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Stock Market Traders?

By kpg

3 years ago

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    #1835 3 months ago

    tomorrow gonna be brutal i would wager. got some cash on sideline may be some bargains.

    have some RSUs vested today that have to sell by Friday or enter blackout window till next quarter.. suck timing.. prob gonna hold on to them now i would guess.

    1 week later
    #2194 3 months ago

    is anyone looking at Ford.. i know their P/E sucks currently (hah, getting better each downturn )but man.. 4.63 a share this am which has pushed their dividend yield to 12.96% Granted seems like April will be next dividend announcement and a lot can happen in the remainder of this month (given what has happened so far)

    #2304 3 months ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    Just came across CNBC that Ford is suspending its dividend to preserve cash. I think that is your answer.

    yep.. oh well..

    #2328 3 months ago

    California whole state shelter in place just announced starting tonight.. can't be great for stocks tomorrow

    #2349 3 months ago

    there is a list of exceptions though.. grocery stores still open and other ssential businesses still open.. restaurants can still do the takeout /delivery they were doing. so, for service industry no change from today.

    businesses that hadn't already switched to work from home i guess are now i guess going to join in on that.

    given how closed everything was already, its a small change i think but big headlines

    #2350 3 months ago
    Quoted from spfxted:


    blue apron and zoom telecommunication is what i bought a little of today. i am using both.. though, we've done blue apron for years.. not new to us.

    #2514 3 months ago
    Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

    How come oil has tanked, yet gas prices in Ca or holding at 2.89 gallon and 2.99 a gallon?
    They are very very slow to reflect this at the pump. Greedy bastards.


    pasted_image (resized).png
    #2622 3 months ago

    stimulus deal reached.. futures negative at the moment.. hmm.

    #2624 3 months ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    That is just for the Senate. Has not gone through the house yet. People expect the deal to go through but it will be curious to see what the House tries to hang on it.

    whoops... didn't read into/past the headline this am

    #2628 3 months ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    Well, this morning rally had faded fast.
    What is next for The Fed? The powers that be must be pulling their hair out.

    guessing that's why people started floating a reopening date of easter.. to give something for markets to latch on to... that is a big gamble though. My office started WFH on the 12th.. as did much of san diego (maybe not till the following week). So, california might have 'bent the curve' by easter but.. the areas that were behind the curve / still haven't taken it seriously .. easter may not be looking too good.

    #2684 3 months ago

    just wondering how much "USA re-opening by easter" is getting priced in as a sure thing... when.. it's probably not?

    #2758 3 months ago

    my office just sent out "we're extending WFH at least until the 17th"

    .. but .. but.. the 17th is after easter!

    #2778 3 months ago

    fidelity 401ks sometimes have a feature enabled called 'brokeragelink' that lets you open an open market account linked to your 401k.. my last two jobs had the feature but current job doesn't have it enabled. that gives you more options... that happen immediately (ETFs, stocks etc). 401ks are otherwise not designed for market timing. i think when I've used rebalance stuff.. i dont ever remember it taking 7 days though, that seems way slow.

    #2780 3 months ago

    man.. looks like the mistaken one was up more than the real one (at a point). thankful to the articles i read about people mistaking the two zooms prior to making purchases last week.. i got the right one

    Quoted from Zablon:

    The Securities and Exchange Commission suspended trading of Zoom Technologies on Thursday, partly because investors are confusing it with Zoom Video, which has seen a surge share price due to COVID-19. It will resume trading April 9. ... The company has not disclosed financial information since 2015, the SEC says.20 hours ago
    Thought this might be useful info for a few...

    #2814 3 months ago

    if you do that though, its not a 'forget about it thing' anymore.. otherwise you may miss the up swing and realized your losses

    #2837 3 months ago

    local news.. schools extension of closure.. so, that's prob the bad news of the weekend.. this all started with 2 weeks and now people are formally extending closures another 2-3

    #2880 3 months ago

    how does stuff like sqqq best work. buy it at end of day if you think the next day is going to be crap, sell when think things are maxed the next day? seems like if you wait until the open things are generally already set in motion (lose much of the gain) though there are the days things switch directions but

    #2883 3 months ago

    list of inverse 3x family of ETFs

    interesting to look at the YTD values for some of these despite being an intra-day intended product

    this seems more approachable than the greek people are speaking above while doing some apocalypse gambling.. i mean, -3*gain of what it is tracking is an easy concept at least

    #2888 3 months ago

    what's the catch / fine print im missing?

