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Stock Market Traders?

By kpg

3 years ago

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    #414 3 years ago
    9 months later
    #730 2 years ago
    Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

    Anybody have any advice for tax advantages to contributing to a 529? I'm jamming on that but it leaves less room for the IRA.

    Look here. Some states let you write off your contribution up to a certain amount to save on state income tax. See what your state offers

    4 months later
    #836 2 years ago

    You better hope guys like us make money in the market to pay huge taxes to pay your fat govt pensions.

    #839 2 years ago
    Quoted from DCFAN:

    The pensions are not very large for government employees in the modern retirement system. The majority of retirement is in a 401k like system with the same contribution caps as everyone.

    Thougt it was 3 top years avg. salary X number of years X 1 or 1.1% = annual benefit?

    So $100,000 a year top earning years X 30 years X 1.1% = $2750 a month for life after age 62. Is that it? That is pretty good. Private companies don’t offer that anymore.

    Is the federal employee pension fund invested in stocks? Seems like it could be a major conflict of interest in who decides which company’s stock gets purchased.

    #843 2 years ago

    Long post alert.

    My wife was going through a tough time after some of her family members passed away and got sick the last couple of years. She got worried about money because of her loss of loved ones even though we are doing well with our saving and investing.

    Because of her new worries she wanted to use an “advisor” since we have a good amount put away. They can get better returns than us being experts. Right? The charge was a 1% fee charged annually or .25% a quarter. Due to her situation and not wanting to argue. I reluctantly said let’s put your IRA and rollovers with him and see how it goes. I will keep managing my IRA’s. That was last year and after I saw a trade confirmation from him of a Mutual fund I already picked and owned I followed his picks and returns very closely. I went back and noticed I beat him pretty good last year on returns and am up 6.9% compared to his 1.6% return so far through June 30 for 2018. I really love running numbers and returns because they tell the truth. I mean if someone says I am a great attorney who knows how good they will do for your case? If someone says they are a great investor, and a lot of folks say that, return numbers can be run to see just how good they are. I think that is so cool and yes I get nervous when I run numbers for myself - like “oh crap am I a genius or a underperforming fool?!” Well anyway, I am doing well enough and we are going to bring her money back over for us to manage.

    My point is not that you should never use an advisor. Some folks just don’t understand how to save, where to put money or how much they need for their short and long term goals. Some just don’t want to learn it, have no interest or are afraid of the results they may find when they run the numbers. These folks should find help ASAP.

    I just think with a little bit of watching your money and always learning you can do a lot on your own and get the satisfaction of making your money grow and achieving your goals due to your decisions.

    If you make a mistake that is ok and you learn from it and get back in the market with what you learned more prepared from your past experience. And yes everyone should use an advisor, attorney, Estate planner, CPA, insurance person etc to help along the way as needed.

    Just speaking from my own experience. Watching you guys do trades here is amazing.

    #852 2 years ago
    Quoted from JY64:

    It sounds like your wife was worried is it set up like a balanced fund with some fixed income

    No fixed income investments but that wasn’t the problem. Her parents are gone with death and Alzheimer’s so she lost her comfort with them being there for her. We have never borrowed money from them and her Mom fortunately has money for the kids to take care of her with her nightmare of a disease though.

    Think my wife had a mid 40’s crisis with her parents gone and having money, but wanting to know we are on track financially. I knew we were, but she is not involved with it enough, but she makes a good income herself and is a smart spender and saver. I went with my wife moving money to the planner because it was not a good time for me to make a stand against it with what she was going through with her family situation.

    I guess “life” happened.

    With a planner involved I think I miss just saying “I helped us get from A to B to C” financially. Did not feel as satisfying having someone else manage our money and watching what he is up to. Kind of stressed me out and pissed me off. Like the planner had money in bond funds making 4% and that is brought down to 3% with his 1% fee?! 25% of the gains go to manage the Bond funds?! We are in our mid 40’s and 20-30+ years of taking 1% out of our bond funds is calculated to be a huge amount paid to him from what we could have picked ourselves. I really don’t want any money in bond funds or cash at all.

    We are switching back to us managing the money and my wife is on board. No arguing or debating. She gets it. We are a team and have made great progress so far and will only use help if we need it in the future.

    Once again I don’t want to go off just talking about our real life financial situation here on a........Pinball site. Lol

    11 months later
    #1164 1 year ago

    Kind of off topic but have to ask about what it up with women and investing?

    My wife and I, now in our 40’s, have always saved and invested heavily since we graduated college and have built up a nice nest egg so far. I always managed the money. She cares less about getting involved, but likes what we have built up. She is a successful professional and makes her own money. Couple years ago in the fall of 2017 my wife thought we had too much money to manage and now need help with it. “Folks with money get advisors”, she said and still believes it. I was against it but I didn’t want to rock the boat since she makes money and had her own accounts. She rolled her IRA’s over to him. I stayed put with mine.

    The advisor did the standard - he will invest for you, his call, in mutual funds only with a 1% annual fee of all the assets, taken out .25% per quarter paid to him. I kept an eye on her investments made by him and he was always a little below each quarter - meh. I looked again at the half year mark and he did 4% points less return than the SP500 for 2018 and and is down 3.5% so far this year against the S and P. Also we are in our 40’s and told the advisor he can go all in with stocks and be aggressive, so this isn’t a too much bond thing. He is behind in down markets and up markets.

    Me? I am slightly beating the market over the last couple years by 2-3%. I showed my wife the lower return numbers she is getting with her accounts with the advisor against the SP and myself. I showed her how many thousands of dollars she is down also. Her response? She still wants to stick with this advisor and give him more time. She may give him more money also. WTF!! I don’t get it? I mean, put her money in an SaP 500 index fund and forget about it at least. Nope

    Also in my family my Dad and step Mom split their money in half years ago for estate planning since both have kids. My Dad always buys stock and my step Mom tried to invest but pulled out her money after it went down 2% in one quarter. My Dad has a lot more money now and has given my step mom money twice to even things up more they divided money. My Dad tried to have her put a little back in the market but has just given up and let it go now.

    My Mom is single, works and has an ok job, saves money like a mad women, invests (good!), but won’t spend a dime in anything. She has the money but just can’t pull the trigger to spend even if she needs something like a new car or house repair.

    These are my just my experiences with women I know love and care for. They are smart, hard working women also. So what is the deal? Women are too Conservative, have money but not spending, stick with an expert who gets lower returns being afraid onmake a change? It’s weird. What is going on?? Is it like this everywhere?

    #1168 1 year ago
    Quoted from rai:

    I am so against paying a financial advisor it’s not necessary, it’s not difficult to manage your own finances.
    Consider if you had just $1M and paid 1% per year for 10 years that’s $100K into your advisors pocket instead of your pocket.
    Low cost index ETFs or Mutual funds are the best thing ever invented.

    I see what you are saying I was just kinda going off. Sorry. Not mad, but just feel meh and scratching my head. Financial advisors may be good if you are behind in your savings or have savings problems, scared to keep money in when things go down and wait until things are really good before someone puts money in - A paid hand holder. And I am sure there are ones who have better track records on returns than others for sure. Not sure how you find those. I kinda was just wondering why women can be so strange with money?

    Like you mentioned if that is you then index funds or ETF’s and call it good. Thanks Rai

    #1188 1 year ago
    Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

    Based on some of the posts, it seems like there are a few people in this thread that really know what they are doing. Just looking for some other opinions. I'm 41 and put 25% of my pay in my 401k. My company matches 50% of the first 6% (3% match) and then they throw in another 2% for doing nothing. I also just started putting a small amount ($1,600/year in my HSA).
    Other than a few dollars in some stocks I purchased as a gamble, I have no other investments. I was considering one of two things.
    1. Dropping my 401k back enough that I could contribute the maximum to a Roth IRA.
    2. Dropping my 401k back to 6% and then dumping the other 19% into some stocks like DTE, or NSC. Something long term that pays a decent dividend.
    3. Both, #1 & #2.

    I am not familiar with those two companies specifically but at 41 if you are contributing to your IRA I would stick with growth stocks, either in your 401k or a brokerage ROTH IRA or regular IRA you open. Being aggressive can pay off over time with better returns. You are a good saver and a major part of being a good investor is to stay in the market and keep contributing when things go down. If you think you would like to get involved with picking stocks then yes switch some of your 401k contributions over to a Brokerage Roth or regular IRA. Compare the results of both your Roth and 401K and see how you do on your own. Remember that most are good stock pickers until they run their returns against the average market returns. I do it. Numbers can be real humbling.

    And the HSA you started is awesome, like a ROTH IRA on steroids. Money comes out pretax, can be invested tax differed, no tax if used for a medical expense and you can pay yourself back years later for previous expenses you paid out of pocket. I actually don't even use my HSA and keep it invested and pay all my medical bills out of pocket. I save all of my families receipts and bills by year and can write myself a check to pay myself back for the medical bills I paid out of pocket in the future if I wish if I really needed cash. What I am really using the HSA for is a substitute for a long term care policy. The caps and cost of LTC policies for older folks is really not worth it anymore. This is my way to save for it. I am 47 so have a pretty good amount of time for my HSA to grow. My wife's Mom had Alzheimer's so I know first hand how much a disease like that can cost. Also what a nightmare it can be.

    You are doing good. Keep at it.

    #1191 1 year ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    “Congress is coming for your IRA”
    Read Wall st journal article yesterday
    Taxes will NEVER be lower in your lifetime

    Wow. My wife just inherited an IRA. Wonder when it will kick in if passed? Good heads up like usual Ice!

    5 months later
    #1318 11 months ago

    I try to learn from my mistakes each year and adjust. I had a great year and really the mistake was to sell some, not near all of my Apple stock after reading some articles about how their phones are not selling, trade war and this and that. My lesson I learned from this this is to pretty much drown out or be very skeptical of any financial news from the AP, random internet sites and definitely financial news on cable. I feel it is all negative BS to make you wonder and worry.

    To pull away from this I subscribed to the Wall Street Journal and have been very impressed so far and have learned a lot about business and money. Their political views have a lot to do with the cost of making a new law, changing a tax code or starting a new government program. They seem to focus on if the numbers will work and how will a change effect business, consumers, and the markets. FYI - the numbers rarely ever work for new government programs.

