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Black Knight Sword of Rage!!! - Sterns next machine!!!

By Blacksun

8 months ago

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#377 8 months ago

I am excited for the reveal today. It looks like a packed game and I love the animations with the Knight-super bad ass. The pictures are not clear enough but I do have a concern. My concern is the distance from flippers to center shots. I tend to prefer games with wide open playfields and shots towards back of playfield. They are more enjoyable to shoot with far less rejects. I actually got rid of my Airborne because of this issue. It may be that the Knight elevates up to allow ball through? I am happy that they choose not to do an upper pf with two flippers, if it is just one flipper and more of a pass through like WH20-then I will enjoy it. The art looks spectacular and the plastics look sick. I no longer jump on LE bandwagons but I am watching closely on this one. Hoping it is another Steve Ritchie masterpiece.

#431 8 months ago

Need to see gameplay video but I am concerned about it being clunky(especially being a Steve Ritchie title). Shots in center look tight as a tiger and not sure I would care for upper PF with shots like WPT. Center Knight shot looks meh. Art looks spectacular.

#1012 8 months ago

Man I am torn up on this one-I want to love it so much. The art is just amazing and it looks spectacular, but the Pro looks like it will play slow with stop and go flow(with orbits,etc.) and the Premium/LE could be hit or miss with the upper PF. The magna save button not being on the side cabinet may be difficult to engage in time. When I play my Rolling Stones LE I barely have enough time to initiate ball save out lane feature pop ups to save ball from draining with buttons located next to each other. Having a difficult time trying to imagine having to take your hands off flippers completely to engage-not sure about timing? I already know that this game will probably grow on me after getting to play it. I did not care for Star Wars upon release and all I did was bash it-then I learned rules and played it-now it is one of my favorites. I really can't wait to play this game in person, it has the majority of elements I am looking for including fantastic art, kick ass music, and hopefully a great layout and code integration.

#1014 8 months ago
Quoted from Nevus:

As much as I would enjoy one now, I will wait and play it before I consider buying.
I know, it sounds crazy right?

Not crazy just smart

I got a chuckle when some guys were like 'I am purchasing an LE!" after seeing cloudy grainy photos of the Black Knight release. I can get the excitement(been there done that) but nowadays I have made a pledge to play the game first before purchasing. I have no concern of not being able to get an LE at a later date if I wanted one. I personally am happy I have learned to control impulse buys and now I am really picky with my choices.

#1017 8 months ago
Quoted from JodyG:

people aren't thinking the node boards are so fragile that they are made of glass or something.

I have had some major issues with Spike node boards, but fortunately Stern has taken care of everything. I did have a concern of Stern potentially going out of business in the years to come and potentially being SOL. My thoughts are while the Spike boards are proprietary in design-if Stern did ever go out of business that some other company would definitely step up to provide aftermarket boards. There are millions of dollars out there in Stern Spike games and I feel certain companies would make sure to keep them going as long as possible. I have faith in future support of Spike.

#1023 8 months ago

Looking closely at the detail they put into the knight has me thinking it could be the 'best' toy in all of pinball. The glowing eyes & face shield, the interaction with shield and flail, I keep thinking how bad ass it will be to hit the Knight with a shaker motor during a hurry-up.

#1295 7 months ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

Might stick with the pro. You guys are talking me into a pro. Keep it up.

I am thinking I will like the Pro, I can already tell I do not think I will care for the upper pf. I was worried about flow on pro with outer orbits with VUK but after watching video several times I can see the orbit does go all the way around-just not outer loop. I also noticed how cool the back plastics are with fire in the middle. When it lights up, it really pops and looks great. I also like the art on the Pro the best-which is a plus. Man this year may hurt my wallet with all of the rumored Sterns coming out-good times for pinball.

Check out mark 27 seconds in for look at speed and flow of orbit...

1 week later
#2057 7 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

it looks like there's twice as much in there, it looks like 10x as much effort went into the game, its comical that these games are separated by $1500 bucks

I love how Panzer is always comparing JJP to Stern. Yes JJP will cram 2x as much stuff in their playfields and in turn their games will play clunky and average players will scratch their heads at the 20+ modes to play. But they have more 'toys' so that must mean that they are better? For me JJP games look good but play like crap(Dialed In is their best attempt), I would take Stern over JJP any day of the week. Black Knight will kick Wonka's ass!

#2118 7 months ago
Quoted from WeirPinball:

have owned 215 pins, 55 of which were sterns (not including early sterns) and ZERO JJP games. They don't do anything for me so far

I feel the exact same way-they just do nothing for me. I started to think about it and I like every single Stern game made since 1991. WWE is a mediocre game, but I actually still think it is fun, I would not own one but still think it is entertaining.
Now I really have tried to like JJP games but they fall flat when it comes to fun for me. My wife and kids think WOZ would be fun to own, but it plays like a dog and is annoying to me(plus I know if I buy a game for the wife and kids-they won't play it once it arrives).

We all like different things. I like Oranges and some like Bananas, and that is ok. I understand Panzer is one of the JJP cheerleaders, but it gets to sound like a broken record, especially when he brings up the JJP vs Stern shit in a Black Knight Stern thread. I could care less about podcasters opinions-I do not listen to podcast and I am not into gossip. I actually think it is fantastic that we will see two new game reveals this upcoming weekend. Does that mean we have to choose a side? Can we appreciate what both companies have to offer, even if it is not your cup of tea? I will admit that I get defensive when it comes to Stern games, but at the same time I am over the Stern vs JJP talk that tends to pop up in every thread now.

