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Stock Market Traders?

By kpg

3 years ago

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    #1512 9 months ago

    Was going to be a buyer this AM but the market is way too frothy this AM. Will look at another day when things calm down a little.

    #1513 9 months ago

    Famous last words. Just took some half positions on AAPL, FB, and MA. Think they are more of a trade as opposed to long term. Anybody else taking positions?

    #1526 9 months ago
    Quoted from Zablon:

    You will probably get another chance. This isn't over. I haven't found what was 'said' that drove the afternoon spike, but that's usually what happens. Someone somewhere said something. The entire market was selling when I posted, then it reversed and spiked fast. That doesn't happen in a vacuum.

    It was nothing said per se. G7 is meeting tomorrow and there is speculation that between them and the Fed that you could see monetary and/or fiscal stimulus. This sentiment picked up steam going into the close.

    #1549 9 months ago

    This is a trading market. You need to be very nimble on what is going on. Apple at 260 was a gift. If you are buying now, trailing stops are your friend.

    #1554 9 months ago

    I agree that Apple is a 400 stock. I missed the run up this time but was glad for this pullback. Before the stock split a few years ago, I rode it from 80 bucks to 700, buying selling, and trading it the whole way. It was a great run, and I think we will see it happen again. Apple is shifting to more of a subscription model in how they sell their phones, their tv service, etc. Wall Street loves subscription companies.

    #1556 9 months ago
    Quoted from Zablon:

    I know I'm in the minority around here, but I have no interest in Apple.

    That is quite ok. I took my cues from Buffett, who said only invest in stuff that you know and like.

    #1561 9 months ago

    I think a lot of it comes down to what your risk profile, risk tolerance, income level. and number of years to retirement is. I have investments that I have for years but for a major sector that I invest in (tech) buy and hold is not necessarily the best strategy. Microsoft was dead money for over a decade until things changed. Tech can be very volatile. I work with my broker and we look less at entry and exit prices but more entry and exit market conditions. We thought the market got frothy in January so took gains and raised powder. In that case, last week was a gift. We made a plan over the weekend of what stocks we liked and what types of allocations we wanted to do in each stock. For Apple, for example, we wanted to take a half position. Due to market volatility, I did not want to commit to more than that at this time. If the market stabilizes and Apple is still going up, I will buy more. But with the half position and trailing stops, if the market goes down, I can take my gains and look to reenter at a lower point. It requires you to be more attentive, but for something like tech, that is one of the better ways that I have seen to play it.

    #1733 8 months ago
    Quoted from JohnnyPinball007:

    I have a uncle that bought a lot of Home Depot stock right when it came out. He has done very well.
    I have never messed with the stock market myself, I just never trusted it.
    I have been saving to buy another rental house, I know that stuff ok, but with houses so high, and stock getting lower...I am tempted to maybe get some Home Depot, or Lowes stock in the near future.
    My thinking with that is I know they are already pretty saturated, not a whole lot more room to expand, but with all the wacky weather and always hurricanes and stuff, I think it may be ok.
    They are not even a good deal to buy from, they are high, but convenient. A plumber for instance doing a big job still goes to a plumbing supply house, because supply houses are pretty much still cheaper.
    Apple is drilled into my head from reading all this, but I have no Apple products, and I heard when I was young to invest in the companies that you do business with.
    Anyway, please let me know if I should just stay away from Lowes and Home Depot stock, or if it is good at a certain price, and what that price is?
    Thank You!

    Speaking candidly, if you do not know much about the stock market, I would not dip my toe into the market at this time without getting a little education first because this is just whipsawing.

    I think that there are much better investments out there at this time compared to HD and Lowes but that is up to you. I don't necessarily agree with your thesis for wanting to invest in either. Both of these stock are more for home improvement, not necessarily weather related. With interest rates being down and people refinancing and taking out HELOCs, you tend to see people go shop at HD and Lowes. But you were looking more at weather. For that, you should look at stocks like USG, who is the number one manufacturer of sheetrock. That and other companies tend to go up when you have a disaster.

    HD is a great company and is near historic highs if you look at a 5 year chart. Will it continue its run? Who knows. As somebody said, Lowes had a miss. They are trying to reshape their business. We will have to see how that goes.

    For quick and dirty analysis of stocks, look at Using stock fundamentals, it will give you a quick a dirty opinion of a stock. Right now, it has HD a weak buy and Lowes as a weak sell.

    #1739 8 months ago

    I see a lot of talk about dividend stocks on here. Are folks primarily buying for the dividend? My broker and I tend to buy stocks that we think are going to have movements up and if they pay a dividend while we wait, that is a bonus. Just curious how others are approaching this.

    #1741 8 months ago
    Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

    I like a quality undervalued company that pays a dividend.
    If the stock trades sideways for years, you are still collecting 5%

    Makes sense. We tend to be a little more active in our trading so if we find an investment that is going sideways and we think that if there is a better opportunity somewhere else at the time (factoring in dividends), we tend to move over. I hate having dead money locked up.

    #1746 8 months ago
    Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

    Damn. I transferred a few bucks into my Ameritrade account to buy a few shares of something today, stop here to see what everyone is recommending and all the talk is over COVID-19.

    Let's make sure we don't bring this COVID-19 talk into our GIF thread

    #1822 8 months ago

    Unless you are a pathologist, an immunologist, or a clinical researcher at the CDC, NIH, or similar organization, please take your opinions of COVID 19 out of this thread. Such a good thread is being ruined by a bunch of know-nothings. There are plenty of dumpster fire threads on Pinside where you can argue that this is the greatest existential threat to humanity or the the greatest media con job. The only dead that I care to discuss here are dead presidents and how high I can stack them.

    #1824 8 months ago
    Quoted from Jimmyhonda:

    I agree with you. However, the Coronavirus is a big part of why the stock market has plummeted, which directly effects market traders, which is the title of this thread.

    Oh, I get that fully. It is driving a lot of the market now with a few other factors. With that being said, I don’t think we need people’s uninformed opinions about the virus here. If you look back at the several pages there has been squabbling and the like that is not related to the stock market. That can just exit stage left.

    #1845 8 months ago
    Quoted from DCFAN:

    The premarket circuit breaker of 5% may be going off tonight in the US.

    In the morning for sure. NBA just suspended the season after a Utah player tested positive. This and other cancellations is going to cause a panic.

    Keep your powder dry, boys and girls. There are going to be opportunities to nibble coming up soon.

    #1849 8 months ago

    Panic and fear sitting in. Don’t blame folks, but a big driver is fear of liability if somebody from company x gets somebody sick or if somebody gets sick at a company’s event.. Got an email about an hour ago that my company is shutting down the offices and folks are working from home. Does not impact me as I am home based but I am curious to see how many clients want to meet in person via zoom. Regardless, I still have software to sell and to the client base impacted.

    #1910 8 months ago

    Futures up 1,000 this am. Be careful buying today because the whipsawing is nowhere near done. Determine what stocks you want to buy, and chunk it into positions so that you can average up or down based upon where the market goes. Good luck all!

    #1937 8 months ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    Right now, everybody has just been giving back their gains.
    It goes like this: Hey, I'm up $20,000.00; Oh shit, I am only up $15K, but I am still green; Damn ! I am only up $10K but I'm still playing with the market's money; What happened? I am only up $5K. but I'm still green; Fuck me! I'm $2000.00 in the red! I should have sold when I had the chance. Oh, well, I'll wait until it comes back and then I will sell. And on and on.
    One reason this charts looks as good as it does is because Apple AAPL has not cratered. Yet.
    [quoted image]

    And this is why you either have to be nimble and do a bunch of trades or buy it and don't look at it. I am doing both. If you don't commit to a strategy (these or others), people will drive themselves nuts.

    #1941 8 months ago

    This is not a political statement. The White House speech that is going on is pretty impressive. Seeing all of these industry partners pull together is awesome. Hope that this helps stem the tide. Glad to see the market rallying off of this and love that the US was able to buy oil cheap. Very smart move.

    #1942 8 months ago
    Quoted from sataneatscheese:

    Well… DOW has spiked 1,000 points since the press conference started. Up 7% overall for the day. Still doesn't make up for yesterday but the needle is moving in the right direction.

    We are getting close for yesterday. Have never seen anything like this. Looks to be closing up 1973.

    #1962 8 months ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    With a silver tongue devil speaking? I would not bet on a spike. Feel free to keep thumbing me down.

    This comment did not age well

    #1966 8 months ago

    Stock market spiked 1200 points during the speech to close at a 1985 point gain. No nonsense here.

    #1972 8 months ago
    Quoted from Mike_J:

    Well, when you rely on The Atlantic for your news.......

    Nope, just look at a stock chart.

    Snapshot (resized).png
    #1973 8 months ago
    Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

    Moderation warning prohibit a reasonable response.

    I did not make any political statements at all. Cotton said the market would not spike during the speech, it spiked 1200 points during the speech, the end. Unlike some of the other threads, we have focused on the market in here, not politics, etc.

    #1974 8 months ago
    Quoted from thedarkknight77:

    The only reason the market spiked is because the fed is injecting 1.5 trillion into the market. We clearly could see when they started buying, which coincidentally happened while Trump was in the middle of his speech.

    Dont disagree. It also looks like you had a variety of short covering at the end. With the Cornoavirus budget being passed, it will be interesting to see where the markets go Monday.

