worked out, I actually can see myself keeping this game for a good while.

But yeah...I agree with most of what you said.

#1474 2 years ago

Thanks for all the suggestions, guys. Hey, Erik! You're right! There ARE some good people left on Pinside!

If anybody has suggestions for the right orbit rejects--like, how you adjust that guide so it doesn't do that--I'm all ears.

Many thanks...

#1475 2 years ago

Oh...and the other thing that's driving me nuts is when I calibrate the projector so the green blocks are lined up, the Jackpot ramp projections don't sit right. So I'm guessing the green blocks aren't really calibrated right with the programmed projections. And the REAL bitch is the "down" arrows on each side of the main screen during certain modes. They're not evenly spaced on each side, but if I move it over, I wind up with a black bar on one side. That's pretty annoying.

#1542 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Did you see how you can adjust the screens individually? So the main screen is one adjustment, then once you have that you can move to the spinner, then left most standup, etc.

Sorry I'm late to respond to this (after all the UV stuff, which I think is really cool). Yeah...I did adjust it individually. But what I'm saying is even when I have all the green blocks lined up, when I play a game, the animated arrows and Jackpot up the ramps aren't aligned properly (nor are the billboards aligned properly). Only the targets are good. It's a pain in the ass.

#1543 2 years ago
Quoted from twenty84:

Got my game today and installed my first mod.[quoted image]

That thing is sweet! I'm waiting for the light-up (overpriced) one that Stern is putting out. $125, anyone?

#1546 2 years ago

Did they fix that nasty Burn It Back/Multiball bug? I was having my first great game last night (at 130 million and counting) and the damn game rebooted on me.

#1552 2 years ago

Just played the new code and it's a helluva lot of fun. Love the multi-colored jackpot projections and bashing the Demo. Still not sure about the Burn It Back reboot bug (please advise, chuckwurt ).

For the record, I bought a UV kit, but I am pretty pissed off about it as an LE owner (and this makes twice after the SW topper). The good news is that I don't think there's anything on the horizon for the rest of 2020 that I'm interested coming from Stern (unless there's actually a full version of Led Zeppelin and not a reskin).

So after being suckered (twice), I can for once sit back and watch others get screwed for a while. But really...this shit's gotta stop.

#1557 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I’ve only ever seen the game crash during the turn up the heat mode. When does it happen for you? After hitting a bunch of burn it back loops in MB?

Right...it was during Turn Up The Heat doing a bunch of loops. I named the mode wrong. Oops. If it's not fixed somebody has to file a big report. That's a whopper.

Quoted from knockerlover:

People drop hundreds of dollars on pinstadiums for their other stern games and this burns everyone’s chaps?

It's not that. It's that the UV ink was built into the game so they knew it was there and couldn't even throw the damn lights into the LE for 9k. That IS disgusting no matter how you look at it. They could have made it an option for the other trim levels. Theres a difference between feeling ripped off for something that should already be in the game and, say, Star Wars topper which you can really do without. I should know. I'm pissed off about both because I bought them both.

#1568 2 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Boob, I know you still love your SWLE, but I think that particular game was the biggest LE ripoff that Stern ever did. It didn't even have artblades, invisiglass or a shaker - which seem standard on all newer LE now. Instead we were given 3 translites, probably because the unique LE translite was the worst looking one of the bunch.

Wrong. That would be Beatles, which I stupidly told my distro I'd take an "LE" before it was released. When I realized that would set me back $25k for diamond powdercoating, I respectfully declined.

SWLE is awesome if you add the lighted side armor. (I have the hyperspace light effect in the backbox as well, courtesy of Pinball Refinery.) The LE translite, which I already liked the best, is made better by that, IMO. That game is wicked good fun (the hyperloop is still one of the biggest rushes in all of pinball) and because I'm a SW fan, will never leave my collection. Hell...I just paid $200 to build a f-ing lightsaber at Disneyland.

My SThLE is one of the most immersive games I own. The projector really adds to the game, and the sound is terrific...especially with a subwoofer. That being said, because I'm not wedded to the theme, it will probably leave my collection sometime between a year or two from now.

#1704 2 years ago
Quoted from Ledman62:

Stern can’t stop money grabbin. Stop buying there pins.

Hey, hypocrite: You have 4 pins. 3 out of 4 are Sterns. 2 of THOSE are from 2018, well after the pricing boom. So when you're done paying those off, then YOU can stop buying Stern's pins and THEN you can lecture us about what we should do with our money.

But we still won't care. Stranger Things rocks, and I don't regret my LE purchase one bit.

We need a Suck It emoji.

#1746 2 years ago

Just finished fixing that POS Star Wars topper. Now I'm off to fix my right orbit and the third drop target that doesn't go down but is happy to send your ball STDM. I'm starting to think that Stern games aren't just overpriced because of the dollar amount, but because of the time it costs you to get it where it should have been to begin with.

#1811 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

No one has seen it in person yet. My guess is the experience will be the same between the premium and the LE unless a mod maker makes UV reactive side blades that may or may not work very well with the kit.

I'm getting it tomorrow. Not sure I can install it tomorrow though...it's my busiest day of the week. I'll be able to give feedback on it Wednesday, though.

I just finished a game where I got my first extra ball, fired up some different modes, and went through 3 Demo modes. I honestly don't know what some Pinsiders are smoking. I'm not even really that into the Stranger Things theme (I watch it, but don't look forward to it), but this game is a shitload of fun--and I'm a picky bastard.

#1814 2 years ago
Quoted from Dr-Willy:

I have a feeling all your getting in the mail tomorrow is the shirt you ordered lol.

I don't think so.

Untitled (resized).png
#1815 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Yeah I’m loving it too now that I have it just about dialed you where I think it’s tough but fair in all respects.
This game gives out extra balls on a regular basis though. I never thought I’d approach the max extra balls of 5 (always thought that default setting was hilarious), but I just had a game where my 4th one was lit when I drained out. You got one from burn it back loops, as well as it seems to award them for every so many modes.

Well, I'll play with it more this week when I put the UV kit in and replace the rubbers with Titans, so it's not fully tweaked out yet. But I haven't even moved the outlane posts in at all yet. They're all the way out. Did you move yours? This game is a gobblemonster...

#1819 2 years ago

I'm hoping my UV kit comes with a signed plaque. Also, I only bought the shirt because it said "Limited Edition." I'm pretty sure I'll be able to make some money on it down the road...

#1822 2 years ago

Hey, @c0untdem0net , sorry about your problem. Have you checked all your connections, both in your backbox and inside the cabinet on the node boards? Something may have shaken loose in transit. Also, if this was happening to me, I'd check the interlock switch on the coin door. Make sure nothing is loose, pinched, shorted out, etc. Strange that it seems to work when the coin door is open.

#1846 2 years ago

I got my shirt today from Stern...

...and no UV kit.


I blame Dr-Willy

#1850 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:I knew you weren’t special.

Oh, I'm special, all right. Just not in that way.

#1927 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Got lucky on mine and it was fine stock. It has a power adjustment. The harder it fires the more into the drops it will go. Try lowering the power from 16 to 13 and see what that does.

I tried this; no luck. I have to say I've never seen one of these games behave the way you're saying yours does. Every time I watch a stream, the left kickout takes down the right two targets, and the ball launch takes out the left two targets. I thought this was by design to avoid hitting the targets dead on. It would be great to have the left kickout send it around the burn it back loop, but not sure how I would redirect the mech to get that done since lowering the strength isn't doing anything.

In unrelated news, I still hate the right orbit. Even after trying to adjust it, the ball still rattles around, and the orbit still feeds the ball either SDTM or into the top of the right sling...and SDTM. Aggravating...

#1950 2 years ago
Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

I noticed in the latest code drop Barb mode also changed. Used to be hit the flashing shots to end the mode. Now it seemed like you have to clear the flashing shots then shoot center to find Barb. Non flashing shots increased jackpot.

So does this mean you finally got your game fixed? And what was wrong with it?

Quoted from CyberNinja24:

Doesn’t look too bad to take the apron off.
Just a little surprised that’s the way to focus it. All good.

