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Stock Market Traders?

By kpg

3 years ago

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    #1507 4 months ago
    Quoted from DCFAN:

    I wish I understood it better as well.
    I do kind of have a small gut feeling the US markets will be up in the morning trading hours tomorrow, but that same gut tells me nothing about what could come tomorrow afternoon.

    How many states suddenly have the ability to test for Coronavirus effective this weekend?

    1 week later
    #1903 3 months ago

    I guess I would just say take a look at the last 10 years and how it got where it is, then ask yourself how far can it fall? Good luck!

    Those of you trying to catch a falling knife, take your time. You'll have plenty of opportunities.

    #2083 3 months ago

    It's been mostly sunshine for the last 10 years. What do the algos do in a real bear market? Seems we're entering uncharted territory. Our new normal for the next 12 to 18 months is gonna suck for the world economy. Until there is a vaccine, any attempt to go back to normal will likely result in a resurgence of the virus.

    #2119 3 months ago

    The folks delivering to the quarantined are the same folks delivering to you.

    #2252 3 months ago
    Quoted from noob-a-tron:

    Any reason why silver is dropping i actually thought in a time like this it would climb anyone smarter than me could explain it i would appreciate it.

    Industrial demand has fallen off a cliff? Margin calls in other investments?

    #2332 3 months ago
    Quoted from sd_tom:

    California whole state shelter in place just announced starting tonight.. can't be great for stocks tomorrow

    Here's the link. It's legit...


    #2337 3 months ago
    Quoted from adborto:

    It is. NY probably next.

    NY should have done it first....

    #2653 3 months ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    The stewardess is very pretty and sounds like an airhead.

    If she thinks she's already been exposed on the airplane, it's pretty irresponsible of her to not self-quarantine, especially there.

    #2911 3 months ago
    Quoted from taylor34:

    I'm not sure what good the April 30th date does when everyone already knows it's going to drag into June at a minimum (barring some sort of treatment or cure miracle). I feel like they're delaying the complete shutdown hoping for a treatment option.

    It gives people hope. You can't just tell people we're going to be doing this shit for 6 months or a year. It would be chaos. Until there is a vaccine, forget normal. That's the truth.

    It kinda sucks because I'm prepared for a lockdown, but we're not really locked down. Do I start eating my supplies or do I wait and order take out as much as I can? It's hard to replenish supplies now because everybody is out of the shit everyone wants. We all need to get on the same page.

    #3110 3 months ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    I know nothing about DG's stock, but where DG locates its stores it seems to me it will be insulated from the fallout.

    Ever been in a DG? Small, cramped stores with a small number of employees. Their primary customers? The folks most likely to get you sick.

    #3114 3 months ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    Just because I don't shop at Dollar General (and evidently neither do you) that does not mean that we should be classist or look down on it. They tend to serve smaller, more rural, and less affluent areas. Economic recovery is going to take a while and they are well positioned to benefit from it.

    Oh, I do shop there. It's not about class. It's about facts. Their primary customer is poor. Poor people have to work when they are sick. They don't go to the doctor/hospital unless it is serious. They can't stock up, so they make more trips to the DG. They are more inclined to believe it's just the flu or media hype/fake news, so they don't take precautions. What happens to that DG when the staff are all sick? Publix can afford redundancy. DG can't. Or maybe they can? I'm just not so sure they will be unaffected/benefit from this.

    #3122 3 months ago
    Quoted from pinlink:

    I don't really get this part.

    I listen to lots of small talk, as well as read hats, t-shirts, and bumper stickers.

    #3123 3 months ago
    Quoted from Zablon:

    This seems like personal bias, as I've seen plenty of rich folks have the same attitude.

    Well, I am biased against ignorance, but not the poor. Please spend some time amongst the poor folk and then tell me how I am wrong.

    #3127 3 months ago
    Quoted from Zablon:

    I'm surrounded by the poor. I live in a poor area. Just because one isn't well off doesn't make them ignorant.

    And I never said being poor implied you are ignorant. You just have a much better chance of being so.

    #3130 3 months ago
    Quoted from Zablon:

    Read the forums, plenty of non poor people around here who come off pretty ignorant.

    I never said otherwise.

    #3133 3 months ago
    Quoted from Zablon:

    I guess I'm confused by your 'most likely to get you sick' comment. Again ignorance and 'i'll do what I want' attitude has not been bound by how much money you make or what you do. It's basically been down party lines and who you believe.
    Anyway...this is getting off topic.

    See post 3114.

    #3134 3 months ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    I think you are using too broad of a brush. Poor might be better associated with uneducated or less educated. I grew up working in factories where most were uneducated. Some were ignorant.
    But then I got my degree and eventually wound up with an office job (buyer, corporate, airplane parts). I met more ignorant MF's in one office place than I ever did on the shop floor.

    I never once said being poor meant you were ignorant so how the hell am I using too broad of a brush? One person reads a bit too much into what I say. The next takes it as fact. Good grief!

