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Black Knight Sword of Rage!!! - Sterns next machine!!!

By Blacksun

6 months ago

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#1050 6 months ago

I just paid a deposit on a LE! This year is off to an expensive start! MBRLE, Munsters LE, ACNC and now this! I yi yi

#1055 6 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

So I guess you are not selling your collection.

Not yet...….but somethings prolly gotta go

#1201 6 months ago
Quoted from Aniraf:

Anyone know where to order an LE?

Game Exchange had some as of this morning, I ordered one so who knows whats left but ask.

#1380 6 months ago

This game is gorgeous! Can’t wait for my LE. Hmmmmm what to sell

#1834 6 months ago

By a LE and put Premium side art on it

#1850 6 months ago

This game is going to be soooooo amazing I just can't wait for it Im losing my mind I needed it nowwwwwwww

#2063 6 months ago

My Munsters LE is very solid.

#2104 6 months ago
Quoted from Fytr:

Sure but there’s at least one Premium on the line now! Normally wouldn’t be for another month or more.

That’s cause they need them for MGC next week

#2130 6 months ago
Quoted from newtoit:

Ive got a hard on for steve ritchie so the choice was easy.

#2144 6 months ago

I like all pinball companies. What a great time to be alive

#2310 6 months ago

Happy I'm in on a LE! Looks like a solid fun game to me

#2477 6 months ago

If I have a choice between a physical ball save kick or a sweet ass black knight with a spinning flail and interactive shield and awesome lighting.......well bye bye physical ball save and hello virtual ball save. Couldn’t really give 2 fucks if it’s physical or virtual

#2508 6 months ago

For those of you complaining that its heavily a right flipper game, keep in mind a lot of those shots are backhandable and probably easier to shoot that way. So.......both lower flippers are important.

#2537 6 months ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Why do so many of your posts involve your sexual fetishes?

#2587 6 months ago

Isn't it great that Stern has models for everyone? Now stop fighting and go play some fucking pinball

#2619 6 months ago
Quoted from beefzap:

So I have some interest in the game. What is the executive summary of this post is 4 bullet points or less? For those of use who are too busy eating burritos and drinking beer to muddle through the 2000 posts.

Everyone wanted the LE/Premium, now want the Pro
No real ball save
Awesome game
Pinside contention


#2655 6 months ago

Yawn, we need games to ship so this thread can flip to unboxing and game play instead of bitching, moaning and arguing.

#2671 6 months ago

This JJP vs Stern stuff is getting old. I get it, you Stern fan boys and JJP fan boys wana duke it out. Take it elsewhere. Plenty of people appreciate all pinball and we don't need you crapping up these threads. So bye

#2680 6 months ago

Excited to see it in person! Unfortunately for me that means waiting till my LE is delivered. But we should be getting a lot of feed back about it this weekend! Lots of pics and game play videos? Bring it on!

