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Stock Market Traders?

By kpg

3 years ago

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    #4 3 years ago

    Cashed out my small stock account to put into the down payment of the house. Haven't put anything back in since then, but still watch things. I did options more than stocks and did pretty well % wise. I started with a pretty small amount, but it was for fun. 401k is the growth/retirement fund and that's not getting touched more than to adjust with plan changes.

    #97 3 years ago
    Quoted from rai:

    Do you ever buy options? I can't understand the concept. Maybe it's one step beyond. Like chess, while to me selling options is more like tik tax toe.

    I used to buy calls a lot. I bought about $1500 worth of shares the day SIRI said they were going to restructure instead of filing bankruptcy. They went from .05 (while I was waiting for my cash to clear in my account) to .13 the next day. Traded the rise until it got over $1 and then started selling covered calls. I finally got called away. Made almost $7k over the span of a year doing that.

    I never really got into buying puts, and never did anything with margin to sell anything that wasn't covered. As mean as it may sound, the holy event for options buyers is loading up on puts and having the company file bankruptcy the next day.

    What I'd really like to do is channel trade the company I work at. They are huge and there is no risk of insider trading issues. I see their stock price on the home page every day, so I know the numbers. They may move up and down with the market, but it's gradual. On boring weeks, they will stay in a $10 channel. I wouldn't doo weeklies on it, but options with a few months left would be pretty safe.

    2 weeks later
    #247 3 years ago
    Quoted from Pablito:

    Right there with you. I read your story and there are so many similarities to mine and a lot of my buddies in my age group. Born in 77'. Got the body blow of trying to start a career in CA during the dot com bust, pulled myself off the mat, found my legs only to get the Tyson style uppercut from a bursting housing bubble in 07' that sent my newly purchased 500k house to 300k by 11'. Timing is everything. I too am a saver by nature and have spent the last 10 years sacrificing to get very stable and debt free. Now I find myself selfishly rooting for a really heavy correction in the stock market. I'm just so tired of buying high. And I want that correction/collapse to happen now, rather than when I'm 50 or 60 and can't recover. I feel like the big correction is coming soon though. Housing prices/rents once again seem insane, int rates don't seem like they can get lower and are indeed heading up, unemployment extremely low, and the stock market is at an all time high. The headlines also seem earily similar to 06' where everything is rosy and there is actually "a lot more room for this Bull to run". 2017 should be interesting.

    Are adjustable rate mortgages still a thing though? That had a lot to do with the last housing bubble. People were fine for the first X amount of time when the rate was locked in. Once the rate started to tick up and people couldn't cash out because of the saturated market things started crashing. My wife worked in the fraud dept of a local mortgage company. They were approving everything even when she or a peer would say it's a bad idea based on the research of the borrower. She was recently out of college and I was almost done. If we hadn't been brand new to the job market and done something with her gut instincts, neither one of us would be working right now.

    She got a job at THE company to work for in town and literally 8 days after she got that job her old place shut the doors over night.

    Things crash a lot faster and harder than they get built up. I agree that it seems like easy street right now, so all I want to know is who can I buy puts on and retire next year?

    #260 3 years ago
    Quoted from rai:

    I'd also like to point out that investing should be viewed over a period of time. If you absolutely can not lose money that you need in a short time than Stocks are not for that money.
    However if you are investing for retirement which might be 10-30 years in the future and retirement might last 10-30 years that's long timeframe.
    Buy and hold (put money in when you are able) reinvent dividends. I have not seen any long ish time period where you lose money in the market.
    I know no one who has lost money in the stock market unless he bought a particular stock or tried to jump in and out (people really have the worst timing) which is why I cringe when I read all this market timing advice on this thread.
    Also this again points to TIME being a key ingredient of investing and don't look at one short period of time because that's not the whole game. It'd be like watching a football game and seeing a blocked FG just one play and then thinking you know what will happen for the rest of the game either before or after that one play.

    Case Study: 2017 Rose Bowl.

    1 month later
    #382 3 years ago

    Where do I need to click to read the rest of the story?

    5 months later
    #471 3 years ago

    That says more than one trade every 5 days in a MARGIN account. You can start with $1k in most accounts and as long as you aren't signing up for margin, the margin rules don't matter. If only using your cash, if you can pay the commissions, it shouldn't matter. With $1k, you aren't going to be day trading anyway.

