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Stock Market Traders?

By kpg

3 years ago

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    #4880 87 days ago

    Ive been lurking this thread for a while... some interesting information here.

    I more than doubled my investment in appl and bailed out. Missed some upside but at some point gotta cash out and hard to complain with a double up.

    I had someone managing that account and it just went sideways.. fired them chucked it all in Appl and got lucky to ride it up.

    Im just going to stay parked in cash.. too much weirdness around.

    As long as the fed props things up its probably hard for market to crash but who knows.

    We are in some kind of backwards bizarro world in so many ways.

    #4901 85 days ago
    Quoted from Barakawins1:

    But with mutual funds you can't pull out of them without penalty right?

    Is it a retirement account?

    At the moment due to covid you can pull funds from retirement without the 10% penalty... but still have to pay taxes on anything that was tax deferred

    In my case I threw a bunch of money that was stuck in an IRA into apple a few years ago and I am tempted to take it out so i can use it elsewhere and its not stuck there.

    I am up so much in that account that I dont care about paying the taxes and not getting clipped for 10% saves me a bunch also.

    Ask ur accountant... may vary depending on the type of plan you are stuck in.

    #4905 85 days ago
    Quoted from Blackbeard:

    And honestly, i'd rather pay them and have market analysis experts buying/selling my stocks than myself.
    To each their own i suppose..

    I tried that and my account went sideways for years... took it over myself and more then doubled it. lol

    "expert" is all relative these days.

    #4907 85 days ago
    Quoted from Blackbeard:

    I'd say you're an outlier then.
    Who was your account with?

    Company called Payne capital out of NY... to be fair to them this was when the market was pretty much rolling sideways and well before the current crazy bizarre market where a chimp could make money.

    But yah they werent able to do much of anything but charge me fees so I fired them.

    #4931 85 days ago
    Quoted from sataneatscheese:

    ETFs > Mutual funds, can be traded faster than mutual funds, and are all around better investments. However, many of us working schmucks are forced into mutual funds through employer sponsored 401ks that don't offer other investment options.

    This type of shit is ridiculous.

    My girlfriend is a teacher and not only does she have to put money into her retirement (no choice they just take it out) but she has an extremely limited range of options to invest in.

    They are all very risk averse so pretty much goes nowhere...

    #4942 85 days ago
    Quoted from delt31:so what is the consensus on apple? Hold?

    I bailed 100% and took my profit and will sit it out unless it tanks pretty hard.

    Look where it was in March (last time I grabbed some)... its had a crazy run up.

    I dont think its tanking that hard but I could see under $100 without too much trouble.

    #4949 84 days ago

    Appl will be interesting since all I have heard over the last few months is no one cares about hardware and the phone cycle anymore.... the iphone cycle is a thing of the past blah blah. Its all about services and the app store etc etc etc

    That being said the stock always seems to be looking for any excuse to run up so why not 4G?

    Its as good a reason as anything else in bizarro world.

    #4951 84 days ago
    Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

    I’m upgrading my Iwatch next week with the new one. I see tremendous growth in that product.

    You really do or you are kidding?

    Only people on I ever met on the planet that own one is you and my brother.

    #4954 84 days ago
    Quoted from jwilson:

    Best selling smartwatch by far.
    On another note, watching these 10% swings is exhausting. I should really just not look at my account so frequently.

    Huh... guess Im an old fart. Where i live I have not seen a single apple watch (not looking for them either so that may be why) but I will admit its an older area.

    I cant imagine carrying around a phone all day and wearing a watch that basically connects to my phone and does the same stuff??

    thats so meta.. ugh the kids today.

    More power to em.. lets get appl up to 200.

    #4968 83 days ago
    Quoted from DCFAN:

    $110 is the old $440 before the split. It still could go down a lot more.

    Its funny how short a memory people have... $440 is a bargain?

    Its held its higher price and run up for a few months and now thats the bargain?

    It was 370 not that long ago (March).

    #4980 79 days ago
    Quoted from desertT1:

    What reason(s) would it crash? Just curious.

    WKSH has gone from like a buck to over 20 on just pure speculation and BS?

