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Black Knight Sword of Rage!!! - Sterns next machine!!!

By Blacksun

6 months ago

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#76 6 months ago

Sweet! Hope Lyman is on code.

#99 6 months ago

Ok cool. Guess what Levi, you don't need to be an ass and be rude about it.

Also, God forbid I bring up anything about toys on a $6k-$9k pinball machine of all things lol.

#170 6 months ago
Quoted from pickleric:

holy shit there's two spinners, this thing is going to cost at least $11.5k

Limited to 200 games too...this year lol.

#296 6 months ago

Leaked photo looks pretty cool, can't wait for the full reveal! In the meantime I'll listen to the track below.

#299 6 months ago
Quoted from FalconPunch:

Prepare yourself. [quoted image]

Looking forward to seeing what he does with the Black Knight ruleset after his work on Iron Maiden. Hoping that the the game has a lot of depth to it and that Stern isn't going to force a simpler ruleset on the game.

#303 6 months ago

I'm ready!

Battle (resized).jpg

#304 6 months ago

Also, not sure if I'm seeing this correctly but the Black Knight figure in the middle looks like its holding pinballs and that the balls are loaded from the rail behind it. Could be a pretty cool toy if it's an interactive figure that holds pinball and tosses them back at the player.

toy (resized).JPG

#350 6 months ago

Sounds like the LE will be right at or around $9k from what I'm hearing. I'm interested to see and hear what Stern comes up with regarding custom music, animations and callouts as just like with Dialed In everything needs to be custom made with an original theme (this is close enough to one even though it's licensed through WMS). As a Dialed In owner I'm excited for Black Knight Sword of Fury as I think an original theme game can offer a lot of value to the home buyer since everything needs to be made from scratch.

#352 6 months ago
Quoted from SilverUnicorn:

Great googily moogily!
Now I wish I hadn't sold my BK2K so that I could have a trio, even though I am sure I can't afford this new one. Hope it's awesome. It's the first Stern I personally have been excited to see in quite a while.
I think it would be really cool if they had some form of the BK2K soundtrack in it somewhere, and even a riff that was reminiscent of the BK background sound. Looking forward to seeing this although I won't be able to afford one.

Since the license screenshot mentions Black Knight and Black Knight 2000 I hope there are two classic modes in the game where the game essentially turns into those games with a unique take while using the original theme music and sounds.

#356 6 months ago
Quoted from westofrome:

I hope the LE, at least, has a real knocker. It's an 80s throwback, needs a genuine knock!

For around $9k I hope so!

#359 6 months ago
Quoted from Grandnational007:

Like the time machine mode in Junkyard?
Or, Move Your Spaceship!!! in BOP2.0?
I could dig that.

Yeah. Personally I would like to see 3 wizard modes. First one uses the original Black Knight callouts / sounds, second from Black Knight 2000, and the 3rd for the new game. Then again, may be cool to just see this game be its own thing.

#369 6 months ago
Quoted from musketd:

All I gotta say is this is a much better pic for a non licensed game then dialed in just saying

May want to wait for a non fuzzy picture, details about code, animations, music, shot layout and how it actually plays first...

#381 6 months ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

Well I hope JJP pulls it together tighter on pricing, keeping their games “loaded” and getting games out the door. If you were there in TX last weekend and saw what reveal of the stripped $11500 YBR, like I did, you may not feel as confident.
You may feel me saying this is an attack, but it is not. I am rooting for JJP, but am concerned about their choices, or investors guiding them on their choices and their financials.
Hope their next game is a good one.

YBR comes across as a money grab just like Beatles Platinum and Diamond. I don't think that will be their new pricing going forward otherwise they are going to limit their customer base even more. I'm actually hoping for a $7k - $8k version of Wonka so JJP can compete more with Stern. I used to think JJP could survive on $9k+ pins alone but I don't know anymore. I think they are limiting their customer base by only targeting the high end market.