    Not sure if folks like the journal or not, but I am a fan. Oh here is an example of a same day headline of a AP financial article and the WSJ. Big difference what one reader will take away compared to the other. Crazy!
    6F07A0D2-3C8C-4BEB-9C81-8E86FBE7A8B8 (resized).jpeg

    #1320 11 months ago
    Quoted from Trekkie1978:

    I didn’t care that iPhone sales were slowing down. Apple has something like $300 billion in the bank with practically no debt.
    My biggest regret 6 months ago, was not buying more Apple when it was at $142. I should’ve Gone all in on it.
    I can’t be right every time.

    Exactly. A lot of the general financial news focuses on the downside and not the upside. I learned a lesson about that this year and made a change of where and how I get my info from. I dig deeper now and not just read headlines or trust the reporter doesn’t have some kind of agenda.

    My 78 year old Father is the man when he comes to Apple stock owning thousands of shares with a cost basis under $50. He says he likes the Apple dividends he earns since he is on a fixed income being a senior. Lol! He still can’t figure out how to link a blue tooth speaker up to his IPhone and needs help though. He told me to buy some Apple shares years ago before it split. Glad I listened. Cool guy.

    2 weeks later
    #1336 10 months ago
    Quoted from JY64:

    Get rid of all mutual funds and replace with ETF the fees are lower and there is no cap gains paid out at the end of the year that you have to pay tax on

    You are on the right track, but ETF’s give out income though.

    Go to Morningstar and punch in a ETF or Mutual fund to see how much they have paid over time to get a gauge. Pull up fund, go to performance and click on distributions instead of returns and you can see. Some can be higher than others.

    If you are in retirement accounts, 529, HSA’s etc you don’t really need to worry about distributions as much with no annual taxes.

    1 month later
    #2163 8 months ago
    Quoted from DCFAN:

    Me a couple times. I protected my retirement account in late August 2019. I plan to put it back into the S&P fund somewhere between DOW 11000 and 17000.

    Yeah I think you were one of the earlier ones saying this is going to be a lot worse than people think. Good you have money on the side to put in. From the dates you pulled out money you missed an up market during the back half of 2019 since you pulled out in August of that year. So you made a good call but didn’t time it perfectly which is so so hard to do.

    I respect you and others for sharing your prediction and actually putting your money where your mouth was on it. So thanks for your input and hope you put money back in at a good time.

    2 weeks later
    #3165 8 months ago

    Thanks KPG.

    Anyone doing some tax loss harvesting during this downturn? Never had to do this before, but this down market looks like an opportunity to do so for some of my non-retirement mutual funds and ETFs? Thanks

    1 month later
    #4021 6 months ago
    Quoted from investingdad:

    Just to clarify, I don't view any of this as some sort of coordinated plan or conspiracy to steal wealth. But I do think the natural tendency of small investors to panic and not stick to their game plan during these situations serves only to enrich those stepping in.
    I work very hard to be neither and just ride it out.
    Having cash on hand also helps.

    That’s a good point. The “wealth transfer”, if there is such a thing, definitely happens when the little guy pulls money out when things are low and buys back when things are higher, so don’t let it happen! Stop this by staying in during down turns.

    1 week later
    #4090 6 months ago

    I have learned a lot this year.

    Five weeks ago I had portion of my money on the sidelines thinking things can’t possibly move up. I wanted to buy low on more big dips but then Fed came in and the each week I learned more about virus and how to deal with the weird new normal.

    I sat on my hands and did nothing for a couple of weeks after the Fed came in and saw gains which I thought were crazy, but then started to think about what companies are helping us through this now and how those companies will expand in the future? I knew before all this, but this year confirmed for me that tech is the now and tech is the future and I added a lot to my tech positions with a big chunk of my side line money. I also switched out portions of my current Stock investments to Technology. Over the last few weeks I added more of Microsoft, Apple, NVDA, OKTA, SHOP, and ETF’s like VGT, CLOU, OGIG, XKL OGIG, and speculative ARKW. I also same day bought and sold from S and P and value funds I had to QQQ, which I feel will be a better long term play.

    I admit I didn’t feel good buying the last few weeks though. I felt like I was overpaying, but I figure all the above will be long term plays and if there is a downturn shortly ahead I will just hold and Tech will be better play years from now than others sectors.

    I still have some side line money left waiting for a dip, but I even adjusted and switched part of that to GLD this past week and it is up 2% since Tuesday. I don’t like GLD long term though. I will chill for now but buy dips and like ICE said start buying the unsexy beaten down Retail, bank, travel and ETFs soon for 2021. I feel “Buy before the good news” is right.

    Beyond putting money in stocks stocks I reached out to everyone I knew who may have been effected by the closures and have given cash to help those in need and I have been donating money weekly to my local food panty and will do this until things get better.

    There will be better times ahead. I live in GA and we are slowly opening back up and doing alright so far! I didn’t buy at the bottom or sell at the top but think I made good long term choices. I feel it is important to evolve in my investing. If I am wrong long term on my Tech moves I will adjust.

    Thanks Ice and to others chiming in. Hang in everyone!

    #4122 6 months ago

    I missed buying in before Monday but bought some beaten down stocks yesterday and this morning - DIS, EPD, JPM and ESNT. Will add some more over time. I am looking for 20% gains on these for 2021. I feel you need to be in early on these before any good news comes along.

    Looking at numbers and percentages even if you see the beaten down stocks going up don’t feel you missed the boat with how low they are. Like I would be more comfortable buying EPD after a 5% increase then Apple at 5% increase at this point. During dips I feel these stocks are closer to their floors now then others and won’t go down as much.

    I am 48 and could care less about dividends, but some of these beaten down stocks can pay a good dividend also. Yay!

    Now some of these stocks could go all to shit and go bankrupt and that is the downside. Risk/reward. I am not “all in” on any of these but adding them as a speculative 12-18 month picks to supplement my long term keeper backbones in tech like Apple, NVDA, OKTA, ETF’s like VGT, IGV and my personal “not SaP 500 index” - QQQ.

    Definitely a pickers market out there now over a “diversified” Index 500 market. Don’t look at how the DOW did each day to decide how the whole market did. I have good days when the Dow is down a bit.

    Just my rambling thoughts. Good luck out there

    #4152 6 months ago

    Here are the current yields we are getting from our SS contributions. Looks like 2.7% overall but newer US treasuries pay out around 1.4%. Are future social security payments sustainable?

    290EE433-EBD0-4901-BC10-A9C9777FAFC4 (resized).png
    #4223 6 months ago

    If anyone doesn’t feel good about money in the market right now then set it aside. That’s ok. If you want keep money in and add more then go ahead. That’s ok also. My thinking is if you are a small investor then go make some of your own money in the market and don’t let the big investors, investment companies and money managers take it all. One could invest in only companies that took no bail out money and didn’t do mass layoffs also. If you make money feel free to help charities, small businesses and/or folks with financial need out. I have been doing all of these things and will continue until things get better. Do whatever makes you comfortable, help folks if you can, be safe and hope people get cured and things get better ASAP is all we can do.

    That all being said since this is an investment thread today I used candle stick charts as a reference to help me make a trade for the first time. Market was a shit show for growth tech stocks today. I wanted to look at adding more SHOP since it was headed down fast. It started the day around $750ish and I checked the candles as it headed down. It settled at around $690’s and with the charts signals showed bottom resistance and Bullish rise I got in at $702. It ended the day at $750 and $740 after hours. I added some QQQ at the same time when it was down 1.75% and ended up .50% by close. I would recommend looking at the charts. Just one more way to take in how trade patterns effect the market ups and downs. Oh and there will be plenty of ups and downs for a while in the uncertain market and uncertain world. I have a lot to learn.

    Be safe and hang in

    #4240 6 months ago

    I know this is Pinside and the internet and folks come to vent, preach and not learn, but this “the game or rigged story” is not my world. Both my parents grew up poor with their real Dad’s taking off early in life. My Mom never met her Dad. Both were teachers and are on Public pensions now yet they are both “stock market” millionaires.

    My Mom was always conservative with money growing up poor. After my parents got divorced in the late 90’s she wanted to be financially independent so she researched and put a portion of her money in stocks. She worked in the public sector years later and diligently saved in her 457 and built up a nice nest egg. She told me last year when I was talking with her about money before she retires that she had 100 shares of Amazon........that she bought for $20 a share in 1998?! I shit you not! She just retired at 76 and is a penny pincher to a fault. She will be fine.

    My Dad who is now 78 got big on the tech boom 12 years ago and has been into stocks ever since. He owns a thousand shares of Facebook, thousands of shares of Apple and both got in on them at $50-$60 cost basis. He bought hundreds of shares of SHOP in the $300’s. I admit, I was scared to buy SHOP for $300. He got me in on DKNG at $18 last month though. He is just a nice, regular guy. He is doing fine.

    Both my parents are collecting public sector pensions now.

    I mean this in a nice/positive way when I say - you in the public sector can succeed in the market. Teachers can make money in the market. I mean you are teachers - research, research, research. You grew up poor? Yes you can do well in the market also. Take it from someone like me who saw in person how positive things can be even when things seem stacked against you.

    #4256 6 months ago

    Yes thanks Ice!

    (Full disclosure \ I am not bragging here at all. I have made some good decisions, but some bad decisions also over the last few months. I haven’t let my mistakes get me down, learned from them and now I am trying be smarter and evolve to make good choices for the future.)

    So all that being said I have been working things out over the last couple of months, but as of now I have a portfolio Kind of like a burger =

    Top layer of the bun is Growth Tech with stocks like SHOP, MELI, TTD, FSLY and OKTA. These are my long term growth stocks. I bought some low and some at higher pricing, it fine with all of them long term.

    The Slightly soggy bottom bun are the stocks I picked up over the last couple of weeks that were driven down by the pandemic like CCL, REIT’s like MPW, STOR, and BRX, banks like USB and JPM and stocks I never would consider like Oil pipelines EPD and Mortgage insurers like ESNT. If you missed the tech pop I think these will pop also. On these though the pop will be slower than tech but a year or two later you will be happy. These stocks are a little messy now but hey the bottom roll of the burger still tastes pretty good. Put it this way, if CCL hits $22 from today’s pricing you just made over a 25% return. Not bad for a weirdo with
    Pinball machines in his basement.