It'd be easier if it was a standard apron that you could slide off from the top. On the LE and premium, you have to unbolt it from the bottom of the playfield. And that's a major PITA if all you have to do is focus your projector.

#2016 2 years ago
Quoted from Looprunner:

Love this game.

Yeah...you and everybody else that owns one. It's the people that: don't have one; haven't put enough time on it; think it's too expensive; think it's got too many problems; think the code will never get done because Lonnie is on it, etc., etc.... that think the game is shit.

But that's what they said about GOT and SW when it came out. Almost every good/great game started with bad press upon release, and that's Stern's fault for how and when they released the game. If they tweaked the problems and released it with more developed code and didn't rush it out before Christmas, you wouldn't be hearing this stuff.

Enjoy the game. It's wicked fast and it kicks my ass. It's a keeper for me for at least the next two years (only because I'm not wedded to the theme and might need the space). And make sure you get a subwoofer. It makes my nads vibrate.

#2017 2 years ago

I just want to put out another thank you to Erik (chuckwurt) for all the info and help he's provided owners with this game. He's a great asset to the hobby, and should probably be given a free Stern Army shirt and membership for all he does for that company.

#2028 2 years ago

My son-in-law is over and I showed him my SThLE. He said the machine is like crack and is still playing it two hours later. This game'll do that to you. I get that different games are for different people, but don't understand how someone can't get addicted to this game.

On a separate note, I finished a Turn Up the Heat mode just as I locked my third ball for multiball...and the game reset. So it's not COMPLETELY fixed with that mode and multiball running simultaneously.

#2072 2 years ago
Quoted from Dr-Willy:

Thanks! im going to try and get a sample of this and the slate .8 and see if either make a diff as far as viewing angle.

Great! Could somebody please tell us WHERE THE HELL YOU'RE BUYING SMALL AMOUNTS OF THIS STUFF??? What's with all the secrecy?

I mean, I called Black Diamond but got their voice mail. Do you have to get it through a dealer? Because I'm pretty sure the guy at Best Buy will look at me like someone hit him over the head with a Louisville Slugger if I go in there asking for a 1'x1' piece of projection screen.

Also, dri , did you paste it right over the white screen, or remove the white screen gently so as not to ruin it (or replace it again if the BD stuff didn't work out)?

So many questions...so few answers.

#2142 2 years ago
Quoted from TheGunnett:

So LE owners, I have a question for all of you. I have a $2,000 deposit down on the game and somehow mine hasn’t come in yet. I pay the balance when I pick up at Cointaker. With all the ramp replacing, magnet adjusting, etc., if you had the opportunity to bail on the game would you have in hindsight. I’m not sure what Cointakers policy is but all this drama and quality control issues is giving me some serious pause.

I felt like you did after reading all the bashing on this site. I went with my gut and stayed in, and I'm glad I did. I love my LE, and so do the people who come over my house and play it. If you want to nitpick a game, you can always find something...but I honestly don't have any idea what the hell some people here on Pinside are smoking.

The game is fun as hell. Get the game. Get a subwoofer. And don't look back. You're welcome.

#2190 2 years ago

Anybody hear any word on when the light-up D&D shooter rod will be available? Somebody posted it somewhere on this site (with a picture) saying that it was coming. I love this game, and I think that it'll look great on the machine.

I'm not holding my breath for a topper, though...

1 week later
#2407 2 years ago
Quoted from adol75:

what a waste of a fantastic license.

What a waste of a post. Take your negative opinions over to the STh-bashing thread, which is populated by the uninformed and uninitiated. This is the club thread for people who have played the game enough in a home environment to know how awesome it is.

Here...I'll tee it up for you:


#2436 2 years ago

So I'm beginning to think Brian Eddy is a genius. Say what you will about this game, but the projector and UV kit pull you into the STh world like no other game I can think of. Anyone that says the theme wasn't successfully integrated is an idiot. And for those of you thinking of going for a cheaper option...DON'T. This game was made to put this kit in - the playfield is even dimpled to screw it in. (And yes, that pisses me off, too.) And please notice the spinning lit MezelMods arcade sign...also awesome!

During the installation, I found more dimples and disconnected wires, so I think there may even be something else in store for this game (that should have been included in the LE).

Here are two pictures of my game, and they are literally night and day in terms of setting mood. When Stern announced Eddy as an employee, I thought he was going to do Jaws, and it would have been an instant buy. This was far down my list for other choices for themes, but I'm glad he did it. And I'm excited to see what he comes up with next.

(And PS - my shooter lane plastic was already broken...can someone make a clear protector for that, please? And do the blue plastic protectors effect the UV lights?)
20200307_193425 (resized).jpg20200307_193656 (resized).jpg

#2453 2 years ago

I tried installing a piece of the removable projection material corvair61 was selling, but it didn't really work for me. It was too dark and you could only really see the projection from a straight-on angle...which isn't the angle you play at. I appreciate him selling them, though. But I still need some source for the Black Diamond stuff...although I'm not holding out much hope that it's any different (the angle people are taking pictures are straight-on as well). I may just have to enjoy the game as designed...

And again...somebody has to come up with a complete plastic protector set in clear for this game. My right sling just fired the ball against the left wall of the cabinet and out of play.

#2454 2 years ago
Quoted from dashv:

dr-willy & beelzeboob Are those art blades inside there that I see? Where did you get those? I don't see official ones on the Stern site.

I have an LE. They're standard with the LE. At least you get something for your extra 2 grand.

1 week later
#2625 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

It’s right above the saucer. It’s a flat piece of angled metal. It’s what the saucer fires the ball into to send it up the playfield.

Can you post a picture of it? I don't have any hood to change the angle of the ball eject. I tried moving the mech a little from the underside, but can't get it to eject further than the right target (I was doing better when it knocked down two targets...LOL!). No idea how to get it any further to the right.

#2635 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

It’s right above the saucer. You seriously can’t miss it. If it wasn’t there the ball would fire straight up into the bottom of the ramp. Haha

Oh. That Scoop.


#2679 2 years ago

Not sure if anyone's mentioned this, but for you Prem/LE owners, I've found that if you fire it at the Demo when he's roaring and shaking back and forth, you can hit the shot much easier. It's the same principal as the people putting flipper rubbers under their Demo on the pro to tilt it forward a bit. When he's roaring, he IS tilting forward, and it feels so good to ram the ball down his throat when he's trying to be all manly and scary and shit.

#2714 2 years ago
Quoted from Kharris:

If you are looking at photos of the uv kit on here be advised there are two different kits that people are showing off. One from stern and one from Pinstadium.

...and some people think one of them is awesome. The other one actually is.

1 week later
#2863 2 years ago

I will NOT embarrass myself by being in the tourney tomorrow. I've had the game since the LEs were released, and my high score is only around 224M. But I do have 3 questions from the Boob isolation chamber:

1. Does anybody have the ramp decal from Cointaker, and do you like it? My worry about it is how does it wear...and if you had to take it off once it is worn, I'd think it would crap up your nice metal ramp. Does anyone have any insight on this?

2. Does anyone else experience a delay when your ball drains. It seems to take a few seconds to register the ball before going into the bonus screen, and I don't think it's optos out of whack because double flipping or jostling the machine has no effect. Seems to be a code thing.

3. And speaking of which, does anybody else notice a delay before you can use the action button to plunge? I miss skill shots on the second target because I hit the button and it doesn't fire, but if I wait a couple more seconds, it will fire normally. Again, seems like a code issue. Just wondering if anybody else sees this.

#2869 2 years ago
Quoted from fattdirk:

So finally got my projector working. This game is so freaking good. I'm curious to try a pro because I can't imagine the game without the projector. It's sooo good.

Nah, you don't need to. It's like JP without the moving T-Rex and raptor pen, or GOT without the upper playfield and new code.

1 week later
#3100 2 years ago
Quoted from dri:

I've compared some streamers games and I think the Black Diamond stands out, even at an "angle". Sorry about the echo, I'm a noob streamer (and player)... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/584577518

So, I installed the black diamond and I completely agree with you about the main screen being a vast improvement (sometimes the contrast is a little TOO dark in the really dark scenes). But even after rotating the drop target pieces to make sure they were configured right so that they "popped" more (and you were right...there IS a difference when you rotate it 90 degrees), they still kind of look a little dark compared to the screen above it. Not sure I'm completely a fan, but it is an improvement!