What sucks is both Stern and JJP keep looking at each others games and charging more. Dialed In LE is $9k and Munsters LE is $9k. JJP may think "why are we charging only $9k for a game with so much more features and code in it"? So raise the price of the games and then Stern says "why are we not charging that price"? Its out of control lol.

I have a JJP POTC being delivered today, excited to get it and add it to my JJP lineup. However, I'm done buying any pin once the $10k threshold is hit.

#446 6 months ago

Just from a rules perspective I'm seeing what appears to be 6 progressive type modes (likely the "Knight Modes") and a bunch of "super" modes.

20190326_102714 (resized).jpg

#462 6 months ago

From IGN interview

"Steve Ritchie: The original Black Knight 2000 music is returning to the game in a special retro mode."

#473 6 months ago

I like how the BK3 looks, awesome playfield artwork. Not sure if I dig the whole cyber knight cabinet artwork. Ruleset at first seems to have 6 main modes and a bunch of super modes and super modes have always felt like filler / throw away modes on modern games in my opinion. Stern likes to use super modes in most of their games and all feel like a grind just hitting the same shot over and over again.

Also not sure how the upper playfield will play as it seems a bit cramped, at least its bigger then the one on Aerosmith. Game doesn't haven't me jumping for joy right now with what I'm seeing but looks cool at first glance. Looking forward to playing one on location to try it out.

#583 6 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Just one ramp on pro or both models ?

1 ramp on both models with 1 return back to the flippers, there's no habit rail for the left flipper. I wonder what the last modern game (besides TNA) that doesn't have a habit rail or plastic ramp return to each flipper?

#610 6 months ago
Quoted from Darscot:

Looks pretty amazing visually. I find it weird that they called it Sword of Rage and the Knight has a flail, should have just used another name. Seems a little bit old guy juvenile for me, its like a Tenacious D knock off. Tenacious D is killer in small doses but I don't I think I can personally tolerate it in my home as I keep my pins for a long time. Looks like a must play on location and at shows though. I guess in fairness Steve Ritchie had this style long before Tenacious D but they have similar inspiration.

Even just "Black Knight" would have been nice with the same playfield artwork that has been shown but less cyber knight cabinet and transite artwork. Playfield artwork looks great but I think the cabinet and translite artwork are unappealing, just my opinion. I was hoping for cabinet and translite artwork that resembles the first two games along with stainless steel armor on the LE.

#679 6 months ago
Quoted from pinballonthemark:

Here is one thing we all have to realize. Why is Attack from Mars the most played machine at barcades? Because it is fun to shoot. It is not a licensed theme. If BK Swords of Rage is a fun game to shoot and the soundtrack is captivating and immersive it will do well. And having a 6-ball Multiball will be incredible. The artwork alone and soundtrack will be a huge win. I think it will do well in public locations. The toy alone will attract people who aren’t pinball nerds. We'll see what happens! This is a way better theme than Dialed In that will attract the non-pinball players. Everybody loves medieval themes. This one hits a home run!

Dialed In is also an incredible shooting, interactive, and deep pin with what is probably the highest quality custom assets when it comes to an original themed pin. Those items have helped create a lot of fans of the game. Theme alone doesn't equal success as we've seen many times before, the other parts need to be there as well.

Looking forward to seeing what Stern brings to the table with Black Knight Sword of Fury once actual gameplay video is released, more animations are shown, and code is completed.

#688 6 months ago

I'm hearing around $8800 shipped for an LE. I think that is $200 less then Munsters LE? Premium may be $7300 - $7500?

#713 6 months ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

and Dwight is on the spinner... a very bad news for GB owners...
(dont blame me, that's only a bad joke)

I heard the spinner update is delayed but remains in Sterns schedule. Should be completed in 26+ months.

#736 6 months ago
Quoted from benheck:

Theme will be fine. There's an evil Black Knight and you have to stop him.
You don't need to explain knights, castles, swords etc to people. You DO have to explain why cell phones, natural disasters and quadcopters are related though.