    The meat in the middle for me is the largest portion of my portfolio with the big tech standards Like Appl, Microsoft, DIS, Nvidia , some tech ETFs like IGV, VGT XLK and growth ARKW and “my S and P“, QQQ which may return lower than S and P 500 over the next year but long term I doubt it. I have some Mid and small cap Funds also but have “picker” funds and not indexes. I have ARTMX and ARTMX that just opened back up to new investors.

    I still have some “lettuce”, or cash, that I will not invest and save for an emergency. I also have cash portions left investing and I can spread around to all the parts of the burger above during dips. THE DIPS WILL HAPPEN! My investing cash is down to like 10% or so now. I never had money in International or Emerging markets and don’t plan on buying those. Watch for INT Holdings in your 401k or target retirement “one stop shop” portfolio picks. You may have 30% or more in International. If that’s ok with you fine, but just be aware.

    I also just started looking at Daily charts when I buy. I go to and look at the candles on 1 minute timer. Still figuring this out.

    Just my story here. This has been an exhausting ride and it’s not over yet. Ups and downs will come. It’s a wild world out there. Be safe and good luck!

    #4280 6 months ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    Glad to see somebody follow me on CNTY. Has been a good play.
    Unemployment numbers much better than expected. Futures point up 500. Normally, I would expect to see some profit taking late in the day but I think people are willing the market to go up right now. Thoughts?

    Your earlier list lead me to look at OXY, COF and MGM and I bought $10k+ of each to add to my “ditch portfolio” yesterday. Thanks for posting!

    I am sure people will trade and profit on the ditch stocks take but damn if you ducked out yesterday to profit where would you be 1 minute into trading this Morning? My plan is to keep the ditch stocks 6+ months or longer, sell and switch back to add to my long term tech purchases. I figure OXY will be a much better play than MELI or TTD over the next year, but not 3-5-10 years from now.

    Would like to hear what others plans are also.

    #4294 6 months ago
    Quoted from sataneatscheese:

    It's really hard to keep track of exactly how much up and down you are at any given time. However, since I moved to Schwab on 22 May, my portfolio is up 45.5%. I shifted things around again today and have the following breakdown in my IRA.
    My focus has been on buying stocks that are at 50% or less of the pre-COVID price that seem likely to bounce back. If you look these up, I am heavy in oil, casinos, and REITs. In the past week I have bailed on RUTH, STKS, LUB, BNED and IMCI. BNED and IMCI were the only real losers there. I have officially recovered from COVID... in my IRAs at least. 529s are still down around 15% and 401k is down about 5%. However, when the markets settle tonight it should be pretty close.

    I was super fortunate to randomly buy OXY on Thursday before the boom on Friday and it was my best trade ever, but it is more like 1-2% of my portfolio and not 43%. Good luck!

    #4328 5 months ago

    I sold of all my Ditch stocks and took my profits premarket this morning, including BA which I bought for $180 a week ago. Never sold premarket before but I had to many trades to make.

    OXY, CCL, STOR, DAL, PK, USB, SPG and and bunch of others.

    Ditch stocks should do well if you buy and hold them through 2021 which was my plan but they went way up too fast and will be very volatile for a long time.

    A WSJ article this morning said that a lot of inexperienced folks are day trading right now and prices will be all over the place on the ditch stocks and others for a while.

    My long term tech is still in my portfolio in full strength and will use my ditch profits to buy dips.

    I thank Iceman, some others here and Luck for my ditch purchase and sells.

    I am not done with the ditch stocks. I just needed to hit reset, take my gains and will pick my favorites to repurchase soon as the world reopens. Will buy fewer than I had. I bought a chunk of everything last week and it was overwhelming to watch and keep track of. Exciting but overwhelming, for me at least.

    #4332 5 months ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    Well money is moving today from "the ditch" to tech growth again. Apple all time high, TTD, SE etc. etc.
    I bought more MAC today, my total position is now 50,411 shares for disclosure purposes.
    Also initiated a new position in LVGO for myself and some clients on the breakout and long term prospects. Been watching it as it hit both Fool and Data Driven Screens. Think about where personalized medicine, AI etc. is going and the TAM.
    I got swamped with "newsletter requests". I'll get the rest of you guys popped in there fwiw. You can always unsubscribe.
    Still playing the "re-opening" thesis. Every day, every week, the news gets better and the traffic comes back.
    Flying on a full plane to Phoenix tomorrow and will be visiting the Scottsdale Fashion Mall, a MAC property.
    My daughter works at Vanguard as a CFP and going out to visit.

    Awesome to hear about your Daughters job! Great to see and hear about Women working in the financials.

    #4400 5 months ago

    We are in weird times.

    Just to hear it from the other side. My wife’s company is a Nasdaq 100 Company and they took no bail outs or Federal loans and didn’t do any big layoffs or furloughs either. Even so the CEO and CFO have been working for zero salary since April. The top 20 most highly compensated employees there are on a 20% pay cut now also. Their stock they may get as future compensation went down 40% and is now at 20% down from this year’s high, but who knows which direction it will head? Bonuses, if they have any, will likely be low for the next couple of years. They are working harder than ever to work to get their company through this mess.

    I just wanted to let folks know because what the higher ups of companies are doing now isn’t getting reported. Many are making sacrifices during this tough time. Less or even zero salary with less future equity pay while working harder then ever doesn’t sound like “getting rich!” to me.

    But sure many are still rich but just not as rich as before.

    #4412 5 months ago

    May be a good time to rally some cash to hedge against the future virus cases, election, possible slow recovery over the next 0-6 months at least. If you choose to go this direction a good way to do this is to take a good look at all the stock, Etfs and mutual funds you have and sell your laggards, so likely not sell your off all your Apple or Google stock.

    I am at 30% cash now. My 70% stocks are mostly in large and growth tech. I feel the next six months or longer will be real choppy. If a vaccine ever Comes I feel it won’t be here by year end anyway so that is a another reason 2021 looks better for me, so cash hedge and I will buy low as things come up until then. Remember how frustrating a down market was when all your stocks are going down and you have no cash to buy low??

    And yes you could short the market but if you have been noticing the market goes up and down daily for no major reason so that looks hard to do.

    Just my two cents of what I am doing.

    Good luck out there!

    #4417 5 months ago

    Ice what percent cash are you? I am with you on stocks for sure looking at my TTD, FSLY, CRWD, SE, MELI, OKTA and SHOP today and over the last month or so, but around how much do you have to “buy a dip” for the future?

    Thanks Man!

    #4432 5 months ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    Me personally, i have about 15% in the VGSH 1-3 yr treasuries.

    Ah I felt like I was too heavy on cash at 30%, but got there by making money selling off some overheated comeback stocks early last week. I did buy 1000 shares of MAC back last Friday though. I can buy back others at a lower price than I sold. I will adjust.

    And love the SE, SHOP, TTD, MELI, FSLY etc recommendations you made over the last month or so. “The future”


    #4446 5 months ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    Some interesting things are going on with Roku. Spiked 13% plus today with a big call volume late in the day. Some very unsubstantiated rumors of a possible buy out. I have a small position of 200 shares that I bought at $107 and it is now $122 in the aftermarket. Is anybody else in on this stock besides me?
    [quoted image]

    I rolled my ditch stock profits into 200 shares of CRWD and 100 shares of ROKU last Friday.

    A view from someone who recommended Roku last week

    Andreas Cardenal, on Seeking Alpha, who is I believe is one of the analysts Ice recomended, said Roku is a leader in programatic advertising, which has huge potential for long term growth. It had vigorous growth metrics last quarter but advertising was down which had an impact on margins. Opening up could help this. Roku has barely scratched growth in the the International market. And he mentioned the stock pulled back compared to others over the last couple of months and the $100 level has shown a good area for support to start a position with a long term horizon.

    I could not link the article since it is a subscription “The Data Driven Investor”.

    #4492 5 months ago
    Quoted from D-Gottlieb:

    I am planning to convert everything to moneymarket very soon and wait for the correction. This is seriously overvalued. I am in s&p and some gold stocks. Looks like everything will drop and then I can go back in. I am where I was prior to this pandemic.

    I don’t believe in “all in” or “all out”. Balance of stocks and cash to your comfort zone is likely a better way. Timing the market is hard and pretty much futile and can burn you. A lot of folks have cash and are waiting for the dip. Hello Warren Buffett!

    If you do go all out when you come back in I would look at buying individual stocks instead of the S and P. We are in a “pickers” market now. I recently have sold off many of my etfs and Mutual funds and switched to stocks and I don’t think I am turning back. Here is why I switched

    For example I just looked up VFINX and it looks like these 5 companies alone make up over 20% of the whole 500 company index. Here is the list of the 5 and YTD returns
    Apple up 23%
    FB up 17%
    MSFT up 27%
    Amazon up 47%
    Google up 9%

    Pretty good returns for horrible year. Yet even with 20% of the 500 index in these 5 stocks with great returns the index is down 2%??? So why invest in 500 companies when you can invest in 5 companies and use those as a base for your portfolio? These 5 are the ones who have pulled up the 500 Index Returns anyway over the last 10 years. These 5 also pulled up a lot of ETF’s And managed mutual funds also, but they charge .50 or 1% fee each year. These 5 are a great start to any portfolio but that is just MHO. Please do research on them.

    I own those stocks above and added tech growth and some heath stocks like FSLY, SQ, MELI, TTD, SHOP, TWLO, SE, PINS, AYX, LVGO, ROKU, CRWD, NVDA, OKTA, etc.. I didn’t buy these all yesterday either. They have given me good returns over the last couple of months and I want to see how they do in the future.

    “BUT” going back to “all in or all out“ of the market, I currently have 30% in Cash right now. I mix good returns and hedge against the bad that may come. I am comfortable now with this mix and can handle an upturn or down. Heck I looked around and most of the managed mutual funds have only 2 or 3% cash right now. They can’t buy the dip. Gold, like you have, is pretty good to own as a hedge also.

    I do still own some tech ETFs. And like QQQ much better than the S and P index if you are out now and want to get back in.