#3102 2 years ago
Quoted from Dr-Willy:

Boob did you go with the .8 or the 1.4 gain material?


My wife and I A/B'ed it with both pieces in two different configurations (doing the 90 degree rotation thing), and we both found the 1.4, in portrait orientation, to be the brightest. (The material seems to be a little lighter in color, too.)

If I get on my knees and look at the drops from straight on, they look amazing. But then I stand up...

It's funny how just a few degrees of angle can make such a huge difference. That being said, this stuff is infinitely better than the white crap.

#3115 2 years ago

So I've got a problem I hope someone can help with...

Ever since I updated the code to .87, when I start a Demo mode, the ramp doesn't immediately lower. I know the switch in back is triggered because the mode actually starts, but I have to hit a few drop targets and/or the mystery hole shot in order to lower the ramp.

I would think some switch got out of whack, but it literally started after the code update. And I know I installed the LE code (I just double-checked).

I'm flummoxed.

#3118 2 years ago
Quoted from Dr-Willy:

When did you take out the ramp to do the black diamond upgrade? Sametime as when you updated code?

I didn't take out the ramp to do the black diamond upgrade. I just used a glass scraper to gently remove the old stuff (all in one piece!), then replaced it with the new stuff "in situ." I'm goooooood....

I tested it many times after the black diamond went in and it worked fine. It was literally after the update that it started happening. I'm currently rolling back to .86 to see if it fixes the problem. If it does fix the problem I'm going to download .87 again and install it again.

And why can't I do a quick install with any versions of code on my game? When I select it, it always gets stuck on "unpacking files." I've never seen that before. When I choose full install it starts immediately...and then I have to go make myself a tuna salad sandwich while I wait.

#3121 2 years ago

Okay...it's not the code. My drop targets are having a problem retracting fully for some reason (a switch problem? a coil problem?). The whole bank goes down and about an 1/8th of an inch of the targets are still sticking up. It has to reset multiple times to get it to work. I'll start there and try to track down the problem. The ramp works fine in test.

1 week later
#3260 2 years ago
Quoted from Vitty:

How's this compare to Elvira HoH for those that have played both? Debating between the two as my next purchase.

This is the Stranger Things club. What do you THINK we think is better?

1 week later
#3416 2 years ago

Ever since scientists said that UV light kills Coronavirus, I've been playing STh exclusively, shooting for the pops to start upside down mode, then opening my mouth and pressing my face to the glass.

Call me crazy, but I feel terrific.

#3472 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Not sure but they are awesome. Get em both
And I can’t stop playing this freaking game

True dat. I feel sorry for the suckers who continue to rag on this game. It's the only game I own where I chain-play about 10 games minimum whenever I turn my machines on. As soon as the third ball drains, I lob an aggravated "fuck off" at the machine, and hit the start button again before the bonus animation even comes on. THAT'S how addictive this game is.

1 week later
#3635 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Also I’m still convinced at least on my game the power of the flipper reduce with extended play. Nothing else makes sense to me. Every single day my first game or two is 100% locks and 100% demo mouth hits. Then those same shots become less reliable 30 mins later.
It literally can’t be anything else. Haha

I agree with you, Erik...but I also think there are a few factors in play. Ultimately, I think people are chasing a problem that's not really a design problem (or it is, depending on how you want to look at it). With JPLE, you have to hit a solid shot at the T-Rex to get the ball to stick. Any trajectory that is weak or not precisely on center will cause the ball to reject.

With STh, the flipper issue plays into what I think the real problem is. Where the ball enters the ramp is important (like twenty84 mentioned above). If the ball is hit solidly, and is able to follow the curve of the back of the ramp, it'll retain enough energy to get up the diverter smoothly. If you hit the ramp in the middle or to the right, there will be a bit of an impact on the side of the ramp which not only takes a little energy off the ball, but also knocks the angle of entry onto the diverter out of kilter slightly. I also think the playfield pitch has a lot to do with it, and that's simple physics: The higher the angle, the more energy the ball will need to get up an already-steep diverter mech. If your pitch is too steep (even 7 degrees might be too much for this mech), the ball will run out of steam before it gets to the diverter.

If I'm feeling ambitious this weekend, I'll test my theory and flatten the pitch of the game to see if it helps with the lock. It would be great if it does...but then the rest of the game will play like shit.

#3639 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Not true on my game. A shot that’s a guarantee no doubter lock on game one, will be 50/50 by game 3-4. Same for the demo mouth. That same spot on the flipper that was 100% mouth before will now be 25-30%.
Somethings up homie.
I’ve had my pitch from 6.0 to 7.5 and doesn’t seem to make a difference on my game. So I put it to 6.5-6.6 range and left it.

Thanks. You just saved me some time this weekend, then. Has anybody filmed it in slow mo to see what's going on? This and the JP ball plunge (and T-Rex) issues are like two problems taking a huge dump on two otherwise awesome games. Really frustrating.

#3642 2 years ago

It does feel sometimes like the flippers should go higher than 250.

#3740 2 years ago
Quoted from dashv:

Once my replacement playfield, and replacement UV kit arrives I’m probably selling or trading the whole bundle.

Quoted from dashv:

This is really cool. How much?

1 week later
#3883 1 year ago

Tried to watch. Can't. These are guys who hit both flippers at the same time, all the time. If I want to watch that, I'll just have my six-year-old granddaughter fire up a game in my basement.

I'll stick to your streams, Erik.

#3962 1 year ago
Quoted from dendoc:

I'm offended you haven't joined my stream yet you big Boob!
( streamed the new code yesterday BTW)

We used to join streams on Boy Scout campouts when we got bored--oh, wait...you were talking about the internet. Sorry. Yeah...I'll be sure to do that now.

2 weeks later
#4095 1 year ago

So annoyed...

Got my STh shooter from Stern. Installed it. Plugged it into CN15 (by the way, there were no instructions on how to do this, I just know from JP...and it tells you to leave the original shooter plate in - which is impossible since they give you a new plate...so an F for their instructions!). Turned the machine on and...

It didn't light up.

Called the Stern tech support line to talk to Chas and...

Got the message that they're not taking calls because of COVID-19. (Complete horseshit, IMO.)

So now I have a shooter that doesn't work, an STh that won't accept fast code updates, and a T-Rex in JP that likes to take a nap from time to time instead of swallowing balls. (Insert joke here.)

If they keep this shit up, I'm going to start sounding like Dr. Frightener soon.

#4113 1 year ago

Has anybody here gotten the lit shooter rod to light up? I'm starting to think they may have shipped the shooters before the CN15 connection was activated in the code or something.

My shooter lit up when I plugged it into my Jurassic Park, so I know it works. But it looks like either the node board doesn't work, or for some reason there's no power to CN15.

24 hours later, no response from Chas.

#4135 1 year ago

And just when I thought this game couldn't get better...

Played .94 tonight, got bullshit mode, and laughed my ass off the whole time. Nobody can say that this pinball machine doesn't have any humor in it now. Also got pretty deep into isolation multiball and broke 400k for the first time (I know...that's a daily occurrence for chuckwurt...). I'm just not understanding why so many people are destroying this game on Pinside.

As to the shooter rod: It still doesn't work. Tomorrow, I'm going to swap node boards with my JP to see if that's what's causing it. If it still doesn't work, then it's definitely code because at that point I will have swapped out every part. And if it IS the code, that's the real bullshit mode since it should have been put in the code before the shooters shipped.

I'll keep you guys posted.

#4138 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Similar to GOT, it wasn’t what people wanted.

Another great game I ordered on Day 1, still have, and isn't leaving my house, ever. So I'll just get everything that Pinside says I shouldn't get and I'll be good. Except WWE. They might have been right about that one.