Well, you see in the year 2500 people are riding around the last city on Earth called Quantum City in giant spheres that resemble the silver balls from an ancient game called pinball. A recent excavation in the city led to the discovery of a radioactive cell phone incased for 420 years in hardened nacho cheese. Somehow the phone is sold to the last pawn shop on Earth owned by "crazy" Bob who discovers its magical powers. Soon however Bob learns that the city is suffering major disasters, his pizza drone delivery orders are not being received and the phone is humanities last hope.

That isn't so hard to understand now is it? Lol

#768 6 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

I meant in terms of content/story. Ben Heck said it already...you walk up to DI and you're like "huh?" What do cell phones, natural disasters, drones and Momjeans guy have to do with anything?" It's visually confusing. As for gameplay, at many locations you can't hear anything.
You walk up to Black Knight and see a menacing knight twirling his weapon at you and taunting you. INSTANT CONNECTION to what it's all about.

Sorry but the attacks against Dialed In are unwarranted. People walk up to Dialed In and play it because it's a loaded game with a ton of unique features, a great layout and most of all looks like fun. That's what happens when a playfield looks like this and there's HQ animations on screen.

There is NO CONNECTION with BK3 as of yet, the public hasn't even played it yet. If its loud on location no one will be able to hear it either. Time will tell how it does and I hope it does great and will have that connection you are talking about.

fd74a6_053a89bd0fcd442990bb869d1f026f8f_mv2 (resized).png

#812 6 months ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

Dialed In looks like Pat Lawlor puked all over the playfield. No coherence, terrible theme, and a terrible concept.
Please stop trying to convince everyone that it's the greatest game ever. We've all read your posts over and over. You haven't changed anyone's mind.

Not trying to change anyone's mind, I understand some people won't like the game, that's expected. I completely disagree with your comment though and looks like many others do as well. Not surprised as you never have anything good to say about JJP, every comment about them is a dig or jab lol.

#835 6 months ago
Quoted from SilverBallz:

JJP should be thanking Stern for this release. It's taking attention away from the WOZ YBR mess. And that is making this Premium look like a bargain.

Actually Stern should be thanking JJP for bringing an original themed pinball machine back, without it this game likely wouldn't exist. Also, YBR is a cash grab model of WOZ, same as Beatles Platinum and Diamond are for Stern (except somehow YBR is nearly half the price of Beatles Diamond with 3x as much in it).

#838 6 months ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

Was Dialed In Yellow Brick Road announced? $11.5K?
[quoted image]

That's at next years TPF.

#842 6 months ago

Premium art package looks very nice and seems to fit the theme well. I like that on the premium the Black Knight is on a horse Bk / BK 2000 style and is actually holding a sword considering the game is called "Black Knight Sword of Fury". Translite and cabinet artwork on the pro and LE are not nearly as appealing in my opinion.

Capture (resized).JPG

#846 6 months ago
Quoted from rai:

My mistake. If middle is premium (horse) that’s the one I like.


#856 6 months ago
Quoted from WeirPinball:

Best summary ever!

The Stern "Army" (just the couple known to insult people) are out in full force tonight! Insults galore.

#876 6 months ago
Quoted from fattdirk:

No you're just such a jjp shill it feels that way. It's a Stern release thread. Crawl back to your jjp pirates circle jerk safe space and let us celebrate this release.

I've been enjoying the release as well and like what I'm seeing, have said that multiple times. I said what I like about Dialed In in a response to several negative comments about the game and get insulted, wtf. I wasn't insulting with what I said unlike some of the people here. Why are you being so belittling and insulting?

Yes, it's a Stern release thread...not an owners thread so expect to see some criticism about the game and comparisons with other games. That's normal.

Calling the JJP Pirates owners thread a circle jerk? There's no place for comments like that on Pinside.