    I left my ETF and Mutual fund comfort zone to buy more Individual stocks because I realized I had to do it in this weird “Pickers” market. I like my mix now.

    All about finding your comfort zone. Good luck!

    #4499 5 months ago
    Quoted from D-Gottlieb:

    Some good advice there, a good friend of mine has those companies along with DIS and SBUX and bought more when it was down. As far as comfort level? I didn't enjoy watching everything drop so fast. I am retired and while I have a pension, I don't want to be too risky with this money. I also don't want to spend a bunch of time trading and watching, either. Still in for now.

    Congrats on being retired. Yes with individual stocks you need to keep an eye on things a lot more. Some like that and some don’t. Some only like looking when things are up and up but when they are down their stomach does a loop and they want to quit investing. That could be balanced with types of stocks that own and levels of cash on the side though.

    I would look at QQQ over the S and P as an investment now or for the future though. Low cost and high returns from solid, large companies. I would recommend QQQ to an 80 year old retired person or an 20 year old with their first job, a millionaire or a first time investor with $1000 looking to get started.

    There are so many investments out there. It’s mind numbing sometimes.

    #4507 5 months ago
    Quoted from DCFAN:

    With the new virus infections seeming to go out of control all over the country I have to believe that is the driver of a new downturn in the market until the feds pump more trillions into the markets.

    I know that is popular for some to say, but could you share the method and the math on how the Fed’s money is being put into the stock market? Bonds and Money Market support sure and they will sell those back in a few years for a profit but I am talking stocks.

    #4519 5 months ago
    Quoted from DCFAN:

    With the new virus infections seeming to go out of control all over the country I have to believethat is the driver of a new downturn in the market until the feds pump more trillions into the markets.

    Well buying bonds and lending to corporations yes, but I was talking about how people mention “The Fed is pumping Trillions into the markets” since to me it infers the stock market is getting trillions of dollars added into it from the Fed. To myself and most others “the Market” is the stock market, so I feel when mentioning “the markets” it needs a little clarification of what and where. That’s all

    But I see where you are going with your comments about volatility possibly coming. I personally have a 30% cash position and some gold as a hedge against future downturns and to protect my portfolio. So I am 2/3rds in which is by far the most cash I have ever had on the side.

    And once again as others have mentioned with all that is going on “Good luck out there”. That applies to how folks are doing financially and personally.

    #4524 5 months ago

    Bought a bit of FB at $220 for longer term. We will see how it goes. Will use my cash to buy dips of stocks I like over the next few months. All part of my plan.

    And finding the top and bottom is hard.

    #4534 5 months ago

    Finally sold off some FSLY. Still have positions in at $48 and $60 so I have some cushion for a drop. It is a long term hold, so just lightening up. And I resold the bit of FB that I recently bought. I will look around to add on dips over the next couple of bumpy months ahead. I am at 30ish% cash and 5% Gold so can deal with the dips and benefit of the good days. That is my plan at this point.

    #4538 5 months ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    Fresh new all time highs today on TTD, SHOP, SE, AYX, DOCU......
    Bottoms up.
    Adding some VIX for a hedge.
    Patiently waiting for "in the ditch" to recover again. Day to day is much to do about nothing as we continue to see.
    Pfizer with very promising vaccine trials.

    I own all of those in part to you Ice. Thanks for helping me transition out of mostly ETFs and MF’s to mostly stocks during this Stock pickers market.

    I subscribed to “The Data Driven Investor” with Andres Cardenal per your recommendation. It has been excellent! Can you throw out a couple of more of your favorites? There are so many.


    #4540 5 months ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    ........PINS, LULU, NOW, OKTA, MDB, TWLO, TEAM, ZS, LVGO, MELI, FSLY Part of momentum/growth model
    Have big gains in those (except PINS and LVGO) all due for a decent pullback, that's when i'd take a look to add for the long term.
    And of course the obvious, AAPL, headed to $400+, maybe $500 ish on 5g upgrade cycle by end of 2021, services, wearables, streaming, health care, buybacks, etc etc. Buy on pullbacks has been a big winning strategy for years.
    Visa is another no brainer cornerstone stock to add on dips.

    Opps sorry I wasn’t clear. I meant Recommendations for financial info to subscribe to, like pay a monthly fee for access to articles written by analysts, etc.. you like. Any favorites you like?

    And yes Sir. I am already in on PINS, OKTA, TWLO, LVGO, MELI, AAPL and FSLY already. Along with many others that have been on your past lists., TTD, SE, AYX, NVDA etc.. I am fortunate on most of them to have a nice cushion from when I have bought them so I can absorb a drop. Will put your others on my watch list and look into them more. Have cash ready to go but I am being patient at this point.

    Thanks again!

    #4552 4 months ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    While we wait for school to reopen, one of the "future stocks" is popping today. LVGO is up 20% or $16 per share.
    PINS has joined the breakout party too. Almost up to $26 per share.

    LVGO popped A big 20% today yes. You had LVGO on one of your lists a while ago along with PINS. Your lists have been solid looking back at your posts when you mentioned the stocks. I was fortunate to already own both LVGO and Pins. Also on health I bought 1000 shares of NVTA on Tues morning of last week. Up almost 15% so far. Healthcare stocks are sexy also. Go figure?! Now one of these companies please find that vaccine!

    This guy on Seeking Alpha recommends some great long term high growth stocks early like LVGO and NVTA last week for me along with FSLY, SQ, ROKU etc.. He does free articles which are worth a read, but I highly recommend subscribing to him for his portfolio and updates . It’s like $25 a month. He helped me get started to get out of MF’s and ETF’s to switch to mostly stocks. And yes Ice recommend him here a while ago. So Thanks Ice - again!

    Last week he recommended NVTA In his subscription and he added to his portfolio also. I added it that morning at opening. With the Dow, 500 and Nasdaq all down today my portfolio went up?? Just take all this FYI and for what it’s worth. The market is weird out there for sure. There are a lot of good folks out there to help you navigate through.

    #4558 4 months ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    Well, they keep going up every day seemingly. With the exception of PINS which has just joined the Bull train, they all need to pull back in the short term.
    Tough to buy any of them here. That's why i'm turning back to the "in the ditch" stocks for new money and the next leg back up.
    I'd buy em all on 15-20% pullbacks, throw TTD in there. Momentum is in control right now and those dollars will shift back around at some point when the traders decide to take profits.
    3-5 yr time horizon? It won't matter. Short term cautious, long term bullish.

    I went from only a handful of stocks to selling off most of my Mutual Funds and ETF’s over the last few months and now have a portfolio of AMZN, AAPL, AYX, CRWD, DIS, DOCU, FB, FSLY, GOOG, LVGO, MELI, MSFT, NVDA, NVTA, OKTA, PYPL, PINS, ROKU, SE, SHOP, SQ, TTD AND TWLO. Most of these look like a “greatest hits” summary list from your previous lists over past few months ICE.

    I have some cash available to buy dips on those above but I am very curious on what the best few “in the ditch” stocks would be from each sector, REITs, airlines, cruise, hotel, restaurants? I owned a broad group of them at the beginning of June but cashed out all positions at the market opening of June 10 because I felt they went up too fast. Got a little lucky there. I rebought MAC and that is about it. I feel you are right that those have huge potential next year. I feel some could even double in price and give a good dividend on top of that. It may be too early to buy them, but if I don’t start looking around now and starting some positions fairly soon, I could easily end up flat footed on them and miss the out. Like what would happen if a company finds a vaccine?? Something to think about. I will start looking around, but of course appreciate all your input and information a ton!


    #4559 4 months ago

    I also have a confession. On Monday I was buying more SQ stock on my phone as I was waiting at the bank drive thru to get money to go buy a TOM pin.

    What the heck happened to me?! Lol

    #4564 4 months ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    It's not just CCL for me, it's SOME of travel & Leisure, hospitality and REIT's.
    If you believe that a vaccine is coming, therapeutics, herd immunity etc. is coming, and that it will be dramatically better by January, then I'm loading into all the "blood in the streets" beaten down stocks in those sectors.
    There is HUGE pent up demand to travel, especially when the fear and panic Covid risk is no longer there. The death toll is dropping and the reality is that so is the fear, despite 24/7 media.
    We can't wait to buy when "the coast is clear" so to speak.
    If you don't believe in the above and these companies won't survive then it's a terrible idea.
    I'm betting that by the 1st quarter or least this time next year these stocks will be significantly higher.
    I'm MUCH more concerned about protecting our huge gains in the technology sector. I started selling off 1/2 positions today for some clients, not myself though.

    Sold off more of my wife’s company shares FISV that she had accumulated over time working there. Sold before it dropped 2% more percent today. I used 1/3 of the proceeds to start and add positions in SPG and MAC since they were down 6.5% today. These are currently 2%ish of my portfolio, but will look at add more ditch over the next 3/4 months. Fully expect them to be volatility for them over the rest of the year, but wantEd to start somewhere. The rest of the FISV sale proceeds will sit in cash which is currently a little over 20%ish percent of my portfolio. My Percentage cash has gotten squeezed and went down by my Stock portfolio gains the last few weeks. That is alright with me and I am not going to rebalance. I am comfortable with the amount of cash 20% cash, gold 5% and stock 75% mix for now.

    Bumpy waters with ups and downs ahead.

    #4574 4 months ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    Start a position in what you have high conviction in and then buy more when it goes down

    This! I have learned it is important to just get started with a small position on company or on a hot or beaten down sector, like Tech or REIT’s now. You likely may not want to do this because a stock may have gone up recently so you feel you missed out, overheated or is currently beaten down, so you are just not sure about the future of it, but once you have some money in you will keep an eye on the stock and learn about the sector more and it’s really the best way to find out if its for you or not.

    If things go down and you still like the company buy more, but I would also add to not be afraid to add another position as it goes up. Chances are you learned more about the stock and if it is going up its for good reasons. I have multiple positions of many stocks and I bought more as they went up compared to down. I mean if you have to buy on the way up that’s actually good because that means your first position was bought right.

    All that being said I think I have to give in and buy some Tesla. I own a bunch of stocks but never dipped my toe in darn it. Little position will be coming. I didn’t buy because Elon himself said it was overpriced.

