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Stock Market Traders?

By kpg

3 years ago

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    #1489 4 months ago

    I saw people talking about how the USA 30-year bond yield has halved in the past year. can someone explain to me in lay terms what the implication of a 30-year bond yield dropping like that are?
    Is it a bet on the long-term feasibility of the markets? A prediction of long-term low interest rates? Or something else?

    EDIT: I expanded the data range and it seems the 30-year bond has been in an overall state of decline since 1987 (9.87) to today (1.675)
    the drop also lines up with similar plummet in Canada's 30-year bond, so it's not USA-specific

    #1510 4 months ago

    interesting to see the Euro surging with GBP down.

    Reports of Coronavirus now in Rhode Island and New York, might be another wild week ahead.

    #1530 4 months ago
    Quoted from Concretehardt:

    Crazy to think that even now we could close up 1000 points or down 1000 points.. This market is scary!

    we need to talk percentages instead of points. 1000 points in a 28k market means way different than 1000 points in a 17k market!

    I'm reminded of places that publish "sunshine lists" of people that make over 100k, but then never adjusted for inflation over 2 decades. *facepalm*

    #1540 4 months ago

    god I love STONKS memes

    #1579 4 months ago

    under what general conditions do people ever look to sell their gold holdings?

    #1593 4 months ago
    Quoted from MotorCityMatt:

    Price of Oil - WOW!

    holy carp! At first glance I thought I misread the decimal place, but yeah 10% plunge!

    -4.62 (-10.07%)
    15:59 PM, MAR 06

    #1606 4 months ago
    Quoted from cait001:

    holy carp! At first glance I thought I misread the decimal place, but yeah 10% plunge!
    -4.62 (-10.07%)
    15:59 PM, MAR 06

    32.09, baby! (-22.26%)

    looks like Saudia Arabia and Russia are having an oil slapfight while the rest of the world is still shaky from Coronovirus. Not the best news for stronks!

    #1609 4 months ago
    Quoted from pinballplusMN:

    Many buying opportunities in coming weeks/months when dust settles. I predict dow will go under 18k by end of month.

    that's one helluva short, but godspeed man, if that bet pans out for you...

    #1623 4 months ago
    Quoted from brobra:

    Central banks around the world have been lowering interest rates for years now, there's not much more in the tool box to prop and support growth.

    I'm starting to wonder if banking on unlimited continued growth was a good long-term strategy

    #1724 4 months ago
    Quoted from Trekkie1978:

    April 15, 2017 I weighed 336 pounds.

    what is going on in the stock market thread

    #1767 4 months ago
    Quoted from Methos:

    It's going to take Boeing a long time to rebound.

    I don't think any airline-related stocks have come close to hitting bottom

    #1779 4 months ago
    Quoted from JodyG:

    the payroll tax cut

    Stupid question here, but how is this related to the coronavirus? I keep hearing it's a response to it, but I don't understand how.

    #1784 4 months ago

    thanks all. Pinside is definitely the most American message board I hang around on, so sometimes I have to figure out what y'all are up to

    #1858 3 months ago

    I have a funny feeling the European travel ban is not going to calm things

    #1861 3 months ago

    DJI now under 22k, 1600 point drop from yesterday close.

    #1867 3 months ago
    Quoted from JodyG:

    Its a shame Pornhub is not publicly traded, because i'd be all in today.


    Pornhub Premium free for Italians and Pornhub donating a month of profits to Italian hospitals.

    #1871 3 months ago
    Quoted from JodyG:

    1.5 trillion up in smoke in minutes...wow.

    Are we talking the ~1pm spike?
    I thought it was the $500 billion short-term bank funding, not 1.5 T? Either way it took 34 minutes for the gain to be wiped out entirely. LOL

    EDIT: my bad, the $500b at 1pm was part of the $1.5T over a few days https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/12/fed-announces-massive-cash-injection-to-relieve-us-debt-market-127284

    #1882 3 months ago

    21,200 DJI close! wow.
    I'm morbidly curious to see how low oil will get. I expect a loooong plateau around 27-30. Closed today at $31

    #1905 3 months ago

    Saw this comparison

    #2005 3 months ago

    no it's not goin to really help anyone but the 'upper class' (and that includes most of us that can afford to buy pinball machines,) but that's just how capitalism works.