#883 6 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

...and if you think about the first two games, since the upper playfield is wood, the space beneath it doesn't benefit the player at all. They were cool, but it was still kinda like playing a single playfield game with layers. So, it's not like the Pro has half a playfield...it's still a full playfield game. The clear upper playfield actually is something new and exciting for a BK game - cuz you get a whole lower functional PF AND an upper to play on.
I think the Pro will be really cool...for me, the Knight is the main toy/feature and that's still there - and all the awesome music will still be there to pump you up as you play.
I really want to play both...I'm not going to judge one over the other until I can experience them both and make up my own mind.

Yeah, agree. The clear upper playfield on the premium / LE makes the game feel more open and less closed off based on the pics. It's nice that you can still see the pops and top lanes on the premium / LE. With a large upper playfield made out of wood those areas couldn't exist.

#1001 5 months ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

That's the only thing I'm worried about. Clear plastic tends to get really cloudy over time.

If the material is anything like what was used on later build ACDC premium / LE lower playfields it shouldn't have an issue. From what I'm reading the ACDC lower playfield used lexan as well.

#1106 5 months ago

Just gotta say, what a great time for pinball with so many good games out and coming out. This looks to be another good pin. Wish I could buy every game coming out right now.

#1174 5 months ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

Back on topic rules card
[quoted image]

Knight mode sounds cool! Bummed by the lack of main modes on the lighting wheel though. There seems to be 6 traditional modes and all the rest are "super modes" which more often then not come across as filler modes with the same shot being hit over and over again. Stern seems to use those a lot in a good number of their games.

#1181 5 months ago
Quoted from jorro:

This must be the first ever pinball machine with an actual feather in it?

Roller Coaster Tycoon but this is much better lol.

#1230 5 months ago

May be in the minority here but I think I prefer the pro layout on Black Knight. The upper playfield on the premium / LE is much smaller then those found on previous Black Knight games and lacks the motorized target bank along with the ball lock behind it.

The ball lock in BK3 premium seems odd and doesn't resemble anything from the theme and comes across as a big chunk of metal with two plastics screwed onto it. Also concerned that Stern won't create a lot of unique code for the upper playfield as they typically don't when it comes to their premium features. The mini playfield in ACDC and Aerosmith are good examples of this. The pro version has the best toy between all versions which is the knight toy in my opinion.

What does this represent from the theme?

Screenshot_20190327-224412_Gallery (resized).jpg

#1280 5 months ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

Holy Moley.....did we just agree on something?

Yes, let's take a screenshot lol

#1281 5 months ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

Says in matrix on premium player can select to go upper or lower. Lift ramp in shooter perhaps.

That would be cool but if there's a lift ramp in the shooter lane on the premium Stern would be sure to mention it in the feature matrix. Stern doesn't miss a thing when it comes to their feature matrixes lol. Very unique idea!

#1292 5 months ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

I agree. It’s really the only thing unless the loop is valuable. Might stick with the pro. You guys are talking me into a pro. Keep it up.

Lol, yeah. The only downside to the pro I can see is shot variety. Theres 5 main shots on the pro in terms of shots that drop into or pass through an area, 7 on the premium. The far left VUK shot will be hit more often as well without a drop target there (maybe that's a good thing actually).

Premium upper playfield looks cool but I felt little value on Steve Ritchies last game that incorporate a mini playfield, ACDC. On that game the mini playfield had very few rules to it. Stern doesn't code the hell out of premium featues as the rulesets between all models needs to be pretty much equal.

#1572 5 months ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Im ok with it cause it makes you utilize the entire playfield beyond modes

"Power" and "super" modes always come across as filler modes in my opinion and are a grind as they have the player hitting the same shot over and over again. It's a way to artificially inflate the number of modes in the game and avoid coding more interactive modes. Stern seems to love these types of modes and it looks like they are just transferred from game to game.

Whenever I see a bunch of "super" or "power" modes offered on a $6k-$9k pin I can't help but to cringe. They offer little value in terms of helping to justify the cost of the game and get old quick. BK3 seems to have a ton of them on the lighting wheel.