    #2890 3 months ago
    Quoted from sd_tom:

    what's the catch / fine print im missing?

    background: im not talking about doing this as a hobby. more like.. im WFH, a little cabin fever.. gambling a bit with a couple thousand (sub pinball machine dollars) dollars while im bored. not touching my 401k at all (and currently maxing out) its money i can lose.

    so.. not asking in the context of a career in day trading type strategy, more a way to pass the time for now while stuck

    #2894 3 months ago
    Quoted from loneacer:

    They're a day trading vehicle meant to never be held overnight. Most of them rebalance daily, many are based on stock futures so they have time decay as well.
    Imagine you start at 100 and the index goes down 5%, at 3x leverage now you're down to 85. The next day it goes up 5%. Now that just gets you back to 97.75. Repeat that enough times and you always end at zero.

    yeah that part i get.. my original question was about sort of what happens overnight.. if you buy at the close in anticipation it will open down, does that work out or because of the nature of it, it's not going to work out that way.. it's really just for within a single day (open - close)

    #3027 3 months ago
    Quoted from Zablon:

    I find it interesting there's people here saying Red Robin is worth a play. I was seeing articles that they were on their way to closing in 2020 even before the virus issues.

    yeah.. maybe it's regional.. i mean here, Chili's are closing everywhere so i wouldn't put EAT (parent company) in the solid ground boat.. but but maybe elsewhere they are doing well. Red Robin is rare here.. just 1 in san diego proper .. and don't exist where I grew up.. so, another one where given my personal experiences (instead of looking at the books) I wouldn't touch

    #3162 3 months ago
    Quoted from catboxer:

    Get back down there SPY. I want in!

    similarly i have a bunch of good till cancelled orders for VTI at 111.11 in my 401k, just off the previous lows.

    #3200 3 months ago
    Quoted from Richthofen:

    TINA (There is no alternative). When you create retirement vehicles that are designed to invest in the stock market, politically it becomes impossible for the stock market to fall. Which is why we have so many zombie companies that wouldn't exist other than for the crazy low interest rates created to try to levitate the stock market in the first place.

    this is really key.. the movement from pensions to 401k seems to have tainted what the market can stand.. does anyone have the total dollar amount newly invested in the market per month from 401k/403b vehicles? sure that would be interesting (or sad if the number is low)

    #3326 3 months ago

    assume the models estimating down is because the extreme efforts are actually working though, not that the models were wrong.. i sure hope that's not the message people are getting or the next time we'll be f'd.

    2 weeks later
    #3805 73 days ago

    as the green days keep adding up keep feeling more and more the urge to pull everything out (which i haven't done at any point yet). still down 10% from my highs though, so on one hand i dont want to realize losses. on the other hand, the market seems to be denying reality... reality will eventually win... right?

    1 week later
    #3931 65 days ago

    sold about 6% of my 401k off yesterday thinking the couple down days were the start of reality setting in. total now 22% in cash on sidelines.

    as i am a counter indicator so far this apocalypse.. it will instead be green until i decide i am missing out / buy in when its actually about to drop.

    #3943 64 days ago

    was thinking we are in a Heisenberg uncertainty situation.. we won't know how many businesses have failed until we try to reopen.

    1 week later
    #4084 54 days ago
    Quoted from DCFAN:

    Another 2.98 million filed for unemployment. The market is starting down about 1.2% today. Is it time to retest the lows or will the feds prop it back up again?

    prop it up

    1 week later
    #4225 42 days ago

    yeah.. our emergency cash is sitting there making 1.6% in a high yield savings account.. which is a lot better than it was at our bank but still crap, and lowered from 2% when we opened the account. tempted to take half and put it in THQ (7% div, price down 6% since feb) and/or QYLD (12% div, price down 15% since feb) - both having monthly payouts. but, emergency is supposed to be cash so remains a thought. what do others do?

    thanks to this thread i bought some STKS a month ago and it is helping undo some of my bad moves in march.

    1 week later
    #4283 33 days ago

    cashed out kpgs STKS pick this morning.. made all the money back i lost on my own bad moves in march, plus a little. that's good enough for me.

    looks like we could get a hurricane to gulf coast here soon to add to the apocalypse

    1 week later
    #4436 23 days ago

    our company sell-to-cover taxes for RSUs , no other option / already done for you. so yeah, understand how taxes are paid for sure. i am halfway through my starting bonus RSU vesting.. stock has quadrupled in the 2 years. starting to curse them a bit as i prob would of quit by now otherwise.. damn them with their retention policies that actually work !

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