#4204 1 year ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Completed some more testing of the coil temps. Played a few games, including a long-ish game, concentrating on flipping a lot and holding more than I usually do. Again, the coils started at about 76 degrees. This game I started noticing fade happening when it was in the 140s. Severe fade when it was in the 150s. My probe refused to measure after 157 degrees, so I need to get another gauge if I want to see how hot the coils can really get, but I already have enough data to see what difference the fans make. Basically, if I can keep the coils in the 120-130 temp MAX the coil power should remain consistent through a whole game, no matter how much you use the flippers for flipping or holding. Keeping the coil power as perfectly consistent as possible through every game is the goal here.

I think it's obvious to everybody that you and your ilk ( chuckwurt , etc.) are WAY smarter than me. (Of course, I rode the short bus to school and took classes in a closet, so...) What's the normal operating temperature of a coil that's been played for a while. Are the temperature readings you're getting consistent with other games, or way out of whack?

#4209 1 year ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Okay, just finished testing with the fan installed on only one side so I could compare with and without. The prior tests show that I used/heated the left and right fan almost equally when I play, so that's good enough for this next comparison.
WITH the fan kit installed, the right flipper coil range was 79-94 degrees over the course of the game, and it varied up and down a few degrees during the game, not just up.
WITHOUT the fan kit installed, on the same game played, the left flipper coil was 79-123 degrees. It never went down, only up. 123 was where it happened to be when the game ended.
This was about a 7-8 minute game, so it didn't come close to fade level, but these initial results are very promising for being able to keep both coils at a consistent narrow-range performance level from beginning to end with no fade at all once both sides have the flipper coil fan kit installed.

Well, if you've figured out the problem and this solves the power of the shot to the TK lock, you'll have a hell of a mod on your hands. Of course, Stern should really put out a fix for this since it's a design problem (if that's indeed the problem). Nice work!

#4264 1 year ago
Quoted from gambit3113:

Shooter rod back in stock at Stern Shop.
Where the hell is the side armor??

Yes...buy a shooter rod that only lights up in pictures. I'm still waiting for a response to my two emails about why it doesn't light up on my (or anybody else's) machine. It's not in the code yet - that's got to be the reason...the shooter works fine plugged into my JP. If only dinosaurs played Dungeons 'n' Dragons.

1 week later
#4456 1 year ago
Quoted from mzhulk:

Stern UV kit, spinning arcade sign from mezel mods, and the stern lighted dice shooter rod are a must

Check, check, and check! (If only the damn shooter would actually LIGHT!)

Quoted from imagamejunky:

The UV kit is just fantastic. Even better if you add titan glow rubbers. It even looks great in a well lit room.

I have the glow rubbers on my AFM, and they're cool and all. But doesn't the greenish hue look like crap on ST? Doesn't really match anything.

Quoted from imagamejunky:

Guys, please take a minute to rate this game. It absolutely deserves a great rating here on pinside IMO. Especially the Premium and LE. It's such a great game that still has that "one more game" feel after hundreds of games played.
The premium hasn't even reached the threshold of 25 ratings to be included in the top 100. Only 15 people have rated it so far.
I know, some of you will say "the top 100 and the ratings don't mean anything". You're entitled to your opinion. I respectfully disagree.

Nope. My 4-step plan for world domination of this game:

Step 1: Don't rate the game. Let the pre-judgmental idiots around here continue to think the game sucks.
Step 2: Wait for Stern to discontinue production due to disappointing sales.
Step 3: Rate the game highly and watch as everybody realizes what a great game it truly is (like what happened with GOT).
Step 4: Profit.

#4482 1 year ago
Quoted from Vitty:

Someone was looking for photos of the shooter rod installed. Here ya go. [quoted image][quoted image]

Well...that's one way to light it up.

#4576 1 year ago
Quoted from Makarov:

Got my shooter rod and going to install it today, is it self explanatory where to plug the power into? Instructions are a little sparse

It's not self-explanatory at all; in fact, the instructions suck. Plug it into the node board to the left of the coin door inside the cabinet. Bottom row of connectors, CN15. You'll see that the plug is keyed for that connection with the one blocked pinhole, so make sure you put it in the right way so you don't bork any of your node board pins. That'd be an awkward conversation with the fine folks in Stern tech support. If you can actually reach them, that is.

#4596 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Yeah. What is that?

Quoted from gambit3113:

Nice catch. What the hell is that?

(Awkward silence...)

#4612 1 year ago
Quoted from Makarov:

Thanks that definitely helped me find the connection. How did you thread the LED's back into their slots? I was able to get the left one through but the angle is a bit awkward trying to get the rightmost LED into its position edit: finally got it by laying on my back eye level with a flashlight and jamming it through
It looks awesome its even bright when I have the blinds open[quoted image]

Sorry I couldn't help you with the LED thing; it was one of those days when you're just stuck outside working and the day gets away from you. Glad you figured things out!

#4669 1 year ago

A quick thank you to chuckwurt and others who suggested the Titan glow rubbers and speaker light kit. Really cool mods, and I wouldn't have gone for it without the overwhelming number of people here suggesting it. I still can't bring myself to put Billy's Camaro in there. Looks cool, but then you also need the sheriff's truck. Then the road signs. And before you know it, your STh looks like the clearance aisle in the final days of Toys R Us.

Speaking of mods...when the hell is MezelMods going to get the shooter eject protectors for this game???

#4673 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Who has the arcade sign from Mezel and is it as good as it looks? Tough buy at the price but it does seem very well made.
Trying to decide what is better to have, that or sterns shooter rod?

To your first question: yes. (I was a beta tester for them and my first sign toppled over after a couple weeks. But they're absolutely terrific now!)

As to what is better to have: they're both essential, as others have said. (And the price of the Mezel sign isn't bad when you consider the price of the shooter rod.)

Everybody bend over and grab your ankles: the topper should be just around the corner.

#4684 1 year ago

The arcade sign looks the same from the players perspective as what you see in the pics. It's in the back corner and doesn't obscure anything. The ONLY down side is if you have an airball back there, it'll get caught on the sign supports rather than dropping back to the playfield. But that's only happened to me twice in the past few months.

#4687 1 year ago

Yep...there's that option as well. Lermods makes some awesome mods, and they're great people to boot. And they're from Jersey. So all in all I'm a happy customer.

#4697 1 year ago

Does anybody have the speaker lights kit that looks like Christmas lights around the panel? And if so can someone post a video of it? I may move my Type 13s to my JP and get the Type 12s that have that option in it.

Thanks again to chuckwurt for letting me know (in another speaker lights thread) how to modify the Type 13 lights to get the red/blue/purple animation. Green and yellow were making me puke.

That dude's gotta be up for Pinside MVP...

#4701 1 year ago

It's in that same thread. But he said the pattern is pretty deep into the modes. I found it today, and it was only about 9 clicks in or so. Not too bad at all.

#4711 1 year ago
Quoted from pb456:

You missed step 3.5: Underpants.

I sing the underpants gnome song a lot when I'm working. My wife hears me and wonders WTF she married.

1 week later
#4820 1 year ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I really wish there was an option to allow us to skip the demodog, demogorgon, and TK multiballs.
Multiple times I've been given the multi-ball from the mystery and I don't want it at that time.
I have yet to hear all of Cleland's music from certain modes like operation mirkwood because I keep getting stuck with a stupid demogorgon or demodog.
I'll use DI for example. If you shoot the Phone Scoop you can double flip the flippers to cancel the multi-ball if you don't want it right then. Helps with strategy.
And you could successfully start a mode and then choose to start the multi-ball stacked

Well, the snarky answer is: Don't shoot those middle shots and you can continue listening to the tunes. BUT...you have to hit those shots to get through the modes, of course.

You lost me at the TK multiball. I think that's one of the best multiball starting animations and sounds since Addams, and well worth the tradeoff.

But for me, it's What Mama Says and Turn Up The Heat that I hate interrupting. Those two modes are genuinely disturbing like no other game I can recall. And I LOVE them!

#4863 1 year ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Yes. The coils getting too hot over time is the root cause of flipper fade. This solves that problem completely.

I fully intend to get your mod when it's released. Now that I've said that, you'll know I mean no ill will with what I say next:

My friend who has been a pinball tech for decades was over my house recently. I was telling him how ridiculous it was that someone had to develop a mod to cool the coils so the game works properly. He laughed and just said why don't you just put on stronger coils, pointing out correctly that it must be a design problem that Stern should make right.