#1577 5 months ago
Quoted from luckymoey:

I agree that filler modes typically add little to the game, especially on machines like DI, but Elwin/Sexton did a great job implementing the power features on IMDN. I wouldn't call them filler modes. Power jackpots and especially Cyborg multi-ball really add scoring strategy and fun to the game. Hopefully they won't just cut-and-paste onto BK3, but do a similarly good job of implementing them into the theme and rules.

Well, Dialed In has 11 main disaster modes that are not filler modes but rather objective based with unique animations, light shows, etc. The Bob modes are the throwaway type modes in that game but thankfully theres only a few and also custom animation work for them and a dedicated multiball mode at the end of them to reach. BK3 though only has 6 main modes and a ton of filler type modes.

#1578 5 months ago
Quoted from tilted81:

Do you mean like super ramps, or power pops? Or are you saying that the mode is exactly the same as a previous mode but with higher scoring?

Yes, power ramps, pops, orbits, etc. Those are filler modes in the sense that they are not dedicated objective based modes with unique animations, light shows, callouts, etc.

#1580 5 months ago
Quoted from SilverBallz:

How dare you criticize DI modes when addressing Panzer!!! Don’t you realize he’s casually criticizing most modern stern games with this power mode talk? That’s what he does best with his nonchalant style.

Lol and here we go with you twisting my words yet again. Theres plenty of Sterns that have a lot of dedicated progressive based modes. Batman 66, Star Trek, Star Wars and even Ghostbusters (though not as many). I would just rather have more dedicated modes then a ton of power / super modes that I feel offer little value. JJP has done them as well in some games (mainly WOZ) and I'm not a big fan of them in those games either. As long as there's a good number of main modes its not that big of deal.

#1591 5 months ago
Quoted from luckymoey:

Didn't notice your avatar - wasn't purposely taking a jab at DI. I owned and enjoyed it for a couple years and am not trying to compare the overall games - haven't even seen BK3 yet - but even with the latest rule changes didn't feel that the Bob, Drone, etc features were an integral part of the game/theme. My guess is that Sexton will hit a home run on BK3 rules given his passion and playing skills. He must have really impressed Gomez, Richie and others on IMDN to get the lead at such a young age.

Not worries at all. Looking forward to seeing how the rules are designed for BK3.

#1605 5 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Ladies and gents I think I have a new favorite all time Panzer post!
It’s like...so ridiculous you can’t even argue about it.

With you being a Stern fanboy I wouldn't expect you to be able to! Guess I just expect more from a $6k-$9k pinball purchase then 6 main modes and a bunch of generic super modes. My mistake for bringing up any criticism about the game. Best to just give my $6k-$9k and not question anything!

#1609 5 months ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

The 11 Diaster modes are pretty simple.
Shoot the theater 3 times
Shot these 3 shots

Wow, you haven't played the game, or don't understand the ruleset at least, because that's not true. Also...all pinball modes are about hitting X amount of shots at the end of the day. Why are you now criticizing Dialed In yet again in a BK3 thread and now making things up about its ruleset?

#1612 5 months ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

I own Dialed In. I probably know it better than you do. Your on here criticizing every Stern game.

Sounds like you don't understand its ruleset as theres much more to it then what you described. Also, I'm not criticizing every Stern game here, my goodness. I just complemented several Stern pins a few posts ago with what I like about their rulesets.

The only thing I brought up was the mundance nature of super modes which I said is my opinion. Questioning something doesn't equate hate, its just a critical thought which for a $6k - $9k purchase should be normal. My mistake.

#1615 5 months ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

I’m not going to sit here and right down every mode on dialed in. Most are 3-6 shots to complete. You just compare every stern release to a jjp game.
I understand your passion for jjp but that few days that is all you have done is criticize stern and bring up how jjp is better. If you need references I’ll post them.
Have you said anything positive about BKSoR?

Yes multiple times! I mentioned things about the cool toy design of the Black Knight, the music, the 6 objective based modes, etc. Not going to repost them all. You are picking sentences and phrases out of my posts like a political ad.