    #1976 8 months ago
    Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

    I did, in fact, misinterpret the flow of the conversation and the logic of your post. My mistake.

    No worries, brother. All good.

    #1981 8 months ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    It was a complete miss
    I was surprised at how serious the administration finally got.

    That was impressive. Regardless of what you think of this administration, it was kind of awesome seeing all of the public sector pulling together to help. Let’s hope this keeps up and that we can flatten the curve!

    #1994 8 months ago

    Market is going to open up big tomorrow. Who knows what it will do later in the day. I will probably sell into the news tomorrow based upon the things that I bought last week. The infection curve is going to go up by nature and we will see an uptake in methodologies to try to curb the infection. As I have said a bunch of times, this is a trading market right now, so being nimble is the best way. Good luck to all.

    #2000 8 months ago
    Quoted from loneacer:

    Futures are limit down. Most they can drop in one session.

    Yeah, my hypothesis was wrong. We shall see what happens tomorrow.

    #2057 8 months ago

    I personally hit the nuke button today and pulled out. Did this in 2008. Is sucks, but based upon the data that I have this is going to get a lot worse before we rebound. I think the rebound is going to be spectacular, so this is a way to preserve capital now to make up more than my current losses on the recovery. Moves I made the past 2 weeks did limit my downside, so that is a minor win. Good luck to all.

    #2080 8 months ago
    Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

    This is not a great move, but more people will follow.
    I held steady in 2008 and made selective purchases - I felt like an idiot buying back them but had several buys turn into 300%+ gains
    Once most of the people with your fear get out, and this virus passes us by - I have a feeling market will move up quickly
    Would not be surprised to see a 5,000+ point gain in a week in early summer.
    With interest rates at 0% and possibly negative, not many people are going to keep money on the sideline once we get through this mess and economy starts to recover.
    Really difficult not to panic sell at this point, but in the history of stock market drops - every single one of them became a buying opportunity.
    At some point this will also be that opportunity.

    Everybody has their own investment profile. In 2008, we nuked early, rebought near the lows, and rode the market all the way back up. By the point that we got to my exit point, I was up much more significantly than just getting back flat. I have now very significant powder to re-enter where I like, and buying stocks at a great discount to where we are now. This strategy is not for everybody, but is one that my financial team and I came to and I am fine with it. To answer jackd104 point, the strategy is to buy much lower than where I am now, and have better leverage. On paper, it is a loss, but I am betting that I will make more money on the ride back up to offset the loss.

    This is not a fear thing at all, to address phil-lee. This is a cold and calculated strategy. In talking with my team and based upon the information that came out today, this epidemic is going to last 8-12 weeks or longer. With businesses shutting down, the market is more than likely going down a factor from here.

    Again, everybody's circumstances are different. I am early 40s, so have plenty of time until retirement. I have considerable resources, so when I move in, I can and do so in a big way. I am also an active trader, and pay active attention to the market. My goal is not to time the market for the bottom, but to reenter on the way down and ride it back up.

    Good luck to all.

    #2081 8 months ago
    Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

    Once the majority of those type of people are out of the market, we can start searching for the bottom
    Historically, they usually end up getting out at the worse possible point

    Sadly, I don't think we are anywhere near a bottom. I don't think you think that either.

    #2092 8 months ago
    Quoted from jackd104:

    I still don’t get it. You sold after it already dropped 20%. Some day it will be where it was before the drop. And then some day later it will be far higher than that. When those days come you will be worse off than if you just left your money in. If anything you should be putting more in now. But anyway. I wish you luck.

    Who said I am down 20% or 30%? I am down much less than that. I am betting that the market will go down further as a percentage than my loss. I will rebuy it lower and recoup my loss and then some all the way back to my exit point, and as you said above, when the market goes much higher than I own a shit ton of stock at a much lower price. The alternative is that I ride it down to ride it back to even, and add in buys for dollar cost averaging. My strategy preserves capital now and allows me to recoup all the way back up.

    Like I said, different strokes for different folks. I believe the recovery will be a strong one, and this allows me to place much bigger bets when it happens. For now, I am hoping it goes down.

    #2094 8 months ago
    Quoted from Concretehardt:

    My 401k was 100% bonds when this hit as I felt the market was overvalued and I wanted less risk as I have health issues. I have now started moving bonds to equities in my 401k I have bought as the market has fallen. My goal is to be mostly in stocks in the next few weeks, I am not trying to time the bottom but I think the market is going lower. I will be tempted to go all in between Dow 16k to 18k and at that point I’m not going to look at it anymore as I have 12 to 14 years before I can retire.

    I like your thesis. My situation is similar as I was mostly equities anyway, and I want to be all in on stocks in a few months once we hit the right levels. This allows me to pause for right now, let the market go down (I am looking at the same levels as you), and then push back in at that point.

    #2095 8 months ago
    Quoted from DCFAN:

    These seem pretty similar to me:
    [quoted image]
    2010 to 2020:
    [quoted image]

    I agree with your charts and the comparison. This has been a factor that shapes my thinking. The question that everybody has to ask themselves is where on the chart you think you are right now. My bet and the actions I took today translates into that I think that we still have a long ways to go.

    #2098 8 months ago
    Quoted from DCFAN:

    I believe it will be somewhere around DOW 17000 and 11000. Buying anywhere in that range for the long term (2 to 5 years minimum) should be fine if you put the money in stocks that are not going to have the potential for bankruptcy. Companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google are not going away any time soon. Fully diversified blue-chip or S&P based funds should be ok in that range as well.

    Precisely! I have been exiting out of equities for the past few months as I thought we were way too frothy at DOW 30000. I have had the cash sitting on the sidelines. Last week, I took new positions in Apple, Mastercard, and Facebook. With Apple closing shop for a bit, other retail closing down, etc, these were not good entry points. Sell them for a smallish loss, let them go down, and rebuy.

    #2100 8 months ago

    Yep. I bought Apple for the first time around 2007 and traded it from about 60 to 140 and all the way around. When we bottomed out in 2009, I told my guy to put the whole wad on Apple. He would not let me do it, but we did put a good portion for me at that time in it. Rode is from 80 to 700, when it split 7 for 1. We made a bunch of trades during that time, but I did have a few hundred shares that I kept the whole time. If only I would have put the whole wad on it...

    Until last week, I had not owned Apple in years. It had gotten ahead of its ski tips in my opinion. I can't wait to be back in it. As dcfan said, there are a lot of great stocks that I look forward to buying here when the time is right.

    #2101 8 months ago

    Looks like I am not the only one thinking this way. From the CNBC article right now about the futures being up 200 points:

    “For now until there is improvement in the trend … it’s tough to consider being long and it’s right to be in Cash on the sidelines,” Mark Newton, managing member at Newton Advisors, said in a note to clients."

    #2115 8 months ago

    Futures up 700 points and just hit the limits. Wacky damn market. Will be interesting to see what actually happens tomorrow.

    #2126 8 months ago
    Quoted from sataneatscheese:

    That quote didn't age well...

    Don't worry, we are all having those moments. I am sure some of mine won't age well either.

    #2130 8 months ago
    Quoted from JY64:

    Not only were losses locked in but much of my holdings are long term and would trigger a huge tax bill

    I don’t know why I even bother but here is my thesis. The accounts I am looking at are tax deferred and because i had been rotating out of investments the past few months I was in a strong cash position. Where the market is down close to 30% I was down closer to 11%. My bet is that we are going down more than 11% from my exit point yesterday. If that happens, I will make more money on the way back up to recoup my losses faster to my exit point and have a much better base for my positions. This will make me more money quicker and prevents having dead money in the market. If my thesis is wrong, and I decide to buy in sooner, I have only a smaller incremental loss. But, it limits my downside. We shall see.

    #2133 8 months ago

    ^^^Nice plan. Very similar to mine.

    #2161 8 months ago

    It looks like people are going to get checks, which is a good thing. I have no idea if it will be for everybody or limited to certain income levels, but regardless, I appreciate the activity. Living in MD, we seem to be moving faster in preventive actions compared to some states. I think we are relatively soon to be under shelter in place protocols. If/when that happens, hourly employees are going to be hurting pretty quickly, if not already. This money could really help them out.

    #2184 8 months ago

    Woof, going to be a rough day in the markets. I hope the government can get cash into the hands of folks that need it.

    I do not see anything changing my thesis that we still have a ways to go. Be careful buying stocks here if you are holding. This is definitely a trading market at this time. And always remember,

    02EC4AFB-622B-4B6C-963C-CA182B8CBADA (resized).jpeg
    #2185 8 months ago
    Quoted from hank35:

    Question. Using Microsoft as an example. It appears shares are currently at $139.00. If I order now, before the market opens, will I get $139.00 price or the next price when market opens?

    Whatever the price is when the market opens.

    #2188 8 months ago

    Cuban is on CNBC right now. I know I have seen this posted I. This thread or another, but he is absolutely correct. If companies get a bailout, there should be no stock buybacks and everybody should benefit proportionately. Plus he is speaking truth on how we should help hourly wage earners. This guy gets it!

    #2195 8 months ago
    Quoted from Zablon:

    Dow just went under 20k. Even though I've felt from the beginning this was going to keep going down, honesty didn't expect it to go down THIS much.