    5 months later
    #815 2 years ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    and health care taken care of for life;

    How are you doing this part?

    4 months later
    #851 2 years ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    I know this is the stock thread but occasionally things divert to other investments.
    I purchased another single family home I am fixing up to rent.
    I really like my money in hard goods and this one will be positive cash flow as soon as I have a tenant (with Madison at all time high for occupancy rate I am thinking it will be easy to find a tenant like it has the other 2).
    This is the first foreclosure I have purchased for this purpose and a steep but fun learning curve on this one.
    I enjoy the work of fixing them up and with some help from a fellow Pinsider on the property management side, that to has become less stressful and more fun.
    Over time, I hope to have enough income replacement to have F U money for the normal gig

    How do your rentals compare to the average home in your area? I have a few groups of friends/co-workers who have rentals. Some get jokingly referred to as "slum lords" because of their tendency to buy super cheap houses in lower income areas. They know that their turnover and late rent occurrences will be high, but never seem to struggle with tenants. Other people I know have "average" valued houses for the area and have more consistent rental events (rent paid on time, doing $X in repairs to things that go out) but still have their share of stories. It seems that no matter what price range you are in it's a matter of going through renters until you find good ones and then trying to keep them as long as you can.

    I wouldn't mind picking up a property or two at some point and find different experiences of those doing it interesting.

    #855 2 years ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    In short, my properties are all single family homes with good bones, but inneed of fixes for deffered maintainence and some updating. i have been working to implement a strategy to find and keep good tenants and so far so good. i buy in nice middle class and upcoming area, where I live. It is in my budget and I find is bringing good tenants. Everything is cash positve on D1. So far, so good.
    The longer term goal is a minumum of ten homes paid for which should pay me 100k per year for as long as I can maintain them. Of course when I get to ten the next goal it twenty and hire a mnagement company. Then as I age and need cash i sell one off every few years till death.

    Cool. The wife and I talked about buying rental property during the last crash but she kept saying she didn't want to be a landlord. The next time the chance comes around that will likely be different, but that time certainly isn't now. Houses have appreciated to almost double their value in my part of town since we bought 6.25 years ago. Not that I want that because I have no plans on moving and prefer my property taxes at the lower side of things.

    1 month later
    3 months later
    #1083 1 year ago
    Quoted from sataneatscheese:

    Dollar cost averaging works wonders over time. I won't be touching my Roths or 401k for atleast 35 years, so up, down, sideways... it's all gravy at this point in time. I'm pretty sure my growth stock mutual funds will be worth more than I paid for them when it's time to sell. Pretty darn sure the stock market will be up over where it is now in 2050 when I need it.
    The kids' 529s won't be touched for another 10 years, and I'm pretty sure the market will be back up by then too... I'd bet my children's future on it.

    It's funny, but I get semi-automated reports when I sign into my 401k account. My favorite is always looking at the stop light indicator where it says "You are retiring in 32 years, your allocations might be too aggressive."

    #1102 1 year ago
    Quoted from Londonpinball:

    Anyone tell me how to buy options for
    Auxly , it’s a weed stock at 70 cents
    Looking to spend 10k on option on just this stock.
    Looking for 3-6 months strike date
    Is this possible? Who would I use to buy them ?
    If u tell me I will screen shot the trade and keep u posted
    Thanks traders

    Options are not available for this. It did not give any indication if there would be some in the future.

    2 months later
    #1142 1 year ago
    Quoted from Chicoman:

    Does anyone invest in REIT's? They offer an excellent quarterly return but I'm trying ot learn more about REIT's. Any input is's hard to ignore REIT's like AGNC & CIM that offer 12% & 10% annually. What do you think?

    I look at these too, but would like to know more from anyone with experience.

    11 months later
    #1393 9 months ago
    Quoted from Trekkie1978:

    I technically didn't short the shares...I shorted the option to purchase my shares.
    I did the sale before I did the purchase. On January 2, I sold the calls for $3.20, then on Friday I purchased them for $0.27.
    In my account, they are shown as -3 after selling them, then when I purchase them back, it puts me at 0.
    When you buy a put or call, you own the power to exercise the option. When you sell a call or put, someone else owns the power to exercise the option.
    Hope this helps...if you have more questions, ask away.