Ok back to Black Knight.....Has anyone thought about colors for powder for the Pro/Premium? Wondering what the topper will look like and how tall it will be? I am not into toppers, but this one sounds cool if he turns his head and taunts you while you play. Also thinking a shaker will be a must with this title?

#2120 7 months ago

I will probably like the Pro the best for gameplay but I think I like the Premium art the best. In terms of powder-coat color choices I think chrome would probably pop the most on the Pro followed by Lollypop Red and Playboy Blue. Premium has tons of options that would pop like Black Chrome, Striker Orange and Candy Grape II.


#2165 7 months ago
#2166 7 months ago
Black Knight.jpgKnight Promise.jpg
#2611 7 months ago

Watching the gameplay reveal with the Pro Black Knight does have me concerned on overall flow. It seemed like a lot of rejects or brick shots trying to hit ramps, etc. My concern is that the tight shots could be like Houdini and over time the precision needed to make the shots makes the game un-enjoyable. My other concern is stop and go with animations....Ball One Locked......etc. I really like the theme and the objectives so it will really come down to how it plays for me in person. I am hoping the video is nothing like how it actually plays in person. If it flows well-I will like it, if it is a brick fest-I will not.

#2705 7 months ago
Quoted from Multiballmaniac1:

There goes premium sales

I really do not think the Premium sales will suffer from the Pro being a better shooting game, because of the history of BK. I think the majority of pinheads want the upper pf so it reflects the classic BK with upper pf. I personally do not care for upper pf's, but the premiums will far outsell Pro's and Le's on this particular title. Premiums will sell like hotcakes on this one.

#2748 7 months ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

The knight base shot is basicly suicide

This was one of my concerns, having just a flat stationary target to add to number of fast rejects(At least GOT has a battering ram that moves and absorbs shock). How did the flow feel? Did it feel like a choir trying to hit ramps, etc. or is the distance in between targets tolerable?

#2751 7 months ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

What does it take to make a pin feel like a choir?

Still need my second cup of coffee

For a pinball to be like a choir-AC/DC hooked up with both internal sub and external sub-volume set at 9

For pinball to be a chore-just play a few games of Houdini

#2788 7 months ago
Quoted from Coolpinballdino:

I loved the fast paced smooth flowing layout.

That is music to my ears. I was worried about speed and flow(Although I really don't know why-I mean C'mon... this is a Steve Ritchie game).

I look forward to flipping it this week-I am a flow whore-so if it is smooth and flows well-I will love it.

#2792 7 months ago
Quoted from freddy:

What can one expect to pay for a pro?
Dealers best pricing what quotes have you recived?

With all due respect we need to keep this information private. If someone gets a deal and pays less then msrp-they need to keep it to themselves. Dealers can get penalized for selling below a certain map price, there is no special dealer that will do this so it is best to call around and see for yourself. Honestly the secondary market is where it is at to save the monies. If you have patience and don't need to buy NIB-just wait a month and you will get a deal on a slightly used Pro.

#2794 7 months ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

I don't think that distis actually get penalized for selling below MSRP but they are prohibited from ADVERTISING below the MAP price. Also nothing really wrong with someone posting what they paid for a game, though the distributor may ask they not disclose it for other reasons.

Not sure where you have been the last three years-but you are wrong. Stern concocted a 'dealer pricing scheme' where dealers are not supposed or allowed to sell below a certain price threshold. Has nothing to do with advertised MSRP pricing. Also yes there is something wrong with posting pricing-because that is what got us into where we are today. Loose lips-sink ships

#2799 7 months ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

You legally can't force a dealer to sell above a certain price

I have said it before and I will say it again-'You don't know Gary.'

#2862 7 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

The flow is broken up by the constant bricking of shots though.

This is my main concern-damn one guy says smooth flowing game and another says flow broken up by constant brick shots. I will be playing this game in the near future, but does anyone else have some feedback on overall flow? Getting multiple opinions on flow?

1 week later
#3157 7 months ago

Got some time on Black Knight Pro and it did nothing for me. I really wanted to like this game but it fell flat for me. I was worried about brick shots and yes there are some brick shots at first but once you learned shots, the flow got better. My problem is it just felt flat with no pizzazz. It felt shallow with just hitting the lit shots over and over-rinse and repeat. Getting different multi-balls seemed lackluster and just did not do it for me. I think part of my problem is I already own so many Sterns and some of the layouts are too similar. My GOT reminds me of Black Knight in terms of layout, but currently GOT is way more fun to play for me than BK. The magna save is a joke-no way you can take your hands off to initiate in time. I can also see the music tracks getting old really quick-would probably have to turn down eventually. I am hoping that BK will grow on me over time, I love the majority of Steve Ritchie games(I did not care for Star Wars at first-now it is one of my favorites). I now am back on the hunt to find some cool older titles. I guess it is a good thing that I do not feel the need to have the latest and greatest-because I feel some of the greatest titles are from the past.

1 month later
#3591 5 months ago
Quoted from tpir:

It ruins the flow of the modes and is kind of clunky in general.

I got some time on the LE and I was surprised that I liked it better than the Pro. I am a flow whore and I psyched myself up to believe the flow is better on the Pro than Premium/LE. Well that is not the case on this title. For me they both flowed the same, and I have to say with all of the tight shots and rejects-it is not Steve's top game in terms of flow. I actually liked the upper and I did not think I would. It is a difficult game and hitting the upper playfield shots remind me of Elvis where key timing is necessary to hit shots. It is still not on my radar because I have so many other games I am interested in, but it is growing on me for sure. I have changed my position-I think Premium/LE is the way to go with this title.

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