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Black Knight Sword of Rage!!! - Sterns next machine!!!

By Blacksun

7 months ago

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#500 7 months ago

I was not looking forward to this game at all I found the original a snoozefest . Now that I have seen pic's of the gave wow it looks fantastic can't wait for the gameplay video

#1313 6 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Yep call me crazy but JJP is the one company I am willing to gamble on site unseen and with Zach I know I have options without haggling.

With all the crap that has gone on in pinball the last ten years buying sight unseen is like pre-pay

#1865 6 months ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

I've bought nearly every Stern LE since Star Trek, every CGC LE. The guy they have partnered with (Jack Danger) to show first looks at live gameplay, and Stern pull a crappy stunt to dangle it in the faces of their customers. Thread drained, order cancelled, I'll be waiting to see what JJP does..

You think you will be less frustrated with JJP

who_designed-tech_support_3_laughing_man (resized).jpg
#1869 6 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Hmm this post isn't about price. Shocking.

No like I said before calling out BS

#1898 6 months ago

Live feed April 9 4 pm central https://www.facebook.com/sternpinball/

#1909 6 months ago
Quoted from BrewNinja:

Because they buy thousands at a time. Buying all one color is cheaper (and less inventory to have on hand).

Quoted from Graysonsdad:

So again, why blue. Stern puts black rings in everything. Buy black bumper pads

They probably buy a part like that 10,000/20,000at a time that said black would seem to be the color to go with

#2133 6 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Yes, in a general thread about BK3, this is not an owners thread.

OMG if I said that in a JJP thread I would get 10 down vote yet you get none I guess Stern fans are a classier bunch

#2135 6 months ago
Quoted from RJW:

Riiiiiiight, no Stern fan boys spewing their venom in JJP threads

LOL JJP Fanboys live to compare themselves to Stern funny stuff

#2145 6 months ago
Quoted from RGR:

Compare the effort on POTC compared with any Stern Maybe cabinet cracking and playfield quality? How about a brand new company being the first to innovate with the LCD and LEDS... Its all a bit sad really.

Don't forget the innovation of the pre-pay model removing key items from games monkeys, moving trunk lids, spinning disk

#2189 6 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Hopefully one day.

JJP can ship a game in a timely manner and without a boatload of issues

#2339 6 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Not sure how much I like the gameplay so far but that "Hell Hand" animation is Stern's best animation work to date, very nice.

And that folks is known as a backhanded compliment

#2345 6 months ago
Quoted from RGR:

Its a dated theme

As are most modern pinball themes TWD GOT DI are not but Munster IM WW all dated

#2350 6 months ago
Quoted from Crile1:

Wow, are people really willing to pay 5 to 9k for mediocrity?

LOL people are willing to pay far more than that for mediocrity but this game is not mediocrity

#2565 6 months ago

With all the graphics trash talk I went back and looked at a few games WOZ POTC IMLB I saw no reason to even look at DP DI AS. Skipping GOTG and SW as did not want to judge movie clips BK graphics are as good as have been put out to date

#2661 6 months ago
Quoted from westofrome:

And yeah, on a $9K game a virtual kickback is pretty chintzy.

Charging 9k+ for any game is criminal

#2664 6 months ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

Isn't it great that Stern has models for everyone? Now stop fighting and go play some fucking pinball

Automated Services has 15 Stern games in stock 4 JJP games and 3 CGC game yet everyone always needs the latest game http://pinballs.com

#2754 6 months ago
Quoted from Flipnaught:

A short loop of that riff is stuck in my head on repeat. Can't get it out...
The game looks cool but the music would absolutely wear on me.

Take a listen to WW that noise would kill me

#2756 6 months ago
Quoted from Vino:

Then grab a lollipop and get ready for Friday...


#2896 6 months ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Not sure where you have been the last three years-but you are wrong. Stern concocted a 'dealer pricing scheme' where dealers are not supposed or allowed to sell below a certain price threshold. Has nothing to do with advertised MSRP pricing. Also yes there is something wrong with posting pricing-because that is what got us into where we are today. Loose lips-sink ships

Stern put in a min price because I myself know of two dealers that sell out of there home and the min price keep the small dealer with no overhead from undercutting sterns biggest dealer with high overhead

#2923 6 months ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

drfrightner I think your biggest problem is you come across as shoving your opinion down our throats as though you think it’s the truth. Your posts are long and extremely opinionated. I just can’t read any of it anymore.

Short and to the point

#3029 6 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Why should stern waste time and resources on a dumb feature (bonus time) nobody wants? It wouldn’t be free, it would cost time and money and deliver zero benefits for stern or their consumers.

Your talking to a JJP fanboy LOL he is used to wasting time and resources

#3052 6 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

great hearing your review. So you liked the flail ramp?

Asking a question you already know the answer to stir the pot much?

#3116 6 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Has Stern figured out why the shields keep busting loose? Game to be renamed Black Knight - Shield of Rage.

I may have missed some post with 63 pages but this is the first I have heard of the sheld issue I went through the threads pics not a single one shows the issue

#3264 5 months ago
Quoted from Blacksun:

SEASON 3 SDTM Episode 89: This Month In Pinball is back and the guys discuss Black Knight, Willy Wonka, and general inappropriate topics...

Sorry saw this on FB "I stole this from another page" and had to share

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