    The company just bleeds money and its numbers are pretty bad.... pathetic actually.

    They are in the running to get some USPS contract but thats not likely to happen.

    Its just people speculating like Tesla because its one of the few e-car choices and running it up but the company has serious management issues also.

    "Workhorse has some early mover advantages when it comes to electric delivery trucks, but this market is about to get pretty crowded. Workhorse generated a loss of $133 million in its latest quarter on revenue of just $92,000. That's not a typo. The future could be bright for Workhorse Group in what is clearly a niche with heady upside, but the expectations are already too high for a small company with a nearly $1.7 billion market cap."

    #5001 78 days ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    SNOW is the new Tesla? Still pricing this thing, now $235-240? Lol.
    So i bought some more SPG this morning.
    And more MELI and FSLY for long term, on sale.

    yah I was looking at that this morning.

    In this bizarro world market it could end up at $400.

    "valuation" is realistically $40 so ten times that seems about right these days.

    #5006 78 days ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    SNOW is insane. I like to ride the lightning as much as any stock person, know this space well, and I refuse to touch this stock. This is pure and simple gambling. Somebody is going to make a ton of money and somebody is going to get smacked hard.

    Its been gambling for a while now.. there is no rational explanation for the market last few months (well other then the fed).

    Earlier in the thread people were talking up WKSH.. this is a company that had revenue of 92K and lost 132 million in one quarter which is pathetic.

    People are buying it like its the greatest company on the planet. lol.

    Its just looney some of this stuff.

    #5009 78 days ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    Yeah, but in this case I am talking specifically about SNOW. If you look at my commentary from the prior page this is just insane. A 500M/year company that is still losing money is not worth this much.

    Oh yah I know but I could say the same about tons of stocks.

    The inmates run the asylum at this point... great time to make money if you are that brave.

    I dont blame anyone for going after stuff and trying to make a buck but its straight up looney allot of it.

    #5014 78 days ago

    A company that actually makes money is doing well in the stock market?

    How refreshing....

    I though these days you had to bleed cash or make up crazy future products to double up.

    #5030 77 days ago

    Huh... I was thinking more like dipping under $100 to rebuy.

    Appl is a tough one since every two weeks they are pimping something else.

    A few months ago no one cared about the 5G cycle and that "doesnt matter anymore" it was all about services, app store... now since its the 5G cycle thats the thing again.

    so it went from hardware doesnt matter to now all about the hardware. lol

    #5044 76 days ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    As for Apple, it’s a long term cash cow money machine

    I hear you.. you are on the money on appl.

    I bought it in 2018 at $150 pre split so Im not complaining, just felt like it was time to take the money and run recently.

    I want back in but I am more concerned about Biden then the stock.

    Should he gain traction or get elected no less the incoming bidenapocalypse is more of a concern.... just capital gains alone will have people cashing out.

    #5049 76 days ago
    Quoted from delt31:

    Crazy what's happening with Amazon and apple. Amazon especially seems like it's been going down for the past month

    Why is it crazy?

    Appl went from $370 a share in March to over $500....

    Its not crazy when it blows up and gets ahead of itself only when it goes down?

    #5051 76 days ago
    Quoted from delt31:

    that's not a big jump compared to some of these other stocks not making nearly that much and still going up 500%. Prob a good time to buy more apple.
    I'm long on them anyway

    yah but appl is a real company not some crazy unicorn

    #5102 72 days ago

    This is very true but it reminds me of the old Steve Martin "how to be a millionaire and never pay taxes" where step one is to get a million dollars.

    The first assumption in this strategy is that you have enough cash reserves to last a year and not panic sell when things go south....

    The second is on top of that that you have enough left after your cash reserves to invest and make a fortune.

    In other words this is great advice if you are already "rich" by normal standards.

    Its no different then any other form of gambling... dont risk money you cant afford to lose so you dont panic or do something stupid. People fail at that daily.

    #5104 72 days ago

    I understand all that... I was just referring to the advice in the article.