    #4584 4 months ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    So CCL up 10% today.
    MAC up 7.5%
    A slight rotation day out of momentum high flyers.
    Just saying. It's coming again.

    Nice turn around on MAC and SPG for me from when I bought them yesterday when they were down over 6% each. I now have a nice quick cushion of 6% and 8% gain from when I bought to cushion against dips.

    Finally gave in and bought a small, like .75% of my portfolio, first position on TSLA today. Thank goodness I bought at opening. Up 10%+ by day end. I oddly don’t feel smart or really good about this gain. I have a - scratching my head/not sure what is up with TSLA feeling instead?? But just like many others, I want to see how the company plays out over the years. I guess you just have to accept what it is, run with it and see.

    Short sellers are down $18 billion going against the stock so far this year. $4 Billion this July alone?! Yikes! To those folks - I am sorry I bought.

    #4588 4 months ago
    Quoted from edcianci:

    i have a question for iceman or anybody else - i bought a lot of shares of xers a few weeks ago and after hours it was announced that george soros just bought
    5.6 % stake in the company - how many people out there buy what he buys once it is announced. i know it's up 13% after hours.
    i missed buying 1000 shares of CCL yesterday by .02 cents - also missed oxy by .05 cents - i like playing oxy
    BRIEF-George Soros Reports 5.6% Passive Stake In Xeris Pharmaceuticals Inc As Of June 30
    BY Reuters
    — 4:40 PM ET 07/10/2020
    July 10 (Reuters) - Soros Fund Management Llc:

    I don’t buy what he does or follow him, but maybe you are on to something? I owned shares of DraftKings early on and remembered an article that he bought the stock. I looked back when and found the article from May 11th which said he bought a 66 Million stake in the stock. It looks like it popped up after also. From the day of the article May 11 to May 12, the next day close, DKNG went up 7.5%. It was around $24 then and hit $42 later on. I think he did well. I did also and got all out at $38. So thanks for the lift George??

    But yeah maybe follow him somehow and buy instantly as soon as you hear of a purchase. Maybe go back and see some announcement dates and see what happened to each stock that day to day after?

    And I don’t day trade but OXY has a special place in my heart from when I briefly bought a chunk June 4th and sold it all June 9th. I literally thought the ticker was broken when I looked at the change June 5th?! I had a gut feeling to sell. By far my best purchase ever. Not going back any time soon, but enjoyed the short crazy ride.

    Oh went to URI also. I am a Ram!

    #4591 4 months ago

    Looking at going in on a comeback part of my portfolio soon if not today. Have 25% cash position waiting to go.

    2 weeks later
    #4647 4 months ago

    Own 1500 shares of PIN Ice

    Ice you were right - This is a pickers market which is shaping up to have select big winners during this down time we are all in. I owned mostly Diversified sectors of ETFs/mutual funds and had little stocks but I realized I needed to flip my portfolio to stocks, which I did over the last few months.

    60% of my portfolio is now in a mix of AMZN APPL AYX CRWD DOCU FB FSLY MELI TTD PD ETSY SE LVGO NVTA MSFT GOOG NVDA OKTA PYPL PINS ROKU SQ TSLA TWLO and for later on DIS and SPG. I don’t day trade these. All long term keepers. I want to see what happens with them.

    Still have some ETF’s QQQ ARKW ARKG IGV

    I also still have 25% cash for a rainy day to buy dips or value/comeback stocks later. My cash protects my portfolio and keeps me humble. I never once wished I went “all in” the market even with my stocks gains. I know these gains are not locked in and things can turn fast. We are in a shit time right now and I know this. I don’t feel good about things in the short term. Who does? Mid to longer term I feel like things will be good though, even really good. Hope it does work out this way. Will see how things play out.

    Thanks for triggering me to change the way I do things Ice!

    #4650 4 months ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    Great job Pinny! I see you added ETSY from our boy Andras. That was a previous Motley rec too

    Andres who? Just kidding. He is the man. He even chats with his subscribers and answers direct questions also!? The $23 a month he charges is insanely low! Thanks for mentioning him Ice! Some of the Motley Fool subscriptions look interesting also, but more expensive and some are even sold out?

    Risky but now I just buy the full chunk of a new position I want all at once now and did ETSY the full amount a few days ago. Looks like earnings will be Aug 5th. Should be fun.

    #4656 4 months ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    Probably need another quarter for the "in the ditch" to play out. That much closer to a vaccine. Although could be sooner if the momentum trade slows down. No sign of it yet. Tech is outperforming with blow out numbers, and the path of least resistance is up in the mid term.
    Patience. Have to have it to look through the short term fear and panic to the vaccine and the ultimate destination. It's a tough thing to execute emotionally.

    Yes Ice. I feel “certain/select” comeback stocks and REITs will benefit greatly down road. You can’t just buy any old Reit or Airline ETF, you need to buy the strongest and best companies to benefit. I am going to try to find some of those next, but would Definitely appreciate your choices as we hear more info about the Financials of these companies as the weeks roll on.


    #4658 3 months ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    Took my 25% gain in COMM today and rolled it into RKT. Anybody else buy this today? It's a small position (1,500 shares), but one that I am just going to sit on. With the volume of mortgages they handle and where they are going, I see tremendous upside.
    For those playing along at home I bought V and REGN today as well.
    Got to stick and move...

    How have you been? Yes Rkt was on my list but got sidetracked today. What time did they start selling it today? Bought SLV Tues and that has been giving me a good uptick.

    2 weeks later
    #4708 3 months ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    I just checked my entry point and I bought at 18 on the nose.

    Good job in on getting RKT at $18. How did you get in so early?

    I added a second position of FVRR this past a Monday at $112. I am a buy and hold guy though and will be on this one to see how it goes. And yeah been quiet around here.

    #4711 3 months ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    Laid out a strategy with my guy to go buy it on the open. Got 1,500 shares at 18. Was going to buy more when it dipped but I took off a few days last week on my boat and decided I was not paying attention to anything. Doh!
    It will come a time with this stock that whether you bought it at 18 or 24 it is not really going to matter that much.

    “Your guy” seems to be on it. Yes folks can wait for a stock to come down to buy, but a lot of times it’s doesn’t drop and they miss the bus. Good you give stocks some time also. Folks can trade in and out of a stock short term for a small quick profit and miss out on a bigger mid/ long term Payoff.

    #4716 3 months ago
    Quoted from BobSacamano:

    I wonder if the next bust will be bigger than 2000 tech bubble?[quoted image]

    Why are you replying to my comment about this? I don’t know what you mean?

    #4747 3 months ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    Ok we all know about the fortunes we've made on AAPL, TTD, SHOP, SE, MELI, PINS etc.
    My largest position now is PINS. SE is going to experience massive growth for a long time. E-commerce, gaming and payment processing. Same thing for MELI. TTD same thing with a massive and growing TAM.
    FVRR and MGNI are two i've bought recently.
    Now for the "in the ditch". Where do we go from here. Here is a little nugget from this morning on MAC and i still consider CCL a pure play ditch stock.
    I guarantee you it's not going to be all up all the time for our Apple and growth stocks.

    My largest position is now SE, Ice. I didn’t plan it this way, it just happened with the gains. I am guessing PINS wasn’t your choice to be your number one holding either? I am learning it is better to let my portfolio decide where it is going and staying out of its way. TTD is now my second highest holding and NVDA third, for now.

    Won’t be tech forever, true, but just when I think it should slow down companies like CRM, which I also own also, killed on earnings today. It’s up 13% after hours. I am at 20% cash though and ready to buy during a downturn. A lot of folks have cash and are waiting and that is why I think we will see a more of a sideways sell off than correction. We will see.

    What are you selling to get cash? Are you just doing some light selling across the board on accounts where the cash got squished because of the stock gains? I don’t know what to sell if I had to? Trim across the board I guess?

    So since tech buys are slowing down I think it’s good to look at comebacks. I feel REITs are a good play for comeback options with their dividends and big growth potential from where they are currently at. I have had them and sold them for some nice gains a few times when they went up too fast (SPG when Amazon was maybe going into JCP stores), but I am likely holding them from here on in and have STOR and SPG currently. A lot of bad Reits out there and Safer ones that are priced higher from buyers looking for dividends. I want growth and will take more risk to get it. I don’t want to be flat footed if any type of vaccine comes out. I do know MAC has a bigger potential payoff then SPG and STOR and will check it out again also.

    Thanks for your input, again.

    #4748 3 months ago
    Quoted from Markharris2000:

    Uh-oh. Cramer is recommending against putting new money into Apple now through the split. Seems to think the run up has already occurred.

    But will people sell it? I thought about lightening up on APPL, But I don’t think I would or could. I bought at $370, $280 and $80 (yeah) so I have a cushion. Will the latest investors hang in if it drops 5 /10% or more?

    What’s your take?

    #4750 3 months ago
    Quoted from Markharris2000:

    I plan to hold. I am in at all kinds of prices over the past 10 years. I suspect it will stutter for the next 2 weeks and then head north as 5G and the announcement of iphone 12 and the holiday buying kicks in. I do not plan on selling...

    Seeing constant articles and listening to talking heads telling you the stock you own is overpriced is all part of owning a high growth stock and comes with the territory. Holding on to them during market downturns and even adding positions gets a badge of honor and later you get rewarded more times than not. We are in this one together. Long AAPL

    And my 76 year old Mom who has money, but would not ever spend it so she was adverse to spending a dime on technology, just went out and got her first IPhone, finally got WiFi, is buying an IPad, new computer and is cutting her cable line and streaming due to the pandemic. Changes like this during this time don’t make me wonder why Technology is booming now and will boom for many years to come.

    1 week later
    #4809 3 months ago

    I am more of a buy and hold guy then a trader but I lightened some overweight positions for some gains on QQQ, AAPL, TSLA (all but don’t own a lot), TTD, SE, PD, FSLY, AAPL and ARKW (all) this morning at opening and my 400 shares of RKT at $33 mid afternoon. Thanks for the tip DBLM! Cash that got squished due to gains over the last couple of months went from 18% to 27% after selling. Happy to take some gains.

    Thursday has been the worst day for the market this year down .27% average. Will see what tomorrow brings.