So...has this been discussed before? Would stronger coils knock out a node board or something?

#4865 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I’ve had the stronger LOTR coil on my right flipper for 300-500 plays or so. You have to cut the diode off, but it works fine. It still benefits from being cooled by a fan though. So I am keeping both.

Thanks. You don't know the coil number that you used offhand, do you?

1 month later
#5259 1 year ago
Quoted from Flash71:

Came across this today. 8”•11” sample sizes will be perfect for the projector ramp screen. Can’t go wrong for $9.95 shipped.

Those are for rear projection, though. Could that be a problem?

#5270 1 year ago

Oh, man...at this point, I just wish you'd wrap it in Saran Wrap and throw it in an old shoe box. Every time the ball doesn't get up that diverter I pray for the day these things ship. Good things come to those who wait, I suppose.

#5272 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Will it help if I tell you that the wait will be worth it?

No. Just makes the wait more unbearable.

1 week later
#5352 1 year ago
Quoted from evileye:

Would be cool for sure, but I would be surprised if it happens. The game is not selling well, unfortunately.

That's everybody else's loss...it's an amazing game. And I think the art is already terrific. (Although it would have been great if they used that picture of the four kids on the bike on the road in front of the mind flayer!)

#5387 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

It’s not washed out at all in a normally lit room. It’s really looks fine. But a better projector I’m sure is out there that can be dropped in. Maybe ask Brian if there are other options that I’d we desired could drop in. He said they looked at lots of them.

The best part is that even though your stream was awesome, the game is still cooler in person. You're doing a great job single-handedly converting the closed minds of some Pinsiders, Erik!

#5427 1 year ago
Quoted from dashv:

Topper is coming. It features demo dogs.
Not sure how interactive they will be. But I got this info straight from Stern two weeks ago.

Well, that sucks. The demo dog mode is the worst part of the game, IMO...it always blocks me from doing stuff that advances the game and hitting those targets are a pretty dangerous proposition. Oh, well...

I'll still get it.

#5440 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Best is getting the demo dog targets up to 4 million a piece. That’s some good money right there.

LOL...leave it to Erik to explain to me why I'm not getting part of the game. Okay...I appreciate demo dog modes more now, thank you. But riddle me this: what do the drops do during multiball? Just increase the jackpot?

#5448 1 year ago

I got PinMonk's coil fan kit and installed it. The fit and finish of this product makes it hard to believe that it isn't made in a factory. Really incredible work. They sit right over the flipper coils and keep them cool so there's no fade...you can tell there's strength in the flippers even after a solid hour of play. Now I just have to tweak the TK lock mech with the info that Chas sent Erik and I'll be good to go!

Thanks, Vic, for an incredible product. I don't know how you did it, but you did...and every STh owner owes you a debt of gratitude for solving a seemingly unsolvable problem.

1 week later
#5554 1 year ago

Does anyone else notice that the center button on the lockdown bar doesn't light up except during attract mode? Or is it just once you have the Stern shooter installed (I have one)? Or is there something wrong with my machine? The light clearly works, but I thought it flashed when a ball was in the shooter lane and it doesn't anymore. Is that a recent code update thing? I can't recall when it started and it's driving me nuts.

1 week later
#5690 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Seems weird to come out in February though.

Not if it sucks. I thought it was originally slated for this month.

#5693 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

So if season 4 sucks they are going to release it in February? If it’s good they will release it later? Haha. I guess I’m hoping for later then.

That show usually comes out in October for Halloween. February is the dumping ground for movies...I figured maybe they pushed it back for the same reason. And how are they filming it now if they showed that short preview of the sheriff in a Russian prison doing prison labor? (Which is starting to get beyond ridiculous, btw...just leave the guy dead already.)

Going to start rewatching the series this week...

#5728 1 year ago

You don't want to slow the ramp. If you did, you'd want to kill yourself during the 4th and 5th demogorgon modes when the ramp keeps moving up and down.

#5733 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Just the fourth one. I actually did adjust that mode. Made it so it raises and lowers every 2 seconds instead of 1 second.

Ah...I only made it to the fifth mode once, so I misremembered it moving. But that fourth mode is a bitch...

#5748 1 year ago
Quoted from Powerhouse47:

Quick question. I add the cooling fans (awesome btw) and moved my britebuttons mod to the CN2 space because the fans use CN11. But I don’t get any power to the buttons. When I switch back, they light up. So it seems I need to turn the CN2 power on in settings?

Thank God I wasn't the only one.

Vic will take care of you. He's really pretty awesome.

#5772 1 year ago
Quoted from JustLikeMe:

Thanks, appreciate it - does this list cover everything?

That does...I got that kit, but keep in mind you won't have to replace anything beyond the screen (like chuckwurt said)...nor will you want to. The rubbers up by the pops are an absolute bitch to get to. Just get the kit and replace the front rubbers...you'll have some spares and that's never a bad thing.

1 week later
#6073 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I have had a LE from day one with a shaker and couldn’t tell ya when it comes on. Doesn’t seem to be used much at all.

They really should code it so the thing violently shakes when the van hits the ground and the balls are released during multiball. Doesn't make a lick of sense not to.

#6086 1 year ago

Where's the topper???

#6089 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

Dumb question, but is there some trick to getting the backglass out of this game without being close to letting it fall behind the display?
The way I'm doing it, after turning the lock, I pull the display forwards at the top, which also pulls the glass at the bottom, and I then struggle to get hold of the glass to stop it falling behind the display... there seems to be just a tiny fraction of the glass lift bar available to get a grip on! I could fix a glass sucker to the glass and get hold of it that way, but surely there's a better way of doing it??
Maybe the way to do it is to stop the glass moving forwards at the bottom with one hand so that it falls onto the bar that has the slot for the lock, then hold it there while the other hand lowers the display onto the holding strings, then use that hand to be with the other one to get the glass out safely with 2 hands, one being on the now more exposed lift rail...

Um...what??? Your backglass should NOT be able to fall behind the display at all. The lip of the backbox that the backglass rests on would prevent that from happening. Can you post a picture of your situation?

#6138 1 year ago
Quoted from TheCnyPinGuy:

Finally in the Club !!
Born 12/16/19
Just updated to latest code
There a reason the action button led doesn’t work ? - not implanted in code yet ?
Hooked to far
[quoted image][quoted image]

Congrats. It's a great game. My LED doesn't work either, except during attract mode. The button doesn't actually do anything except launch the ball, and I believe it used to flash more in previous code, but Brian Eddy hates lockdown buttons so he has no plans to code anything for it...and likely turned it off during game play as a result. All conjecture on my part, though. chuckwurt would have more insight than me.

1 week later
#6281 1 year ago

I haven't seen any of the new code because a) I suck and can't get past the first Total Isolation mode; and b) I'm waiting for the cleland update because now I can't go back to stock sounds and music after hearing his work.

#6333 1 year ago
Quoted from manadams:

Well I probably had the best pinball game of my life on what I consider one of the hardest out there, still can't believe it to be honest. Beat the final showdown and went beyond a bit, got just over 2 billion. Don't watch if you don't want it spoiled for you.

Quick! Put the glass on and take a picture!

Nah...I'm just jealous.