    "The idea that you keep a large cash cushion so you don't have a worry about seeing your stock portfolio tank. With six to 12 months worth of expenses in the bank, you decrease the risk you're going to panic sell to retreat to the relative safety of cash. You already enjoy the relative safety of cash. You invest - and ride out stock market storms - from a position of strength, not anxiety."

    #5163 71 days ago
    Quoted from mattosborn:

    We sound a lot alike. I'm just too chicken to buy another home. Real Estate (and the taxes that come with it, which are a lot since we have no state income tax) scares me. Maybe once I'm officially retired I'll think about it.

    I sold off my house in a trendy expensive area and started renting after a divorce a few years back... didnt "have to" just felt the right thing to do.

    Been renting ever since and don't regret it a bit.. nice to not have to care about maintenance etc.

    At least where I am housing market is still strong and I couldnt see the point of throwing down on another house even though I looked.. maybe if housing tanks.

    I live in a nicer house then I would probably buy and its worry free.....

    #5164 71 days ago
    Quoted from Roostking:

    I should have listened to my gut and sold WKHS on Monday. Its in the low 20's now, down from 30ish...

    If you dig into it this company looks horrible on paper.

    It's gone up solely on wild speculation and could come down hard when people get skittish.

    #5191 69 days ago

    I had thought about CCL..

    A few months ago I would have thought noone would ever want to cruise again after this.

    After some time of seeing how completely stupid and reckless most people are anyways I think they have a good shot of coming back.

    Plus they are generally cheap vacations and money will be tighter for allot of people.

    Cruises are all about getting loaded for allot of people and the lockdown has made countless numbers of new alcoholics too.

    #5196 69 days ago
    Quoted from flashinstinct:

    I had the same sentiment and realized exactly the same thing. My bet is to buy these stocks exactly once the upcoming lockdown shows up and the people that have been holding on to these stocks panic.... 2 years from now tourism, travel and every company that survived the pandemic in the beat down sector will be making A SHIT LOAD of money.
    Think holiday providers for people that want to go south. All the snowbirds in Canada are bitching that they can't go to Florida this season, and some are dumb enough to go even when insurance doesn't cover for Covid 19 related illnesses. Some are getting their cars towed down to Florida for them and they fly.
    That should put things into perspective.

    I live in a tourist town and it went from being a ghost town to sort of back to normal over the last few weeks..

    This is despite numbers and cases being more now around here than when everything was closed.

    Seems like a few weeks back everyone just said fuck it if I get sick I get sick.

    I would be the same way but being from NY I know a number of people who suffered through it and one person who has been a long hauler and has had it come back for months.

    I dont need that shit so Im staying home even though I can walk to some pretty great bars and food...not worth getting crazy sick over.

    #5251 66 days ago

    Yah I dont know you would even begin to discuss the stock market and ignore politics.

    They are pretty well intertwined.

    I usually find all the political talk boring as shit but its relevant to any stock related discussions.

    #5256 66 days ago
    Quoted from Bearcat:

    Agreed, but, as I recall, it is possible to talk politics without being insulting & divisive.

    Well I use the easy method which is to not give a shit...

    I know what my opinions are and no one posting anything on the internet is going to change that so why argue with them or care what they say.

    1 week later
    #5302 58 days ago
    Quoted from phil-lee:

    Just a hard negotiation tactic when a stalemate becomes insurmountable. I feel like both sides would really like to see this happen before the election.
    Nothings over, you can't just turn it off.

    Seems like an odd call since it will likely tank the market which is about the only positive thing going right now.

    #5337 53 days ago
    Quoted from Baiter:

    Today I was sitting back and thinking about my time analyzing the market and came to a realization... while we all tend to keep trying to find the next big thing, timing both the buy and sell side, over the long haul it's a fool's errand. Had I consistently kept all the big names I've owned over the years and forgot about them, I'd be way ahead of the game.

    Its always good to remember that the stock market is the main mechanism for the rich to get richer.

    It is a bit of a "rigged" game as it were and is getting more and more so over time as technology has advanced.

    Logic and actual information are not as valuable as they should be.

    There is allot of smoke and mirrors like the fed just printing money with nothing behind it or bank bailouts or any number of other forms of economic fuckery.

