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Black Knight Sword of Rage!!! - Sterns next machine!!!

By Blacksun

7 months ago

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#189 7 months ago
Quoted from Skypilot:

I'm trying to understand why would they not use Texas as to launch?

Because MGC is in Stern's backyard and is right around the corner!

1 week later
#1825 6 months ago
Quoted from fattdirk:

Does anyone think the clear upper PF is going to be so scratched after a short while so you won't be able to see thru it? I had a WPT that had this issue and with the recent cheapening that Stern does I wouldn't doubt if the plastic isn't has durable as in the past. I ordered a pro but really like the look of the upper PF. I'd like to play one first and upgrade later if possible but that plastic playfield has me concerned.

I wouldn't be concerned. You can always remove the playfield and polish it, or just buy a new one. the one's for WPT are like $60.

Elvis had a similar lexan playfield as well and I don't really hear anyone complain about durability.

#2014 6 months ago
Quoted from tilted81:

Pro’s always combat the missing physical lock w/ virtual.. no reason to think they wouldn’t here.

I'm pretty sure that entire multiball is missing on the Pro, no? Similar to GOT where the Pro is missing the upper playfield MB (castle?).

#2019 6 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

I thought the nostalgia mode up top was the premium/le mode that would not be on the pro, or did I just hear something and think this?

That mode is on both. I think you start if after completing the "Knight" inserts?

#2571 6 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

The lyrics are in the game, I heard them multiple times in the stream. It's a demon-voice type of guy singing "You've got the power" (Probably Brendan Small) instead of the Choir Angels.

The BK2K theme definitely plays during the Classic mode but it is a cover version. It's just drowned out a little from the Original Black Knight sounds. you can hear it in the background but it isn't very prominent.

#2577 6 months ago

I think both versions of the game look great!

The game checks all the boxes:
As close to an original theme as Stern will ever do
Unique non cookie-cutter layout
Great original art
awesome sound and voice-overs (with more voice to come)
Probably the best lighting on a Stern game (the burning castle is sick!)
unique and interactive Black Knight toy - Really, when's the last time we saw a toy this cool from Stern.
The animations are Stern's best to date
Awesome original Heavy metal music! -i think they said there was like 14 songs?

The biggest question mark for me is the same that's on every new Stern release -- Code! It seems like the code that's there is a good start but code does make or break a game.

As for the upper playfield on the LE. I like the fact that the ball doesn't stay up there for a long time and it doesn't seem too easy to shoot. I'm sure once loops are incorporated it will get better but the lock shots look satisfying to hit. Being able to stack that multiball in is also a big advantage over the Pro.

I do think the Pro model looks good and I think I would be happy owning either version.

I like that it's not another iteration of the typical Steve Ritchie layout. It does remind me of BK2K and does seem right flipper heavy, but maybe they can incorporate the drop targets more. It does seem that the left ramp may be easier to backhand with the left flipper so you do have that!

I like the sound, but maybe they could put in an option to randomize the main game theme music after ball one to give the game more variety.

I'm excited to play it for myself!

Did they mention anything on the stream about the "Power Features" on the left of the display.-similar to Iron Maiden. It didn't look like it was programmed in yet.

#2633 6 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

there is absolutely nothing new about this game. Same old same old from stern with absolutely no innovation and just b/c there is a knight in the middle doesn't help. Just my opinion - it just seems like I've played this game before a thousand times. Iron Maiden at least mixed it up with the shot layouts but munsters went right back to complete boredom and this game is following suit.
If you can't understand and see no difference in a PF like IMDN vs this game then you're already in too deep.

What game in the past 25 years has a similar layout to BKSOR LE? What toys are similar to the Black Knight toy? What other modern games have a player controlled magna-save over the outlanes? What other games have LEDs that simulate a giant fire in the back, what other games have a custom 'metal' soundtrack? What other Stern games are based off an original non-licensed pinball title? I can go on and on.....

I applaud Stern for actually taking a risk and doing something different and original with this game.

#2839 6 months ago

I played both the Pro and Premium at MGC and came to the conclusion that the only version I would consider owning is the Premium, and usually I'm a guy that sees the value in Pro model machines.

The Pro playfield just felt like it was lacking and almost seemed like a flat level playfield. The whole upper right corner where the upper playfield would be is just dead space for the most part. It just doesn't feel like a full game. I like the music and light show and the Black Knight flail is kind of neat but it just feels limited in shot selection. The Premium feels like a complete game at least. The upper playfield should be better but the lock shot is satisfying to hit and you can nudge it up to that flipper a little bit and get some loops going. It also adds an additional multiball with the ability to stack for the 6 ball mb which is a big deal above what the Pro offers.

Overall though I'm not a buyer of either. There's no way I'd spend $7300 for one of these when I can get a Willy Wonka Standard for a few hundred bucks more. It's just a far superior and better engineered game overall. I prefer the theme and music of BK but Lawlor and JJP take this round. I'd consider it possibly HUO in the low to mid $6's but just feel that the value isn't there at Stern's current price point.

1 week later
#3109 6 months ago
Quoted from Cobray:

Forgive me for asking since I haven't been buying NIB Sterns in a while, but what happened to the minimum sale price that Stern was placing on all of their dealers, ie, everyone had to pay $5600 or they would lose their franchise?
Serious question. If people can now get lower prices, I'd like to know (so I can consider buying again). PM me if this is a secret and "not publicly known".

The reason for the lower prices are because those we're "show" games and were available to the public to play for the weekend which is why there was a discount. Most of these games have around 500 plays by the time you bring them home.

#3210 5 months ago

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