    #2031 3 months ago
    Quoted from Mike_J:

    Now we are hardly the titans of industry, but we are trying to do right by the folks who do right by us.

    if only most companies abided by such morality... but I digress

    #2033 3 months ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    The Fed pretty much fired its last good bullet and hoping against hope that the market would go up.

    yikes, is that really their lust hurrah?
    Sub 22k DJI on the futures market.

    #2121 3 months ago
    Quoted from mcluvin:

    The folks delivering to the quarantined are the same folks delivering to you.

    who is going to be first out the gate with premium hazmat delivery service?

    #2155 3 months ago


    #2157 3 months ago

    I can't remember who said they were looking at an 18k DJI but I apologize if I ever doubted you.

    #2158 3 months ago
    Quoted from Methos:

    They will say it anyway.

    no need to bellyache on his behalf, he's got you more than covered.

    #2172 3 months ago
    Quoted from usandthem:

    CEO pay should have to go down to 100K before any discussion of a bailout occurring for any company, in my opinion. I'll never forget the auto execs showing up to Washington in their private jets begging for a hand out in 2009.

    A quote I saw on twitter on the reckoning of this kind of imbalance:
    "Banning the working class from working during a pandemic but not banning the renter class from extracting rents has done more to instill an immediate and furious class consciousness than anything else I've ever seen."

    #2404 3 months ago
    Quoted from Zablon:

    My understanding is what he did wasn't illegal though. Now, if we take into account whether or not there was willful misinformation being fed to the public around what was known at the time maybe, but I'm not sure anyone can prove it...

    this whole thread is devastating https://twitter.com/tjbnz/status/1240890303415902208
    One of those things that reminds us that certain classes of people don't have laws apply to them because they help write them.

    #2405 3 months ago
    Quoted from sataneatscheese:

    No, she went to prison for lying to the FBI about doing the same stuff.

    Truth, she didn't go down for insider trading.
    And Al Capone didn't go down for murder.
    It all depends on a prosecutor's willingness to put the work in, I guess.

    #2473 3 months ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    Thank you. I thought insider trading was part of her game.
    "Martha Stewart was not convicted for criminal insider trading charges,"

    oh she absolutely did insider trading, but she's not "guilty" of it according to the letter of the law. Our society is filled with sociopathic capitalistic predators scooping up profit off whatever they can technically get away with. Generally it depends on the willingness of a prosecutor to follow through on the fine points, and to bypass the culprits rich + well placed friends and their influence who work to make such accusations disappear. The permissiveness of white collar crime is a goddamn shame.

    #2479 3 months ago

    Futures market:
    Dow -847.00 / -4.45%
    Level 18,193.00

    another steep opening coming up. Will we see sub-18k tomorrow?

    Quoted from o-din:

    Oil will only go up once the world mobilizes again. The only question is, at what point does it hit bottom?

    What do you mean? how is Saudi Arabia and Russia handling their business?

    #2508 3 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    Only that the world is using much less fuel at the moment than it was a few months ago and I figured that's why the price is dropping so fast.

    According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_oil_consumption USA uses 20% of the world's oil per day, but the price is much more dictated by supply at this point.
    I am not expecting oil sands and fracking ventures to be hot again for 5-10 years, if that

    #2509 3 months ago
    Quoted from JohnnyPinball007:

    Forget cruise ships, I hope USA shale oil fracking can keep getting bailed out, so Saudi Arabia will keep the taps on high and we can have cheap gas.

    hahaha that seems like an incredibly silly thing to burn American money on, but then again cruise ship companies and airlines are also lining up, begging for enough money to essentially just nationalize them. (and let's not forget cruise ship companies aren't actually american, they fly flags of different countries to avoid taxes)
    But what Saudi Arabia is doing is (AFAIK) way more about Russia than it is about crushing American fracking. Canadian oil sands ventures are also annihilated (though the price per barrel required in Canada is way higher than American fracking rates) and it's just another side-effect from their strategy

    #2528 3 months ago

    anyone else kind of creeped out by the "let the virus do it's thing and keep the economy strong" rhetoric coming out of parts of the financial sector?