    I only own 300 shares of Disney. When I sold the calls, I felt the stock wasn't going to go any higher. Trying to maximize my return on the stock.

    This is also called a covered call. That might be what WonderMellon would have to look for in their trading platform. They all display things just a little different.

    1 week later
    #1454 9 months ago
    Quoted from ovfdfireman:

    Got to appreciate a guy that tells you what he did real time. I don’t care about stories of what was bought months ago. It’s easy to tell a “success story” months later, and forget the failures.

    My 4 $6 APR 17 calls for GME filled yesterday. Timing isn't really the best, but probably the only reason GME went down enough for me to fill. PS5 info is supposed to get announced tomorrow (Thursday). I think GME is not good long term without a big change in business model, but short term they have enough cash to buy themselves out at the current market cap.

    If it doesn't work for me it's literally $20 gone...

    2 weeks later
    #1883 8 months ago

    Put some cash in E*TRADE today. Not going in yet, but the REIT I’ve been watching for a while is really appealing at this point.

    #2145 8 months ago

    Picked up 100 of ABR today. Can get some more if it drops more but wanted to get that first 100. Expecting to get 30-60 more in the next few weeks.

    #2159 8 months ago
    Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

    Only thing that worries me about that stock is: with the 08/09 crash they cut their dividend which kills a stock with a high dividend
    I understand it's a different situation, and the 08/09 crisis directly effected them ... but still

    I don’t think real estate will be affected very much with the current events. It might, but not like 08. If/when this moves back to the neighborhood it was in just a few weeks ago the yield for these early shares for me will be pretty sweet. Plan to just use those to buy more shares.

    #2250 8 months ago
    Quoted from greenhornet:

    [SPG 58.86 -6.93 (-10.53%)] - Simon Property Group, Inc. is an American commercial real estate company, the largest retail real estate investment trust (REIT), and the largest shopping mall operator in the US. It owns or has an interest in more than 325 properties comprising approximately 241,000,000 square feet of gross leasable area in North America and Asia.
    down 58% in less than a month, from 142.77 on feb 21 2020. also down 50% from 119 in the last 7 trading days. shuttered customers and closeed stores means no retail business, leads to vacancies, meaning no rent. likely results, declining property values.
    as for residential, 2008 can happen again. even the most creditworthy might not be able to pay the mortgage if they lose their job/business. foreclosures add to supply, and with fewer qualified buyers to maintain demand, prices should go down. in addition, people may have to tap their 401K at market lows to make ends meet, hurting their retirement prospects.

    I would say that the specific area an REIT focuses in is important overall. Short term, nothing matters, it's all going down.

    A company that owns tons of malls is probably pretty scary to be in right now. I don't go often, but when I do the mall that I go to doesn't seem to be hit terribly hard. Some empty units and lower foot traffic for sure, but business is still happening. This is not factoring in the current situation. I have read stories of huge chunks of malls being vacant of businesses though. The one in NW Tucson is like that.

    I've seen a lot of local businesses close or move because of rents being increased by huge %'s outside of malls as well. Tucson is weird like that as well. you can drive around town in any part and typically find plenty of empty retail spaces.

    I was actually referring to housing specifically, even though I didn't exactly say so. My brother is in Denver and would love to get a starter house but the market is silly expensive. If things cooled off there a little I'd be ok with that.

    #2310 8 months ago

    Wouldn't suspending a dividend make them less attractive to people and make it go lower? If they reinstate the dividend soon-ish as things recover would that potentially make it more of a value play?

    #2312 8 months ago
    Quoted from Zablon:

    In Fords case I'm not sure how much more unattractive they can get. Their dividend was practically the only thing keeping people like me invested in them and for many, that wasn't enough. That being said, I would rather them whatever it takes I guess.

    True. I remember in 08-ish when my wife, who doesn't follow anything related to the market said "Did you know Ford is in the 1.80's?" They didn't recover nearly as well as others did, but still would have been a decent buy at that time. With the big 3 shutting down production and F suspending the dividend if they were on your radar this might be as "kick em when they are down" that they are going to get. If somebody wasn't looking specifically at F, there are plenty of other strong companies getting beat up to choose from.

