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Black Knight Sword of Rage!!! - Sterns next machine!!!

By Blacksun

7 months ago

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#1717 7 months ago

Wait a minute...is this the first time the pro has had MORE spinners than the prem/LE? This almost had to be Steve poking fun at everyone who complains about spinners being removed from pros usually.

(sorry if this was already pointed out...haven't caught up on this thread completely)

#1760 7 months ago

LOL at all the butthurt in the Twitch chat. Seriously...it couldn't have been more obvious this was a April Fools gag.

#2007 7 months ago
Quoted from newtoit:

Are we 100% the lightning ramp doesnt lif up? It looks possible halfway up the ramp... where the lightning bolts stop.

If it did, I'm pretty sure Stern marketing wouldn't hide that fact.

#2015 7 months ago
Quoted from tilted81:

Pro’s always combat the missing physical lock w/ virtual.. no reason to think they wouldn’t here.

Not necessarily. While I really hope you are correct and catapult multiball IS actually in the pro somehow, I have a bad feeling it won't be. It will more likely be like Game of Thrones and Tron where there is an extra multiball on the LE/premiums that is missing all together from the pro.

#2024 7 months ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Certainly possible that a specific multiball will be Premium/LE only, but does it follow that the Pro will ship with six balls but not have any modes that use six balls? Isn't it more likely that there will be at least one mode that's on all versions and uses six balls?

I'm guessing wizard mode.

Quoted from kermit24:

Listen to Tim Sexton on the Coast 2 Coast Pinball podcast. He specifically says that multi ball isn’t on the pro.

Bummer. We can just be hopeful that he will change his mind. I'm sure virtual locks could be associated with a different shot somehow if he is willing to do it. But I understand it may just be a differentiator between the pro and the prem/LE.

Quoted from TomGWI:

Avengers has six balls. I don’t think a single mb uses all six.

Memory is fuzzy, but Hulk. But that might require hitting the add-a-ball to do it. I'm not sure about Battle for Earth...

2 weeks later
#3077 6 months ago

My biggest hope is for at least one more multiball. One main multi in the pro just isn't enough these days (edit: two I guess...forgot about retro KNIGHT multi...which is AWESOME...but my point remains). I would love for them to incorporate Catapult Multi into the pro....even if it is just something like every 10 ramp shots = 1 lock (or every 10 left "orbit" VUK shots? You could easily look at the VUK as being a catapult...).

Otherwise maybe multiple levels for each enemy area, with the second (third?) battle in each area being a multi? I find it interesting that the inserts are labeled for the area (Burning Sands, Deep Freeze, etc) rather than named for the enemy you battle there (Sandworm, Lich Lords, etc). I am hoping that means more battles are planned for each area rather than just one enemy. That would be a great place to bring more multiball modes, depth, etc into the game.

I really fell in love with this one at MGC, as did my 11 year old daughter and even my wife. My daughter clearly preferred it over Wonka, Monster Bash, AFM, etc. I was surprised, but it was one of her highlights of the show. Mine too.

#3133 6 months ago
Quoted from thePLAyNone:

Anyone having a problem with the ball flying off the wireform ?? Our back leg levelers are all the way up, was thinking a few washers to increase the pitch near the end of the wireform may help.

Back leg levelers all the way up...this could be your problem. Try setting the pitch up correctly and see if that helps.

Not saying that's for sure the case here, and totally not meaning to single you out, but I just have laugh every time I hear someone sets their game up grossly out of spec and then complains that things do not work correctly. Of course, I like a fast game too and generally pitch a bit high, but you have to be conscious of the fact that they were designed for 6.5. Higher will sometimes have repercussions.

#3135 6 months ago
Quoted from newtoit:

How do you determune the pitch? How are you measuring it what is 6.5?

6.5 degrees should be measured on the playfield. Measure it with an angle finder or digital level. This is a standard part of setting up a machine, the same as leveling side-to-side. Most machines have a bubble level in the shooter lane that can be used, but they are rarely accurate. Modern machines (since the SS era at least) are designed for 6.5 degree pitch. Most people prefer a bit higher to increase speed. However, in some cases that can cause ill effects, especially the further away from 6.5 you go. Locks may not work correctly, ball flow changes (ie orbit returns hitting slings instead of flippers), saucers may bounce out more, airballs can increase, etc, etc. It also actually makes the game easier in some cases by minimizing side-to-side action and making the ball easier to trap. Not all machines will show any problems, but some can be very sensitive to pitch. Just something to try whenever something just isn't working right. Always go back to the design intent and tweak from there!