    #2533 3 months ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    Death Of World.

    DOctor Who

    #2534 3 months ago
    Quoted from JimDinTN:

    As far pinball games related to stocks, there are more than I expected:[quoted image][quoted image]

    There is something incredibly poetic about most of these games being BINGO PINBALL machines, whose specialty was giving the player the illusion of enough control to take charge and make big coin on them, even though the system is always rigged against the players.
    sm 002 bull market.jpg
    sm 003 stock market.jpg
    sm 004 ticker tape.jpg
    sm 005 wall street.jpg

    Bagatelles aren't much better, mind you
    sm 001 ticker.jpg
    sm 006 stock exchange.jpg

    My favourite of course has to be Blue Chip. And it's the only one on here that's a flippered pinball machine! That follows the analogy well, in that it celebrates real labour that goes into being successful.
    sm 007 blue chip.jpg

    #2537 3 months ago
    Quoted from kpg:

    I'm in at $218.20 avg price right now after todays drop below that.. tons of buying (and possible short covering) volume under that level. Plus, it lost its "Trillion Dollar Company" status which some consider a good area to buy shares as well, as we all know AAPL will be in that category eventually again anyway.

    I'm not a finance guru, but Apple has had massive cash-in-hand for a long time, so I wouldn't expect them to sink too far this year, or at least will be one to bounce back early. (perhaps this effect is minimized by record low interest rates, however)

    #2547 3 months ago
    Quoted from pinballjj:

    sorry guys missed a zero ! 10,000.....

    #2591 3 months ago
    Quoted from BobSacamano:

    It seems to be working. Stock Market is doing great today!
    What are you buying?[quoted image]

    I worry this bump will accelerate the "let's get the economy roaring again in 2 weeks! People are gonna die anyways!" talk

    #2605 3 months ago

    While not as outrageous as Bezos begging for humanitarian donations for his poverty-wage employees, my favourite brazen request for government money has to be from Hobby Lobby. (The company that was bizarrely found trafficking in ancient Iraq artifacts)

    #2618 3 months ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    Found one about the trafficking in ancient artifacts. But it is behind a paywall so complete article is not available. No luck finding anything Hobby Lobby going for govt. money.

    Apologies, I confused Hobby Lobby with another company. Hobby Lobby are the ones that received a vision from God to stay open, despite the pandemic. https://twitter.com/kendallybrown/status/1241519413486129156 (link is a letter from the CEO)

    But them trafficking Middle Eastern artifacts is very real (no paywall): https://www.foxnews.com/science/us-to-return-thousands-of-artifacts-seized-from-hobby-lobby-to-iraq

    #2646 3 months ago
    Quoted from desertT1:

    This is something I check every morning to see what the previous day looked like. As testing ramped up over the last week we saw numbers really climb fast. I think this is as close to real numbers that we are going to get compared to light numbers 2+ weeks ago.
    Look at the difference between yesterday and 2 days ago and compare that with the few days prior to that. It’s a smaller increase. It’s an increase but once that goes flat and then declines I will be a lot more comfortable.
    With NY doing testing of drugs hopefully that will cut the time it takes people to recover and hopefully helps reduce the rate it spreads.[quoted image]

    America is still on a pace to top Italy according to these numbers, and that combined with poor test availability and the recent March Break fiascos, I still think today's optimism is a bubble.
    As always, I really want to be wrong here, as we're talking lives, not just numbers.

    IMG_20200325_104855 (resized).jpg
    #2649 3 months ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    The one that is causing me concern is Mexico. El Presidente thinks the virus is BS. Goes around hugging and shaking hands. They have no test kits. To me, it looks like and accident waiting to happen. Right now the numbers are low, but with no testing you are shooting in the dark.

    I haven't seen that from Mexico, but I have seen Bolsanaro express the same sentiment in Brazil, with a vigorous thrust at trying to keep people working and the economy humming, all the while claiming it to be a media hoax.