    #2614 8 months ago
    Quoted from orangegsx:

    I just wish I had bought more dave and busters :s

    And the guy who normally sits next to me at work. We are both working from home now, but Skype about stuff a little every day. He was looking at that the day before it popped, so maybe Friday? It jumped yesterday when everything was down and then again today when everything was up. Don’t know why it popped yesterday but today was one of those “it’ll be fine some day” type of days talked about earlier.

    Nobody is going to play there because they are closed. But, some day they will be open. And by then it’ll be too late to enjoy the ride.

    #2635 8 months ago

    Sold my 4 GME 4/17 $6 calls. Bought a few weeks ago for .045 and sold today for .20.

    Turned that $20 into $80 for a sweet 4-bagger.

    #2637 8 months ago
    Quoted from kpg:

    Dow is close to my first resistance level at Dow 22K, I just sold every stock I bought this week for 40-75% profits. Sold half my BA @ $173 today, half my AAPL @ $254 and holding only those for now.
    Expecting a big pullback once ugly unemployment numbers hit tomorrow.
    It's not totally out of the cards to see Dow 18K again by next week.
    Now, if we rally on jobs numbers and close over 22K, a move to 23-23.5Kish could happen but unlikely.
    I bought VXX Calls right now betting on more volatility to come.

    I was just about to come in and ask what people think will happen with the jobless numbers tomorrow.

    #2640 8 months ago
    Quoted from kpg:

    I wouldn't be surprised to see some move to try and conceal those numbers tomorrow.. which wouldn't be good either.. we'll see. I don't see any of this ending up putting us on a long term bear market like 2008, but as a trader (and not necessarily an investor) my views can change rapidly. Right now that's how I feel.

    I’m looking to average down something I got into within the last few weeks. It’s recovered a little bit but is still red for me. I am not concerned about it long term so buying today would be fine. But if I can get a few more shares on a dip I’d take that too.

    #2643 8 months ago

    This is something I check every morning to see what the previous day looked like. As testing ramped up over the last week we saw numbers really climb fast. I think this is as close to real numbers that we are going to get compared to light numbers 2+ weeks ago.

    Look at the difference between yesterday and 2 days ago and compare that with the few days prior to that. It’s a smaller increase. It’s an increase but once that goes flat and then declines I will be a lot more comfortable.

    With NY doing testing of drugs hopefully that will cut the time it takes people to recover and hopefully helps reduce the rate it spreads.

    78D2DF78-D9AC-4B37-A3BD-BB5AF48D29B3 (resized).jpeg
    #2772 8 months ago

    "We bought a large hedge that became much more valuable when markets declined,"

    "And over the last 10 days or so, we've been aggressively buying stocks that have been marked down."

    Anyone want to decode this for me? Does this mean that he was short going into the decline and has now turned to being long stocks?

    #2873 8 months ago

    STKS was something I was looking at after selling GME calls the day before the CC. STKS was up considerably so held off. if it goes back down to the .75-.80 level I'll pick up a little to watch what it does.

    #3107 8 months ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    Here is the watchlist of stocks that I am looking at now. Any thoughts?
    Dollar General

    RTN is on my watchlist and is hard to figure out at present. They are trying to finish up a merger and I read that a good value for them would be $182-$184. They passed that and were around $230 for a little while. This whole ordeal has now tanked them by $100 a share, way below the value the article talked about.

    1 week later
    #3511 7 months ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    Oh yes, I just bought a couple of non-essential from Amazon. I am not a Prime member and always work my orders for free shipping. My delivery date is 4 weeks away.

    We do have Prime and a few things that we ordered within the last week or two had the “this might get put behind essentials” warning. The original date was sometimes 2/3/4 weeks out but I had one thing update the arrival date twice after I ordered. It would have been 3 weeks and ended up being about 4 days.

    Just to compare notes. You might get a revised date.

    #3598 7 months ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    Market is fading a bit from the highs. Going long today at some point on BA, UAL, DAL, and LVS. I am only taking quarter to half positions as I will be buying more at some point. Don't know if I will be averaging up or down, but at a certain point it does not matter. Tech is too far over its ski tips right now, so I am awaiting a pull back on that front.
    Raytheon is another on my radar screen. Anybody else watching that one?

