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Black Knight Sword of Rage!!! - Sterns next machine!!!

By Blacksun

1 year ago

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Post #1 Key posted, but no summary given Posted by Blacksun (1 year ago)

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#885 1 year ago
Quoted from Mike_J:

No, more like Fisher Price, but it’ll be fun while it lasts.

Did you mean because they are both leaders in their respective markets and both bring joy to thousands?
Also, Fisher price builds quality shit.

#1036 1 year ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

Well, my only problem with Pro machines is they lend themselve to be “the common denominator” of pinball. They take out the costly features, but that only leaves the exact BOM on the table for every PRO. They try and do as much as possible with that BOM, but I have to admit, when paying and playing, I look for Premium titles, and “settle” for a Pro if that is all you got to offer me at your pin playing establishment.
There are instances of a Pro being better than a Premium, and the difference is usually flow related, GOT is like that for me. So Stern is trying to offer choices and that is great, but they need to realize that between title to title, the PRO machines need more diversity in the underlying mechanics.
I don’t want the phrase “Damn, it’s just another Stern Pro...” to become part of my pin playing lexicon like “Damn, its just another Gottlieb wedgehead...” entered mine back in the early seventies when we were getting hooked on Bally and WMS titles, and left the wedgeheads to the “old timers” to play. Apologies to wedgeheads and old timers, of which now I am a fan and a memeber, respectively.

You own a Monster Bash (which is a GREAT game) that is the standard fan layout. You own Family guy which just shoot the right side all day. Have you PLAYED these pros or just looked at pics? Metallica and Maiden are 2 completely different games with amazing pro models. Ghostbusters seems to play better as a pro. Deadpool looks nothing like the other pro models. Stern pumps out 3+ games per year now. CGC remade 3 of my favorite games but I would only want to own one for the cost since they all have similar layouts. Didnt you promise to keep your thoughts in the thread you made. Lies! Lol

#1098 1 year ago
Quoted from LargemouthAss:

The spinning mech in the Knight's hand appears to be 2 connected spinning balls that will be smacking the game balls with force quite regularly. I suspect that owners of this game will need to check their pinballs for damage more frequently than other games as a result. Heck they will need to check the balls on the mech too to make sure they are not chipped which would cause faster wear on the game balls. I am still almost certainly going to be buying a Premium but it is something to keep in mind.

Yeah those mace balls are going to lots more damage than the 6 pinballs knocking into each other during multiball.
Why do so many people come on here just to try and find things to complain about?

#1424 1 year ago

From what I gathered from the podcast with Tim Sexton was that the Black Knight has the sword in his keep/castle. You battle mythical monsters on your way to his castle where you will challenge him to a duel for the sword. I guess the Black knight usually just kicks ass with his mace but if you have what it takes, he has to get his big guns out.

Also, in the pic above he is clearly giving the "come at me" gesture

#1617 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

. Best to just give my $6k-$9k and not question anything!

Isnt that why you own Ghostbusters?

#1627 1 year ago

50% of all pinside arguements end in someone acting all indignant.

#1665 1 year ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

Whew long thread and not sure if this was mentioned but seems like the knight mace spinner won’t work well in the horizontal position, like the pic below. Seems like it would be better to have one spring ball slightly heavier, so the more weighted one returns the mace spinner vertical and ready for another hit.
[quoted image]

Pretty sure the game will know what position the mace is in and go horizontal at times to open the lane up. It's not so much a spinner as it is a bash toy (I think) that will be out of the way when designed to be.

#1689 1 year ago

"15 Pinsiders have this game (LE) in their collection"
Some people are seriously jumping the gun.
It doesnt count until it's in the door and plugged in.

#1690 1 year ago

As someone who has never really liked the previous Black Knight games I am liking the possibilities this one has to offer. Looks like it could be a great game. I'm curious how the pro will play as that is my normal price cap but at least since I have no sentiment toward the series I dont feel like I need to have an upper playfield (though that doesnt mean I dont want one).
I'm very excited to see some gameplay.
I feel like Tim Sexton will be the kind of programmer to put in extra time out of love to make his game as good as it can be. Expecting good code support on this one.

