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Black Knight Sword of Rage!!! - Sterns next machine!!!

By Blacksun

7 months ago

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#1602 7 months ago

Quick comparison of three versions of BK that form it’s legacy -

BK - four timed 3-target banks over two levels. There are three metal ramps, two physical ball locks, two magna-saves, 3 balls and 4 flippers. Real backglass. Cost $2k - $4k.

BK2K - two timed 3-target banks over two levels. There are two wireform ramp, two physical ball locks, one magna-save, 3 balls and 3 flippers. Backglass. Cost $2.5k -$4.5k.

BK3K LE - one timed target bank over two levels, great art and sound. There is one metal ramp, two physical ball locks, one magna-save, 6 balls, 3 flippers and one cool toy. Backglass on LE only. Cost $5.5k -$8.5k.

Thus proving the theory ... BK + BK2K = BK3K.

#1606 7 months ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

Better adjust those prices to 2019.

adjusted, thanks.

#1610 7 months ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

A 2K pin from 1980 (roughly BK's price in 1980) would be over 6K today.

No need to adjust figures for inflation when you have real world games you can buy. Just look in market place to get values on BK and BK2K. Better condition game are at higher end of listed ranges. But safe to say for $8.5k you could get both BK and BK2K in high end condition or a BK3K.

#1618 7 months ago

The way I view the significant differences of three BK’s ...

BK - Having a 4th flipper, 4 timed target banks, 3 metal ramps and industry first upper playfield make BK the sentimental fav.

BK2K has good music but an annoying upper playfield that end drains often, making it the most frustrating upper playfield ever. Can’t stand playing this one for long.

BK3K looks the most like BK2K, but will be distinguished by great art, great music, great sounds and great video plus cool interactive Black Knight toy and topper. This should be the deepest, most fun version of Black Knight yet.

#1716 7 months ago

2 complaints about BKSoR Prem / LE models I’d like to register, where do I send them ??? Both are oversights Steve should have not allowed to happen.

1) 1 set of timed drop targets is not acceptable. When there are four banks on BK and two on BK2K, it is a must have at least 2 on SoR. The obvious place for this is the upper playfield. It needs to be there along with a possible 4th flipper. I don’t want to hear how hard it would be to accomplish because the playfield isn’t wood but plexi bullshit. This would give some purpose to spending time on the upper playfield.

2) add a damn bell please!!! Anyone who has played BK in multiplayer knows what I am talking about. This bell rings from the cabinet and pierces the whole room when a game ends and one player gets bonus multiball time based on his score. Not a simulated bell but a real one in the cabinet. Without the bell and programming to support multiball bonus time, this game is not Black Knight, it is Knight in Black.

Nostalgia is ultimate pinball aphrodisiac #bringbackthebell! Tim Sexton is new, so I can’t fault him for role in this blunder, but Steve Ritchie is as seasoned a senior pinball designer as we can expect, some say too salty. Someone tell these boys to get this game done right.

#1804 7 months ago

Thinking about canceling my LE order now too. My reasoning is that I don’t want to support a company whose customers would get so insulted they’d get butt hurt over an April fools gag and overreact. I’ve never bought a nib LE before and was looking forward to this, but dammit! I won’t be starting now. Thanks Stern.

#1817 7 months ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

I'm more pissed at Burger King for all of this and I'll be taking my business to Wendy's

Game to be renamed WFoR .... Wendy’s Fries of Rage!

#1877 7 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

It’s Lexan and has been used without scratching on other games or without issue. Dialed In has a smallish Lexan upper playfield. Zero scratches or issues and the ball bounces and pounces on it all the time. Keep the balls in good order and wood or Lexan playfield will too.

If lexan is so durable, why doesn’t any manufacturer make their entire playfield from it and reverse print art on the underside? If you need a window, mask that area of artwork. Something tells me lexan isn’t quite that durable ...

#1879 7 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

JJP successfully used it on DI. Not a scratch on mine.

I mean plexi for main playfield plus upper playfield. Get rid of the wood that keeps dimpling.

#1937 7 months ago

What’s with the square spot on backboard? Is that where we see the ompa loompa’s.

#1939 7 months ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

60 Leds that simulate a fire in the castlegate

Oh yeah I forgot about the 2d castle. Sorry to bring it up so soon.