    Post merger, RTX is so huge it will take some time for me to possibly get a feel for it. With RTN new contracts for a hundred million dollars might not move the needle. Now they are even bigger. The defense sector moves in unison a lot. Not always, but a lot.

    I don’t think a lot of defense companies were hurt too bad because these contracts are already awarded for bread and butter programs. What will hurt them is if production always affected by shutdowns or social distancing requirements.

    Probably very similar to Stern in that there are a lot of assembly line efficiencies that have evolved and if you all of a sudden have to be 6 feet apart that might really shake things up.

    2 weeks later
    #3903 7 months ago
    Quoted from WeirPinball:

    I made the call a little early to sell everything but hoping (not to everyone else's detriment) that this is the start of another downturn.
    Also a thought about Amazon - I have made an effort NOT to buy anything else from them for now, it takes 4 to 6 weeks for crap to ship now unless it is deemed "essential". I think this spells trouble...

    I wonder how regional this is. I'm getting stuff a few days later almost no matter what it is. We have a distribution center in Tucson, but I doubt they have some of the random camera/lighting stuff I've ordered recently. Got all of that in a handful of days. Prime member, not a shareholder.

    #3995 7 months ago

    ABR is reporting tomorrow morning. This is an REIT, so they have to pay out a certain % in dividends. Last quarter it was 0.30 per share.

    #4013 6 months ago

    ABR announced a $0.30 dividend this morning. Same as last quarter, but last quarter they were in the $15-$17 range and they closed yesterday in the upper $6 area.

    #4048 6 months ago
    Quoted from hank35:

    So...uhhhh. What the @#$% went on today to cause everything (I had) to tank?

    Fed said recovery is “Highly Uncertain”. That’s all it takes apparently. I thought the market already knew this was already pretty obvious.

    #4062 6 months ago

    My wife and I have been working from home for several weeks now and the company we work for is in no hurry to bring everyone back to the office.

    I make a trip to Safeway every 1-2 weeks and get enough for 2 weeks if they have everything I wanted.

    I’ve always been frugal when shopping so my habits aren’t that different right now. If there is a good price when you buy multiples, I’ll do that. Chips are the biggest thing. Doritos are normally what 3.29 at Safeway? Every few weeks the go to 1.77 each if you buy exactly 3 bags. Easy. Lunchables is another thing. Expensive at Safeway but on sale at Walmart quite often. I’d buy 2 weeks from there when the kids actually were in school but as of now I haven’t gone to Walmart since this started. It’s 20 minutes from the house and Safeway is 5, and hadn’t really been out to make it to WM on the way home.

    Amazon has been to our door many times per week though.

    1 week later
    #4171 6 months ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    Here comes the real estate.
    "Airbnb hosts are planning to sell off their properties because of the pandemic "
    "With global travel screeching to a halt during the pandemic, a number of Airbnb hosts are planning to sell their properties "

    I’m curious if the real estate market will be a state by state issue. I think commercial real estate is going to get hit pretty hard as office spaces are going to be assessed by lots of companies.

    My work is saying work from home unless it can’t be done at home (like if you need to be in a machine shop or assembly area) and they seem to be in no rush to bring people back to the office.

    My wife works in one of many off-site buildings that we lease and she thinks that she will never go back to that building. It is all office space and every person there is currently working from home and can continue to do so.

    We do not work for a trend setting type of company within the corporate world. We are a world leading business as far as out products go, but adapt to some things at a slower pace. Some groups have been asked if they can work from home very long term. I’d be all for that.

    For residential real estate, this is where is think there might be a state by state issue. AZ is opening up and are currently at 25% capacity when looking at bars and dine in. I see that getting bumped to 50% pretty soon. Other states are moving at their own pace. Some are still super locked down, while others are even further than AZ.

    I think there are going to be entire industries where the workers will have to downsize if things don’t rebound for them sooner than later.

    I really don’t want there to be massive disruption like that, but also think it all comes down to the timing for a cure/vaccine. The Tucson area is largely the Air Force base and the university. I can’t imagine the base would be affected and with universities shifting to online for at least next semester I don’t see that as being largely affected, although I think on-site staff who aren’t teachers might be affected by a downsize.