#1710 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

It doesn't?
When people order a game from Stern they generally actually get it, within weeks or max a couple months.

But it's not IN their collections. To each his own but I dont add a game once I pay for it, I add it once I get it in my house. New or used.

#1742 1 year ago
Quoted from jgentry:

Why do you care and why would you waste your time seeing how many are in people's collections anyway?

Or I was in the Black Knight page and noticed owners already listed. Wasnt making a big deal out of it but please feel free to waste your time being confrontational

#1750 1 year ago
Quoted from Marcdaddy:

Jack just out up a video saying he is Heading to Stern to Stream it.

Steve probably has all the bk games in his office. So is Jack streaming bk or bk2000? I'll be hugely (and happily) surprised if this isnt an April fools joke.

#1761 1 year ago

No gag is worth having to eat at burger king.

#1872 1 year ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

On the riggt is Ripleys Vault!!!

More likely the less successful games get used as dummy testers at the factory. Sopranos and RBION? Why vault games that go for 2/3 the price of a nib and that nobody has even been asking about. A guy locally has been trying to sell his Rbion for months.

#1901 1 year ago

If I pick one up I'll definitely have to swap out this bumper pad. Black or Red maybe. Why blue? It draws my eye everytime I watch the trailer. It just seems like something lots of people will change. Or I'm just nuts lol

20190403_115417 (resized).jpg20190403_115434 (resized).jpg20190403_115453 (resized).jpg
#1903 1 year ago

I'm hoping the soundtrack is on par with the trailer because it's working for me

#1908 1 year ago

So again, why blue. Stern puts black rings in everything. Buy black bumper pads

#1980 1 year ago

I miss when the doctor used to use Leaches. Stupid advancements.

#1981 1 year ago

I'm not a Facebook person but wherever these clip are coming from, keep them coming please. I like these little teasers. The lych was cool. Tuesday cant come soon enough.

#1988 1 year ago

Touché sir
Ok, I miss when leaches cured everything

#2070 1 year ago

New thread filter option:
Allow JJP owners? Yes/No

Didnt Kaneda try to defend jjp pricing, saying there is only a $1,500 difference to a Stern?

Well up here in Canada a Stern Pro will run you $7,600 cdn, JJP Pirates $11,000 cdn. ($3,400 cdn. That's a $2,500 usd price gap)
There are lots of arguements to be had (elsewhere) but cost is still 50% of jjps problem. I will be impressed with JJp if they ship Wonka in a timely manner though.

Edit: i dont know why afm pic attached but I cant undo it either. Weird

Screenshot_20190405-141004_Google (resized).jpg
#2100 1 year ago

Omg, I never said I hate JJP. I hate that it only seems to be JJP owners who feel the need to go on every thread that isnt JJP to trash anything they can. Wonka will probably be a good game but this is the Black Knight thread.
So...back on topic,
Tuesday, Black Knight. Very excited to see what it has to offer. No more guessing how things will work. I'm hoping the pro is solid as that is my usual price bracket.

#2200 1 year ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

When I poop it has much more aroma then a stone and it tastes way more intensive... I heard.
Stones are a far cry form poop imo. Non the less both are a great material for building houses.
(I prefer stone. )

This is either lost in translation or you've had too much to drink

#2298 1 year ago

Glad I waited. More red gi? I'm just not liking the way this plays so far. Animations look cool but gameplay seems dull. Music is already starting to get repetitive (excessive double bass)
I think I'm going to go buy a Star Trek now though so thanks to Steve Ritchie either way.
Fingers crossed for Queen, Bttf or Bill and Ted.

#2300 1 year ago

Still better than Musters

#2307 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

And then you woke up!

Now, now, dont be like that just because you are a Munsters owner. It is pretty widely considered a flop so far. I'm a Borg fan but that game is just not any fun

#2379 1 year ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

I was referring to the age 35-55 demographic. I don’t think many of them care for heavy metal? Maybe I’m wrong though? I’m 39 and no thanks. The only people I know that like it these days are 20 something year olds.