Seeing the 3d model of the game, it seems so obvious that the game needs a really cool sculpt over the catapult lock, a castle wall sculpt along the back and a sculpt over the ball drop at top right. There’s probably not much room but I’ll bet something could be made to fit the space. It looks kind of weird seeing these industrial metal devices on the upper playfield.

#2139 7 months ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Tuesday, Black Knight. Very excited to see what it has to offer. No more guessing how things will work. I'm hoping the pro is solid as that is my usual price bracket.

Stern should be bringing the heat!

1C6C62B9-A4A9-4A93-960D-A9E8DE611349 (resized).png
#2204 7 months ago

Anybody guess whether the BKSoR topper will work on all three models? What’s the guess on cost?

#2208 7 months ago

Ball caps needed ....

Have you hugged your Lich Lord today?

My Lich Lord is an honors student at Black Knights Academy.

#2356 7 months ago
Quoted from SkillShot:

Game looks like fun, but I can’t get over how dated those animations look.

Haha I loved those animations. Was thinking Stern has figured out how to create graphics when you have none to start with. They are really setting a high bar.

#2814 7 months ago

The upper playfield on BKSoR makes a substantial impact to game play and scoring. It is easy to qualify and lock balls on the upper playfield with little risk. Hence, it’s easy to stage and start a 3 ball multiball at will. This is a big advantage over the pro model which doesn't. Designer discussed on podcast that scores from upper playfield will practically add to that from rest of game (bottom), so we can expect scoring between pro and prem/le to be some factor higher.

While I agree that the pro looks spectacular, a 3 ball multiball is not a feature I want to give up. It is a mode and a game play feature too. Plus, there is ability to start 3 ball mb on upper playfield and 3 ball mb on lower playfield for a 6 ball multiball. I would call that a special mode and another feature also. Upper playfield plays a big role in scoring strategy. Am thinking premium is the way to go.

We just need Tim to code some magic on the upper playfield and for Steve to add another mech ???

#2930 7 months ago
Quoted from Tgr81dk:

Well is was really excited to play BKSOR and did over two days at MGC and to put it lightly I was far from impressed. Yes it’s fast, yes it has flow and a great story from pinball past but that is it....

When compared with Wonka, BKSoR needs more stuff. Stern should be thinking what else can we put in the premium and le models. It’s not much investment for Stern, but it would add value.

Lower playfield should have kickback added to left drain instead of ball save.

Upper playfield needs a 3 bank of timed drops added. Otherwise add two more standup targets to increase things to hit. Also might be able to add WAR lane switches over the ones below, allowing another way to boost playfield multiplier. Finally, add additional path for ball to travel between playfields.

Cabinet needs a bell added inside that is programmed to award bonus time multiball to the winner, allowing him some victory laps and a chance to run up his final score.

#2933 7 months ago
Quoted from Blacksun:

The game is already shipping.........

First and third items could be issued as repair kits and installed by Owner for games already shipping. Prem don’t come out til June so they have still time to change item two before upper playfields are needed.

#2934 7 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

This is a terrible idea. One of the worst features in pinball history.
I don't think you'll see a return of "bonus time" anytime soon.

So having bonus time programmed into BKSoR to implement the same feature from BK (one of two pins this game is based and the one that happens to be 40 years old) would be worse than our current status quo of having no bonus time? I’ll have to say no. Not having bonus time is definitely not better. As with the original BK, the feature could be disabled. Think of this as having the ultimate easter egg ever programmed into a game, and who doesn’t like easter eggs?

Once implemented along with adding a kickback assembly for left outlane, they will have added $20 to the BOM. Money well spent!

#2943 7 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Why should stern waste time and resources on a dumb feature (bonus time) nobody wants? It wouldn’t be free, it would cost time and money and deliver zero benefits for stern or their consumers.
I guess for the same reason you think $20 added to BOM is meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

I disagree nobody wants it. I tend to believe Stern didn’t think of it but now that they have can decide whether to invest time to link one more thing between a 40 yr and 30 yr and present day themed game. That you could turn feature off isn’t good enough for you? Others shouldn’t have the feature and Stern shouldn’t spend the resources in your opinion, right? I disagree.