    End of day if you have money its hard to go wrong throwing it in solid companies for the long haul.

    #5367 48 days ago
    Quoted from Roostking:

    I saw this. How people still deal with WF is beyond me.

    Every bank is just chock full of grifters... they get way with murder (and of course get bailed out by the govt when they really fuck up)

    My friend works for Deutsche bank and every week there is some kind of new scandal there.. they usually pay some BS fine that is nothing to them and move on.

    1 week later
    #5402 38 days ago
    Quoted from Oaken:

    Covid panic part 57

    Eh you know..

    when the head of the "corona virus task force" (whatever the fuck thats is supposed to be) and everyone around him gets corona virus people get worried.

    #5450 35 days ago
    Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

    I am hanging on to PINS - they are on the horizon of monetizing their user base

    Ah yes... as former .com employee and stock holder I remember that phrase very well.

    Easier said then done and rarely goes as planned.

    Its a buzz phrase to make investors feel better that they bleed money and make little.

    #5451 35 days ago

    Man you guys have some balls trading in this market... enjoy the rollercoaster.

    The election is bound to be cluster and cause panic no matter who wins..

    #5458 35 days ago
    Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

    All true, but the easy integration with a major player like Shopify will help

    Anything will help... end of day .coms are so expensive to run they need to make an obscene amount of money to catch up.

    #5477 34 days ago
    Quoted from Barakawins1:

    I believe now is a good time for Slayer Reign in blood no?

    Well what do you think is going to happen?

    Small business is getting ravaged, covid is raging and we are about to have a likely contested election so.....

    #5479 34 days ago
    Quoted from sd_tom:

    especially if you've actually tried to use pintrest.. it has gotten worse and worse.. links to the source info are broken, or just malware.. to me it's on the verge of collapse not profitability

    .coms are their own planet.

    The one I was at literally kept hiring people to "show growth". Nowhere to put them and no work for them or anyone with time to train them, just had to add body count. People would come on and just sit around all day and get paid.

    They had me interviewing people in my sector for tech jobs and it got to the point where it was a few a day so I just asked them the dumbest questions I could think of just to mess with them.

    They had no idea they were going to get hired just for showing up.

    Literally, hi... have a seat. I like your haircut, whats your favorite band? ok here is a 75K job now go away. lol

    #5483 34 days ago
    Quoted from MrBally:

    You should report that to the SEC. Even if twenty years later. Those that made you do that should be stripped of their wealth and go to prison.

    hate to break it to you.. but even to this day .coms are as full of shit as they ever were.

    Oh no worries on the SEC... the .com crash took care of their wealth or potential wealth (and mine).

    That company went from having Mary Meeker come tell us all how wonderful we are to WTF happened in a year or so.

    They kept putting off going public and by the time they did it was armageddon.

    #5488 33 days ago
    Quoted from Baiter:

    It's actually common practice for a growth company to spend more than they need to as a psychological play to VC's to get even more money. While it's not usually done by hiring pretend employees, it's a practice that happens in many industries for many reasons.

    Yah you have to show you are "growing" to get more money... and when you get more money you have to spend it to get even more money.

    Its a treadmill.

    Plus if you are thinking of going public the bigger the company is the better off you are.. so more employees equals bigger perceived size and value.

    I did enjoy doing things like coming back from lunch at the Chinese place and asking potential new hires if they prefer kung pao to orange chicken and why.

    #5497 30 days ago

    Stock market climbing up...

    we may a see a real challenge to democracy in this country and possibly rioting in the streets so of course it goes up.

    #5500 30 days ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    I think regardless of what happens with the vote, you are going to see some shenanigans tonight and the next few days.

    Welp.. never a good sign when the president builds a retaining wall around the white house.

    #5509 30 days ago

    A friend of mine "in the biz" said the general thought is that Dems may crush it...

    in which case more generous stimulus becomes far more likely sooner than later which will give things a kick in the ass.

    usually Dems winning would not be good news but stimulus is really what they are betting on hence the boost.