    We are in an unprecedented situation. dcfan has been saying for a while now levels that he thinks we will reach. I kind of think we will be somewhere in the 16000-18000 range when we settle out. I look at it this way: we are just about a week into this becoming real for the US. How long do you think it will be a major factor. Picking a number at random, lets say 10 weeks. We are 1/10th of the way through it. Cases and deaths are a lagging indicator of where the spread really is. When those numbers catch up, it is going to have a psychological impact on people and markets. We are going to have periods of what passes for normal or stable punctuated by gut punches (death milestones, quarantines and measures, celebrity deaths, companies closing, when it personally impacts you, etc) that are going to take the market down. Psychologically, try to prepare yourselves that these things are going to happen, that they are natural in the sense that this is normal course of action for an event like this, and that every milestone represents one more point on the path of getting through this. Try to stay normal and in my case, I have seen that most of the COVID threads on here are actually not beneficial to me and have drained them. Just a lot of random stuff punctuated with politics and the like that are counterproductive to me. I am in a mindset that this is going to suck, it is going to get worse, but it is only for an amount of time. I realize that I am in a much better position than most, and that I should practice being more grateful and appreciative to others. I am trying to help out others in my community, and ask that others that can do likewise.

    #2201 8 months ago
    Quoted from Zablon:

    Eh, I cashed out quite a bit of stock towards the top so I'm good. At the time people were still saying this was overreaction. My reasons were slightly different though as due to job regulations I was locked out of buying anything for the last 3 years. During that time everything went up a lot, but I could not add to positions. Therefore once it started going down it made more sense for me to lock in profits and wait this out. Now it's just a matter of figuring out when is a good time to get back in.

    No restrictions for me but I had big gain tax deferred. I was roughly 50% cash anyway when I started rotating out. Took a small loss of about 11% when I exited out completely. Figure we are going down lower that the 11% so my move makes sense for my circumstance. Look forward to bottom out and then push in hard. Good luck to all.

    #2205 8 months ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    For anyone in a rush to buy:
    If you bought the top in 1998, it was 2007 before you got back to even and that was only for a very short time. And from the 2007 top it was 2013 before you got back to even.
    If you want to buy, I think you will have lots of time to find a place to buy. Trying to pick bottoms can be suicide.
    [quoted image]

    And this is why I pulled out. I do not want dead money in the market.

    #2210 8 months ago
    Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

    good move if you can pull out close to the top - which was early Feb
    otherwise if you pull out close to the bottom and the recovery passes you by, you did yourself no favors

    As I mentioned, my focus is not the DOW, it was my personal loss, which was only 11% I cashed out a lot of things unrelated to Corona in late Jan/early February. We are going much lower than 11%, which makes my play worthwhile.

    #2216 8 months ago

    Big 3 are halting production. Delta is cutting flights back 70%. This is only the beginning.

    #2222 8 months ago
    Quoted from sataneatscheese:

    I just bailed on the market. Switched the kids 529's to "preservation of capital". Switched my 401k to "preservation of capital/short term bonds". Put in sell orders on all my IRA mutual funds. I will jump back in when the market hits 24,000 and I've missed the first part of the run or when I think it's bottomed. I think things are going to get worse before they get better. They say we are 8-10 days behind Italy on this. When Italy's market shoots up for a solid week, I'll jump back in, but it has been dropping even faster than the DOW. I don't know where we are going to bottom out, but if my theory on Italy is correct the DOW will close below 17,000 by next Friday. I'm guessing we won't see the lows until... sigh... July.
    When I go back in I'll go back in with aggressive mutual funds, but will put my ROTH IRA in stocks. We'll see what looks cheap in 2 weeks time. I can only adjust funds in the kids 529s 2x per year, and I just did it, so I have to be extra careful on that one.

    Hey sataneatscheese, I don't know the age of your kids but here in MD they have the prepaid college trust. Essentially, you are locking in college at a fixed rate and get state tax breaks for every year you have a payment. Did it for my daughter when she was born and worked it out that my annual payment is only 200 bucks over my tax break. If your kids are younger, this might be something for you to look at.

    #2225 8 months ago
    Quoted from Zablon:

    Under 19k now

    Fuck. I'm pulling for the market to go down, but not like this.

    #2270 8 months ago
    Quoted from loneacer:

    Likewise. I've been telling co-workers I wanted to retire at the end of this year (at 43). I still have a couple side jobs I'd keep doing. Told them last week to forget I mentioned it.

    It’s funny, I’m 42 and have a lucrative career. It used to be my ambition to retire in my mid fifty’s with a sum that would allow me to never work again. As I get older, I don’t think that is my plan anymore. 2 years ago I bought my dream house, which was incredibly expensive but a tremendous investment opportunity as it was significantly under valued. I have to pay this off, but I think I should be able to in the next 15 years or so while maintaining my current lifestyle. This is a long way around the horn to say that not only do I need to work for a while, but that I want to work longer. I enjoy what I do and take great pride in my work. My technical counterpart that I worked with for the past 4 years just retired at the age of 76. He has several millions of assets so has not needed to work for a while. However, he loved meeting with clients with me and said that work kept him young. I am meeting more and more people that are telling me similar things. I guess I will see how things play out as I get older but my thoughts on this have really started evolving over the last 6 months or so. Is anybody else having similar thoughts about wanting to work longer?

    #2284 8 months ago
    Quoted from loneacer:

    I’m losing track of the number of coworkers I’ve had that have died in their 40s-60s. Literally worked until they died. About a month ago our CEO had a headache and went to the doctor. He was told he has aggressive brain cancer and won’t live a year. I don’t want that to be me.

    This is why you have to live now because we have no idea what the future holds. I hear a lot about the FIRE movement but frankly, it does not provide for the lifestyle that I want for myself and my family. My wife and I bought this house and a boat several years beforehand because we decided we wanted to enjoy some of the fruits of our labors while we are young. Does this mean we have to keep working? Sure. But we both like what we are doing and get to live our life now as opposed to waiting for retirement. And if I was to stroke out tomorrow, at least I got to enjoy it while I could and my wife and daughter would be taken care of.

    #2299 8 months ago
    Quoted from loneacer:

    I'm looking at a 4.5 acre lot in a gated community about 1/4 mile from the golf course clubhouse back in my old neighborhood. It's under $30k. 7 acre lot on the same street is $35k.

    That sounds very reasonable. We bought waterfront on the Chesapeake Bay and I would say that it is anything but reasonable. We got lucky in that we found a property that had acreage and a large amount of shoreline for about the price of what typically is a 50 year old house on a quarter acre that would need to be gutted. We have had to do an extensive remodeling but we feel confident that this is a great investment. There are some unique features to the property that due to recent changes on what you can do close to the Bay make this very desirable if we ever decide to sell. More importantly, it allows my family to do things that we hold very near and dear to us. I will be working for a while, but I do know what I am working for.

    #2301 8 months ago
    Quoted from sd_tom:

    is anyone looking at Ford.. i know their P/E sucks currently (hah, getting better each downturn )but man.. 4.63 a share this am which has pushed their dividend yield to 12.96% Granted seems like April will be next dividend announcement and a lot can happen in the remainder of this month (given what has happened so far)

    Just came across CNBC that Ford is suspending its dividend to preserve cash. I think that is your answer.

    #2303 8 months ago
    Quoted from Zablon:

    dammit, i knew that was coming. :/

    I think you are going to see a bunch of companies in the same boat. Will impact dividend investing.

    #2313 8 months ago

    Just talked to my guy and I am looking to do some nibbling when the S&P is in the 2350 range. Anybody else got a target?

    #2358 8 months ago

    Futures are still up but are dropping. I think you will have a bunch of trading today but probably a sell off into the close as people are probably not going to want to be long into the weekend. A lot can change between close and Monday AM. Good luck to all that play today.

    #2360 8 months ago

    If anybody is watching CNBC Dan Niles is crushing it right now. He is saying that you could see some 5-10% relief rallies but that they would be short lived. Thinks we are nowhere near a bottom. He said that if you are down 10%, you only need to get 11% up to get even, but if you are down 30%, you have to get back up 43% to get even, and if you are down 50%, you have to have a 100% rally to get even.

    #2368 8 months ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    The morning rally has faded. But it is early enough in the day to recover.

    Ordinarily, I would say that I would be surprised to see a recovery this afternoon. However, who the hell knows anymore?

    #2376 8 months ago
    Quoted from pindome:

    Hi Guys and Gals, I am not a market guy but see an opportunity to replace some low interest CD income but don't know enough to not get myself in trouble so I thought I would check in with my fellow Pinsiders. Even though I don't know you folks personally I trust your expertise and experience more than I would a lot of those commissioned brokers out there. I have lurked here for close to a decade so I feel I know you from a distance.
    Here is my question, I have about $500k available, I'm looking for a get it and forget it scenario.
    I am thinking something like aristocrat's (just learned that term) or an index fund or both. Something that will generate a reasonable return (not rolling over anymore CD's) a blend of holdings that are safe to not likely go bankrupt or have serious dividend cuts or elimination. I know this is an overly broad request but wanted to get a few ideas from my fellow pinball buddies.
    For the really tough (impossible) question any thought on when to jump in? Jump in with both feet or come in over time.
    Thanks Pinside

    Honest opinion: For 500K I would recommend that you find a broker or a fiduciary (they are not the same) to help you with that sum of money. Based upon the market conditions you could absolutely get toasted right now. I agree with Zablon's points but I don't think we are near the bottom at this time. It is hard to time the market, and double so for somebody who is not a market guy. I personally have my money on the side and have a plan that I have drawn up for insertion points and commodities with my guy. We are not at that point yet (looking at S&P 2350) as a starting point to nibble.