Is $20 to BOM inconsequential if it enhances the value of the game? I understand all the engineering costs would be expended by Stern. So yes is I say Stern should add More to the prem/le game, including some ideas for upper playfield and the reason is to make a great game a tiny bit better. What if Stern allows $500 more stuff to be added in the current prem/le? Can you feel the excitement from the room at suggestions people have for small things that Stern can do to possibly make the game better? #bk3ksavethebell

#3033 7 months ago
Quoted from Scrappy01:

Just played about 20 games on a pro and the game is Awesome, stern is killing it. The BK toy is pretty cool and he's talking major shit the whole time. The flail ramp is one of the sweetest shots, not sure why but it is so satisfying and the orbits feel amazing. So fast and brutal, fucking love it! The music is Outstanding and the call outs are great, The BK multi-ball is Excellent, love this pin, super fun.
[quoted image]

great hearing your review. So you liked the flail ramp?

#3112 6 months ago

Has Stern figured out why the shields keep busting loose? Game to be renamed Black Knight - Shield of Rage.

#3119 6 months ago
Quoted from JY64:

I may have missed some post with 63 pages but this is the first I have heard of the sheld issue I went through the threads pics not a single one shows the issue

a dude in another thread had some pics of his game and another guy chimed in with same complaint of shield coming loose. I thought it was a thing, but they end up suggesting adding locktite and seem satisfied it will hold up.

#3247 6 months ago
Quoted from moTiv8:

Played today the Pro Version because a very good friend of mine (thx Max) ordered the pin via Air Freight to Germany.
Here is a Gameplay Video with the Final Mode
Brutal Speed but had a lot of Fun!!!

Thx for link. Had almost been talked into overlooking this title before playing until now ... loving what I’m seeing and can’t wait to find one now. Bring on the Black Knight pro!

i’d probably need to close both outlines to make game reasonable.

#3298 6 months ago
Quoted from McSquid:

... If I end up buying one (gotta play premium and wonka before I will know) I will IMMEDIATELY be drilling into my cabinet and adding a second magnasave button and will regret nothing.

1 week later
#3456 6 months ago

When is BKSoR topper supposed to be available? Sounds like it will be interactive and it could turn out extra cool (tho way short of Stern making a taunting black knight hologram). Will the toppers appear by Jun/Jul Pinball show schedule ??? Who has an update from the Stern topper line?

1 week later
#3537 5 months ago

How/when/why do you start the power sword?

#3548 5 months ago
Quoted from Our_Man_in_Oz:

8 weeks . Now I can only hope they land the LE's before I take off for 2 weeks mid July or the distrib can sit on it,


#3549 5 months ago
#3550 5 months ago

ignore, this post was never here.

2 weeks later
#3680 5 months ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

Played an LE today and love it. It is everything fast and furious which is what I like in pinball.

BKSoRLE is an excellent effort by Steve Ritchie, not a throwaway game that some claim who wrote theme off early. Rules are still evolving, but so far the game is difficult, in your face and fun with short ball times. I’ve been getting 5+ multiballs in a great game, including a stacked 6 ball mb. As a pinball addict, I get that one more game vibe when playing BKSoRLE, your mileage will vary.

#3696 5 months ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

We just got a Premium this past week at our league location. I've played the Pro a bunch at Allentown but have to say I really like the Premium better. And this is after the fact that I first thought I liked the Pro better because I don't really like upper playfields.

Quoted from Aniraf:

I have to agree. I don’t want to be one of those upper play field trolls but I really think it is a better game with it. Both versions are great. You can’t go wrong either way. I think the game plays a lot like #tna which is interesting.

I still haven’t found a BKSoR pro to play but love the LE. Would you say the BKSoR pro feels like a complete game or does it feel like a separate but equally awesome game? Can’t imagine playing this game and enjoying it without an upper playfield, feeling it is integral to the strategy and the way one plays the game. Is it any different for you on BKSoR? If the pro feels like a complete but different game, is anyone crazy enough to have a pro & prem/le sitting next to each other at home?

As a reference, all versions of Munsters feel like one game to me and while the prem/le has an added lower playfield that is cool, I don’t miss it playing on a pro. Color or no color all versions give me 95% of the experience. Also on Deadpool, the left orbit shot around back of game, down the shooter lane then up and down to the right flipper is cool but feel I get 95% of the experience with a DP pro. Do you still get 95% of the experience with BKSoR pro?