37 yr old Metallica, Iron Maiden owner. Going to see Maiden this summer. Met Metallica last year. Try again.

#2385 1 year ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Catch up, we are past this. :p

Sorry, I guess I missed the part where you took back your wildly inaccurate statement

#2406 1 year ago

Stolen and forwarded to a friend lol

#2410 1 year ago

It's on deadflip youtube

#2416 1 year ago

Overall or lately?

#2535 1 year ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

I am ok with it because unlit kickbacks are like being tied up, masked, bondage style over a saw horse while listening to the leather harness creaking as your sadistic girlfriend puts on her favorite “Life-like, just like Mr. Ed” Strap-On.

Why do so many of your posts involve your sexual fetishes?

#2570 1 year ago
Quoted from gliebig:I'll never understand. So if this was the same pin but say, an AC/DC theme you'd buy it?
How can anyone consider a game that they may not like shooting but say f*&^ it, it's a cool THEME?
Should be just the opposite.
I can't stand IMDN music or POTC movies, but when a pin is's good.

I dont think he meant theme alone.
Theme counts for a lot and is a large draw. It however cant trump poor gameplay. Ghostbusters is a dream theme for me. I cant stand that game. Walking Dead is a horrible theme to me but I like the way it plays (I just wouldnt buy one). Iron Maiden makes me so happy I could cry.
When a game comes along that has that sweet marriage theme and gameplay, that's what people are after.

#2604 1 year ago

Aside from reaction time, with the magna save being on the lockdown bar it makes it almost impossible to nudge near the right outlane and magna save if need be. It's one or the other.

#2836 1 year ago

Sounds like someone tries to downvote anything he doesnt own in an attempt to bump his own games up the top 100. Cool guy.

#2849 1 year ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

If you're talking about me that might be the dumbest thing I've ever heard anyone say. So me giving a review is going to somehow push games I do own into the top 100... Please explain that one? Every single game I own is already in the top 100, and could very easily fall out of the top 100 for that matter. Beatles isn't very popular game here on Pinside didn't stop me from buying one. I understand why people don't like the game, but I like the theming Stern did to that game. I think its one of their best efforts yet, and even though the game is simple I think that adds to it... the casual player can have fun playing it.
I don't care if Beatles falls out of the top 1000 I like what I like and its not to influence a game into the top 100 that is just a stupid comment.
I like strawberries you like apples, so what does that have to do with anything. You give ONE review and I give ONE review. If you spend 5 hours explaining why beer tastes better than lemonade its not going to influence me to drink beer. I don't drink beer I think is taste terrible however you may have acquired a taste for it you like I don't. Doesn't mean we can't be friends. We just like some different things for different reasons.
Just so everyone understand I design attractions all over the WORLD... I'm an attention to detail person, I really focus on the attention paid to every single detail. I mostly buy games whereby I like the theme itself with exceptions. Wizard of Oz is the best themed game ever created, but not the most fun pinball... I still own the game. Batman 66 isn't as themed as WOZ but the game is way more fun... but still very well themed. I love that game the most. I don't care if Batman gets rated the worst game I like it so if I share my opinion its an opinion nothing more.

That's a pretty long reply. Defensive? I think enough people have chimed in on how people like you blow the ratings curve out the window. Personal taste doesnt account for your scores. 2's, 3's and 4's for respectable games? Those scores are reserved for the trash titles. Perfect 10's across the board for jjp? Lol. That's ridiculous. I've never given ANY game a perfect 10. Not even my FAVORITE games. Woz? Dialed in? Hobbit? Potc? These are NOT perfect 10 games. Anything else you say from this point on should be considered white noise.