    #2377 8 months ago
    Quoted from Zablon:

    My understanding is what he did wasn't illegal though. Now, if we take into account whether or not there was willful misinformation being fed to the public around what was known at the time maybe, but I'm not sure anyone can prove it...
    Remember the whole Equifax stock sales fiasco?

    Technically not illegal but it is bullshit. All of the senators involved from both sides should go!

    #2383 8 months ago
    Quoted from DBLM:

    Futures are still up but are dropping. I think you will have a bunch of trading today but probably a sell off into the close as people are probably not going to want to be long into the weekend. A lot can change between close and Monday AM. Good luck to all that play today.

    Yep, the day ended on script. Dow down 917, which is big. Factor in the premarket up 700 and change and it is even bigger. I agree with Dan Niles that you are going to have some relief rallies and even periods of time during the day that you can get in and out. However, if that is not your game, I recommend sitting on the side. There is no confidence in this market and if you aren't looking at the ticker constantly, you can get your nuts in a vice. Sure, you are buying down from highs and recent highs, but how much lower is this going to go? It would suck to buy a stock already down and have it go down another 20% before it stabilized. That would be a pretty big move down and up just to get even, and you have dead money in the market. Patience is your friend.

    Lets see what horrible thing happens over the weekend to weaken the market more.

    #2385 8 months ago

    Maybe e-trade or something like that?

    #2422 8 months ago
    Quoted from Zablon:

    Since lots of shutdowns are being extended another 2 weeks already... I'd say down. Honestly at this point, who is buying? Gambling addicts? I'd actually like to see what someone like Iceman is doing simply because he was so positive about everything. Is he still buying? Or did he finally decide to wait?

    My guy has about 250M under management. He said a few people like myself have rotated to cash, most have hunkered down, but some are beginning to nibble at these levels. He does have a variety of folks that doing options and said most people have rotated out of bonds.

    #2439 8 months ago
    Quoted from Rondogg:

    Gold and precious metals are a hedge against runaway inflation and easily accepted as currency.

    I think I can repost this again

    456BB72F-8BE7-4C77-945A-CD848BB1D1FE (resized).jpeg
    #2442 8 months ago
    Quoted from Rondogg:

    Maybe. I'd personally rather be diversified and ready for anything. History is a good teacher.

    Not disagreeing. In my case, cash give me the greatest flexibility.

    #2495 8 months ago
    Quoted from robotron911:

    As it always happens, super rich guys with tons of available cash assets will get even richer when they buy depressed assets. This will lead to further wealth consolidation.

    I'm looking to do the same thing, just on a smaller scale. Market, keep on going down

    #2519 8 months ago

    I mentioned 2350 on the S&P last week and we are below that. I am not looking to go in at this point until we get other news. Feeling more and more confident in the moves I made last week.

    #2520 8 months ago

    Zoom has been a rocket ship. I would be cautious as it has moved really fast and is expensive on a P/E ratio. They are one network outage way from a crater. Plus, Microsoft and other similar companies are rolling out similar tech. I love zoom as a technology and am using it as we speak but be careful.

    #2550 8 months ago

    My broker texted me this a few mins ago. Charles Gasparino tweeted this out. Scary how much the patterns match

    3F5E3521-A478-46E2-8F84-CB615CB7E15A (resized).jpeg
    #2559 8 months ago

    Boeing CEO is on CNBC now for those interested.

    #2569 8 months ago

    Nothing to get too excited about yet. Was going to put some money into a few things but awaiting a pull back. I don’t feel the need to rush right here.

    #2597 8 months ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    What else you would you call it? You have worse?

    Close to 6 figures on a trade once. Numerous 5 figure losses. I have also had equal or more gains to balance them out.

    #2599 8 months ago
    Quoted from Zablon:

    Bezos just pissed off the masses.

    What happened?

    #2601 8 months ago
    Quoted from Zablon:

    Asked for donations. (Like that operator gofundme thread that went over like a brick).

    Holy crow. Just read about this. What a crock for a 1 Trillion dollar company. This should be the cost of doing business for them.

    #2623 8 months ago
    Quoted from sd_tom:

    stimulus deal reached.. futures negative at the moment.. hmm.

    That is just for the Senate. Has not gone through the house yet. People expect the deal to go through but it will be curious to see what the House tries to hang on it.

    #2641 8 months ago
    Quoted from kpg:

    I wouldn't be surprised to see some move to try and conceal those numbers tomorrow.. which wouldn't be good either.. we'll see. I don't see any of this ending up putting us on a long term bear market like 2008, but as a trader (and not necessarily an investor) my views can change rapidly. Right now that's how I feel.

    Just talked to my guy and he echoed what you said that this is a traders market right now. He thinks the numbers tomorrow are priced in but does not think that this upper motion lasts, and that we will probably start heading down some. We shall see. I don't think anything has fundamentally changed from a long-term perspective in the past two days market wise.

    #2656 8 months ago

    I have a broker I’ve been with for 19 years. Turns out, he is a pinhead as well. I went to his house a few weeks ago to put in a ColorDMD for him.

    #2689 8 months ago

    This feels almost like a bull trap to me. People are excited but nothing has fundamentally changed. I missed the timing on Boeing but the others on my list are all still there. Anybody else feel this way?

    #2691 8 months ago
    Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

    I agree, some stocks are up 50 -100% from their lows a week ago. There has got to be massive profit taking soon.
    I just can't see calling a bottom until we stop the 24/7 virus news cycle.
    I think after another weekend of people staying home watching the virus news network, monday will be another strong down day
    of course i could be 100% wrong - would not be the first time

    One hundred percent agree. I know that we differed in my decision to go to cash and wait for a better entry point but the truth is I have not found a point that I really like yet. I have bought nothing. We have a 1,000 deaths in the country to date and that is nothing in the scheme of things. When we get to a point of where you are having many hundreds of deaths a day that is going to throw cold water on people quickly. If we get to a point where municipalities go to mandatory lockdowns then shit gets real real quick. If you are nimble you can trade but if you are looking long term, this thing is one bad day or a couple of American household names dying from hitting the elevator down.

    #2721 8 months ago

    God, this thread is so much civil than some of the other threads here. I asked the mods in the Covid thread to voluntarily eject me from that thread so that I would not fall into that cesspool of a thread. Thanks to everybody for keeping this one so much nicer.

    #2723 8 months ago
    Quoted from sataneatscheese:

    Sold my six Flags after 24 hours for a 20% gain. Bailed to buy red robbin. My cracker barrel is down 10%. All else in sensible mutual funds. Fun 24 hours!

    Hey sataneatscheese, I think you might have missed my other posting to you a few years back. Have you looked at the MD prepaid college trust? Depending upon the age of your kids this may or may not make sense to you. You get a $2,500 tax deduction a year that you have it opened. I put 25% down when my daughter was born and worked the payments where my annual payment is $2,700, so effectively $200/year plus the 11-12K that I started with. The whole thing is transferable, etc, so it is a pretty good deal.

    #2737 8 months ago

    I don't think we missed anything. From my broker today talking about bear rallies: " ...usually they are 15%-20% up. We moved down 36% and now we have moved 18% off the lows. Not only are we coming up to a 20% increase level but also technically a 50% retracement of the drop is customary. I would think this peters out soon and we head back down."

    We shall see but it looks like we have a few chart technicians on here so I will defer to them. My gut tells me regardless of the House vote, people are going to be leery of holding long going into the weekend. We shall see.

    #2794 8 months ago

    Down we go! Let's have some fun with this. With all the wild swings this week, where will we actually wind up % wise gain or loss for the week? Remember, we started off the week 8% and change down before running up 18% or so. I say we wind up about 2-3% up for the week.

    #2818 8 months ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    not much funds here...
    How do I turn a 401k into cash?
    I would be happy to just park it on the sidelines and wait.

    You can just sell your positions and not rebuy. It will just be cash in the account until you do something with it.

    #3010 8 months ago

    Looks like we are going to open in the red. GOOD! I need this baby to come back down some. It has sucked to be on the sidelines but I am forcing myself to be patient.

    #3013 8 months ago
    Quoted from Pinballmike217:

    No BAD. Hoping for further losses in a down economy is ludicrous. Dow is still down over 7K from it's high. There's plenty of upside left.

    Different strokes for different folks. Technicals and historicals suggest that we will have a retracement back down before we put in a floor. That is what I am hoping and counting on.

    #3019 8 months ago

    Not seeing a lot of conviction in the market today one way or another. Last day of the quarter. Tomorrow will be interesting.

    #3021 8 months ago

    Dow finished the day down 410. I think that we will be down for a while as the reality of this thing sits in: Reported rates of death and infection are rising, companies are furloughing employees, restaurants are shutting down and not reopening, etc. Good CNBC article talking about impact to GDP and unemployment based upon Goldman projections:

    The good news is that they are predicting a Q3 bounce back of 18%, which is fantastic. Plus, it looks like the Trump Administration is looking at another 2T tranche of funding to help with infrastructure and getting people back to work, which is huge.

    Net-net: I think that we go down from here for a little bit and that folks like me that are looking for a lower place to buy in can. However, it might be a small window due to volatility.