    #3137 3 months ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    In 2008-2009 the mantra was that people were going to keep their cars longer and fix them up. The plays of that day were Autozone, O'rielly's, and Advance Auto Parts.
    I can tell you that I WISH that I had bought them. AZO and ORLY have been amazing performers. AAP has done well, too. but not quite as good as the other two.
    With AAP, if you had bought the high in 2005, you would have been sitting under water and treading water until 2010.
    The more I thought about that and kicked my self for not buying, I got to thinking. These three companies have a racket going. You never see them get into price wars. I know in my town, they have pretty much have ran many of the local auto parts suppliers out of business. If you need a car part, these 3 stores are all over town.
    They pay their managers well, but for the hourly help they don't pay jack.
    And every time I need to go buy a part for my car, I just about choke. It is like, " You want how much for that !!?? Are you frigging nuts? But then I bend over---and then stand up an pay---because it is a part I need.
    The other day, I read the same argument about these 3 companies. People will be keeping their cars longer and will need to buy parts. Autoparts is something I understand and I may take a closer look at these 3.

    I drive my cars a long time and do my own repairs. I used to use Advanced Auto quite a bit as they were very aggressive with the coupons. I'm finding I mostly buy my parts from Amazon now and to a lesser extent ebay and Rock Auto. If I need something in a pinch, one of the big 4 (Napa, Oreilly, AZ, AA) will have it though. Some of them are better than others for certain things.

    #3140 3 months ago
    Quoted from swampfire:

    Well let me tell you about my 300 shares of DAL, now down 44% from my entry point at around 40 bucks. I’m holding on because I think Delta will be one of the last airlines standing, but there’s a nonzero chance that ALL of the airlines will reorganize under bankruptcy. Very few international flights for the next 9-18 months, and even domestic is a question mark.
    I made the classic mistake of looking at the dividend at saying “hey, I’m happy with just getting 3-4% while I hold this”. Now all of the airlines have cancelled their dividends to raise cash. It’s a cluster.

    I seem to recall from the last recession, a company declared bankruptcy (GM maybe??) declared non-preferred shares worthless, then issued new shares under the "new" company. Something along those lines anyway. I'd sure be worried about that sort of thing right now in hard-hit industries.

    #3173 3 months ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    'Demand has disappeared': Cathay Pacific slashes more flights after flying just 582 people in one day.
    I read stuff like this and me thinks much more bad news to come. But then I toy with the idea that the market has discounted the bad news and the only way to go is up.
    It is a traders' market, for sure.

    It seems to me this should be worse than the housing crisis for the economy/markets. Entire industries have just gone poof overnight. We don't go back to normal until we have a vaccine, if then, and it will not be a snap of the fingers when we do. It's gonna take time...

    2 weeks later
    #3726 78 days ago
    Quoted from loneacer:

    My understanding is that the shale producers can't just flip a switch and stop pumping. They are literally paying people to take the oil they pump in some cases because that's cheaper than the cost to shut down a well. It's absurd and really messes up the laws of supply and demand. Those producers need to go bankrupt and not be able to continue business during bankruptcy.

    And who gets to buy the bankrupt shale producers' assets? Saudis, Chinese, and Russians? Dont think we want that.

    It certainly is a tangled web. Seems a great opportunity to beef up the strategic reserve at least.

    #3730 78 days ago
    Quoted from Londonpinball:

    What’s wrong with investors from other countries buying insolvent America companies?
    Globalization goes both ways, ethicists are not a North America invention.
    Most stocks are sold with out worrying about the birthplace of the buyer.

    Nothing if the assets dont have strategic value.

    #3779 76 days ago
    Quoted from pinlink:

    And where is the fed taking us?


    #3782 76 days ago
    Quoted from greenhornet:

    cemeteries might present an investment opportunity. they could be repurposed as parks and advertised as a place where you can rest assured that every body is maintaining social distancing of 6 feet.

    The French are always ahead of us on this shi*.

    #3821 72 days ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    I can tell you this: I just got back from getting groceries at Walmart. It is 80 degrees here today. Those masks, any masks, are hot to wear when outside. If the watch phrases are "social distancing" and "wearing a mask" during the summer time, Disney theme parks will not stand a chance on either one.
    All Walmart employees now have to wear a mask. Trouble is that more than half the customers in the store think it does not apply to them. It will only get worse as the heat comes on. So all you can do is hope for a summer reprieve from this virus.

    I wear an N95 that has the exhale valve (supposed to be more comfortable) and it is still very hot. No way could I wear it for any length of time in 90+ degree high humidity weather. That pretty much rules out Florida from June to October.

    #3918 68 days ago
    Quoted from loneacer:

    Did Elon finally lose his mind today?

    Maybe he's doing another Joe Rogan interview?

    #3987 62 days ago
    Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

    Once you finance, they can't control how long until you pay it off.
    In MD no prepayment penalty so you can pay it off with the first payment.

    I've never seen it on any of my loans, but Toyota Finance put a prepayment penalty (I think it was for 1 year) on my in-laws' loan a few years ago. This was in Florida.

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