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By chuckwurt

1 year ago

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Post #235 Be sure to check PRO Ball Lock Post, it can come loose. Posted by chuckwurt (1 year ago)

Post #712 Replacement rubber info Posted by fooflighter (1 year ago)

Post #1273 TECH: TOYS. Projector focus adjustment instructions Posted by rs812 (1 year ago)

Post #1717 TECH: PLAYFIELD. TK Lock and deflector adjustment instructions Posted by chuckwurt (1 year ago)

Post #2052 MOD:Screen material to improve projector image quality Posted by dri (1 year ago)

Post #5955 MOD:Stranger Things action button surround and shooter plate Posted by pinballslave (12 months ago)

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#3617 1 year ago
Quoted from Gee_Bananas:

n00b here,
Don't own a single pin and considering a STh Premium as our first for the fam. Code aside, all the mech problems kinda scare me (TK ball lock, ramp gap, flipper power, ball post...etc.) especially for someone who has NEVER worked on a pin before. I'm not adverse to being hands on, just wondering if it's worth the trouble/$ for a first time pin owner; especially since I may not even know if there is actually a problem!
Local dealer is selling a premium, with UV kit. I don't know how many plays it has, and don't know if he's tweaked it/tuned it all the way.
Go for it? Get a NIB from a distributor? Or go with a safer option for a first pin?

These forums can be helpful, but sometimes a bit intimidating. Not all games have problems etc. I am quite happy with my game.

Those problems are small, any my game doesn’t have them. I would suggest going a playing the game at the local dealer. It’s really fun! Ask them about the reported issues and see for yourself how there game plays. They might even offer local setup and delivery.

As for Price, that’s up to your budget. ST Prem MSRP is $7699. A price near that for used is not a good deal. UV kit is essentially $300 shipped. I think any Premium in the low $7000 range that includes a UV kit is a good price, any game with a $6 as the first digit is a very good price. Use that to compare to your local dealer.

Feel free to give me a pm. I love to chat pinball and would be happy to chat about my game etc.


#3644 1 year ago

I joined the club this week with a Premium. I’m quite happy so far. No major issues. A few air balls at drops and some off of the demo. I’m not the best player, but my son regularly hits the TK lock and centers the demo mouth.

I installed the UV kit today. It’s really nice!

Does anyone know if the side panel art has been done with UV inks on it? That would be nice.
81320248-CF1B-4C61-BA48-BADACBE80880 (resized).jpeg5FA617C1-0DBB-44E4-BC22-E723FAA39E3A (resized).jpegDF07D195-1BA8-45EC-9A40-899885793C41 (resized).jpeg47CC1466-1440-452D-A2BC-B06817147544 (resized).jpeg

#3657 1 year ago

I moved my out-lanes to the narrow position this morning.

I’m still getting consistent in the mouth Demogorgon TK locks with no adjustments.

This game is really fun!

#3681 1 year ago
Quoted from Kkoss24:

Please excuse this question as I’m a newbie but bought first pin recently(WOZRR)and looking for second soon .Just finishing basement and made room for 4.I really want 4 different styles of play and our family loves this show.I just woken to this great hobby and since we can’t get out to play a variety , was wondering how you you describe the game play of ST as opposed to WOZ? Thanks for any feedback and be safe all!!

Your question is welcome. Heck, that Is what Pinside is really about. I just received my Stranger Things Premium and I couldn’t be more happy. I highly recommend the UV kit. It’s extra, but fits the game perfectly.

I’ve owned a lot of games over the last 10 years. This game has the feel of MM / AFM (layout and rules) with the technology and innovation of a modern Stern (color changing leds, projector, lcd screen and coding). I’m quite happy in my first week of ownership. Only one of my 4 sons plays pinball, this is the first game my other sons have said is “really cool” in years. Best of luck in your game hunt.

#3689 1 year ago

Stern UV kit is great!

#3696 1 year ago

hooked on pinball has some shooter rods

#3760 1 year ago

I can backhand the left ramp, even from a trap with the ball stopped. It doesn’t have enough speed to make the Telekinesis Lock, but that can be made easily enough from the right flipper.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but let’s compare it to something like Deadpool. I have a Deadpool pro. Being an average to below average player, I rarely have a game where I can lock three balls in the Katana. I love (and own) that game, but it’s a brick fest for me compared to Stranger Things.

2 weeks later
#4028 1 year ago
Quoted from gambit3113:

On another note, does anyone know if Mezel is going to run another batch of his Arcade sign mods? I want that one, but if he;s done with them I'll grab the Lermods one.

Did you get the UV kit? I'm quite happy with my Prem.

1 month later
#4565 1 year ago
Quoted from gambit3113:

I also originally tried corvair’s vinyl. I did not see the same results that he did and posted long ago, either. His material is a vinyl that is utilized for other purposes, from what I can tell.
I had a friend in the industry get me large samples of Screen Innovations Black Diamond and also Stewart Filmscreen Firehawk G5. I also got this sample set off Amazon:
amazon.com link »
Firehawk and Black Diamond are completely comparable to one another. Both are dark gray and improve contrast and blacks a ton. The two gray screens in the sample pack are also very good, honestly. The lighter gray is better for brighter rooms than maybe any of them, honestly, but doesn’t offer the contrast or blacks improvement of the darker choices.
All told, if you don’t have access to the high end stuff, the Amazon samples are honestly just as good, and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them and use them. They are vastly superior to the stock material. *Note* only replace the material on the screen, drop targets and stand up targets behind the drops. This stuff won’t help on the ramps or non-vertical surfaces.
I also bought and Used this corner cutter that someone earlier recommended (Small cut):
amazon.com link »

What did you use to get it to stick to the screen?
Did you remove it (the ramp/screen) for the application?
I would be bummed if I messed it up.

3 months later
#5755 1 year ago

I’ve just been playing my premium after a few months off from my games. This definitely my favorite Stern game in my collection. The music and audio is great and the UV is a must have IMO.

2 months later
#7126 9 months ago

I seem to have lost a target decal on my Prem. Assuming I can’t find it or the adhesive is worn off, I’ll need to check the good bag to see if there are extra.

#7127 9 months ago
Quoted from board1315gamer:

Also....time to brag lol
What a game I just had! First time getting to Final Showdown on newest code. The Snow Ball mode is a lot of fun as well. You can spend a long time just in this mode racking in even more points.
Couldn't have done it without the support of this thread and vireland 's Tibetan Breeze Cooling kit. Much thanks.
Wonderful machine, very underrated!
[quoted image]

Those purple speaker lights look great. Where from?

3 months later
#9730 5 months ago
Quoted from WildRover:

Looking for a Pro or Premium (obvs UV kit included is a bonus).
Anyone super strongly opinionated on the projector either way?

I’m a happy premium owner, but this games got it where it counts in the layout, music and other features. I could definitely be a happy pro owner.

IMO, the UV kit is way more desirable that any other upgrade or feature.

As for the projector, it’s fine, bit not a deal breaker.

1 week later
#10091 5 months ago

Yesterday, I added the speaker upgrade to 5.25 and the speaker light kit with frame.

A433589E-E873-4BC8-AC65-02A385A78AA4 (resized).jpeg

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