#3699 5 months ago
Quoted from mandelbloom:

Steve Ritchie mentioned this wad the original intent but getting the mech in their with the other two was a engineering challenge. Would have really made it over the top! Oh well

Stern should have added a spring between Herman’s arm and body, allowing it to swing independently and for the arm to be attenuated while hiding the spring, the effect is way better than what we don’t have now. No motor, electronics, lighting, wiring, routing or Bluetooth required. Bobble arms don’t require a high falutin engineering degree. disclaimer - I have one

#3708 5 months ago
Quoted from Aniraf:

Personally, I would say that BKSoR pro feels complete. That said, the game became an unrelenting battle for the three major targets on the lower playfield. There is simply no reprieve. You get ripped over and over by high speed rejections and the loops. The only break you get is the 1.5 seconds it takes for the flail ramp to return down that wire which the prem and LE don't have. It is basically the same as the prem and LE if you were to never nudge or use your upper flipper. Also the shooter lane becomes faster as it can turn into a quick loop when you hold the left flipper for the super skillshot.
On the prem and LE I feel like the high speed battles on that upper playfield give you a whole new dynamic. I've had some insane runs up there where I'm basically cheering after finally locking or loosing the ball. Certainly code could make it better, but even left as is I feel like there is something special with that tiny playfield.
I think both games are very well done. If you want to save some money, you will absolutely have fun on the pro. If you are on the fence, I think the upper playfield is worth the prem price and will most likely hold its value.
This is entirely my opinion, and I'm not trying to step on other people's reviews. The haters can go back to complaining that the skeletons aren't bony enough .

Thanks for posting your opinion. One must be brave these days to come out and say the upper pf on BKSoR is better than no upper pf. Now that you’re out, be proud! I think you hit the nail on the head why the pro feels different. You spend most if not all your time in the center of the lower pf, rarely venturing to the top end, so it feels like one is playing on 3/4 of a playfield. Many of the lit shots on the bottom playfield are dangerous and tend to bounce, fly and drain. The shots to and on the upper playfield are safe and won’t end in instant death and feel like you found missing real estate. The more time you spend on the upper pf the longer your game. I spend tons of time traveling to the upper pf and shooting the catapult to start the multiball or shooting the left and right loops to build multipliers. The four center shots should be targeted with extreme caution.

#3721 5 months ago

Been playing a lot of BKSoR LE and have one complaint about the current code which ruins the enjoyment of the game -> mode he!! I have played 200+ games and haven’t completed a major mode yet - wtf? I don’t get why the current rules mandate you complete 3 levels of a mode before the mode is finished and the wheel insert lights. It is fine that you stay in the mode between balls. It is too hard to complete 3 levels ... Toooooo Haaarrd! Stern please change.... One way the levels could work that would be a win/win with the world is

1) continue carrying over incomplete modes between balls. That is the easy part.

2) award the wheel insert after completing level 1 of three major modes. Game then exits mode level 1 and that mode must be restarted to try level 2 and a chance to win a knight letter. Game then exits mode level 2 and that mode must be restarted to try level 3 and a super bonus and extra ball. This would remove the log jam of not being able to complete modes and reduce major frustration.

This adds more strategery to the game -> select level 1’s of all modes in bid to complete the circle. Or repeated select one major mode in bid to complete level 3 to earn an extra ball and big bonus points. TIM SEXTON please consider. Otherwise the game is a gem because of the prem/le layout and game play. It is currently undiscovered because of the code, and with the right refinements this game will sing. It is pretty close and this might push things over the top where we want them. Game is currently around 35ish based on a few rankings, needing a few hundred more people to weigh in before went know where it will settle on Pinside 100. If code is perfected, game might sit in the top 20. It would garner my twippy vote for game of the year. If code is not significantly changed from the last update, it might head towards the 50 spot.

Free advice ?? Just Do it -> Stern.