    #5511 30 days ago
    Quoted from phil-lee:

    I have a friend that said the exact opposite. Guess thats why they don't like talking politics here.

    well its not really "politics"... Im not saying one is any better then the other etc.

    Just that this is what some people are thinking on the inside (i.e. someone who actually works literally on wall street).

    #5530 28 days ago

    Depends on who you talk to... some people seem to think Biden will be terrible for the economy in general and that will drag markets down over time.

    Others see the gridlock as good so if the senate stays republican he will have a hard time going nuts on taxes etc.

    Either way he is likely to push more stimulus and that will definitely jump the market.

    #5590 22 days ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    Finally, don't lose sight of what the market cares about. IT WAS THE FED, IT IS THE FED AND WILL BE THE FED INTO 2021!
    In other words, DON'T FIGHT THE FED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Once the current crazy ass legal stuff gets debunked there will more stimulus incoming.

    Free and cheap money never hurt anyone... well the millennials and other future generations I guess.

    #5600 22 days ago

    I expect lots of gridlock and money printing... so the rich will get much richer and the future will get mortgaged to death with debt.

    If I had kids i would feel sorry for them but I dont. Roll the printers.

    I have had a few people tell me the "ideal scenario" is Biden with a republican congress.

    Looks likely unless Trump can find all those "fake votes" lol lol lol

    #5631 20 days ago
    Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

    I think cruises are gonna be terrible for a while. Floating Petri dishes!

    How is this different?

    there has been outbreaks of all kinds of sickness on cruises since the dawn of time and people still go.

    #5680 16 days ago
    Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

    I have a stupid question. I'm terrible at making money in the stock market, so perhaps I should just stick to my crypto.
    Anyway, how do you know when they aren't winners anymore? That's my hardest part. I don't know when to get out regardless of if it's going up or down. Do you just set a blanket percentage and go with that number? For example, buy stock X and if it goes down 10% you sell, if it's up 20% you sell.
    That's where I get stuck.

    Quoted from iceman44:

    "Great long-term investing is 1% buying, 99% waiting.
    The power of compounding can only be achieved by holding a security for years if not decades.
    The mistakes that will most impact your performance are likely to be decisions to sell too soon.
    Being passively active via a "coffee can" portfolio approach focused on quality can create tremendous alpha.
    One of the most powerful concepts in portfolio management is to let your winners run. Simple, yet very difficult to execute.
    Great investing can be counter-intuitive.
    It requires you - for the most part - to do nothing. No tinkering, no trimming, no re-balancing of all sorts. Simply buying and waiting for years to let the story play out."
    The "Covid reopening story" is just beginning. Baby steps.

    see above... its not buy and sell buy and sell buy and sell

    #5699 16 days ago
    Quoted from jorge5240:

    It will take some time but eventually gambling will be legal in all states and there is huge opportunity there.

    I am out of the loop on this stuff...

    can some one explain why its not legal to play poker online for real money anymore but this shit is OK ?

    #5713 15 days ago
    Quoted from MrBally:

    Market profits are reported and taxed. Online poker is not, in most cases, taxed.

    They were all offshore back in the day but why wouldnt anyone just start one up in the US at this point?

    They just kind of blanket made it illegal... kinda sucks because I used to make pretty easy money on there. People in general suck at poker.

    #5715 15 days ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    Like Elvis pointed out, read my post above. Buy great companies for the LONG TERM and buy more when they go on sale. Dollar cost averaging into a stock monthly/quarterly is a good way to build a position long-term.

    yah I just find it amusing that everyone loves your advice on here except this bit which is the most important thing. lol

    Otherwise its just day trading and throwing darts.

    #5777 13 days ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    I like their Smart Workplace but I use Wealthbox primarily
    They aren’t brought up much because of “slow growth” by comparison

    Just as a customer prospective... Dropbox sucks.

    They basically try to annoy and harass customers into paying them... they give you some free storage and then make your life hell until they get money out if you.

    In a nutshell their biz model sucks. I had a client using it so had to be on it and I regret every minute I had to use it.

    I know 15 or so people that dropped them and use something else now so over time I look for them to be out of biz since its a competitive space.

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