Critical discussion and points is normal in a general thread about a game.

#1620 5 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Wtf are you talking about?
Your complaints are meaningless and have no substance. It’s like complaining about hurry ups or double jackpots, or whining about double bonus.
“All filler! Jjp would never do that!”
Someone give this man some toys so he can go to his happy place.
You are a complete cancer to these threads. Not everybody wants to argue about JJp vs. Stern but you crowbar it into every single thread you infect. I don’t think you even know what you are arguing about anymore, you are just operating on same base animal involuntary level.
“Super spinner!!! Stern strikes again! You’ll never see that on Willy Wonka!!!”

If you actually read my posts you would have read that I said JJP games have done this as well. I was just expressing my opinion of not being a fan of super modes. Instead you call me names and insult me, grow up. Your regular and insulting attitude is a cancer to this site. If you don't like someone's opinion you insult them, call them names and or act like a smart ass. Come on dude.

#1623 5 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

You are complaining about the software on a game you haven’t played yet or even seen on stream and saying it isn’t befitting of a “6-9k pinball machine.”
Do you ever turn it off, even for like 10 minutes? This game will be out soon enough and then you can complain to your heart’s content without seeming absolutely ridiculous. Just be patient.

Again, all I did was say I'm not a fan of super / power modes and was ridiculed for it. I like the look of the game and toys in BK3. I would just prefer more objective based modes. It seems more ridiculous to not have any critical discussion about the game. I also wasn't the one who originally brought up JJP or Dialed In, there were several others who started bashing that game and I just responded to those posts.

Time for me to exit this thread. The amount of hate from a few people in this thread is sad. Like the guy above now insulting me for owning a Hobbit, wow. Mentioning not being a fan of super modes = Stern sucks. No, come on. If you don't want to read any criticism then go to an owners thread.

Hope everyone who has ordered the game enjoys it, game looks cool and is one of Sterns more original designs. I may get one down the road after I get a chance to play it.

#2043 5 months ago

The Willy Wonka vs Black Knight Sword of Rage battle will be on next weekend at MGC. It's going to be fun watching and reading about the public debut for both of these titles next weekend.

Some shade thrown at Black Knight Sword of Rage by Kaneda (who also complimented the game) after playing Willy Wonka today at the JJP factory. His words not mine (I'm excited to see and play Black Knight, latest animation teasers look cool).

"When you put this game next to Black Knight Sword of Rage it's a joke", "Sword of Rage looks like a $7500 game, Willy Wonka looks like it should cost twice as much, it looks like there's twice as much in there, it looks like 10x as much effort went into the game, its comical that these games are separated by $1500 bucks".

Battle (resized).jpg

#2046 5 months ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

Ahh......Tank......you're such a snowflake about JJP.

? I didn't post anything bad about BK3 in my reply, I'm excited for it. I can't wait for the reveals of both BK3 and Willy Wonka next week. If you can't take a joke about the two titles going head to head I don't know what to say.

#2048 5 months ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

You included a Kaneda quote bashing Black Knight vs WONKA.

Yes, in a general thread about BK3, this is not an owners thread. I'm sure someone else out there will end of saying the exact same thing about BK3 crushing Wonka.

#2066 5 months ago
Quoted from pinmister:

I love how Panzer is always comparing JJP to Stern. Yes JJP will cram 2x as much stuff in their playfields and in turn their games will play clunky and average players will scratch their heads at the 20+ modes to play. But they have more 'toys' so that must mean that they are better? For me JJP games look good but play like crap(Dialed In is their best attempt), I would take Stern over JJP any day of the week. Black Knight will kick Wonka's ass!

First off, Kaneda mentioned that, not me. I haven't played Wonka yet.

#2068 5 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Didn’t you already tap out of this thread?
We seriously need a separate “panzer JJP vs. Everything” thread. At this point it’s beyond tiresome.