    596DB4C9-1B26-4F29-8702-566786EA197E (resized).jpeg

    #4870 3 months ago

    Ice has been and still on to something.

    Folks did well if they bought or held over the last 5 months when other folks were scared to hold or buy anything at all, but it wasn’t easy for those who did with all that was going on - lots of risk. If you missed the tech pop up you can now buy into REITs, Banks, Hotels, Airlines etc for a shot at some nice gains, but guess what? Buying those isn’t easy for those who do with all that is going on - lots of risk. It’s the same story second time around. What are you gonna do?? Buying anything this year wasn’t easy for sure and likely won’t be the rest of the year.

    I am adjusting to 2021 - sold off 15% of my tech stocks as things got too hot Wednesday and added more comeback stocks SPG, WYNN, STOR, USB, MAC etc over 2 days and on Friday I did manage to buy back full positions of LVGO, FSLY, RKT at 15%-25% less then what I sold them for two days ago too. Added more AMZN late morning today also.

    Still have cash on the side. I have had great gains this year with 20%+ Cash on the side most of the time. Aggressive, higher growth stocks with cash on the side is superior to having a 100% stock diversified portfolio. We saw that this year with the Nasdaq 100 vs the SaP 500 and last, 3,5,10 years also for that matter. Having and managing cash this year has been more important than any time since 2009.

    I think at this time if you want to get in I would add comeback stocks now and positions in Tech during sell offs as folks switch over to comebacks as things get better. Don’t run out and buy AMZN at $3500 no!, but be reasonable and start adding positions if it’s under say $3200 now, hold for years and there is a high chance you won’t regret it. Don’t say I will buy AMZN when it goes back to $1700 or less. If it goes lower than $1700 that will mean that it split. And you will miss out.

    Comeback stocks for mid term, but Hold for tech for long term with whatever amount cash on the side to make you feel good may be the best mix to be in. Find a way to get there.

    Good luck!

    #4879 88 days ago
    Quoted from usandthem:

    4% to park it in cash is pretty darn good. I have a 403(b) where you get 3% in cash that I’ve had for 25 years and I thought that was good.

    My parents were teachers and didn’t have a lot to invest but were good savers and they did buy stocks including AMZN for $50 and Apple at $8 and more at $10 and they held. Maybe instead of posting such negativity and noise spend time learning and researching ideas of where you can make more than 3% on your hard earned money. My parents did it and did well. I learned from them and you can also if you choose to. It’s up to you.

    No forum snarkiness from me when I say am rooting for you to do well. I seriously am. I think that way for everyone really.

    #4967 83 days ago
    Quoted from BobSacamano:

    I've always wondered what the "worth" of a stock is that doesn't pay dividends now or never really plans on paying them.
    You're basically just speculating that someone down the line is going to pay more for your pin than when you bought it. You're not really using the coin mechs on the machine...

    Do you own any stocks?

    #4970 81 days ago
    Quoted from BobSacamano:

    Outside of mutual funds and managed retirement accounts...
    Only ones that send me quarterly dividend checks in the mail!
    It's like having 4 extra birthdays a year!

    It’s totally ok to own dividend paying stocks for sure. Everyone has a risk tolerance based on current past experiences, age and current and future needs of income from their portfolio. Growth has more reward down the road with folks investing in an “idea and people” and making it grow. The management uses new capital to expand putting resources to design and make new technologies or new products, hiring new employees and/or buying other companies to expand. This could work or fail. Dividends come from established businesses who have made steady profits and the payouts could be used to grow or get paid out to the shareholders. They could increase dividends or lower if business slows. Usually the higher the dividend the lower the growth. There are some higher growth companies like Apple and Nvidia which pay a small dividend or bigger Based on your cost basis if you bought them years ago. Both Growth or dividend stocks can do well or fail. The choice is up to you where to invest. A lot of folks do a mix.

    I am in my 40’s and mostly a long term growth investor, but sold some off recently because they got to hot. I balance my growth with cash to protect against downturns, buy dips, make new investments and to use to live off of in emergency. I usually keep 10% cash set aside but raised to 15/20% this year with this Covid shit and I went from 17% two weeks ago and have 32% today. Will look to buy dips that I feel will happen, but may not. I used to have a diversified portfolio but I would now rather try to own the top market movers for the whole market and have cash on the side. I like my aggressive and safer mix so far. Everyone’s different.

    And with growth pretty much all business, even dividend companies, started out being a growth company and were not making money day one. Even a kid’s lemonade stand needed investment money to buy lemons and a bag of sugar. If the Kids product is good and priced right it will sell. If it’s cheap country time lemonade Powder crap it likely won’t sell. Yuck.

    And as we learned this year nothing is safe from downturns, Growth, income, value stocks, Metals, Reits and bonds. Cash works but even that needed some help this year. This year redefined what safe meant for me. Not much.

    I am not buying yet though. Folks who have been sitting on the side may have an opportunity to get in Lower over the next couple of months. Keep an eye out and get your shopping lists to be ready. It won’t stay low for too long. Never does.

    #5002 78 days ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    SNOW is the new Tesla? Still pricing this thing, now $235-240? Lol.
    So i bought some more SPG this morning.
    And more MELI and FSLY for long term, on sale.

    I am pretty much done on tech buying but have a shopping list when it dips again. Two weeks ago I did some pull back on tech before it dipped and haven’t put all the money back in yet. I subscribed to “value and momentum breakouts” on seeking alpha and his charting helped point out that a breakdown was coming. Yes I like FSLY long term and fortunately sold 1/3 of at $94 and brought back at $72.50 over last 2 weeks. Even sold my AAPL I had for 10 years?! at $130 and $118 and haven’t bought back in yet. 10 years and I sold it. That was weird to me. Lightened on some others also. I am with you love tech long term so pick your favorites buy dips now and hold for years for gains. I like and own Pins TTD FSLY NVDA LVGO SQ MELI and SE long term and they are some of my favs for sure.

    And yes I like Reits and after looking around they are my favorite come-backers over Airlines, cruise, banks and small Caps. I have bought and sold Reits, like SPG, 3 times during June and July and made about 7 or 8% each time on them over a two to three week holding periods. Last month when I bought them back lower I decided to keep Reits long term and not sell and my STOR and SPG are each up over 15% so far. STOR raised there dividend last month during Covid?!. Reits are small 3% of my portfolio but will buy dips. SPG seems like a momentum play now and will buy more during pullbacks. Never thought I would be excited about dividends being in my 40’s but times ah e changed. Don’t want to own them forever, but hold them for a while, get growth and dividends and sell them to income investors for a profit in 2021 or 2022 is the plan.

    How high are Reits up there on your comeback opportunities Ice?

    And SNOW will be pure entertainment for me from the sidelines. That will be fun to watch.

    #5041 77 days ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    Regarding Apple, they are not a "hardware" or "software" company, they are now a subscription company based upon their ecosystem. Besides the obvious software services that they are offering, they are counting on people in the ecosystem to upgrade hardware at certain intervals. Phones, for example, every 2 years or so. That is why when you try to buy a phone they want you to do the no interest 24 month payment plan. It not only makes the hardware costs more manageable, but it creates a buying event every two years for you to upgrade. This ARR (annually recovering revenue) is one of their big metrics, and is the reason that wallstreet treats them similar to a software subscription company, because they really are.

    Your knowledge of the technology companies is impressive DBLM! I know you trade but care to share some of your favorite long term holds? Thanks for sharing your info and updates.

    #5043 77 days ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    You are too kind. I am in the tech space so it is an area I know.
    As for long term, my biggest holdings are ones that you would expect: aapl, msft, a amzn, v, mcd, ba, sbux, and the like. I have made some bets on the recovery in regn and abt. I have some financials, but those are trading water right now. Some of my short to mid terms plays include rkt, lulu, cnty, zyne.
    With that being said, I am always looking to see which way the winds are blowing. I tend to do a fair amount of trading and have some good calls in the past 6 months. However, I have no compunctions about cutting and running. Lots of choppy water ahead so I encourage everybody to pain attention to the markets and their positions. The old paradigms are dead.

    Right on. Folks who trade short term need to learn to have long term keepers that will turn into double and triple baggers down the road. Short term gains are great, but for me longer term buys are really the best trades you can make “longer term multi bagger”. If you have a good horse don’t sell it, let it run.

    I agree on watching your positions. I fortunately lightened up a couple of weeks ago and in 1/3 cash now and no hurry to buy anything. Although things are getting better looking. Thanks again

    And also you have been working hard, treat yourself to a Hook CDMD

    #5089 73 days ago
    Quoted from flashinstinct:

    Hi guy really new to trading. What do you guys do when markets crash...keep the stocks you have and just buy more on sale or take stocks out and wait for the crash to happen and then buy? I'm debating on the right approach.
    Got caught up in NNOX...bought some shares at $18 and then $52 just to watch everything crash. I thought I had done some due diligence by looking into the board of directors and who they were. I'm still holding the shares.
    I have diversified in roughly 15 stocks. Don't want to stretch myself too thin.

    My Advice would be trade but make sure you have long term keepers. I know a few “traders” who only trade with 10-20% of their portfolio and have the rest invested long term. Some of the folks also use QQQ as their home base part of their portfolio To go along with their long term stocks. They also turn short term trading off for periods of volatility like the past couple of weeks. Like how could you trade today with the market so erratic?

    For long term perspective my Dad did well but not a rich guy for sure and he made two $50k bets on AAPPL, one at $8 and another at $10 about 10 years ago and held them. Now he has over $1 million worth and collects $700 a month in AAPL dividends as gravy on top. He never sold. He just bought chunks of SHOP at $400 and $500 this year also. Didn’t sell that yet either and has no plans to. Ice has some good long term picks. I own most of them also. Good luck Flash!

    Edit some minor mistakes my Dad said he did do was not reinvest his dividends back into AAPL to buy more shares and he sold a tiny bit of AAPL 5 years ago. He can’t remember what he bought.