    Lots of travel/hospitality industries going to be very lean for a while though.

    #4173 6 months ago
    Quoted from taylor34:

    The AirBnB thing won't make much of a difference unless you're in an area full of them. There's already kind of a housing shortage and that will just help the inventory some. Maybe like Florida would be hurt or some cities on the coast. There are some people who were pretty heavily leveraged with those that will probably be having to sell in order to stay afloat.
    People are railing on Buffett again, reminds me of 20 years ago.

    Railing on him for what? I’m about to go looking, but in case I don’t find anything fun to talk about...

    2 weeks later
    #4438 5 months ago

    Reading the Stocktwits page on HTZ is pretty interesting. I haven’t seen it, but would this new offering of shares be at a set price, or the market price at the time.

    I was looking at OCT 2.00 puts (it was at 1.80 when I looked) and they were 1.30/1.35 on the bid/ask. For 1.30, if they went to zero today you could make about .70. There is a lot of time decay there so they have to move down a lot to keep up with the decay.

    #4449 5 months ago
    Quoted from mattosborn:

    I'll say it again... HTZ will only cause you pain. I can already hear the roar of millennials as their money vanishes.... Actually, I won't hear it because I don't do social media... but someone will tell me about it.

    Not interested in going long on it, was considering selling puts though. With my OCT 2.00 example it’s got pretty limited downside and I can see it trading sideways for a long time and just buy to close once a lot of the time decay has been had.

    3 weeks later
    #4576 4 months ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    Really good article from the New York Times about Robinhood, how it makes money, and the difficulties that they have had with the platform. Stated that the company had to put in bulletproof glass due to people showing up at its offices.
    From what little I have looked into Robinhood I think that there are better, more robust free platforms out there compared to this. Would be curious to get others feedback.

    The opening is cringeworthy, and it’s not the writing. At 32, does it not occur that getting huge cash advances on credit cards might not be a good idea? Especially if the plan is to pay that back with gains from the market, while still having enough extra to continue to trade? I don’t know how low of a rate you can get for an advance on a card, but I think mine is north of 10%, and maybe even just shy of 20%. I don’t know because I saw the number when I got the card and just decided “nope”.

    3 weeks later
    #4654 4 months ago

    iceman44 I was looking at MAC a little and wonder what your overall idea is on it. Right now in the mid-$7’s it’s laying a .15 div. that was cut recently from .50, when it was trading about 3X it’s current value.

    Long term I think malls are in danger, but if you get in now, and MAC goes back to around where it was your effective yield would be very appealing.

    So are you in this long term to take the div, or are you in this shorter term to see it recover and then walk away?

    This company has been around since the 60’s, so I’m sure they have had to change course a few times since then. Might have to do it again if malls do see a long term decline.

    1 week later
    #4684 3 months ago

    My REITs have grown quite a bit in the last several weeks. I have to accumulate slowly, but they have run up so much that I might keep adding cash to my account, but keep it there until we see if things pull back soon. Already have positions if it keeps going, but things seem pretty high.

    #4688 3 months ago

    Well, now that “that“ question has been answered we can see how Mr. Market is going to handle things.

    Oh, and did I see silver down 15% today? Maybe that question was answered too. At least for now.

    1 week later
    #4705 3 months ago

    One of my stocks almost got to my target where I was going to sell some covered calls. Just barely missed it before it took a little dip. Almost had it, but no rush. Div gets paid out in a week and a half. Not going to make rushed moves when those calls were the same premium as the upcoming div.

    1 week later
    #4795 3 months ago

    My ABR divvy got paid at midnight last night. Used that to pick up a few shares of MAC today. Going to have to add cash to make it any sort of real position, but free shares are always nice too.