#2870 1 year ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

I like Iron Maiden as a pinball game but I HATE the theme so I’m not going to give it a 10 because I don’t like the theme... what part of that is hard for you to understand. Iron Maiden is NOT that popular band in the USA, they’re super popular in Europe, I don’t think they have ever had a hit top 40 song in the USA. Iron Maiden has a cult following much like Kiss doesn’t mean they’re everyone’s cup of tea. Iron Maiden is not Queen, Beatles, or anything in that league.
So I’m NOT a fan of the theme its not getting a 10 from me. I loved AC/DC and I love their music the game is fun, the LE looks amazing it gets a great rating from me. I’m not sure why you don’t understand everyone can have a difference of opinion.
I had an Iron Maiden and btw I own a pincade ... do you know which game got the LEAST amount of money? You guessed it IRON MAIDEN!
So I sold it. Terminator 2 made 4 times more money than a brand new Iron Maiden.
You know which games make the most games like Ghostbusters, Deadpool, Metallica but not Iron Maiden and I’m betting not Black Knight.
So let me be super clear, Black Knight PRO is okay, but the LE/Preimum just doesn’t warrant paying more than a PRO.
TONIGHT I looked at a Black Knight sitting right next to a LOTR... you have to ask yourself what happened? One game looks like its loaded to the gills with stuff, ramps, toys, and then you look over at BK and you ask yourself where’s the beef?
I’m mainly only saying Black Knight is a game you buy but ONLY the pro because anything more you’re getting ripped off.
Look at Munsters LE with that really cool looking lower play field, you look at it and say oh yeah that is why i’m Paying more. What do you get for paying an extra 4K for an LE? Basically NOTHING!

Your core concept here, again, is flawed.
I HATE The Walking Dead series and theme for example. That doesnt affect my review of the game. It plays well with good code. (Just really ugly looking) Reviews arent based on interests. You think movie critics give a bad rating because it's not their type of flick? Recognize and acknowledge quality (or lack there of). Give proper reviews and express your distaste for themes or pricing in the comments section.

#2884 1 year ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Iron Maiden is NOT that popular band in the USA

Ok, while I am technically in Canada, let's just say North America for arguement sake.
I'm going to see Maiden this summer. There are 2 shows back to back. Tickets sold out for both shows in 2min. Yeah, they must not be popular here. They are metal royalty. Again, just because YOU dont like something.......

#2885 1 year ago

I cant stand Aerosmith or U2 but I can acknowledge that both those band are huge.

#2909 1 year ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

I have to say some people can’t respect other people’s opinion. I have nothing against those who think Iron Maiden is the greatest band who ever lived. I have nothing against those who pleaded make Iron Maiden game, or those who want a Judist Priest pinball either. Good for you that someone made Iron Maiden who didn’t deserve it based on success on the charts. Kiss is another band who created a massive fan base without actually having music that the mass majority of music lovers embraced. Good for them.
Kiss, Iron Maiden are two of the most unsuccessful charting bands in history that made the most money. I guess at the end of the day what matters is the bank account, so that makes them successful.
We can’t ever put Iron Maiden in the same league as Queen, Led Zepplin, Beatles, or even bands without pinball games like Def Leppard or even Poison for that matter who had #1 hits. I would bet anyone on this site $1000 if we polled 100 random people at a mall, mabye 2 in 100 could name even one Iron Maiden song.
If I polled the same people can you name 1 MJ song it would go to 90 out of 100. Musically Iron Maiden has their fans who love them live by them just like the fans of Grateful Dead, but like Iron Maiden Gratefull Dead the mass majority of music fans don’t know their songs.
These are facts not opinions. So I’m very very sorry that I’m very knowledgeable about music and am not a fan of Iron Maiden. Iron Maiden fans love Iron Maiden, and everyone else never heard of them. Even people who don’t like Bruce Springsteen still knows 5 or 6 of his songs... when people know your LOGO but don’t know your songs you’re not legendary music band. LOL
All that matters is Iron Maiden is a good pinball game, I had the game set up on a location and no one put quarters into it because of the THEME!!! ALmost everyone I talked to never heard of Iron Maiden. On the other hand AC/DC, Metallica same genre right ... loaded with quarters.
I sold the game for two reasons... 1) It didn’t make money. 2). I personally don’t like Iron Maiden.
Great pinball game YES, wish you could swap it out for music from say Nirvana.
I will NEVER SELL my AC/DC or Metallica.
Here is the point I rate games my way and the theme, and theming of the game have a lot to do with it. That is my opinion. Respect that.
I respect and fully understand many here love Iron Maiden its fine! Good for you!
But opinions and facts are two different things, facts Iron Maiden has a lot of fans and I’m not one of them. Fact most people in the US do not know Iron Maiden’s music hence the pinball game didn’t make money.
THEME IS IMPORTANT on location but has nothing to do with what you collect inside YOUR HOUSE. Figure out the difference YOUR HOUSE vS LOCATION!
Ghostbusters HUGE money maker, Iron Maiden is NOT!
Black Knight will not do good on location because of the THEME!
That is the point.
Lastly I’m saying the LE is not worth the money because the upper play field is an epic flop. My opinion!