    #5090 73 days ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    Mama always said there was gonna be some short term volatility!
    Embrace the fear, profit from it
    Down big early back in green for me
    FSLY, SHOP, TTD, AAPL, SE, PINS coming
    There’s always a bull market somewhere
    And that big fat “Fed put” is sitting there firmly in place

    Roku?! I was up 1.25% with 32% cash in my portfolio. Weird day for sure. And thanks for reminding me about SHOP. I sold all earlier when I went to trim tech and need to buy back. Cheers Ice

    #5129 72 days ago

    Anyone who wants to learn about and needs help with choosing long term high growth stocks Ice was super helpful (again) and referred this subscription service a while ago here. Its like $24 a month. I subscribed and it changed the way I view investing. Not a day trading site but long term view.

    I also just spent money for this service that gives guidance on which way the market is headed.

    You can do trials on these. And check out Seeking Alpha. A lot of great info.

    #5147 71 days ago
    Quoted from DCFAN:

    That article is very slanted in the last two paragraphs. There are many middle class families like mine in states like NY, NJ, Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland, California, and Florida that are getting shafted by double taxes on the income they are paying for state income tax, real estate property taxes, and vehicle property taxes. As a dink, double income and no kids, I have been shafted for over twenty years with a marriage penalty and the reduction of the SALT deduction was just another form for me to get screwed additionally. I am usually not one to complain about taxes either.

    But look who is hitting you? State and Local governments. Are you getting really awesome value from your state and local governments for the higher taxes you pay? Folks just don’t look at where the money goes and say “it’s a write off whatever“ or “I live in a higher cost area so I should pay $12k is reasonable for property taxes” and they move on. I feel if folks can’t write off the income And property taxes It makes local governments more responsible. Also Why should the federal Govt have to subsidize higher taxes From states or mortgage payments from owners for the area you chose to live in and the mortgage payment you chose to take on? I would much rather see the lower income folks get a Tax break then six figure households not being able to write off. If you are middle class and write off over $24k a year in income, property and Mortgage interest are you may not be middle class?

    Saying this in a nice non douche bag Anti Pinside way and full disclosure I was effected by the Tax change and had to pay more federal taxes because of it with capping my write offs, but I think think it’s fair.

    #5166 71 days ago
    Quoted from DCFAN:

    I feel that the state and local taxes I incur in Virginia are a good value considering our county has some of the best public schools in the country, parks and recreation, mass transit, and fairly good road system considering the amount of traffic and growth. It is the double taxation by the federal government on the state and local taxes that seems unfair. Also, the reason salaries and taxes are higher in more densely populated areas is because of supply and demand, not because the local government is squandering the tax revenue. Everything naturally costs more in an area when there is a high demand for the land, housing and employees (and thus higher local government employee salaries than a more rural area).

    I hear you but on the other side the federal government is getting shorted with write offs from tax payers from states, counties and towns where folks have higher demands from local and state governments. Federal to the is broke also. But maybe you think Federal govt is not giving you good vale for their services and that is why you want more money to go to local? I agree but I feel we can’t have our cake and eat it too and short the federal govt with too much Local tax write offs because we choose the area where we live, house we bought and mortgage we chose to take on and wanting more services costs more. I feel $24,000 Cap is fair. And once again I was effected by Salt and it didn’t help me. I feel it did help mid to lower income folks. Just agree to disagree and that’s totally ok.

    #5171 71 days ago
    Quoted from DCFAN:

    I feel there is too much deduction for dependents. Why should we be in the business of shorting the federal government (your words) for overpopulating? These types of disagreements on fairness could go on forever. I know we pay more than if we divorced and still lived like we are married. I have run the numbers. Double income and no kids is unfair in many ways but I would be happy with just the SALT deductions.

    Then we have too many babies which will raise global warming and fires and stuff and other problems from overpopulation or end the deductions and hurt families who need to the money to raise kids, But then some free college programs will come out and the county is broke anyway so more kids will break the system but less Kids is less future workers to pay taxes and on and on.....

    Not saying I agree Or not with any of the above but That’s the never ending debate.
    I hear you. Can’t please 330 million people. But we will always have taxes and always complain about them is my opinion.

    2 weeks later
    #5335 55 days ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    I'll be back after the election fellas. Wanted to give you an update below.
    PINS got a re-recommendation from Motley Fool Stock Advisor yesterday and Blast Off.
    Another Analyst reiterated target of $54. Gotta own this for the next 3-5 yrs to let the story play out. Monetization of the MAU's and global growth.
    They are doing MUCH better on monetizing users and growing globally. SHOPIFY has tied all of its shops into Pinterest. I'll go there to buy now.
    btw, if you haven't actually used Pinterest it's a great site for everybody, not just women. I just bought a rowing machine through there. Travel, sports, etc. etc.
    TTD and SE hit new highs.
    See you soon!

    Enjoy your break Ice! I give you tons of credit for explaining how things were not good but not as horrible as the “doom and gloom” politicians and Media, or what ever the hell they both think they are, portrayed. Then you went over how “the market” has winners and losers during all of this, so you can’t just buy any old mutual fund or etf, you needed to buy individual stocks of companies that our helping us out during this time. Then you repeated “Don’t fight the Fed” over and over and a bunch of folks got it. You also referenced “The Data Driven Investor” on Seeking Alpha that I subscribed to for $25 a month and I was off to the races picking stocks.

    I sold off all my Mutual funds in May and now own AMZN AAPL AAKG CRM CRWD DOCU ESTY FB FVRR FSLY (good lord!) GLOB NVTA LVGO MELI NVDA PD PYPL ROKU SE SHOP SQ TTD TWLO WIX and even some other non tech stuff Reits on big sale like SPG and STOR and dividend darling EPD. Yes I own PINS and up over 100% on it and have double baggers on others already. All long term stuff for me.

    Some folks became a pandemic and/or political experts this year. I spent my time researching the market and building a portfolio instead.

    Thanks for being the spark Ice! Changed the way I think of investing. For fun let us know the day after your portfolio for whoever wins this stupid election. I learned all about stocks on a pinball site?? Crazy!

    1 week later
    #5368 47 days ago
    Quoted from ReplayRyan:

    Buying more EPD, STOR, and taking a shot at LUMN (formerly Century Link) for dividend/value picks.
    I bought some FB for short-medium term but otherwise avoiding tech, most have gone too high/too fast with many similarities to the dot com tech bubble, IMO.

    I am with you Replay. Recently bought a chunk of EPD at $15.20 and another at $16.20. I feel EPD is a good way to play Oil. I own STOR also and like it closer to buy at $25 than $28 so keep and eye on it. I also own and like Reits WPC and NNN and like SPG under $65 also since low $60’s seems to be the floor. Long on my tech but those prices are getting up there.

    Good luck and enjoy the FL Winter.

    #5369 47 days ago
    Quoted from loneacer:

    I don't know what FSLY is or does, but I got an alert they are down 28% after hours today. Maybe they're a good buy now? That just knocks their price back to where they were...about a week ago?

    Yes sir. I own a lot of FSLY but bought early on. It went from $90’s to $130 in few weeks for a reason I have no idea on. ARK ETF’s, the best this year, bought a bunch this week and added another 87,000 shares Friday . $80’s is ok pricing for the long term. $120’s is bat shit crazy now, but that is how things go sometimes.

    #5376 44 days ago
    Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

    Whoa. I can't keep up with you guys. 87,000 shares at $80 is almost $7 million.
    I'm lucking if I can drop $1,000 every month or two.

    Me buy that much?! Hell no. Ark ETF’s has been buying FSLY the last few days. Check them out if you are not familiar.

    #5379 44 days ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    I think the way you phrased your original post threw people off. Now I see that ARK added 87K shares of FSLY on Friday.

    In my online persona I am a baller trader. Real life not so much. Lol!

    #5384 42 days ago
    Quoted from tacshose:

    A great day to own PINS! Which again for me is thanks to iceman44

    I bought shares at $20, $22, $25 in part to iceman. Will see if he comes back after the thing next month.

    That being said I don’t know what to buy now. Added some boring Reits NNN and more SPG a few days ago to hold for a comeback. Will look to see what’s going on tomorrow.

    #5391 40 days ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    Just the beginning for TTD too in this digital transformation playing out over next 10-20
    Anyone remember when Netflix was a mail order dvd company? Lol
    20 yrs later, up 15,000% all because of digital

    My TTD story? After I purged pretty much all of my Mutual Funds and ETF’s last spring to buy mostly stocks I decided to buy some TTD. I wanted 50 shares but found out after close I hit and extra 0 and accidentally bought 500 and I had enough cash to cover the purchase?! I needed to sell the next day to cut my position down but of course TTD was down premarket. I said “F“ it kept 200 shares instead of 50 I initially wanted and sold 300 for a little loss. “Doh!” Well those 200 shares ended up double bagging for me and TTD is now my largest holding.

    Weird it worked out that way and from now on I always double check my orders upon execution. Always! But with TTD I got lucky.

    #5410 37 days ago
    Quoted from gonzo73:

    Buy Riets, like me, then sit back, and relax guys.
    O, reality income.
    Message from the Freeeek Riet Kingdom.

    They are getting hit now, as they should. Need to be patient for 1-2 years and you will be rewarded with 50%+ gains and locked in 5-8% yields. Folks looking for income will have a tougher time to find it for what seems like a long time and this will help REIT’s also. NNN PINE STOR WPC ESS AVB and more speculative SPG MAC UBA are ones I own and like. I have 6% of my portfolio in REIT’s and will slowly add more, but no rush.

    #5419 36 days ago
    Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

    broke my rule of not buying before the election and picked up some MO
    buy not jumping deep into anything at all
    Have one holding that surprised me today CLGX

    I am not a big dividend guy with a ton of tech, but I am adding a bit not only for the yields, but for growth over the short to mid term. I like Reits for this but did buy some value EPD at 15.30 and 16.20 recently. The ex divided date is tomorrow and will pay $.445 per share which is 2.6% currently if bought today. I feel it’s the only way to play an oil and natural gas recovery and will get up side when things open up again. These will be bumpy, but what isn’t, but hopefully will work our down the road.

    I just added Reits NNN PINE since they took a hit, but hanging tight with 20% cash through the election but like you can bend that rule if things go lower.

    #5431 36 days ago
    Quoted from sataneatscheese:

    No... I don't see it. I see the + 25% after hours trading.

    How did PINS do??