    #3025 8 months ago
    Quoted from pinlink:

    We're in the same boat, brother! I am waiting on the sidelines cash in hand, just give me the signal!

    I missed the first time but will not miss again. I have plenty of dry powder, got my buy list, and just waiting for the right point.

    #3033 8 months ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    I had not heard this. Where is all the money coming from? Are we so far in debt now that nothing matters? More pedal to. the metal?

    Here are two articles. From everybody I am talking to, this is coming. I have no idea where the money is coming from.

    #3036 8 months ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    Do you believe Goldy? It has a vested interest in not chasing everybody away. It has to stay it sees some light at the end of the tunnel.

    Read the rest of the article. Pain before the bounce. We are in a sucker rally for right now. This is going to get worse and when there is blood in the streets (coming soon), the market is going to lose its appetite. We will have a recovery and setup for more than what we have now, but it is not going to be pretty. The people that were booing me asking for the market to go down are naive.

    #3043 8 months ago

    ^^^ This. Plus, the CEO is already looking at how they evolve their go to market. In a CNBC interview, he was describing how MCD was looking to get into the delivery business, how they are going to change their restaurants, etc.

    #3048 8 months ago

    Last week's run up is beginning to unwind. Have patience, ladies and gents, we are all going to have our opportunity to buy in.

    #3057 8 months ago

    Really good article from Cramer. You can read it for yourself, but thinks that the best time to buy is when we retest our lows. Does not think that investors had factored in the potential mortality rate here in the US.

    #3065 8 months ago
    Quoted from Brijam:

    ? Once corporate America realizes most of its business can be done virtually, you really think they’re going back to flying people all over the place?

    Enterprise technology sales guy weighing in. I am one of the people that you are describing. In my profession, most of the sales staff moved remote about 10-15 years ago due to cost savings. There is no need to pay for facilities for us when we should be out with our customers. I have been using Zoom for 5 years now and it is great for introductory meetings and tech exchanges with existing clients. However, at a certain point, you have to meet F2F with clients to help seal the deal and to implement technology. Right now, my tech teams are working with clients to deliver services remotely and it is hit and miss. I cover the US government, so some clients can do things remotely but others can not. The System Integrators that support my clients have by and large shifted to remote work, so I can continue to do my job. I am glad to have had a strong pipeline of deals that are deemed critical but when I look at out quarters, the lack of F2F is stifling efforts.

    As I have been working mostly remote for the last 20 years, I made sure to setup my home office appropriately. In the new house, I took over what had been a dining room so I have plenty of space. I have dedicated CAT 6 drops, a standing desk with dual monitors, a separate wall mounted TV that I can use for VTC purposes, and all of the office equipment you would expect in an office. It was weird when I would go into my previous company's office once or twice a week for meetings that I had a better setup to do my job of calling clients, prospecting, etc at home then I did in the office. Like I said, it was setup for the technical folks, not the sales team.

    Just a little insight about somebody saying something about business meals. In my profession, it is hard to take out clients to these types of events due to restrictions. The majority of my business meals are with business partners with whom I am trying to partner with. I don't see that part going away.

    #3095 8 months ago
    Quoted from pinlink:

    I'm thinking about it.

    Just curious, why? They have no immediate prospects and for the last 5 years have traded mostly between 2 and a half and 4 bucks. Unless you are going to buy 50-100K of this stock and day trade it this seems like a dog.

    #3099 8 months ago
    Quoted from pinlink:

    I'm more just keeping an eye on it. I added some of the restaurants that were suggested in this thread to my watchlist, STKS being one of them. Just looks like it will get back to 1.50 to me at some point. 50% return isn't too bad. But you're right, you would have to buy a shit load of it for it to be worthwhile.

    Seems fair. Only restaurant I have on my list is MCD. I saw on CNBC today that somebody (edit: Jim Chanos) was negative on Dunkin, Wendys, and a few others. Take it with a grain of salt as he is a pretty big short seller.

    #3101 8 months ago

    Here is the watchlist of stocks that I am looking at now. Any thoughts?
    Dollar General

    #3103 8 months ago
    Quoted from Concretehardt:

    I would love to pick up some Apple, but I’m wanting to jump in around $200.. not sure if she will go that low.

    I would love for it to get that low. I will probably start nibbling in the 220s.

    #3106 8 months ago

    I personally do not like travel and hospitality stocks at this time but that is just me. AAL will get a bailout of some sort, and is probably a pretty good long term play. However, so much of these sectors are dependent upon how long this lasts and how long it will take to recover.

    #3111 8 months ago
    Quoted from desertT1:

    RTN is on my watchlist and is hard to figure out at present. They are trying to finish up a merger and I read that a good value for them would be $182-$184. They passed that and were around $230 for a little while. This whole ordeal has now tanked them by $100 a share, way below the value the article talked about.

    The merger was completed this week. They are in a fantastic position as a defense contractor right now.

    #3113 8 months ago
    Quoted from mcluvin:

    Ever been in a DG? Small, cramped stores with a small number of employees. Their primary customers? The folks most likely to get you sick.

    Just because I don't shop at Dollar General (and evidently neither do you) that does not mean that we should be classist or look down on it. They tend to serve smaller, more rural, and less affluent areas. Economic recovery is going to take a while and they are well positioned to benefit from it.

    #3121 8 months ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    They are smaller. Yes. And they are knocking off grocery stores in small towns.
    I never thought about DG. But the stock price has been a respectable up mover since it went public.


    #3135 8 months ago

    I’m somewhat wealthy and am dumb, so I have that going for me.

    #3145 8 months ago

    Let's have a little fun today. It is 9 AM and the DOW is projected to open down. We know that there tends to be a selloff due to people not wanting to hold over the weekend. What are your predictions for the Dow closing today? I predict the DOW will close down 425. What are your predictions?

    #3156 8 months ago
    Quoted from Tranquilize:

    Hey guys, I haven't had room for new pins for quite some time, so I have an extra 50k in my account. I've never invested in stocks (I prefer real estate), but I'd like to try to capitalize on the downturn. I'm not a fan of long term as I don't trust the market in general. I think these bubbles and corrections are going to become more frequent, and after 2008, I don't trust corporate and government influence.
    Anyway, here are my preliminary plans.
    1. My theory is that the best time to get in will be when USA infections decrease for the first time. There will be false spikes that would be risky to play before this, so I'll be avoiding them.
    2. My guess is that there will be two phases for capitalization. The first will be companies that are an immediate need when society starts up again, then the slower gainers. The plan: gain from phase one, pull cash, dump into phase 2. Pull cash, throw party.
    3. My prediction is that the average schmuck (me) will miss the first spike because Insider speculators will create it. But there will still be a lot of room for profit.
    Here are some tentative investments I'm considering:
    Phase one:
    Uber - people need to get around
    Netflix - hopefully it will go down. Doubt it.
    Starbucks - habit/addiction purchase
    Phase two:
    Telecoms - habit/needs
    Airlines - habit - way of life - status
    Banks - print money, mass debt holders
    Tesla - ingenuity, adaptability.
    I definitely need to do more research. Please tear apart my theory. I'm hungry to learn.

    Welcome to the party. From my perspective, I am not the biggest fan of the phase 1 / phase 2 approach as you outlined it because market sectors are generally going to move up and down as a whole based upon the macro situation. Don't get me wrong, hospitality and travel are in a world of hurt and will be that way for a while compared to some sectors but things are going to move together for a while. If you try to phase 1/ phase 2 it you are going to miss out on the benefits for your phase 2 stocks. I would instead encourage you to pick better quality stocks from the get go (regardless of sector) and then you can always rotate out. That ensures that you are getting the best swings at bat.

    Since you are looking at a short horizon from your perspective, airlines, banks, and the like do not make sense. They are in for a long recovery. Uber is interesting in that it is a need but I dont know the psychology of people getting in a stranger's car in the near term. Netflix is an expensive stock on a P/E ratio, but definitely has a user base. Starbucks is an excellently run company and might be a good pick. Telecoms do not normally show explosive growth, so tend to be a longer term play. Tesla is dependent upon how many vehicles that can produce, so could be tough in the near term.

    If you are looking at shorter term plays with upside potential, your tech companies might be your best bet. Ultimately, your timeframe, goals, and risk tolerance should be your guidepost for this.

    #3160 8 months ago
    Quoted from loneacer:

    Well played Thing, you're really on the ball.

    Thanks. For a while, I was right on the money. We will see what next week brings.

    #3203 8 months ago
    Quoted from loneacer:

    I'm curious if the people that liquidated their portfolios have started getting back in yet. Today was the bounce I was hoping for. It gave me a chance to reestablish covered calls for a good chunk of my positions. Now I have a little protection against another drop.

    Not yet. The market is still below where I liquidated. I think that we are going to bounce around a bit and still think we see some lows.

    #3257 8 months ago

    I've been quiet as there has been nothing to talk about. I am waiting for this to go back down and will be getting off the sideline then. This is killing me having all of this powder on the side but there is no way in hell I buy here.

    #3261 8 months ago

    I watched the last 5 minutes of trading and it was all over the place. I think we could have red tomorrow.

    #3391 7 months ago
    Quoted from PanzerFreak:

    Hope no one really did cash out their 401k (or even switch to safer investments with 5+ years to work) when the DOW was around 18,000 as these past two weeks prove why such an action is not advisable.