1 week later
#6435 1 year ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

New game code!
LE/PRE V1.00 - November 24, 2020
- Added logic to hold the ball at the left ramp until the Send it Back,
Light the Fire, or Final Showdown "Drawing Jackpot" Collected presentation
is finished.
- Now a Drawing is awarded upon completing the highest Pop Bumper Threshold,
i.e. turning Dart into a Demodog.
- Now a Drawings is awarded for collecting a Telekinesis Multiball Super Jackpot.
A Double Super Jackpot awards 2 Drawings and a Triple Super Jackpot Awards
3 Drawings. The Max number of Telekinesis Multiball Drawings that can be
earned per game is 3 Drawings.
- Now a Drawing is awarded upon completing Break Out, Junk Yard, or It's a Trap.
- Fixed a problem where the "Drawing" collected as a Mystery Award was not
contributing to the End of Ball Bonus score.
- Fixed a problem where Telekinesis Multiball and the 5-Way Combo rule were
contributing the wrong score award to the End of Ball Bonus score.
- Added a revised Final Showdown Drawing Jackpot sound effect.
- Added Collect Drawing as a Mystery Award.
- Added Collect Drawings and Drawings Jackpot SFX.
- Added a "Drawings Collected" instant info page.
- Added a "Drawings Jackpot" award, given at the start of Send it Back, that is based
upon the number of Drawings Collected while playing Chapter 1 modes.
- Added a "Drawings Jackpot" award, given at the start of Light the Fire, that is based
upon the number of Drawings Collected while playing Chapter 2 modes.
- Added a "Drawings Jackpot" award, given at the start of Final Showdown, that is based
upon the total number of Drawings Collected throughout the game.
- Added new "Drawing Collected" videos that are seen upon collecting a drawing.
- Added new "Drawings Jackpot" videos that are seen at the start of Send it Back,
Light the Fire, and Final Showdown.
- Added logic to allow Chapter modes to add +1 or +2 Drawings for completing a mode.
- Added logic to Light Extra Ball upon collecting a set number of drawing, i.e. default
setting = 11 Drawings.
- Now balls are held in the trough until the Send it Back, Light the Fire, or
Final Showdown "Drawings Jackpot" Collected presentation is finished.
- Added a new palette color for Topper lights.
- Added 2 new Topper light shows.
- Added a Collect Drawings rule to handle all Drawings related logic.
- Added a new video for the MXV Skill Shot Award.
- Added a "Collect Drawings" award to the End of Ball Bonus rule. Drawings are collected
throughout the game, mostly by finishing Chapter Modes. Each drawing collected adds to
an award that is given at Bonus and at the start of Send it Back, Light the Fire, and
Final Showdown Multiball.
- Changed the order of the Mystery Awards given out during Competition mode.
- Added a MXV Skill Shot. This is earned by making a Skill Shot that is followed
immediately by making a Super Skill shot on the same plunge.
- Added logic for the Mystery rule to give out awards in a deterministic order when the
game is set to competition mode. The game walks through an ordered list of 20 awards to
determine if an award is available. If available the award is given, if not available the
game tries to award the next available award on the list, etc... If no awards are available
Mystery will award Stranger Points. Once all awards have been given the ordered list is
reset back to the beginning.
- Fixed a problem where the game could reset if Monster Hunting was completed while playing a
Demodog mode.
- Added El screaming to the Final Showdown Stage 7 award SFX.
- Fixed a problem where the Topper lamp effect for a mode award could keep many of
the playfield lights turned off. This was mostly seen during Morse Code.
- Updated to nodeboard firmware v0.65.0
- When starting a game ramp the backbox GI from "ATTRACT MODE B.BOX BRIGHTNESS" to
- When ending a game ramp the backbox GI from "GAME PLAY B.BOX BRIGHTNESS" to

Of course! A day after I install the cleland code for .98!

#6460 1 year ago
Quoted from Rocco:

Does it work to install the new 1.0 Game Code with the Cleland Soundmod 99.1 Version????


#6476 1 year ago
Quoted from Looprunner:

Agree. Especially since people are buying them. I was actually on the list for three toppers and backed out once they started hitting 1K.

What toppers were 1k?

#6478 1 year ago
Quoted from Looprunner:

Elvira and TMNT were both $1k. Those were the last two Stern toppers.


I guess I feel better about my stupid R2D2 topper now.

#6548 1 year ago

Premium all the way. The projections and ball lock...when it works..transform the game.

#6556 1 year ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

What’s the issue with the ball lock? Thanks for your reply

Yeah...it has to be tweaked JUST right to be consistent. Mine still isn't all the way there, and I installed PinMonk 's flipper fans to keep the coil temps low and reduce flipper fade. Another problem with the game. If you're a patient guy, the premium/LE really outshines the pro. But you WILL need some Xanax.

#6610 1 year ago

That's "oops" in Flemish. He's from Belgium and speaks far better English than I do French, Dutch, or Flemish...so I forgive him just about everything.

1 week later
#6762 1 year ago
Quoted from dos_reboot:

On the fence with STh premium purchase. For those who have had the game for a few months, tell me your thoughts on the game and the code. Big fan of AFM (never leaving my collection). Is this a 'must have game' too?

I have an AFM that I restored, which is likely never leaving, and an SThLE. This game is AFM on steroids, and the projection mapping and UV effects are things you've never seen on any game before. So if you love AFM, you'll love this game: same shot pattern, more gimmicks. You'll never stop pushing the Start button. I promise.

#6801 1 year ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Got 5-6 plays on it last night and I'm really liking it so far. This pin is cool as hell. Looking forward to some more play tonight.

Correct. Now, can you go tell all the idiots on Pinside and Facebook's Stern Pinball Enthusiasts page that they're completely high when they say this game is a turd? So f-ing annoying...

#6804 1 year ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Finally caved and also joining the club next week with a NIB premium and UV kit. Can’t wait.

Awesome. You're a pretty respected guy. Come back and let everybody know how awesome it is. I haven't stopped playing it since I got it in February. Zeppelin might make me take a break, though...

#6829 1 year ago
Quoted from PinPickle:

Well... got my first pin delivered today. Family is crazy about Stranger Things. Picked up a Premium with a shaker motor. UV kit, pin sound and a few other goodies on route.
After researching pins for a month, decided to pick up a Simpsons Pinball Party as well but that’s currently on a truck on its way into Canada.
[quoted image]

Congrats. You'll love it...IF the TK lock works out of the box.

#6880 1 year ago

I hate to say this, but I think at this point we may never see a topper. With LZ's topper being announced concurrently with the game and not even a rumor of an STh topper release, I think Stern has basically abandoned anything else going forward with this game. I know chuckwurt doesn't care, but I was kind of psyched for a topper.

#6883 1 year ago
Quoted from evileye:

They did the same thing with Avengers IQ too. Seems to be their new marketing strategy, to make an “accessories” trailer soon after the game is announced.
The thing that doesn’t make sense is that every Stern release since they moved to Spike has had a topper made for it, even the titles that bombed like BKSOR (great topper btw), so it would be odd to never have one for STh. Plus the fact that they keep making light show updates for it with the last few code updates. It took a long time for the Star Wars topper to be announced/released, so I haven’t given up hope yet.

But SW sold much better than STh, I think. I'm thinking it may be a decision based on numbers of units sold, and the possibility of not selling enough toppers to the people that actually have STh.

#6915 1 year ago

Aw, crap...hey, cleland ! Clear your schedule to update the code!!!

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#7083 1 year ago
Quoted from killborn:

Does everyone know about the Brian Eddy easter egg hidden on the playfield?

Nobody else answered, so I will: No! What is it?

My single New Year's resolution: Fix the f**king TK lock once and for all a year after I got the damn thing.

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#7166 1 year ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