#2820 6 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Black Knight is a serious let down of a game. Let me start with the LE/Premium anyone who overpays for this game and buys one of these is making a serious mistake. The upper playfield is the worst upper playfield I've ever seen EVER! There is no point to it... they could have done a castle look, maybe added like the mechs from Scared Stiff (Frogs) when you hit something like a monster pops up, something anything to shoot at. They could have taken torches and a castle look up there with some monsters, but nope. You just get to shoot at a very odd and very weird looking ball lock mech. This blows the theme of the game totally, and otherwise is just boring and out of place.
Paying even 50 cents more for a premium/le is a serious mistake. Secondly, I don't see this game earning on location, it will be another TNA, a game that just sits there making no money. People can complain about games like Ghostbusters but that game makes seriously money, but the mass majority of pinball players play casual and gravitate to a theme they know like Ghostbusters, ACDC, or even Dialed In because the game looks super neat.
Black Knight doesn't measure up.
The game itself is NOT as fun as the versions that came before it... yes the sound is better, graphics, and all that but strip all that away and it boils down to is the game better and the answer is NO!
While at the show many of the premiums where getting fixed and fixed a lot ... one person told me hey these are prototypes and they might need to make adjustments to the upper playfield.
Another knock on the game is the music sounds cool for about 30 seconds, but it never stops same thing over and over again. Maybe some code updates will add more songs or something. Who knows.
Now moving onto the only version you should consider... the PRO!
This game is very much like Houdini which lots of people complained about... you miss a shot its coming right back at you!
There is only one rail and no real ramps, there just isn't a whole lot going on in this game, and honestly I think you would get bored of it fast.
With all that being said the toy in the middle is cool, the music is hard thumping, the video graphics are cool very similar to Iron Maiden (must be the same person). Its not far off from say Aerosmith, you just get bored of it after a while but what makes the game better is you actually might like Aerosmith.
This game rests solely on the game itself because there is no ACDC music to fall back on.
As a game and nothing more, and projecting the long term value of it, I'd give this game a 6.8. I do think you'll see this game in heavy rotation at tournaments, but much like TNA, you'll play it for a little while then want to move it out soon after.
This is not Stern's best game for sure! I know a lot of people may disagree with me, but I think I'm right in 6 months you'll see everyone who buys it trying to sell the game for something different, while people who say POTC still won't be selling their game.
There just isn't a lot to fall in love with here, this game is cool on some levels, but its just not a long term keeper, and will never be considered a CLASSIC which is what it was trying to replace I would guess.
There is only one take away, before you get all bent out of shape at my point on review. Every time a new game comes out, its super cool right because its just that brand new. I think one main thing all pinball games share is you can get bored of a game after a while right? That is why so many games are bought, sold and traded. You want something new, something fresh, and that game is fresh for how long before you go uhhh not playing that one anymore time to trade it out.
This Black Knight game will be one of the games you grow old of faster than almost any other game you've ever bought. This game will get so old so fast, but thinking way way ahead, meaning after Jurassic World, after Elvira 3, after Guns N Roses, after Cactus Canyon. Right... that's when everyone starts to re-focus on the NEW game and what is new after that.
The first game you'll look to dump is Black Knight, so if everyone is dumping their black knight what will the resale value be?
Buy it today for 5700 and a year from now they're selling in the 4's for SURE!
LE you'll never move that thing EVER ... you paid 9500 which honestly will be giving donating your money, you'll be dropping down into the 6500 range to get rid of it. That is my prediction, so for me I'd stick with the PRO, which is the only game you'll see in tournaments I would imagine.
Even though I'm confused by the theme of Ocktoberfest, that game was way way way more fun to play. If I was going to choose between Black Knight and Octoberfest it would be Octoberfest all day long.
Again just my opinion.

Dude, too many words again. I'm not going to read all that!

#2847 6 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Stern wants you to waste 9500 on this game (LE) then reading a full review, with a lot of thought behind buying today, selling a year from now, its worth reading. Let me tell something to all the haters out there, you don't have to agree with anyone's opinions, but getting those opinions in many cases makes you think about your own. My opinions change based on a rational argument, if after reading my comments, you might rethink the whole thing and do the smart thing and forget an LE or Premium and just go pro. That is the smart move or just skip the game all together and wait for the next Stern.
The Black Knight Swords of Rage when given time to marinate will ultimately be judged as the worst of the three Black Knight games, and for operators a big money loser. The game just doesn't have the eye appeal for an original theme, to attract casual players like say Dialed In.
I'm only putting a review out there that helps you think past the slick marketing video Stern produced... which btw I liked as well.

Who are you and where did you come from?