#3141 6 months ago
Quoted from NoQuarters:

Good advice. Sometimes even reducing the pitch a hair under stock helps play too on certain games. You can get too aggressive on pitch. 6.5 or so is what most are designed for.

Yeah...the flipside of that is also true. Some games just play better steeper. Deadpool is a good example where in general the Katana ramp flows better steeper. I think even George Gomez commented that it likes 7 deg best. Nothing wrong with adjusting to what you enjoy best, but when problems crop up, that's one thing to check that some might not consider.

#3147 6 months ago
Quoted from PersonX99:

Got mine yesterday.... OMG, it seems soooo flat compared to other games (due to space left for upper-pf). Not a complaint, this game is fast-n-fun.
However, I'm confident y'all are gonna be cooking up all sorts of things for this game....I see a lot of potential...and vertical real-estate.

I know what you mean. Didn't notice it in the streams or pics really, but seeing it for the first time at MGC it definitely appears "flat". The ramp is super shallow and there isn't much else going vertical. But once you pull that plunger, that all fades away. That ramp might be shallow, but it's very satisfying to hit! That is one of the reasons I lean a bit towards the pro...the ramp flow is awesome coming right back to the flipper rather than the upper pf. I am definitely looking forward to see what the modding community comes up with to fill all that vertical space...

1 week later
#3369 6 months ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Wow, there is a talking point!
Making the game more than 7 degrees is cheating.
Interesting as lots of people raise their games thinking they are making them harder, but maybe they are making them easier as side to side action ( side drains ) is reduced

I've said this so many times and people look at me like I have three heads. So nice to get some validation from The King. It not only cuts down the side-to-side, but also makes trapping up much easier. And some games just do not play right extra steep. Always cracks me up to see people complaining about airballs, bounce-outs, balls coming off ramps, etc, only to find out they have their games set-up way out of spec. I like making them fast too, and have some of mine steep, but when things do not play right, that should be one of the first things you check. If you do not set a machines up how it was designed to be set-up, you can't expect it to function properly!

2 months later
#3931 4 months ago

I have a feeling this will be a lot like Game of Thrones. Two games that feel quite different, but both pretty awesome. I would imagine each will have it's fans vs the other. Nice to have choices!

Much like GoT, I THINK I prefer the pro. I could see myself concentrating too much on the upper playfield and ignoring the rest of the game (kind of had that problem with No Fear concentrating too much on the jump ramp). And I just do not find the upper all that satisfying, while I love the flow of the ramp on the pro. To be fair though, I really have not played the premium enough yet, so my mind could change. I've played the pro quite a bit more and LOVE it.

Again, both great games whichever you prefer!

2 weeks later
#3963 3 months ago
Quoted from newpinbin:

Any word on new code for the pro?

Four minutes after when you asked. You have amazing timing!

#3967 3 months ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

I feel like it was a mistake lowering the mode difficulty to Easy. On the Prem/LE you can destroy modes on the upper playfield just smashing into the Light Lock switch (especially after adding in the new plastic/bump that knocks the ball right back to the flipper). I'm getting Knight spelled on pretty much every game (even the bad ones) as a result of this. Basically, with the default factory settings with this code you can almost guarantee you'll be getting an extra ball, spelling knight and progressing through at least a few modes on every game. It's just too easy now.
My second game on this code and I put up a 126 Mil game completing only like 3 or 4 modes (with a 7.5 deg slope and a relatively sensitive tilt). I'm probably going to be doing some menu diving just so I don't feel like I'm close to finishing the game every time I play.
That being said, most of the update is really great, and I'm excited to get to the new wizard mode.

As a pro owner, I am glad they changed it. Now KNIGHT is pretty easy the first time, but the second to get to Ransom is still a bear. Without changing the default to easy, I think Ransom would have been too far out of reach. It's a bit easier to reach the Black Castle now, but it's no pushover, and definitely not a given (for me anyway) that you can beat BK and get to RAGE. As it is now, Retro feels like a nicely obtainable mini-wizard mode, with Ransom and Rage being the true wizard modes. I can't see getting to either of them, much less both of them in one game, all that often. And if that changes, it's an easy settings change to make it harder.

It's great that Tim gave us the option in the settings. It's super easy to change them to whatever challenge level keeps it interesting for you! Always good to have options.

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