One more update !
LE/PRE V1.02 - January 6, 2020
- Added game play tutorial videos to the attract mode.
- Added a Swipe-A-Ball award lamp effect and shaker effect.
- Added logic to allow the Swipe-A-Ball and Demogorgon Bomb display effects
to kill each other when awarded with 2 qualified lock down bar button presses.
- Added logic to disallow the lock down bar button from querying/awarding the
Swipe-A-Ball and Demogorgon Bomb rules during non-game play events,
i.e. bonus, test mode, attract mode, etc...
- Increased the volume of the Swipe-A-Ball award SFX.
- Added logic to disallow Demogorgon Bombs from being awarded during Final
Showdown Challenge.
- Added a new Swipe-A-Ball Display/SFX.
- Added logic to the lockdown bar button to independently handle multiple awards
at once, i.e. if both Swipe-A-Ball and Demogorgon Bombs are available at the
same time the game will recognize a quick button press as a Demogorgon Bomb
and a long button press as a Swipe-A-Ball award.
- Added logic to allow the lockdown bar button to flash LIGHT BLUE to reflect
the availability of the Swipe-A-Ball rule. (LE/Prem Only).
- Fixed a bug where some Demogorgons were not killed by a Demogorgon Bomb.
- Added a Demogorgon Bomb rule. This rule allows the player to kill the
Demogorgon, when available, by pressing the flashing RED lockdown bar button.
This feature is available once per game.
- Added speech to the Swipe-A-Ball event.
- Removed an unused adjustment.
- Added a new Swipe-A-Ball rule. This rule allows the player to "unlock" any
Telekinesis locked balls they have accumulated prior to starting Telekinesis
Multiball. Release the locked ball(s) by pressing the lockdown bar button
during a multiball event (and Snow Ball Dance).
- Note: Telekinesis rule ball lock progress is reset upon each Swipe-A-Ball use.
- Added a Swipe-A-Ball rule adjustment. Default setting = "Any Locked Ball".
Setting are:
"Off" - The rule is disabled.
"Physically Locked Balls" - Only balls physically locked on the back panel
by the player are added into play.
"Any Locked Balls" - Any balls locked (either on the back panel or trough)
by the player are added into play.
"Physically Locked Balls + Stealing" - Only balls physically locked on the back
panel by any player are added into play.
"Any Locked Balls + Stealing" - Any balls physically locked on the back panel
by any player, or balls in the trough are added
into play.
Note: A Ball Saver starts at the beginning of Swipe-A-Ball that will save any
earned locked balls, i.e. any stolen or unearned balls that are released/unlocked
are not saved upon draining. (this is a LE/Prem ONLY feature).
- Added topper light shows for modes/features.
- Fixed several topper lightshows.
- Fixed a problem that could occur where the background display effect would
be seen for one frame as the Mystery Award display effect finished and
transitioned to showing the given award display animation.
- Fixed a bug where the Mystery Advance Dart award was playing the wrong Dart
evolution sound effect.
- Fixed a bug where the game was playing the wrong pop bumper Dart evolution
sound effect.

...and somewhere, cleland just jumped off a roof...

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#7610 1 year ago

And if you really f**k it up, I'm only 15 minutes away.

#7651 1 year ago
Quoted from RobT:

As someone who is considering the purchase of a premium, these kinds of comments are concerning to say the least.
I've been interested in this title from the day that it was first announced. Decided to let it mature a bit before coming back to it for possible purchase. The amount of dialing in required on this pin seems to take the cake (and I have a R&M).
Are people really spending 40 hours to get this thing dialed in?

Rob...it's an amazing game, period. And you've got the pinball know-how to tweak it if your machine needs it. Don't let the issues in this game stop you from buying it. It's frustrating, but not that big of a deal, and certainly not something that should stop you from buying the game.

#7768 1 year ago
Quoted from Chisox:

Hey look at the new guy! Finally got my premium today. Not sure why people think this isn’t a good looking game. While it’s not one of Stern’s best, I think it’s a pretty good art package and is what I would expect for the theme. Came loaded with.86 code which I’m sure is weak, I’ll load the new code with Cleland tomorrow. Now off I go to flail away and try to figure out what I’m doing. Cheers!
[quoted image]

Congrats. In about a week, you'll be back to tell us it's one of Stern's best. It kind of creeps up on you like that. A year after I got the game, my friend came over today (he's been over often). What did we both want to play? Stranger Things.

Welcome to the club!

#7770 1 year ago
Quoted from Chisox:

All good, I like learning how my games work.

Oh, you'll learn how that TK ball lock works...

#7773 1 year ago
Quoted from SpinnerAddict:

It’s funny you say that, my brother comes over once a week and instead of gnr or wonka we end up playing STh for hours

Do NOT ever repeat that on any GnR thread...they'll rip you a new asshole.

#7783 1 year ago
Quoted from SpinnerAddict:

Thats the truth, while GnR prob will never leave I have more fun with STh.
BTW.... How’s your Star Wars? I have an opportunity to pick one up and kinda on the fence..

Star Wars is great, but it's fast as hell and harder than hell so I don't play it as much as others. Great game, I just suck. I swear there are magnets on those outlanes...

#7791 1 year ago

I've had that too. But it's not all the time.

#7826 1 year ago

So how do you know if you need the ramp kit? I already have a cover on the left side of that ramp...is there something different?

#7908 1 year ago
Quoted from Wildbill327:

I finally broke down and bought the Stern UV kit today. I normally stay away from all the extra bling on my pins but man this one got me lol. I can’t wait to experience it in person.

You won't be sorry. I finally got my TK ramp fix today (didn't even know I needed it...I have GOT to pay attention to chuckwurt better!). So it'll either be a good Sunday or another frustrating one.

#7945 1 year ago
Quoted from Purdue:

Hey fellas, quick question... does anyone know what turning “adult content” off actually does on ST?
My 4yo is starting to say “what the hell” hah.
I tried turning it off and didn’t notice any difference. No big deal, just has me wondering.

Well, I'm pretty sure you won't get Bullshit mode anymore, that's for sure. Whatever you do, don't get the Cleland sound mod...that has a lot more spicy language that you can't just turn off. And that's a shame because it's awesome.

#7985 1 year ago
Quoted from Flash71:

Cleland has the new code. I mean the language isn’t really anything any kid regardless of age hasn’t heard on tv or their own parents mouthes. Lol!! No F bombs or anything severe like that. Nothing too harsh imo and yes I’m a father.

Okay...I agree. But I'm pretty sure he doesn't want his kids running around the house saying, "Don't be a pussy!" or "Bullshit!" all the time. I think it's funny, but I can see where a parent's concerns would lie.

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#8162 1 year ago
Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

I'm glad to see the machine selling now. It's a great machine destroyed by the pinside mob.

ANOTHER great machine destroyed by the Pinside mob. And there's getting to be quite a list. But...you know...we're here because we love pinball.

#8218 1 year ago


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#8411 1 year ago
Quoted from MrMikeman:

Probably not a late build. It's number 16. The UV kits is ordered. I will stick a set of PinStadiums(just the UV lighting) until I get the kit.

LE number has nothing to do with build sequence. Serial number does.

#8436 1 year ago
Quoted from 1963BSARGS:

I think you will find that Stern LE’s are in fact built in chronological order with relation to the serial number. JJP’s are not.

That's what I said.

#8442 1 year ago
Quoted from 1963BSARGS:

What you said was “LE number has nothing to do with build sequence.” The LE# does, in fact, have something to do with build sequence. For sterns, LE #1 in a run is indeed the first LE built in that run. For example, LE #352 is the 352nd built. In turn, there is a direct correlation to the serial numbers. The serial number for #352 will show it was built exactly 351 units after #1. Stated differently, the LE numbers are not randomly assigned.
The same does not hold true for JJP.

We'll agree to disagree. They ship LEs overseas first. I usually get a low number, and people with higher numbers have gotten their games well ahead of mine, so what your saying doesn't sound right. But either way, it's just not important enough to dwell on.

#8447 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

But you didn’t address people that request certain numbers. If I paid for number 500 and got one of the first ones off the line, the 10th game built could be my #500

That's what I do...perhaps that's where the confusion lies.

#8455 1 year ago
Quoted from coasterguy:

Such a great game. I’ll never understand the low ratings.

Here, let me explain it to you:

1. People see the game reveal.
2. They criticize the artwork, lack of toys, and early code.
3. There is so much criticism, in fact, that it colors peoples' perception of a game well before they even play it.
4. Therefore, when they finally play it, they're doing so with a negative attitude. So it's actually tough to change the perception that was already (unfairly) ingrained in their pea brains well before they ever gave the game a chance.

Happens on Pinside all the time. But put out a game with great art and tons of toys and lights, and you've got yourself an instant winner.

#8458 1 year ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

Add to this the fact that they pulled the "Oh, look what we discovered...the playfield has UV reactive paint. Who knew? As a service, we'll sell you a $300 add-on to take advantage of this hidden feature. You're welcome."
Same thing kinda happened when they surprised everyone with the Avatar LE after people had already bought Standard games. It burned people's asses enough that the game garnered unwarranted hate. Some (a lot of) people never come around.

Well...that WAS bullshit. There's really no defending that. But all of pinball has become a cash grab, sadly. $1000 toppers, $15k-20k games, ridiculously priced mods. But if you can get it, why not ask for that price?