#2848 6 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

If you're talking about me that might be the dumbest thing I've ever heard anyone say. So me giving a review is going to somehow push games I do own into the top 100... Please explain that one? Every single game I own is already in the top 100, and could very easily fall out of the top 100 for that matter. Beatles isn't very popular game here on Pinside didn't stop me from buying one. I understand why people don't like the game, but I like the theming Stern did to that game. I think its one of their best efforts yet, and even though the game is simple I think that adds to it... the casual player can have fun playing it.
I don't care if Beatles falls out of the top 1000 I like what I like and its not to influence a game into the top 100 that is just a stupid comment.
I like strawberries you like apples, so what does that have to do with anything. You give ONE review and I give ONE review. If you spend 5 hours explaining why beer tastes better than lemonade its not going to influence me to drink beer. I don't drink beer I think is taste terrible however you may have acquired a taste for it you like I don't. Doesn't mean we can't be friends. We just like some different things for different reasons.
Just so everyone understand I design attractions all over the WORLD... I'm an attention to detail person, I really focus on the attention paid to every single detail. I mostly buy games whereby I like the theme itself with exceptions. Wizard of Oz is the best themed game ever created, but not the most fun pinball... I still own the game. Batman 66 isn't as themed as WOZ but the game is way more fun... but still very well themed. I love that game the most. I don't care if Batman gets rated the worst game I like it so if I share my opinion its an opinion nothing more.

drfrightner I think your biggest problem is you come across as shoving your opinion down our throats as though you think it’s the truth. Your posts are long and extremely opinionated. I just can’t read any of it anymore.

#2967 6 months ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

By GOT style do you mean naked walk of shame, loss of manhood, shanked by your own men, death by dragon? I can't tell.

All of the above, in that order

1 week later
#3149 5 months ago

Where are the LE’s???

#3183 5 months ago

How about a foot pedal magna save?

#3184 5 months ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

Actually put a connector inbetween and an footpedal trough the coindoor so you won't mess with anything.

Oops you beat me to it

#3202 5 months ago

Hit that button! Save that ball!
Do it now!
Hit that button! Look at the ball zip!
Bbzzztttttttttt hear that magnent try to stop that ball
Whoosh bing! Wow that ball stopped
You hit that button! You saved that ball!
You are a heroic pinball wizard
Hit that button! Save that ball!
Bzzzzttttttt zip whoosh boinggggggg that ball zipped and stopped!

#3219 5 months ago

The LE’s are sold out

#3312 5 months ago

LE’s seem to be taking longer than normal.....wonder why

1 week later
#3394 5 months ago

My LE will be here next week

#3415 5 months ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

To respond to Steve's comments on pf angle, I crank the angle on most of my games as I enjoy maximum speed. I also adjust my slings to maximum sensitivity, so I'd say they even out the difficulty when angle is considered. I also use classic rubber, so trapping is still a challenge. Myself, I find my setups more difficult to play, the opposite to cheating.


2 weeks later
#3567 4 months ago

Got this bad boy a couple weeks ago! Been really enjoying it a lot!

2019-05-21 (1) (resized).jpeg
#3570 4 months ago
Quoted from Vino:

LE owners, are the speaker lights more subtle on this game or have you turned them off?
The photos shared so far appear that way.

No speaker lights as far as I am aware. Has Stern ever done speaker lights on a LE? I can't think of any

#3583 4 months ago
Quoted from swilson143:

I may have just bought the first used BKSOR LE! #166 The first owner didn't even have it two weeks!!! Traded me for my GOTGLE plus a little cash. I'm still stunned... 70 plays on it. He didn't even give it a chance!
My lucky day! Christmas came early, and I won't have to pay tax on the Premium I had on order. Win-win!
Downloading the latest code right now...[quoted image]

Nice! Great game. Love mine like a lot lot

#3629 4 months ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Ok got my le all hooked up . Awesome game so far I’m just getting started . Only issue is I wish stern had not taped the certificate to the back glass. There is a lot of adhesive now I can’t get off ![quoted image]

Totally agree! Why tape that to my brand new machine? First thing I had to do was remove my beautiful mirrored back glass and carefully clean it. I would have rather found the certificate down with my manual and just played the game instead of wincing over its immediate marred ugliness :-/

#3640 4 months ago

Never had a stuck ball in mine, check it over cause something must not be right

1 week later
#3752 3 months ago

This game is great! Love my LE. First SPIKE keeper for me

#3754 3 months ago
Quoted from John_I:

I needed to get rid of a game to buy this one but Star Wars was a keeper, so I dug deeper and kept it too.

I have yet to put a lot of time on a Star Wars. Would like one eventually

#3792 3 months ago

I bet the new physical enhancement being relieved tomorrow is the topper!!!

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