    Not at that level but right around here. Looking for a pull back to get back in.

    #3507 7 months ago

    I think we drift lower over the next few days. Earnings are not going to be good but I don't think the extent of the earnings hit was priced in. Fundamentally, nothing has changed with the pandemic and I think that people are finally coming around to the fact that this is going to last much longer than what originally thought. I have some trades teed up for S&P 24000 - 2500 range. As I have said throughout this thread, cash is king, and this market is not running away from anybody right now.

    #3513 7 months ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    Apple just blinked.
    "Apple unveils new budget iPhone"
    "After years of releasing smartphones with four-figure price tags, Apple (AAPL) is reintroducing a lower-cost, stripped down iPhone model in an apparent effort to broaden its customer base."
    ****I do take exception to the author's opening of "After years of releasing smartphones with 4-figure price tags". The $1,000.00 cell phone is a relatively new price point. It has not been years.

    Nothing to see here. This has been rumored for the last 6 months.

    #3589 7 months ago

    Market is fading a bit from the highs. Going long today at some point on BA, UAL, DAL, and LVS. I am only taking quarter to half positions as I will be buying more at some point. Don't know if I will be averaging up or down, but at a certain point it does not matter. Tech is too far over its ski tips right now, so I am awaiting a pull back on that front.

    Raytheon is another on my radar screen. Anybody else watching that one?

    #3696 7 months ago

    All of you guys dicking around with oil right now are playing with fire. There are much better and safer parts of the market to be looking at right now unless you know what you are doing.

    #3806 7 months ago
    Quoted from delt31:

    so invested in March and doing well with Apple - actually took a loss with Boeing as I decided to let it go and use the money to better invest in other stocks instead of waiting for the airline industry to get back.
    Already have Disney.
    Thinking about more apple but also want to see how the market reacts to Q earnings. Any other thoughts?

    If you look at the charts, AAPL is typically a sell the news stock as it typically dips after earnings. They just announced today that they are delaying production of iPhone one month. I am looking to buy more after earnings Thursday, but am not looking to buy beforehand.

    #3886 7 months ago

    Boeing just raised 25B in a bond offering and will not take federal money. This, combined with them reopening in SC make me think they will rocket up tomorrow.

    #3892 7 months ago
    Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

    How do you buy those bonds?
    Boing isnt going away. They now have two phases of rebuilding to do in the next 5 to 7 years. Revamp and fix max 737. Sustain contracts into 2022, and they will be $300 a share again.

    Don’t quite know. I think it was an institutional bond offering as the banks are already lined up. I don’t know if there is a way for individuals to buy in.

    #3894 7 months ago
    Quoted from Atari_Daze:

    Watching intently, this was my sons first stock purchase, he's been antsy. I keep reminding him, he is definitely in for the long game, he's just 20.

    Good for him. He just needs to forget about it for a year or so and he should be happy.

    #3896 7 months ago

    Here are the positions that I have taken over the past two weeks, with about half of them coming yesterday. I love tech stocks but am not touching them at these levels. I don't think this market is running away from anybody at this time so I have been waiting until after earnings for some. For what it is worth, these purchases represent quarter to half positions, with the thought that depending upon performance I can average up or down.


    #3941 7 months ago

    I have said it a few times and will say it again: Dividends don't matter right now. They are being canceled left and right. Find good stocks that are depressed, buy those, and if you get lucky, you will get a dividend on top of things as a cherry on top.

    #3976 7 months ago

    One slight technique to consider when buying a car. Dealers make more money now on financing than the car itself in a lot of cases. Hence, why you do not get as good as a deal paying cash. I talked with my dealer and asked them the minimum amount of time I would need to finance to get the best price and it turned out to be 3 months, because at that time they get their credit for the finance deal. Verify that the amount of discount you get for financing this minimum amount of time is greater than the interest that you would pay for the same amount of time and there you go. At the end of the 3 months, you just pay off your note. I have bought my last 3-4 cars this way with great success and great savings. These were all in the 40-50K range, so it might not be as applicable in the lower dollar amounts.

    #3978 7 months ago

    Looks like me at barakandl had the same thought at the same time . This is a good technique

    #3979 7 months ago

    On the stock side of the house, I took a full position in Raytheon today as well as Carlyle Group. Raytheon finally got down to the price range I was looking at and is well positioned going forward with their defense contracts. Carlyle Group has earnings next week and although I do not focus as much on dividend as some on here, all indications are that they are not cutting their dividend when they go EXDIV next week. Anybody else playing with these two names?

    #4012 7 months ago
    Quoted from taylor34:

    Have you guys noticed that the usual defensive plays (Coke, Pepsi, J&J, Proctoc and Gamble, etc) have all rolled over? I was checking them out tonight and their charts are almost identical, up mid april but all down a decent amount since. Typically those names show strength in a recession. Berkshire has also rolled over.
    Are there some gems in here that could be worth looking at? The dividends on some of these are pretty decent for where they're at now. Wish I could pick individual stocks in my 401k, I don't really want to own the general market right now, but I do like anything that pays a dividend in excess of what bonds are yielding.

    I would be very careful about picking stocks for dividends right now unless you know that there is a dividend coming (Carlyle Group is an example). A lot of people in here have thrown out names based upon dividends to only see this get pulled. I would pick good stocks that have upside right now and focus on that, with dividends being a cherry on top. This is the inverse of what most people look at, but we are in interesting times.

    #4065 6 months ago

    I am one of the people that you describe and I feel no shame. I have a big house, I spend a lot of money, but I also bring in many 8 figures of economic impact for the corporations that I work for per year. I work a minimum of 70-80 hours a week and I get results. People hire me for these results. I look for what I consider good deals and I don't throw around money crazily, but I also have zero compunctions on spending money and large sums of it. I went to college with 20 bucks in my pocket, and I have much more than that now, but neither of these facts define who I am. I hope you realize that there are many shades of grey, and that you cant paint your fellow man with a broad brush.

    #4070 6 months ago
    Quoted from thedarkknight77:

    You need to work on your reading comprehension skills young man. You literally misinterpreted everything I said. Look, let me give you some advise, advise you cannot buy.......Your 1 game collection sucks! Hook is literally one of the worst games ever. Take that money that you so love to spend and buy yourself a decent 5 pin collection. After you do that, I want you reread what I posted and fill that chip on your shoulder with some grey silly putty and loosen up. Everything in this world is relative, you were NOT the type of person I was referring to in my post. You are an American success story my friend, congrats!

    I have reread your statement and I can see how we both were on different vectors. I will say that you are absolutely incorrect about Hook. It is a fantastic game, especially with the custom code. I'll get more pins one day, but I have bigger fish to fry for now.

    Good luck with your TEVA play. I think it is definitely a trade.

    #4121 6 months ago

    Sold my Carlyle Group for a quick 9% gain today. I am liking what I am seeing with my bets on Las Vegas Sands, Century Casinos, and Raytheon Technologies. My other trades (airlines/Boeing) have recovered a good portion of the losses where I was a little early on those, but other bets (Starbucks, McDonalds, and Costco) are looking like they will turn out well as well Anybody else liking their trades?

    #4142 6 months ago

    I brought up Century Casinos a few weeks ago. Up 18.7% today. Highly speculative stock with operations in the US, Canada, and Poland. Missed earnings but revenues are growing and they have bought a few smaller properties. Just signed a deal with Bet365 and bringing in sports betting to Colorado.

    #4150 6 months ago

    According to Census Bureau American Community Survey projections in 2018, 65 and over is roughly 52.3 M. This is always a fun site to go look at data.

    #4177 6 months ago

    I’m seeing waterfront homes in the 1m-2m range beginning to pick back up in this area after some softness in the winter. Don’t know if that was seasonal or not but am glad to see values rise. Could also be the low interest rates. For context, 1m is either a tear down (pretty much buying for the lot) or something that is going to take some money to rehab. In talking to contractors (renovators, new construction, plumbing/electrical, and dock/bulkhead), demand has been strong through the pandemic and is picking up steam.

    #4182 6 months ago
    Quoted from DCFAN:

    It is going to be interesting to see how much the newly working at home group is able to continue doing it as a normal way of life after the pandemic is over. I have been doing full time work at home for 13 years, but my job has a very clear quantifiable and verifiable work product.
    My wife is an accountant and she was doing work at home about 3 days a week before the pandemic and has not missed a beat working at home full time during the pandemic. The biggest difference in her that I have noticed is that she seems less tired probably from not having to do her 20 minute commute each way.

    I agree with you on this. There are a fair amount of folks in the DC-Baltimore area that work from home or telework a good portion of the time. I see that a lot of the system integrators have been able to make the switch pretty seamlessly, but govies at agencies that have not traditionally teleworked have struggled. My gut tells me that you will see some shifts in where people are able to work, depending upon who they work for. From a vendor community supporting the government, I think that you are going to see some of these leases for offices and labs in primo spaces around DC either not renew or that the space dedicated to these types of office spaces contract. I know that my prior employer (office 2 blocks from the White House) abandoned a build out plan that they had to take over an entire floor and is actually looking to shrink their footprint some.