#3760 5 months ago
Quoted from newtoit:

I hope someone will post the following onto the BKSOR thread. Thanks.
Hey Guys, I have some fixes for a couple problems you guys have mentioned on Pinside:
For JeffsPinballPalace:
Your Minion/Monster modes are set on difficult, and that's why you are frustrated! Go to game features adjustments. Adjustment #'s 21, 22, 23. 24, and 25 adjust the Worm, Hydra, Hell Hand, Magma Beast, and Lich Lords. Set them to Easy or Medium. I am not a good player and just completed 4 of them on Medium. There are not 3 levels to the modes. The modes are simple to achieve when set to factory Medium. Now we can calm down and enjoy some pinball!
To Anaraf, and anyone else who is having trouble shooting up the Flail lane to the upper playfield:
Power off. Take the glass off the playfield. Get a ball out of the trough. Level the Flail horizontally with your hand and rub the ball along both side walls and the floor *simultaneously* in the flail lane up and down from top to bottom. If you feel a click on the ball passing over one or more of the screws securing the flail lane floor, grab a #2 Phillips screwdriver and tighten them until you don't feel the click anymore. Screws sticking up too high will make it difficult to get the ball up to the upper playfield. The ball will slam into stuff on the the bottom of the upper playfield.
You could be having other problems with the flail lane, since you removed the upper playfield, which is no crime, but perhaps it didn't get fastened down correctly. Get a flashlight and see if you can see any obstruction in the ball's path up to the 180 degree scoop. You may have to take the playfield off again to see if wires or anything else are hanging down in the ball's path. Good luck!
Someone wrote that the Upper Playfield Cables running through the back panel don't all fit in the holes. Not true. If it were true, how did we ever build games and connect the connectors? The biggest connector goes in first, then the smaller cables on the left side. Form the wires coming out of the big connector to lay down parallel with the long edge of the connector a bit before you try this.
BKSOR definitely has flipper and other coil power adjustments! I suggest you use them before you alter your games.
Whip out your manuals and find all the adjustments you can make. There are more in BKSOR than ever before. Our engineers, Mark Guidarelli, Chuck Bleich, Tim Sexton and others have worked their butts off to advance our software and hardware. Put it to good use. Make your game fun for you, eliminate cranky posts, and enjoy your games as you like them.
Most of our games now have interlock switches on the coin door. When you open the door power is disconnected from the playfield. The interlock switch can be defeated for service by pulling it out (towards the coin door) a click. Voila! You can now enter diagnostics and make adjustments. Be careful.
Please read your manuals!
Steve Ritchie

Great feedback and info - thx. I’ll get my operator to adjust mode difficulty settings. I have a feeling this game is about to get greater and I may be falling in love.

#3783 5 months ago

Helmet looks great what was your total build time? Wonder how closely Stern’s topper will resemble this one, but I’ll bet yours is better. We have three BKSoR topper designs already - your helmet, Stern’s helmet (not revealed) and knight hologram fan (not revealed). Now you’ll need some weaponry for your gameroom. I am seeing a flail and sword of rage in your future. They make great toys, but be careful not to cut off your johnson.

Quoted from SDTMinSTL:

... I love toppers. I haven't always, but I do now. I also enjoy making things, especially on games I love and I know I want to leave my customized mark on. I know they aren't for everyone, and that is certainly ok. Below is what I made with input and help from my son, who also loves the game, the character and the game play. It's a little big, but I figure we can use this till when and if a Stern topper comes out if we like it. Then, this XXL version can go on a shelf in my office.

#3822 4 months ago
Quoted from newtoit:

I feel a little duped. When you say "playfield enhancement" i imagined something new and interactive. But instead we got a TSB disguised as a feature.
I thought some of the fundamental gameplay issues would be addressed.
1. More confirmation when modes are completed. 
2.Clearification of progress to defeating modes. 
3.More to do with the power features, like Iron Maiden. 
4.Incorporate lower orbit gates open more. 
5.Upper lock when not locking balls, leave open so as to act like a scoop shot back to the upper flipper and incorporate that into the game. 
6. Combos & combo champ 
7. More to do with power sword.
8. Adjust SR vocals, some garbled too bass heavy
9. Adjust vocals in main theme song. Vocals are too low compared to instruments.

some gameplay issues to add to your list:

How about showing current playfield multiplier?

How about downshifting the default difficulty of #21-#25 monsters by one level? I play game in location and 99.9% of time Op keeps default settings.

How about requiring each ball of catapult to be qualified first? So ball is launched and you need to hit standup to qualify and then lock ball 1. Then qualify and lock ball 2 and then ball 3. Next set requires x+1 ball to qualify each lock.

How about allowing user to select which of 5 main modes start at shield lock with bumper hits?

How about softening Extended Play requirements for those who’ve already started catapult multiball?