#8466 1 year ago
Quoted from nicoy3k:

So I’m back from my distributor trip and... came back with an Iron Maiden pro. I loved stranger things (played an LE). But I liked Maiden equally and Maiden is getting very hard to find right now, there is supposed to be a July run but they are saying more like September with the possibility of never happening again due to some lack of parts (what I was told Gary said).
I was also told that the UV kit won’t go back into production until mid April...
Stranger things is definitely next on my list, in fact I am debating cancelling my Deadpool pro order for it.
Question, how does the pro compare to the LE in terms of build quality/feel? The game felt more solid than I expected but I’m wondering if that’s just because it was an Le.

You can say all you want about the projector not having anything to do with the gameplay, but I think that it and the TK lock (when not pissing you off) take the game to another level.

#8473 1 year ago
Quoted from rai:

Sounds a lot like SW.

And GOT. And almost every other game I own. LOL!

#8475 1 year ago
Quoted from MrMikeman:

yes. And I am getting my NIB prem in a month or so. Lol. 2 hated games back to back.
I like’em.

Amazing how people who aren't on this site play those games and love them.

2 weeks later
#8789 1 year ago

If it's flat plastic, I'll be pissed (but I'm betting chuckwurt knows more than he's letting on). I got the TiltTopper for JP because I thought it was so much better than the Stern topper. But there hasn't really been any better options for this game. And you can say what you want about toppers not adding to gameplay (I'm looking at YOU, Erik!), but I think it adds something to the overall impressive looks of an LE. (It really should come with the damn LE for the price you're paying...)

#8821 1 year ago
Quoted from theadicts77:

Well, I like the topper. Gonna order it depending on the price.

Better bend over and grab your ankles. No moving parts and all flat plastic...it'll be at least $699.

And I like it, too!

#8892 1 year ago
Quoted from Flash71:

Wow! What a D bag. Who is actually following this clown??? So yes I concur. Seems like he’s had it out for ST from the beginning.

He lost me with STh. He became laughable when he called LZ a jukebox with flippers. Just go work for JJP already...

#8895 1 year ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

To be honest there are many who feel that way. It kinda is. I am a huge Led Zeppelin fan and that pin was a letdown for me. But he hasn’t played STh since all the code updates and he should. It’s the same for EHOH, it was not liked much at all in the beginning and new code brought it to life.

It's really a great game. I'm not disappointed at all. Again, I think a bunch of haters weighed in on the game that never played it...and most of the were GnR buyers. STh went thru the same crap and it's another great game. There's a shit ton of negativity around here.

#8916 1 year ago
Quoted from RobT:

Tell me again why we aren't supposed to like this game?

Because Pinside is a place for people to prejudge a game before ever playing it or waiting for mature code.

#8918 1 year ago
Quoted from Chisox:

I was hoping I wasn’t the only person who had no idea who Cary Hardy was haha. If he’s shit-talking STh and LZ I don’t think I need to watch because our tastes clearly don’t align.

No. You don't need to watch because you have a life.

#8943 1 year ago

Well...THAT only took a year! And I STILL didn't get to the second Total Isolation multi.

20210324_172256 (resized).jpg
#9044 1 year ago
Quoted from hank527:

Question for everyone.
Does the ball eject seem to be laggy?
Mine is fine though ball drains or I start a game and it’s about 3-4 seconds to pop a ball. Most other games are maybe 1-2 seconds.

Yes. That's the way this game is. Don't know why, but there's nothing wrong with your game.

#9052 1 year ago
Quoted from hank527:

Question for everyone.
Does the ball eject seem to be laggy?
Mine is fine though ball drains or I start a game and it’s about 3-4 seconds to pop a ball. Most other games are maybe 1-2 seconds.

Well...let me clarify. I was thinking of the time after a ball drains and when the bonus animation starts. That lag time is normal but annoying. I think you may be talking about something totally different.

#9137 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

What is an example of something that adds to gameplay? The TK lock and the projector add a lot to the gameplay. It makes the game more fun.
I never think the premium is worth the up charge, but I almost always think the premium version of each game is the most fun.

I can't believe you're bringing your LE to Pinbrew.

#9141 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

It will be at Pincinnati too and used in the tournaments all weekend. GASP!

That's your baby...isn't it the first LE you bought? (See?...I pay attention!)

Wish I could go and meet you in person!

#9158 1 year ago

...and here I thought it was $649.

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#9294 1 year ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

Anyone else get their topper yet? I ordered day 1 from Flip n Out pinball. Nothing yet.

Nope. I ordered with Trent and he hasn't gotten his yet. LSOG has some kind of shyster deal with Stern.

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#9488 1 year ago
Quoted from hollywood:

I have heard that the sound on this game out of the box is pretty stellar (external subwoofer excluded - which I have). I am making an order from pinsound for my LOTR. Do you think I may as well upgrade the STh speakers as well or will I be happy with them out of the box. I only ask because shipping to Canada is a ton of money and I would hate to do it twice! lol.
Thanks for your opinions

No need to upgrade the speakers...just get a subwoofer with a Pinnovators card and you'll be instantly upgraded.

#9499 1 year ago
Quoted from Pin_Fandango:

I think that adding the board for the speakers voids any warranty, correct?

You don't have to worry about it. It's a great product that I have on about 7 machines. No issues at all.

#9558 1 year ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

Anyone else receive their topper? Still waiting for mine.

Just got mine today.

#9560 1 year ago
Quoted from palacekeeper:

Where did you order from?

Trent at Tilt. BUT...with a Pinsider having received his LZ topper yesterday, it may be an LZ topper I got (although I doubt it). A box was delivered with a topper...so I'm just assuming since I'm not home yet.

#9568 1 year ago

So I got the topper and honestly I just think it's meh. Much better in attract mode than during the game...when it really doesn't do much. I'm sorry, but I've gotta be honest: I like the look of it on the game, but it's a pretty boring topper.

#9570 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Say it ain’t so Randy!

It really is disappointing to me. Thankfully it's the only disappointing thing in the game. But certainly nowhere near worth the price.

#9575 1 year ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

Where did you order it from? I am still waiting for mine.

Answered higher up on this page. From Tilt. But I literally put the order in as soon as it was announced. A no brainer, even though it didn't wind up exciting me as much as I'd hoped.

#9585 1 year ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

I emailed him again. It’s been over a month now since my order. Hopefully Stern ships some sooner than later since I paid in full already. It’s a topper, not a pin. So frustrating if it’s going to take months to receive.

I don't know how these things work, but be patient (it's really not worth getting excited over, sadly). Trent is the biggest Stern distro, I believe, and somehow LSOG got the very first shipment anyway. So I'm not really sure how Stern doles out their shipments. It was frustrating for me too. Honestly, if you were near me, I'd just give you mine while you wait for yours.

#9732 1 year ago
Quoted from JWE:

What code do you have. It’s very interactive with each mode, especially as you reach and pass total isolation. Costly for sure but that seems to be the norm now. I hear maybe another code update coming to add some more lighting effects. Such an awesome underrated game.

Off the top of my head, 1.02 maybe? It just changes colors with modes, and attract mode is colorful and flashy. I don't reach and pass total isolation nearly enough to know how good it can be, apparently.

#9917 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Well, I have to admit that Stranger Things looks pretty damn cool a year or so later. The game appears to have a very deep objective based ruleset which is what I prefer over the tournament / points focused rulesets. The game looks loaded too compared to some other recent pro's.
Would $5800 be the best price for a Stranger Things Pro? Maybe a bit more or less? I'm not sure what expected shipped price should be.

I truly don't understand you. STh has absolutely NOTHING on the playfield, and that's one of the things people were merciless about in trashing the game last year. You complained about that very thing with LZ (also a great game), and now you're coming around to the fact that a machine with nothing on it can actually be a shitload of fun. I've got a lot of respect for you, Panzer (being a fellow WOZ fan from way back), but I'm really left scratching my head with the way you think.

But yes...STh is amazing, which is what we intelligent people in this thread have been saying for over a year now (and enduring the taunts of nitwits for nearly as long...). Get one, and enjoy how much fun an empty playfield can actually be.

#9921 1 year ago