    #4875 88 days ago
    Quoted from ReplayRyan:

    Well, when trading stocks (as this thread was for discussing) I don't think many consider the ethics of the company. It's just numbers. Buy low, sell high, goodbye...
    If you're investing for long term, sure, you can consult your inner conscience and factor that in to your decision making. I admit to doing that recently when considering some dividend/income stocks like Altria. But I think if you really dive into the ethics of almost any profitable company these days you can find questionable practices. Businesses that make more money tend to do it by cutting labor costs, buying out competition (and maybe a politician or two), avoiding taxes, etc. Like it or not it's just American capitalism. That's probably not worth further discussion here though, IMO...
    Is anyone else buying some high yielding dividend stocks while they're still down? Made some long positions recently in financials like PRU and IVZ, REITs like WPC and CTRE, and some gas/oil distribution like HESM and EPD.

    Yes. This little fishy has been picking up a few different REITs for the last few months. Adding a little cash from time to time and reinvesting dividends.

    1 week later
    #4975 80 days ago
    Quoted from Roostking:

    WKHS up another 10%. up to $26.06. Not sure when this is going to crash back to earth, but I'm enjoying the ride so far. I bought at $5.92, but didnt buy enough!!

    What reason(s) would it crash? Just curious.

    1 week later
    #5202 69 days ago

    I’ve been nibbling on MAC with every paycheck for the last few weeks and will keep doing that for a while. My two other REITs currently pay a better div, but the potential for MAC is pretty big. If they go back to that .55 quarterly div and I’m buying at the current sub-$8 range They will have paid for my shares bought now within 2 years. And I’ll just keep adding along the way.

    I’m not retiring with this money, so if I can get a NIB game every year or so with dividends (at some point), that would be pretty cool.

    #5235 66 days ago

    As the CEO of Campbell’s Soup, are you intentionally making these types of puns?

    It’s a Wall Street Journal article about food companies still trying to catch up with production demands and what may or may not be getting made so they can focus on the most in-demand items.

    5E4495AB-116C-4AD3-B09A-F096C56D5B9C (resized).jpeg

    2 weeks later
    #5365 48 days ago

    Sold 2 ABR NOV $12.50 calls yesterday for .30. It was about 11.89 when it happened. ABR is at 11.61 this morning and those calls are down to .20. Wasn’t quite looking to buy them back so soon, but if I can and close the trade out I would in the .10-.15 range.

    ABR has only flirted with 12 a few times in the last few weeks. If it can do that every few weeks I’ll try to sell the calls. 2 for now, 3 when I can and so on.

    RTX is at the top of its typical channel at the moment. I don’t have any but it’s fun to watch. We’ll see if it goes back to the upper 50’s again or breaks out of the channel.

    #5375 44 days ago
    Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

    Whoa. I can't keep up with you guys. 87,000 shares at $80 is almost $7 million.
    I'm lucking if I can drop $1,000 every month or two.

    Whoa there big guy. I’m looking forward to putting in $100 this check, which has been my habit as of late.

    401k is the smart and safe account. E*TRADE is for fun, which lately has been just buying REITs and then seeing the div payment go up a touch each quarter as I DRIP to buy more. Simple pleasures.

    1 week later
    #5414 37 days ago

    RTX beat EPS estimates and was down a little early on, but is down double that now. Seems to be a huge amount of concern over how bad BA is going to report.

    #5416 36 days ago

    Anyone backing up the truck today, or bracing for more pain?

    #5464 35 days ago
    Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

    There are several ways to buy a company. Disney might very well get AMC but why not wait until they go belly up and get the assets for pennies on the dollar. AMC stock would be worthless in that scenario. Be careful on that play.

    The stock price is 2.52 as I type this. The 3.00 calls for JAN 2022 are .98 on the ask, so less than a dollar. It’s all time value, but I would go this route instead of owning outright. If they say they are going to sell stock to stay afloat, check in with the option after this selling is over.

    Also you could buy puts if you think it’s going to continue to slide. Has 50-60 cents to move down before it’s at the recent low.

    #5493 31 days ago
    Quoted from loren3233:

    There has been a lot of mention of REIT's in this thread as of late. I wanted to ask the thoughts, if anyone knows good or bad, about SKT (Tanger)? Would this be a decent long term play?
    Thank you for any response.

    I don’t know about SKT specifically, but an REIT’s health right now could simply depend on what they do. I own ABR, ACRE, and MAC. The first two are more loan originators and MAC owns malls. ABR got an upgrade today and an increased price target and is on a tear. ACRE is sort of just staying even, and the div makes me happy. MAC has all of their properties open and are collecting most of their rents without issue. They are still hanging low, but then again, 2 mall REITs are talking about bankruptcy today. So it can all hinge on what they do and what their current risks are.