    #4204 6 months ago

    I'm with iceman44 on this. I am normally a tech investor but the valuations are too out of whack right now. Now is the time that you buy the deep value stocks that have been beaten up. I went in fairly heavy on DAL, UAL, BA, LVS, and CNTY and the results have been great. We have seen that the government has put in a floor on this category of stocks. I am not keen on hotels and restaurants that are not quick service, but we shall see. I like MCD and SBUX in these areas, and have put my money behind them. I have also bought pretty heavy into RTX, REGN, and ROKU, which are bets on the future. I still have about 50% on the sidelines for strategic bets.

    #4215 6 months ago
    Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

    Lotta happy talk here, which overlooks the fact that a lot of businesses won’t re-open and a lot of jobs aren’t coming back. Now, if my business depended on the stock market going up up up for my clients, I’d pump sunshine too. But your predictions are basically predicated on the massive Fed stimulus, which didn’t help consumers and workers as much as rich people and large corporations. Somethings gotta give dude.
    Like many others here, I’m sure, I’ll be investing all the way down.

    Dont confuse small businesses with the stock market. By and large, they move independently of each other. Right now, my heart goes out for the small businesses and I hope that they can reopen safely soon.

    #4221 6 months ago
    Quoted from phil-lee:

    Motor Home and camper trailers are already high, look for them to go markedly higher.
    Places to park them are priced in relation to their location, look for under-utilisied Campgrounds that are a little too far out right now but could skyrocket.
    CarNation and other Auto-based domocile movements are real, and prevalent.

    Boats that have a bed, head, and galley are evidently having good sales in this area. It could be related to low interest rates as these typically are financed for 20 years. Another benefit is that like a motor home, these can be considered a second home for tax purposes.

    #4233 6 months ago
    Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

    And if you are planning to, what’s your target and what are your triggers?

    For me, it is a case by case basis based upon the investment. Some things are a trade. I am up 21% on Century Casinos, and will see where it goes. I put in a trailing stop, so I will exit either when I see fit or when it hits a threshold. On the other hand, I am up 14.5% on Raytheon Technologies. My broker asked if I wanted to cash in and the answer is no. I think that they are incredibly well positioned as a defense contractor and view them as a longer term hold.

    I personally do not like this market because I think the fundamentals are out of whack. With that being said, you have to be very diligent and follow it closely, because conditions change. The days of set it and forget it are over and will burn you. You have to be active, and especially at higher investment levels. I was ridiculed by the peanut galley for when I pulled out and guess what? I got in at a much better price point and have made money the way back up. I still have roughly 45-50% on the sidelines and will deploy as the right opportunities arise.

    At the end of the day, determine your risk tolerance and goals, lay out your strategy to meet your goals, and execute. If something is not working, make changes. This market is not necessarily running away from people so with some exceptions, you don't have to make a purchase at a certain time.

    #4236 6 months ago
    Quoted from usandthem:

    How dare us little people not be aware that the federal reserve is so firmly in the back pocket of the executive branch. And how dare we not be aware that they myth of free market capitalism was going to explode in front of our very eyes under a free market-touting administration.
    (I've gotten in trouble in the past for politics on forums, so I'm trying my best to dance around it. But I don't know how you can have an honest discussion of economic issues without talking about politics (politely) as the two are so intertwined... especially lately.)

    Here are the truths as I see it:

    The game is rigged. Always has been, always will be. You can either bitch about it or accept the fact, and play the game. You have a better chance of getting ahead in playing the game versus not playing.

    The Federal Reserve and politicians of every stripe and party don't give a shit about the little people. They will always act in their best self interest. It doesn't matter if the Dems are in charge, the GOP is charge, or even the Whig Party (going back). You have to make your own plan and take control of your financial freedom.

    Depending upon your age, Social Security may or may not be there for you in retirement. I am 42 and do not expect for social security to be there. Luckily, I have my own plan.

    Financial literacy is key. It is shocking how many people do not know how interest works, the difference between good debt and bad debt, and the importance of building equity. Everybody needs to educate themselves because nobody else will. Whether you have 1,000 to invest or 1,000,000; the key is to employ sound, repeatable principles. This is how people work themselves up the ladder.

    #4237 6 months ago
    Quoted from edcianci:

    well i am no genius as i bought draft kings 2 weeks ago at 24 something and sold 2 days ago at 33.50 - well it's hitting 40 today - so i got in it for long term - but i couldn't resist the profit and thought there would be a pullback - i bet i will be waiting for that pull back for sometime. typical idiot move by me
    thanks ed

    Don't beat yourself up. Just remember, you will never go broke by ringing the register.

    #4242 6 months ago
    Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

    . What are the tax implications for short term trading these days? How much gain do you need to justify a trade so that taxes don’t negate the gains?

    Short term gains are treated as ordinary income so it is taxed at whatever tax bracket you are in. Taxes don't negate gains; you just get your net taxed at whatever rate you are in. Now for an overall profit/loss, you have to look at what your fees are in what you pay for your trade. This is where you can potentially get upside down.

    Net-net: As long as your gain - minus your taxes and fees are greater than 0, you made money.

    #4243 6 months ago
    Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

    I know this is Pinside and the internet and folks come to vent, preach and not learn, but this “the game or rigged story” is not my world.

    Let me clarify my "game is rigged" terminology. Bank Interest rates yield nothing, CD's yield nothing, and bonds yield next to nothing. The only way you can make money is to invest in real estate or the market. If you look at mortgage rates, the people that would benefit the most from them can't get them, as they do not have the assets to qualify for them. On the other hand, if you have X amount of money or a certain credit score, you can get benefits (rates, terms,access to loans, etc) that others can not get.

    In the stock market, retail investors do not have the same access to investments and opportunities that qualified investors have, who do not have the same access as big financial traders, who do not have the same access as hedge fund managers. Different rules, different benefits, different economies of scale. Plus, you put in fees, commissions, etc, you might not make as much as you think.

    With all that being said, these are still the best games around. You have to do what I have done, what your parents have done, and what others have done, and get in the game. Start investing, even if it is small, and build up from there. If not, you are not building any equity in yourself and your family, and you will never be able to go up the ladder. As part of this, you have to build up your financial literacy, because if not, you are setting yourself up for ruin. As you build your portfolio and start doing smarter money things, you see that more opportunities are available to you. You are not getting as good as a shake as others with more money, but you are doing better than you were.

    The dirty truth that people don't want to say is that the smarter you get about money, and the more money you make/grow, the more opportunities are presented to you, and the better your financial life gets. This is why the rich get richer, because the table and advantages are slanted in this direction.

    Going back to my prior comment, you can either say this sucks and do nothing, or understand it, and lean into this fact and play the game. I understand the game is rigged, but I chose to play because it is better than the alternative.

    1 week later
    #4265 6 months ago
    Quoted from scooter8416:

    Any more suggestions on stocks considered still "in the ditch" to watch?

    I went in pretty hard yesterday on oil stocks that were in the ditch OXY, SLB, HAL as well as financials with JPM and COF. I also bought MGM with the casinos opening today. This adds to my LVS and CNTY.

    #4270 6 months ago
    Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

    pat myself on the back, bought into MGM @ $7.66

    Very nice! Take a look at Century Casinos. Small player but a lot of momentum. Bought heavy at 3.50 and close to 6 bucks now.

    #4275 6 months ago
    Quoted from sataneatscheese:

    Well, CBRL and RRGB are both up over 25% since I sold them last month. My other stocks are up, but only by 12%. I sold half my Luby's and Party City after they doubled in price. I bought shares of MITT (REIT) and WMC (REIT) IMCI (Foolish gamble) with those funds and money I got from selling BNED (campus bookstores will take time to recover) BORR (still have), VAL (Still have) are both down about 15%. I am holding on to STKS (up 35%), Ruth (up 1%), CNTY (up 45%) and OXY (up 3%). I am buying distressed stocks while the market is down(ish) and will switch over to sensible stocks once I feel like things are back to normal (looking at MSFT long term).
    Still have kids 529s and my 401k in sensible mutual funds (which are nearing full recovery).

    Glad to see somebody follow me on CNTY. Has been a good play.

    Unemployment numbers much better than expected. Futures point up 500. Normally, I would expect to see some profit taking late in the day but I think people are willing the market to go up right now. Thoughts?

    #4282 6 months ago
    Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

    Your earlier list lead me to look at OXY, COF and MGM and I bought $10k+ of each to add to my “ditch portfolio” yesterday. Thanks for posting!
    I am sure people will trade and profit on the ditch stocks take but damn if you ducked out yesterday to profit where would you be 1 minute into trading this Morning? My plan is to keep the ditch stocks 6+ months or longer, sell and switch back to add to my long term tech purchases. I figure OXY will be a much better play than MELI or TTD over the next year, but not 3-5-10 years from now.
    Would like to hear what others plans are also.

    Glad my call helped you out. In fairness, not hard to make money in this market right now but I think that I have made good purchases at the right time. We will see what happens.

    #4301 5 months ago

    I hope people bought OXY, SLB, and HAL when I suggested them last week. They have been on a tear the past few days and are up 6 to 10% this am in premarkets. Airline stocks are rolling as well. BA, UAL, and DAL are up about 7-11% premarket. I don’t know if the window is closed for pumping big money into these areas but I am glad that I bought what I did when I did.

    On a separate note, anybody else use Great tool for getting the pulse of the market. As with any social media, you have to separate the wheat from the chafe, identify the pumpers and dumpers, and know that a lot of things are generated by bots, But it has been useful for me to get a feel for the momentum of the market.

    #4304 5 months ago

    Yeah, it was funny watching Drunkenmiller this am. Said he was up only like 2%. At least he owned up.