Crazy, I would buy every Stern pin if I could, they are all fun. I've never played a modern Stern that I haven't had fun playing. I was just stating an opinion as home buyer and also that I didn't say that quote, Kaneda did. Someone will say the exact opposite thing. I think BK3 is going to be one hell of a game based on everything I'm seeing. The playfield design looks cool, it has an awesome interactive toy with the Black Knight, and the animation teasers Stern has released look very nice.

Also, I posted my reply thinking this was the Wonka thread still that I was viewing lol. Otherwise I wouldn't have posted that reply here, I deleted it. This is general game thread where criticism regardless of the game should be able to be openly discussed without someone being attacked. If not then maybe those people are the real fanboys.

#2071 5 months ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

New thread filter option:
Allow JJP owners? Yes/No
Didnt Kaneda try to defend jjp pricing, saying there is only a $1,500 difference to a Stern?
Well up here in Canada a Stern Pro will run you $7,600 cdn, JJP Pirates $11,000 cdn. ($3,400 cdn. That's a $2,500 usd price gap)
There are lots of arguements to be had (elsewhere) but cost is still 50% of jjps problem. I will be impressed with JJp if they ship Wonka in a timely manner though.
Edit: i dont know why afm pic attached but I cant undo it either. Weird
[quoted image]

I think he was referring to Stern Premium vs JJP LE pricing which would really be $2k. BK3 premium should be around $7500 and Wonka LE $9500. Maybe he meant something else. $2k is a big difference in price and at $9500+ it should have more in it.

One thing I'm bummed about with JJP lately is their lack of powder coat quality on LE games. Both WOZ and Hobbit have a high quality powder coat, whereas Dialed In looks like standard flat baked on enamel. Pirates LE has a black powder coat that is inferior to the Stern pro standard black powder coat and I say that as a owner. It's BS that JJP buyers have to pay for a CE now to get the best powder coated version. Meanwhile Stern looks to be offering far superior powder coated armour on their latest LE's. The one on BK3 LE looks very nice.

#2086 5 months ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

I think it was several posts back you got upset upon being attacked for JJP fueled horseshit comments and here they are again. I don't care whats in WWonka its a fucking chocolatier who keeps midgets in his house to make candy and sing nursery rhymes. I'll take the stripped, fast as lightning Stern BK3 with Heavy Metal soundtrack any day of the week. Good luck to u sir.

Actually it was a few people that were originally bashing JJP in this thread, specifically Dialed In. I replied back to a couple of those posts, was attacked over it yet I now somehow started it? lol. Fuzzy memory you have. Enjoy BK3, looking forward to playing one.

#2088 5 months ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

Pretty sure I heard a similar argument when Hobbit was announced, then again when PoTC was announced.
How’d that turn out in the end? You’ll have to help me on this one... nobody I know owns one.
Ridiculous comment made from a buffoon who’s not actually interested in this hobby, but has somehow pried his way into it, in order to seek out attention. If JJP games are your thing, cool. Their thread is over that way, somewhere.

It was just a quote from Kaneda in a general thread. I then just mentioned it's going to be fun to watch both Wonka and BK3 going head to head next weekend at MGC as each will have its public debut at the show. I don't agree with what Kaneda said about BK3 as I haven't played either game. If you don't want want to read any critical comments I would suggest an owners / fan thread.

#2090 5 months ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

Yeah, I was referring to “Special K”.
You sir, are a much different type of buffoon, soon offence.

Go ahead and call me more names, I'm not stooping to your level. I'm sorry you can't read critical comments or questions about a Stern pin without insulting someone and calling them names over it.

