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Stock Market Traders?

By kpg

4 years ago

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    #1893 10 months ago
    Quoted from Pinballmike217:

    Low lows are followed by high highs. Just gotta have the balls to ride it out.

    I would be pretty shocked if tomorrow sees a high gain, if any gain at all. Too much downwards momentum right now. Plus it's a Friday.

    If you mean long term, I suppose eventually...and if you've ridden the drop this long then you might as well see it through.

    #1898 10 months ago

    Since I'm now posting in this thread, I guess I should give my short story...

    I watched the market for the past year or so, waiting for a significant drop to enter in. Kept thinking a big drop was coming because I thought most stocks were overbought. This year, January, finally decided if you can't beat em, join em, and ride the wave. Decided I would do some day trading with some investment money I had sitting around (I also invest in real estate...also an overbought market IMO) and by "day trading" I don't mean sitting in front of a computer all day, but a few trades a day while doing other things. Did OK for a bit, then did really well at the last Amazon earnings report, then learned some hard lessons, and once the market started to drop I kept learning more lessons about volatility. As they say, much easier to make money (especially any form of day trading) in the stock market when it just goes up, up, up.

    I went from being up $4k in a month to about even, and now I'm back in the green by shorting stocks since lately nothing is trending up (not even gold). Strange to be doing the complete opposite now as I compared to when I started, especially when most are losing money. Feels a bit like jumping off a building with others, pushing someone else as they fall, then having a teleport button (my stop loss order) that puts me back in the building with a bag of money. Rinse and repeat with Expedia stock today. My wife and I do have some long term stock investments (IRA, 401k)...I told my wife this was probably "that drop I was waiting for" early on and put the IRA in a Money Market account which seems to have been a good/lucky decision. Speaking of luck, there is no doubt a lot of that when it comes to stock market trading. The rest is research and discipline in my opinion. I've watched countless day trading videos and articles and anyone claiming to know "the answer" about this stuff is full of it if they don't at least acknowledge the luck factor. I don't think it's quite like gambling, but it gets close depending on your trades/strategy. And sure, buying and holding good companies long term is the safest way to make money at this, but for some of us that's just not enough So for those who have wanted to be more involved and hear a first account, I hope this was worth it.

    #1932 10 months ago

    My guess regarding the conference is a continuation of what we've seen...market spikes up briefly based on hopeful news, then slowly continues back down...

    Shorted Disney this morning but it bounced everywhere so I gave up after losing $100. Tried to short RCL but it dropped too fast (seemed an obvious one).

    Shorted Expedia a couple hundred more shares at $66.

    #1978 10 months ago
    Quoted from ReplayRyan:

    My guess regarding the conference is a continuation of what we've seen...market spikes up briefly based on hopeful news, then slowly continues back down...

    I have to say I did not expect that large of a spike. Although once Trump started putting CEOs of specific companies up to the mic, I figured it was time to buy some of those stocks. Most have peaked and dropped some after close.

    Who knows what the weekend and Monday trading holds, but I maintain my prediction that the overall market continues to go down, which leads to more stimulus measures.

    #2229 10 months ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    Fuck. I'm pulling for the market to go down, but not like this.

    I have to agree. I've been shorting stocks and the dives this afternoon made me cringe even though I was profiting from it.

    #2239 10 months ago

    Wow what a ride that was in the last 10 minutes...

    #2392 10 months ago
    Quoted from PunkPin:

    Which would you guys recommend for an individual brokerage account fidelity or vanguard? Or is there a better option out there?
    Looking to buy some on my own outside of my account with my broker. Mostly single stocks and maybe some indexes and mutual funds.. dont know enough about puts or any of that yet.

    I decided on TD Ameritrade and don't regret it. I daytrade and mostly use the mobile app while I'm doing other things.

    Keep in mind for daytrading you need to keep at least $25k in the brokerage account per SEC rules.

    1 week later
    #2964 9 months ago

    Bought 5,000 of BA this morning at $154. Will sell at $120 later this week.

    1 month later
    #3936 8 months ago

    Quite a drop at the end of trading today.

    #3959 8 months ago

    Another sell-off to end the day. Feels like a lot of pump and dump lately.

    1 month later
    #4364 7 months ago

    You gotta love watching who posts more when the market is up vs when it is down

    I've been making trades in different accounts (short term daytrading and long term IRA/401k), shorting stocks like Boeing today (which just had another big drop 10mins ago) but I'm still torn over what to do long-term. Disney, for example...do you buy more now on this dip or wait and see how much lower it goes? If you compare stocks like that to just 5 years ago, it seems like if you factor in virus uncertainty there could be quite a bit more of a drop. Not to mention the election coming up.

    Good luck to everyone!

    1 month later
    #4622 6 months ago

    So was today a "buy the dip" or "take the money and run" day?

    1 month later
    #4833 4 months ago

    Me at...
    9:30am: Hmm, looks like RKT is starting to turn back up, let me buy another 100 shares...
    12:15pm: Ooh, nice dip here to buy a little more AAPL...
    12:30pm: Ehh maybe not a dip...
    1:30pm: Uh oh...
    3:30pm: Maybe I should sell some APPL? Nah, it'll start to come up after hours...
    5:30pm: Abandon ship! Time to sell while I'm still ahead.

    After hours looks brutal everywhere. Maybe I'm too weak and pessimistic but this looks more like the beginning of a bubble popping rather than a dip or rotation. Apple had a historic loss today...hope I'm wrong but that doesn't sound like something that is followed up by a quick recovery. But hey it's 2020, anything is possible. Good luck all!

    #4874 4 months ago
    Quoted from BobSacamano:

    But people like to trade their stock I guess...

    Well, when trading stocks (as this thread was for discussing) I don't think many consider the ethics of the company. It's just numbers. Buy low, sell high, goodbye...

    If you're investing for long term, sure, you can consult your inner conscience and factor that in to your decision making. I admit to doing that recently when considering some dividend/income stocks like Altria. But I think if you really dive into the ethics of almost any profitable company these days you can find questionable practices. Businesses that make more money tend to do it by cutting labor costs, buying out competition (and maybe a politician or two), avoiding taxes, etc. Like it or not it's just American capitalism. That's probably not worth further discussion here though, IMO...

    Is anyone else buying some high yielding dividend stocks while they're still down? Made some long positions recently in financials like PRU and IVZ, REITs like WPC and CTRE, and some gas/oil distribution like HESM and EPD.

    1 month later
    #5342 3 months ago

    Buying more EPD, STOR, and taking a shot at LUMN (formerly Century Link) for dividend/value picks.

    I bought some FB for short-medium term but otherwise avoiding tech, most have gone too high/too fast with many similarities to the dot com tech bubble, IMO.

    4 weeks later
    #5579 71 days ago

    I have a large position of RKT (avg ~$20) and some PLTR (avg ~$12).

    I see no reason to dump RKT unless interest rates start hiking back up.

    2 months later
    #6807 4 days ago
    Quoted from Lamberger:

    Any safe dividend bets with tons of up left? Canadian Natural Resources, and Atco Look descent.

    EPD has already been mentioned, but I bought a chunk of ET last week as I think it has more potential upside from here if they continue to cut down debt. Although the Dakota pipeline is still a question mark.

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