    #5550 26 days ago

    I don’t know for certain but last week’s run was being discussed as being caused by a purple Congress. Now, that’s not quite so certain. Anyone have strong feelings about if the market will dip back down until that’s know for certain?

    #5612 21 days ago

    Had my ABR called away today. Want to put that cash into MAC, but can’t decide if the time is now or if we will see an even bigger surge of new cases after Thanksgiving and stocks will dip because of it.

    #5642 20 days ago

    Restrictions starting to crop up again. Chicago and VA are ones I’ve read about, but there are probably others and will likely be more as the ice has now been broken. Hang onto your butts.

    #5674 17 days ago
    Quoted from phil-lee:

    Uh, it's best to buy low and sell high. When the real impacts of 2020 begin deflating this bubble it will be time to buy again.

    Not to be overly argumentative, but I think time is running out for that dip to happen. 2 vaccines and a therapeutic are not too far off from going out into the world, and another stimulus is supposed to happen in the next few months. I’d like to think that things will gradually start looking up in the real world, even if the market jumped the gun a little.

    #5794 11 days ago

    I’m looking for some runners in the next 3-6 months. Not wanting to own long term, but want to get some options and see if they run. Going to keep adding to my REITs as well, but looking for a little bit of excitement too.

    #5815 10 days ago

    Most of my MAC is from the 7’s. Have to keep getting more over time. I don’t really have a price target. I have a dividend target. .55. $2 a year on a $7 stock and it’s free in 3.5 years. Will it ever get back to that? I guess we will see.

    #5818 10 days ago
    Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

    For me when to sell a REIT is based on where the dividend ends up based on its price and payout and what better opportunities would you pull your money out of a REIT with income and upside like MAC?
    I just looked and Right now MAC pays A lowered amount of $.60 annually so at $10 pays 6% yield. Pre Covid MAC was paying $3.00 annually and was selling around $24 so the yield was 12.5%. So if MAC raises their dividend back up the better yields will come.
    Add in the vaccine success, rents coming back, lower interest rates MAC can refi at, lower B malls closing so less competition and a yield less world that we now live in MAC looks cheap with good upside but has risk of lower rents, e-commerce competition and vaccine slowly working and possible failure. You may end back up with a 12% annual yield investment in a yield less short mid term future. With MAC it really depends I if and when they raise their dividend back.
    Could be a long term keeper.
    Someone clarify that 12% precovid dividend on MAC if I am wrong. That looks off to me but it’s what I am coming up with. Like if MAC dividend goes back to normal it will pay 30% annually on $10 invested now?! It sounds like my math is off.
    I am keeping my REIT’s for more growth and will hold them as a 6%+ yielding money market type investments from the price I bought them pre Covid and will sell them only if a better investment pops up. 10% of my portfolio is REIT’s and I own MAC UBA SPG WPC STOR NNN.

    I think your math is correct as that’s the conclusion I’ve come to as well.

    #5852 9 days ago

    Love their cheese balls. I make trips to Walmart to get stuff I can’t get at Safeway and those are on the small list.

    Have no idea how the name of the brand is supposed to be said.

    #5859 9 days ago

    Picked up some GE calls today. 3X Jan 15 $12. Wont be in for more than 3 weeks.

    #5903 5 days ago
    Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

    Margin trading is ridiculous imo. Just buy and hold. One bad day is all it takes to lose everything, x100 of course.
    Any opinions on the new guy, QuantumScape? Looking to challenge Tesla’s battery tech.

    While I suppose you could buy shares on margin and then write calls, writing covered calls is not explicitly a margin move.

    I write covered calls on shares I own from time to time, but am not doing that now. Things that I own still have room to grow. Don’t want to miss out on growth and don’t want to write them so far out to capture time value until I know where my stuff tops out.

    #5915 3 days ago
    Quoted from Barakawins1:

    Anyone think GE is a good buy at this time? Stock has been kinda down and going up a little now.

    I have a few calls, so I hope so. They were getting a lot of love before the Thanksgiving break and the GE page on Stocktwits seems mostly positive.

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