    Quoted from PokerJake:

    The US has 6 times the population of Italy

    this thread addresses the instinct to try adjust numbers per-capita, and how it's more useful for non-transmissible stats, but less useful for exogenous data sets, which are better understood as outbreaks: https://twitter.com/jburnmurdoch/status/1242904596856614912?s=09
    It will be interesting to look back and try and understand the impact of America's largest outbreak being in the home of American finance!

    EDIT: for fairness, I wanted to add that the guy who I linked to above is also the same data-analyst who produces that chart I linked above, and he's from the Financial Times

    #2672 3 months ago
    Quoted from Londonpinball:

    It’s a wild time and everyone is begging for money because someone is going to get it.

    I see lots of listed company’s looking for hand outs.

    the amount money available to help out the stock market after years of record returns.

    I want the stock market to survive but it needs to sustain itself.

    They should try eating less avocado toast and try bringing lunch to work, maybe saving up to have a 3 month buffer by not buying a daily coffee.

    #2695 3 months ago
    Quoted from delt31:

    Don't let CNN hysteria get to you with their dramatic headlines.

    I don't understand this. I checked their page and the headlines are that the markets are rallying way up, and that many hospitals are being overwhelmed with Coronovairus cases. Both are factually correct.
    Just ignore every article on every website that falls under "Opinion".

    #2696 3 months ago
    Quoted from usandthem:

    Stimulus has such generous unemployment benefits that some workers were probably begging to be unemployed as unemployment would be an upgrade for many workers. I'm pretty progressive and that still just reeks to me.

    unless I read it wrong, unemployment was like $250 billion and the rest of the $3 trillion is going to coprorations. Not sure why you'd let unemployment benefits get your back up here

    #2697 3 months ago
    Quoted from boscokid:

    Say any money put into the market between April 1 and June 30th and held 10y+ is exempt from gains tax. Seems like that would greatly incentivize Buy & Hold investors and take some of the shine off this trend of buying and flipping. Obviously another benefit would be it wouldn't cost anything in the short term only missed tax revenue 10 years from now.

    This seems like something they would do. It would cost the government tonnes of money in revenue, and it would all be given to people who already have money and don't really more to survive.

    #2705 3 months ago
    Quoted from kpg:

    He got tons of flack for adding to the budget deficit by doing so... And here we are today

    So much of public politics is just "root root root for the home team" sports psychology. So it's always best to just let the career industry analysts hash it out and see what they're saying. (And I define 'industry analysts' broadly, because you need the voices in the industries, as well as all the voices effected by the industry, working in the industry, critical of the industry, etc, equally)

    #2711 3 months ago
    Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

    give it another weekend of 48 hours of nonstop virus news and lets see with the market does on Monday
    I would not touch Boeing at these levels

    Boeing is an international company so going by the global mood, 100% agree. What we're seeing in America *gestures broadly at everything* isn't quite reciprocated in other industrialized nations

    #2725 3 months ago
    Quoted from cottonm4:

    So, all of that to get to this: The liberal daughter, the influencer, suddenly falls out of favor, and GF says" I'm thinking I might for for "Big T" as he might be the only one who can get of out of this" I almost fell out of my chair ! To witness how one person's stock account performance has almost "single handedly" switched an out-there liberal into a conservative "keep your hands of my jack" type of person.

    money is a helluva drug

    #2895 3 months ago

    DOW futures right now... -27.00 / -0.13%
    probably the calmest I've seen it in a long time!

    #2907 3 months ago
    Quoted from Rondogg:

    Trump moving the goalposts to April 30, how will wall street respond?

    I think this will be bad for stocks, but I am super grateful he got on board and put April 30th out there. A bit of that will already be priced in because that kind of isolation was already being pushed in most other countries.

    #2920 3 months ago
    Quoted from taylor34:

    I'm not sure what good the April 30th date does

    It gets citizens away from thinking about the the nonsensical "Easter" dates he was floating earlier.

    #2969 3 months ago

    oil has dipped under $20 a barrel!

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