#2095 5 months ago
Quoted from frunch:

You could be a gentleman and be the one who *finishes* it though. A few people bashed a game you like in a thread that has nothing to do with your game. You said your piece ad nauseum, we all get your stance. Please start another thread if you really want to continue this debate.
Ever open up pinside and see one of your favorite threads is bursting with activity? Start getting excited there's a new video or announcement or mode or Easter egg discovered? Then you click to read the 68 new posts from the past 2-3 hours(!!!)... Just to wind up wading through an obsessive back-and-forth between overzealous fanboys...broken up by a peppering of people that are genuinely hyped about the game. Yeah, i know it's nothing new. Sometimes I get hopeful though, that we could have a thread revealing a new game that doesn't completely devolve into an 'us vs them' shitstorm.
Anyway, I'm really hyped to hear the original Black Knight lit spinner sound is going to be making an appearance in legacy mode!!!! Bring on the deadflip stream already!!!!

I'm over it, and rather talk about Black Knight Sword of Rage. I'm interested in the legacy mode as well. The far left shot seems designated for it so I'm not sure if there's just one or multiple legacy modes, maybe multiple levels to it?

#2115 5 months ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

Not to add fuel to the fire, but man, you guys are awfully fuckin hard on Panzer. Cut him some slack Jesus it's just pinball.

Thanks Gryszzz. If people are going to crap on another game then they should accept and expect a rebuttal to that response without insulting or name calling someone over it.

With that being said I didn't need to stir the pot and post the Kaneda comment in this thread lol. I honestly thought I was in the Wonka thread when I posted it earlier, I'll blame not having my morning coffee earlier today on that one. I personally think BK3 looks awesome and have mentioned that multiple times. The layout looks fun, the Knight toy looks cool and the animation teasers that Stern is putting out look like some of their best animation work to date. If I had more space and pinball funds available I would be all over a premium or LE.

#2160 5 months ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

Stern's AC/DC Premium/LE was the first game with RGB LEDs, not WOZ.
Steve is quite proud of that, and will point that fact out to those who mistakenly thinks it's WOZ.

WOZ was announced in 2011, ACDC 2012. ACDC did ship first and the game contains 16 "tri color" inserts (same as RGB?). WOZ shipped with 100% RGB GI and insert lighting. That's a first and I don't believe Stern has offered a game yet with 100% RGB GI and inserts? Still regret selling my ACDC premium some days, great game.

#2187 5 months ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

Announced is meaningless. Announced doesn't mean final product will ship with those features (ala JJP's Pirates).
AC/DC beat WOZ by a year for a game containing RGB lighting.
GOTG Premium/LE has all RGB inserts and GI.

GOTG doesn't look to have RGB GI. I don't believe Stern has put a game out to date with 100% GI and insert lighting. Hopefully one day.

Screenshot_20190408-145842_Drive (resized).jpg

#2309 5 months ago

Not sure how much I like the gameplay so far but that "Hell Hand" animation is Stern's best animation work to date, very nice.

#2484 5 months ago

Got a chance to watch more gameplay video last night and really dig the pro. Compared to a pin like Star Wars pro it's a loaded game with the interactive features. Main ramp looks like fun, especially since the knight flail can block it a couple different ways.

The premium / LE features bummed me out. The upper playfield just looks like theres this huge ugly piece of metal up there with a few plastics screwed on. The catapult lock should at least be surrounded by a 3D mold considering the price. Then the catapult itself just leisurely let's the balls out..how does that represent a catapult? A molded interactive castle up there would have fit much better with the theme in my opinion.

2 weeks later
#3129 5 months ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

I kind of worry Maiden was a one off as Keith had the game developed years before he went to Stern and then Keith and new team threw everything into coding the game.
Will Stern give him the same time next game?
I am definitely waiting on this game to see how the code actually develops.

Really you never know, it's the Stern code lottery. One game will receive great code support with not only deep but also unique code that offers variety while the next game can be the complete opposite. One game can have its code completed within a year the next 2+ years. Best to wait and see like you said.

1 month later
#3633 3 months ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Hey guys my shaker motor is too strong, it rumbles the whole machine, feels like its going to fall apart. Any suggestions? Im surpised there isnt much shaker use during the game.

Is this an official Stern shaker or one of the CoinTaker ones? The CoinTaker ones always seemed to be too strong.

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