    Agree with Ice on two points. Can’t fight the fed as Wall Street and Main Street are moving separately right now, but we should see both run. Also, the election poses risk for the market if the Dems take over. Not a political statement, just a macroeconomics statement. Depending upon how the polling goes this fall you might have to rotate and take some defensive positions. But for now, put the hammer down and make money while the making is good.

    #4306 5 months ago

    The one thing about Biden is that he is not as progressive leaning in his fiscal policy compared to the left wing of the party. Outside of tax reform, which is a political football, it is uncertain which policies he would try to unwind. Between Corona, the protests, and the recovery, there are a variety of factors in play that could impact the election and the markets. Everybody will need to pay attention to a lot of things that are going to unfold over the next few months in order to best position their portfolios come the fall.

    #4315 5 months ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    “Fed makes terms more favorable for Main Street lending program”
    All in

    Details about what Ice is talking about below. This is big news and will help a lot of businesses. Jerome Powell has done a pretty fantastic job of pulling differing levers to help weather the storm.

    #4326 5 months ago

    Took my profits today in UAL, DAL, OXY, HAL, SLB. Momentum has turned on these and the market has gotten very frothy. I will wait for better entry points on other stocks.

    #4342 5 months ago

    As you can see by the futures, the market is very fickle. You have to be watching things like a hawk right now or you will get burnt. If you are trading, trailing stops are your friend.

    COVID-19 increased spread is a very serious concern and is impacting the markets. Between the reopening and the protests, spread is increasing asymmetrically and is going to have a negative impact on some of the reopening play stocks. Plus, it has come out that 70 testing sites were destroyed during the protests. More info on that can be found here.

    Good luck, all.

    #4367 5 months ago
    Quoted from sataneatscheese:

    * Worst day ever so far. Down 15% today but still Covid up. In non speculative stock I like NOW and TEAM.

    They are good stocks but are very expensive right now on a comparative basis. I would wait for a big pull back. YMMV

    #4374 5 months ago

    Market is opening big this AM but for the stocks that I am interested in now I think are frothy. Going to wait for a pull back on those and buy. Happy with my ditch stock plays (UAL, DAL, OXY, SLB, HAL) over the past few weeks and did really well on the gains. Good luck to all.

    #4433 5 months ago
    Quoted from SilverUnicorn:

    Well, looks like I will have to read through this thread.
    The company I work for went public 2 weeks ago. Our CEO said months ago that when we went public, the employees would be rewarded with restricted stock units for their loyalty to the company and all their hard work to get us where we are now.
    Our IPO was $23 a share, and today it is at $34.75. True to his word, the CEO sent out letters to all employees explaining their RSU allocation. This will take 3 years to vest, but when it does I may just get me a NIB machine for the first time ever.
    I have been at this company for 15 years and honestly was hoping to get MAYBE 250 shares of stock. I almost fell over when the letter said that my allocation was 5,346 RSU's.
    Work is really annoying sometimes, but I sincerely respect our CEO. He is always looking out for the employees. Even the furloughed workers currently were eligible for stock as well. He is a class act.
    Hopefully in 3 years the stock will be over $100 a share. One can dream!

    Congratulations! Glad to hear that you have been rewarded for your efforts! I was with a unicorn that IPO’ed successfully where I had options and RSU’s and joined another unicorn about a year ago where I was one of the last people to get options as opposed to RSU’s. As you get through your vesting periods make sure to consult with your accountant about your various tax liabilities when you execute your RSU’s. We had a unique situation where my prior company went through a merger/acquisition as I was leaving so some people were forced to execute things early, which is going to result in a massive tax burden this year for them as the proceeds will be treated as ordinary income. I had to take the hit this year, which was a large hit. All of this is good stuff, but do yourself a favor and get smart about these things.

    The good news is that companies tend to reward folks with RSU’s for performance and loyalty, so you will probably get more in the future. Again, congrats on your good fortune.

    #4434 5 months ago

    Word going around is that the Trump Administration is looking at a 1T infrastructure allocation. This is huge! This will help our aging infrastructure and create a lot of jobs for folks. I truly hope this comes to fruition because this does good things all the way around.

    #4440 5 months ago

    A few ideas for you guys:

    Just bought 2,250 shares of Slack (WORK) and 2,000 shares of Zynerba Pharmaceuticals (ZYNE), and put in some pretty heavy GTC's on my big tech favorites. Beginning to look at long term positioning. ZYNE is highly speculative but there is a lot of call volume based upon where they are in their testing for a drug for Fragile X Syndrome.

    For those playing along at home, my stock positions are BA, CNTY, LVS, MGM, COST, SBUX, RTX, ROKU, REGN, JPM, and COF.

    Good luck, all.

    #4442 5 months ago
    Quoted from loneacer:

    I don't care much for Slack the product. I worked at a company that used it. It was a total time-waster for the company, basically the Facebook of the office. They even had a slack channel dedicated to workers pets. Instead of doing work, people posted pictures of their pets and commented on them all day. I don't see them have a sustainable future.

    We use Slack pretty heavily at our company for both internal communication and for dedicated external comms with clients. It works very well for us. We have the obligatory pet channel as well, but people here and at our partners use it very productively.

    With that being said, my investment is based upon their fundamentals. Lots of good potential there. Microsoft Teams is a very viable competitor, and it is easy to get Teams if your company is already a Microsoft 365 customer, but I don't see Slack going anywhere. The Amazon deal was a big win for them as well.

    #4443 5 months ago

    Some interesting things are going on with Roku. Spiked 13% plus today with a big call volume late in the day. Some very unsubstantiated rumors of a possible buy out. I have a small position of 200 shares that I bought at $107 and it is now $122 in the aftermarket. Is anybody else in on this stock besides me?

    original_220478745 (resized).jpg
    #4454 5 months ago
    Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

    I have long positions on MGM, SBUX, ROKU ($101), JPM

    I like your picks! I think we will be well rewarded. This is the lightest I have ever been in tech but the valuations are crazy. Have to make money somewhere else.

    #4459 5 months ago

    Did anybody follow me with Slack and Zynerba? I’m liking what I am seeing. Roku looking strong again today as well.

    #4463 5 months ago
    Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

    got in on ROKU @ $101
    didn't actually believe it had this much room left in it

    Nice hit there! I am in at $107. It's a small position at 200 shares, but profit is profit. Lot of rumors swirling about ROKU so we will see if any of them are true.

    #4466 5 months ago
    Quoted from investingdad:

    Better in what sense?
    How does the bond position fit into your larger portfolio strategy and acceptable risk level?
    I think a lot of inexperienced and 'investing uneducated' folks read posts in threads like this one and get a lot of inappropriate advice, bad ideas, and then make bad decisions.
    When I see posts asking about trading options, but not understanding basics like contract size, or asking if there is 'something better' than XYZ investment, all I see is somebody on the precipice of making a bad decision.
    A pinball forum is not the sort of place where I'd be seeking financial advice if I were asking these sorts of questions.
    It's like going to a car dealership and asking if they have anything better.

    Doing some simple math and making assumptions, it sound like you have roughly 6,000 or so shares. The investment is up about 3 bucks since it's inception, so depending upon your purchase price, you could have up to about 18K of profit, plus a 3.3% dividend. That is a pretty good lick, but it all depends on as investingdad said your tolerances, etc. Could you make more money in other places? Sure. But you would have to make those decisions.

    #4474 5 months ago
    Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

    I never bet big on any 1 stock.
    I have missed out on some huge $$ gains but it has also saved my ass several times

    I try to keep a fairly diversified portfolio and as part of that, I have certain clip levels and position sizes that I allocate into. As an example, if I want to buy a certain amount of a stock, I might take a half position as an initial buy, and then average up or down. Occasionally, we will go make big moves into a stock right at the beginning based upon market conditions (Boeing is a prime example). I try to be diligent in determining entry and exit points, and will use trailing stops as needed. My guy is pretty on top of things and lets me know when we might want to make a rotation, which helps with the down sides. We have had some beatings for sure, but all in all we are ahead of the game.

    #4476 5 months ago
    Quoted from Frax:

    Not only that, but Robinhood does basically nothing towards explaining ANY of that in detail. Like the article literally explained more than their app does.
    Clearly, there was more wrong than just the way the app displays numbers here (And I say this as someone that battles frequent recurring depression), because most people I think would've gone after RH for more information, not just immediately gone for the final option, but they do have to accept ALL of the responsibility for just implicitly trusting that people know what they're doing without any kind of screening or education from their app. That's ridiculous, and honestly inexcusable.

    I’m sorry about the guy taking his life, but I do not agree that Robinhood should shoulder the full blame on this. The guy was doing a fairly sophisticated maneuver that evidently he did not fully understand. Hell, I have a significant amount of money in the market and I have never done a call or put because I do not feel comfortable with it. Trading platforms are coded to prevent you from doing something that is incorrect, but they are not coded to question what you are doing. They also do not have a fiduciary responsibility in the types of trades that you make. There is no certification anywhere outside of the Series 7 and the like to become a broker. Now if Robinhood did something incorrect in giving him too much margin ability then they are at fault for that element.

    Again, this is a sad outcome to a sad misadventure and I am sure that there is enough blame to go around, but you can not pin this fully on Robinhood. A good portion of the blame resides sadly with the guy making the trades.

    #4478 5 months ago