Ok, now you are just giving us too much to criticize. Quit while you are ahead. The fact that your are trying to claim you are very knowledgeable when it comes to music is negated by most of the crap spewing from your posts. I bet you get down votes from people who dont even make it though you posts. Nobody agrees with you. It happens. Stop crying

#2948 1 year ago
Quoted from Strummy:

I really have never heard of Maroon 5. What kind of music do they play?

Do you like to drink wine in the bathtub? Do you cut the eyes out of pictures of your ex? Do you like to cut yourself while watching Twilight?
That kind of music.

#2963 1 year ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

OMG... you know there are like a million different kinds of charts but the only one that matters is sales. The highest sales charting song of Kiss all time is Beth, which reached #6, it was also the ONLY top 10 hit they ever had. Furthermore they have no #1 hits, and oddly enough their biggest selling album was the album that featured Beth, and they kicked him out of the band.
Most of their albums sold between 500,000 units to 1 million units. They have no #1 hit, however they do have an anthem song unlike Iron Maiden (Rock N Roll All Night) which is their most well known song, only hit like 45 in the charts.
Iron Maiden never had a #1 or even a top 10 hit, and maybe one of those songs reached like 37 or something.
Neither band is known for their music as much as their stage shows. There are without a doubt the two single most successful bands who never really had any authentic hit songs.
Nothing changes the fact that both of these bands COMBINED have less views on their music than ONE Metallica song. How is it if they're so popular does Metallica or ACDC have more views on ONE song than two bands between them made over 50 albums have combined? OVER 50 ALBUMS between them and between all those songs combined they cant match one song from Nirvana. Again they're really popular like the Grateful Dead with their fans but they don't have fans outside that window.
Kiss is bigger in the US and Iron Maiden is bigger in Europe.
There is one Skynyrd song "simple man' that someone uploaded that has almost as many views as all the Kiss songs combined. Why because Skynyrd is one of the most talented musical groups ever assembled.
Kiss and Iron Maiden have pinball games because that's what they do that is how they make money, licensing their brand to almost anything. While real bands like LZ, Doors, Nirvana or Lynyrd Skynyrd, Queen, sell music.
There is a difference but you know none of this has anything to do with Sterns new game. Start a music theme and we'll debate all day long would be fun!


Clearly this guy is either a troll or the least liked person on pinside (that's saying a lot).
Let's just all agree to stop paying attention to this guy and his nonsensical novels. (Although his musical ignorance is comical in the way he defends it)
New pinside forum rule.1000 downvotes and you are publicly shamed GOT style.

#2968 1 year ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

By GOT style do you mean naked walk of shame, loss of manhood, shanked by your own men, death by dragon? I can't tell.


Edit. Aw man, there were bells in that post but they dont show up

#3012 1 year ago
Quoted from j_m_:

garbage you say? now, there's a band worth talking about. hot chick singer and 3 reputable and talented producers make up the rest of the band
[quoted image]

Clearly it's been a while since you have seen Shirley Manson. She WAS a hot chick the 90s.

#3013 1 year ago

90s vs 2019

20190419_130335 (resized).jpg20190419_130359 (resized).jpg
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