    I would hold PINS for years until something fundamentally changes with the company. I don’t know any successful investors who didn’t hold but traded FB, AMZN, AAPL NVDA on their way to riches, but know many successful folks who bought and held those. If you picked a winning horse early on don’t sell it, let it run.

    Long Pins for me. Long FSLY also. Good luck!

    #5436 36 days ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    [quoted image]

    Thanks. Now I can’t say that anymore. Lol

    1 week later
    #5536 28 days ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    TTD. Trade Desk

    Rounded the bases and touched second on TTD for a double bagger, long term holding and headed for third.

    Bought PLTR today on a buy alert from one of my Seeking Alpha subscription services. Long term hold position. Will see how it goes.

    #5539 27 days ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    Welcome to the club. Bought a couple thousand shares at IPO. Will be interesting to see what happens next.

    Interesting tid bits - one of the PLTR founders, Robert Theil, was the first outside investor of FB when he bought 10.2% of the company in 2004. He paid $500,000 for it. Damn! He also cofounded PayPal. Palantir’s technology supposedly was used to find and kill Osama Bin Ladin. Smart dude

    1 week later
    #5646 19 days ago

    For comebacks I traded cruise hotel oil and airlines briefly when I backed up the truck early June, per the Longhorn guys recommendation, and sold everything at opening June 9. I made 14% in around a week. I got lucky. Oh those OXY memories.

    After I bought and sold Reits as a comeback investment, like STOR and SPG, and made money but then started buying on dips In August through now. I got a pop on my STOR NNN WPC SPG MAC this week. I am no longer buying STOR and NNN since their growth is pretty much cooked now and they are for folks who want to lock in on a 5% yield. I want growth for a comeback so I would add more SPG and MAC for upside and also a REIT in NY suburbs REIT UBA. I am shooting for 30% growth to go along with my dividends by the end of 2021. I will buy more on dips like SPG I added at $69.50 on Thursday.

    I also bought oil pipelines on dips in Sept Oct and those have taken a nice bump upward. I bought and own EPD MMP and WMB and would add more for a comeback. Why oil pipelines? They don’t get effected by the price of oil as much and folks hate anything oil so they won’t invest in them. I am shooting for 30% growth behind my dividends by the end of 2021.

    So No govt bailed out airlines (buybacks will never be allowed again/profits are greedy) and cruise lines, selling off their ships, for me. Certain Reits and Oil pipelines above are a good comeback value with growth for me. I kind of like these dividends actually. Reits are 10% and Oil Pipelines 3% of my portfolio so my dumbbell is not balanced, but it’s there. I am over 70% Growth tech/health. 18% cash.

    The charts say we are lining up to be really good the next 1-2 years. There is a 50/50 chance of a fair drop in the next few months though. Not March drop but SaP 3200ish drop. If folks can stomach that they will be good for the mid term.

    This is 25 min long but their weekly chart info is great.

    Good luck everyone.

    #5700 16 days ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    I love it! Glad to see people are winning! Who else is joining us in the PLTR Prayer Circle?
    Also, who is still riding with me on RKT? It has already done very well if you traded it when I did and it has plenty of upside.
    [quoted image]

    Loaded up on PLTR average for price $13.50. I am holding. TLS is an IPO coming out soon that may be similar. You know anything about it?

    #5764 14 days ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    The Trade Desk +6% as Berenberg calls it best way to play CTV
    Nov. 19, 2020 11:10 AM ETThe Trade Desk, Inc. (TTD)By: Jason Aycock, SA News Editor
    The Trade Desk (NASDAQ:TTD) is up 6% following an initiation at Berenberg, which says it's arguably "the best way to play connected TV."
    The tipping point for streaming TV and CTV ads is here, the firm says, with a convergence of more viewers and content with advertisers' focus on improving return on investment.
    The Trade Desk has famously rallied over the past year (up 233%, even accounting for the spring decline), but it has favorable positioning and strong profitability in an "enormous" total addressable market, the firm says. The company has a "formidable, and sustainable" competitive advantage.
    We have known this for quite some time right?

    My largest position is TTD. For fun I checked my current top holdings and thought I would share with everyone.

    1. TTD
    2. SE
    3. NVDA
    4. MELI
    5. EPD
    6. PLTR
    7. PINS
    8. SPG
    9. ROKU
    10. FB

    And also love ARK ETFs. They list their trades at the end of the day for full open disclosure to show the Hedge fund managers what to buy.

    Catherine Wood is so disruptive!

    #5766 14 days ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    I just checked mine and it is fairly boring. I have exited a variety of positions here recently so I am close to a core. Not bothering to list the mutuals, which are a fair amount.
    1. AAPL
    2. MSFT
    3. AMZN
    4. RKT
    5. PLTR
    6. LULU
    7. MGM
    8. AAL
    Stocks that I have successfully traded this year included BA, CG, CNTY, COF, COMM, COST, DAL, DKNG, HAL, JPM, LCA, LVS, MCD, NFLX, OXY, REGN, ROKU, RKT, RTX, SBUX, SKYY, SLB, UAL, V, WORK, and ZM.

    If those are boring then boring is pretty darn sexy. I remember now that you were my OXY recommender back in June. How can I forget?
    It will take time And there will be bumps in the road but the future is lining up to look good over the next few years. Good for the market and more important good for everyone.

    It’s so funny how MSFT AMZN and AAPL are kinda boring now. They are but they so aren’t.

    #5775 13 days ago
    Quoted from loneacer:

    I got the impression she might be forced out early next year. There's a takeover plan in place.
    "Wood is “disappointed” that Resolute and its private equity owner, Kelso & Company, have issued this “unwelcome notice that they intend to seize control of our business,” she said in a statement. “We do not believe that equity ownership by a party tangential to our business is in the best interest of ARK’s stakeholders.”

    I read that but what is the value of being in an ARKK etf if she leaves? Wouldn’t she just start another ETF?


    #5792 11 days ago
    Quoted from djd9617:

    New to this thread, but I invested a bit right after covid hit, so figured I'd share my progress:
    Renesas (RNECF, RNECY) +98%
    Microchip (MCHP) +67%
    United (UAL) +38%
    PBF -50%
    I recently transformed my PBF shares into AMD and Nvidia. I really expected oil (PBF) to rebound more quickly. Can't win em all I guess. At least airlines (UAL) are getting back up there.

    Quoted from djd9617:

    New to this thread, but I invested a bit right after covid hit, so figured I'd share my progress:
    Renesas (RNECF, RNECY) +98%
    Microchip (MCHP) +67%
    United (UAL) +38%
    PBF -50%
    I recently transformed my PBF shares into AMD and Nvidia. I really expected oil (PBF) to rebound more quickly. Can't win em all I guess. At least airlines (UAL) are getting back up there.

    I respect you for putting your loser down on the list. If you read online forums sometimes it seems no one loses a dime ever. I learn just as much from my mistakes as I do from my good choices.

    #5802 10 days ago
    Quoted from desertT1:

    I’m looking for some runners in the next 3-6 months. Not wanting to own long term, but want to get some options and see if they run. Going to keep adding to my REITs as well, but looking for a little bit of excitement too.

    Reits SPG MAC UBA are exciting even for Reits. WPC is undervalued compared to STOR. PLTR will be exciting and interesting and the lock out period is around mid February, but I am not sure of the Date.

    #5817 10 days ago
    Quoted from DCFAN:

    Do you have an eventual sell target price in mind for MAC?
    I look at the chart and before pandemic it seemed like it was struggling at around the $20 range. I don't look at brick and mortar retail as something that will ever fully come back because of online purchasing which has been growing fast even pre-pandemic. It just seems like with MAC it would be wiser to cash in at some level rather than hold long term like an AAPL.

    For me when to sell a REIT is based on where the dividend ends up based on its price and payout and what better opportunities would you pull your money out of a REIT with income and upside like MAC?

    I just looked and Right now MAC pays A lowered amount of $.60 annually so at $10 pays 6% yield. Pre Covid MAC was paying $3.00 annually and was selling around $24 so the yield was 12.5%. So if MAC raises their dividend back up the better yields will come.

    Add in the vaccine success, rents coming back, lower interest rates MAC can refi at, lower B malls closing so less competition and a yield less world that we now live in MAC looks cheap with good upside but has risk of lower rents, e-commerce competition and vaccine slowly working and possible failure. You may end back up with a 12% annual yield or higher investment in a yield less short mid term future. With MAC it really depends I if and when they raise their dividend back.
    Could be a long term keeper.

    Someone clarify that 12% precovid dividend on MAC if I am wrong. That looks off to me but it’s what I am coming up with. Like if MAC dividend goes back to normal it will pay 30% annually on $10 invested now?! It sounds like my math is off.

    I am keeping my REIT’s for more growth and will hold them as a 6%+ yielding money market type investments from the price I bought them pre Covid and will sell them only if a better investment pops up. 10% of my portfolio is REIT’s and I own MAC UBA SPG WPC STOR NNN.

    #5895 6 days ago

    I sold 40% of my PLTR at $29.40 today. I pulled out an amount which is almost what I put in buying at $11.25, $13.50 and $15.25. I letting the rest roll long term on house money.

    I usually don’t trim and let my winners roll because I am a long term holder. I have many double and even triple baggers this year by doing this, but don’t recall having one that went up as quickly as PLTR did. Still still have a sizable position and I hope the company does well in the short and long term.

    That was fun

    #5908 4 days ago
    Quoted from flashinstinct:

    That was an awesome ride. If you want back... wait...

    I guess I should have said “this is still fun” in owning PLTR since I still own shares but less shares now since I trimmed them.

    Cheers Flash

    #5912 3 days ago
    Quoted from Dano:

    Does anyone like Spirit or United airlines since they are both still in the ditch?

    I like dividend paying ditch stocks better. Earn dividends for yourself while the economy opens and yield investors will pay more for these to chase yields since we are now In a yield less world. I have and like EPD SPG MAC and UBA. Look for dips which may come over the next couple of months . Could be your last chance to buy the ditch stocks if you want to add or didn’t already.

    #5932 2 days ago
    Quoted from DadofTwins:

    Zoom....seems to be circling the commode. Any upside from here?

    I am keeping an eye on ZM. Ark Etfs have been steady on adding more recently. They bought 100,000 shares today.

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