How about adding a 4 sec ball save at completion of rage to offset cheap drains?

#3891 4 months ago

Didn’t I read that someone has installed a playfield protector on upper playfield? and maybe lower? Were they Stern’s protectors or third party’s? How much time to install upper protector and lower?

With any luck and a few more revisions of software I’ll be ready to buy a premium. Would really like a LE but am broke. So unless some sugar momma wants to buy me an LE, I’ll be slumming this one

#3921 4 months ago
Quoted from Black_Knight:

... My pro just left the house yesterday and I don’t get my premium for 2 more weeks. What am I going to do?

Prepare ... collect mods with some new things coming out too.

2 weeks later
#3948 4 months ago

waiting on announcement BKSoR:WDE (White Damsel Edition) where the cabinet shows a damsel in partial white armor crawling. prem/LE really rocks. Now we need some sizzle.

STERN -> I'd like to see way more light show action than is in the code. I am thinking in the range of 5x the currently action. I want to see the circle of lighting bolts going crazy throughout the gameplay and during some modes. Whether they are white and cycling, changed to faster and then faster and then pulsing and then solid lit or whether they use chasing color patterns or any combination of stuff. But BKSoR code needs is some pulsing, spinning lights that are integrated with gameplay. If not integrated, these will still look really good and should be at the top of your to do list.

#3951 4 months ago
Quoted from TheRudyB:

Integrated with gameplay: YES PLEASE!
But tone down the flashing at bonus tally/end of ball - I’m trying to watch the display one of the few times I can really look at for a length of time while playing.

maybe lightshows could be added following ball lock, after each Knight letter, before/after wizard mode etc. the lighting needs to set the mood and create an experience that pumps you up and matches the urgency of the sit. Who wants light shows on BKSOR to be balls out, kick-ass, twippy-winning awesome?

Enter a pitch black room, walk over to BKSOR prem and power it up. Gonna bounce on heavy metal and trip to music and lighting before I coin up. ..... status - awaiting Stern lightshow magic. Come on Stern, bring it. This is Steve mf Ritchie’s best game. JUST DO IT! and BE BEST.

#3956 4 months ago

The irony is that the flail, knight and shield target are bash toys, yet are so dangerous they should be avoided or targeted with extreme care. I also think you need at least one black knight mode where you have to bash the crap out of those targets WITH BALL SAVE ON. It would add the missing physical connection a player needs to bond with the game. Like anger therapy participants having a violent pillow fight, it feels great to bash away and GET YOUR RAGE ON. Rage is part of the name for crying out loud. Then add the enhanced light shows above and you’ve created a twippy winning game.


#3965 3 months ago

Looks like lots of great ideas executed in this update and it is only now reaching v1.0. RAGE mode added and new lighting effects everywhere. Stern Team led by Tim S and Steve R have knocked this out of the park.

Already my favorite pin to play, I can’t wait to try the new rules. Haven’t started Knight twice in game yet but am getting close. Will be adding BKSOR prem to my collection soon. Those saying sales are in the shitter, may not realize sales have been slow but steady. Anecdotal evidence shows everything is fine - I know of 5 BKSOR’s in the area and that is good representation. 1 LE and 4 Prem and 0 Pro.

- Added RAGE Wizard Mode.
- Started by defeating the Black Knight.
- Frenzy-based scoring.
- 6-Ball multiball.

1 week later
#3979 3 months ago

BK3 is like crack cocaine and scoring 200M is the rush. Have been challenging the Black Knight each day since the softening of rules and balancing of scores and love the changes. Have yet to reach Knight for a second time in game but getting really close.

Now that the code is reaching its final state, I have two remaining ideas for consideration. 1) add 3 second ball save to spelling of Rage at the inlanes. This gives player a chance to attack the three center targets during these brief flashes of safety while introducing a new strategic element. 2) have Steve Ritchie record Owners names ala Adam West. It would be even better for him to read whatever phrase the owner wanted. That could mean a nickname, first and last name or even insulting phrase. All phrases to be included on same game rom, allowing anyone to pick any choice. Stern could establish a hotline for owners to phone in their serial number (proof of ownership and unique identifier) and desired phrase. Could code customization become one of the most entertaining things Stern has introduced and be as fun as a barrel of monkeys? YES and this needs to be exploited a little further.

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