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Black Knight Sword of Rage!!! - Sterns next machine!!!

By Blacksun

7 months ago

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#88 7 months ago

I'm excited for the licensed un-licensed theme. I hope this baby is over the top epic; should have broad appeal among the casual arcade/pinball playing crowd if it's bright and loud like the previous two iterations.

I hope it's as close to having "adult" themes as Stern will bare, similarly to IM. Would do well in bars and on regular locations that way. Being a SR game, it'll have machismo, that's for sure!

#357 7 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Since the license screenshot mentions Black Knight and Black Knight 2000 I hope there are two classic modes in the game where the game essentially turns into those games with a unique take while using the original theme music and sounds.

Like the time machine mode in Junkyard?

Or, Move Your Spaceship!!! in BOP2.0?

I could dig that.

#392 7 months ago
Quoted from JodyG:

Ever hear of Dialed in?

I'm stumped. Is "Crazy Bob" a licensed asset?

I'm no lawyer, and I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn last night, but I can't think of anything that is licensed in DI.

#395 7 months ago
Quoted from Dkjimbo:

Crazy bob is on at least two other games - Johnny mnemonic and Junkyard

I realize that, and also on other PL games (hence it being my only broad guess); is this actually a "licensed asset" though? Seems overly broad to me.

#441 7 months ago
Quoted from BRW84:

Magna save was on both sides on the original.

BK2K has a kickback on the left and Magna on the right

#481 7 months ago

The upper playfield is so ubiquitous to BK, sad it won't be on the pro...I know, I know, $.

That said, both look awesome!

#491 7 months ago

I should also say that I hope the lockdown button is ONLY used for MagnaSave…

I'm tired of mashing those stupid things. It literally only makes sense for one use: a "missle/bomb/boom/etc". I hate having to take my hands away from the flippers, or watching people new to games with them have no idea what they are for. I almost condone its use in Star Wars, risk vs reward and all that, but even then, I'm not a fan.

Small gripe: Unless the magna save is deep down in the lane and flings the ball upwards like a kickback, you're really going to have to anticipate the drain very early to be able to react to it and get your hand to the button to hit it. Still really cool though.

#657 7 months ago

Just poking a little fun here...

I like how on the feature sheet, it says "2 full size flippers on main play field" as if this is some type of special feature. Is this not, at a minimum, a "standard" feature of ALL modern (1950's-present) machines, save pitch-and-bats and other odd ball machines?

Sort of how car manufacturers advertise vehicles as having power brakes, steering, etc, which are essentially, standard across the entire line. The last car I'm aware of that didn't have power steering was the Honda S2000 (as it took away from the steering feel).

#1039 7 months ago

Could this open the door for other original legacy themes, to be further continued?

Make them spicy and interesting enough for the newbs, but include a little nostalgia as an inside joke/acknowledgement for the veterans?

Elvira 3 is already a widely spread rumor.

High Speed 3?

Pin*Bot/BOP/J*B continued further (not including BOP2.0 in this)

I wonder if the IP rights legal maneuvering could work for Pat and Jack over at JJP; "Return to the Funhouse"?

On second thought, maybe this is dumb.

What I do miss though, is the self referential tidbits that used to be popular in machines. Picking up Pin*Bot in Taxi. The time machine mode in Junk Yard. Having the characters from Creech being jailed in JD. Those were great little easter eggs. If anything, maybe now designers can return to paying the little homages like they used to.

If anything, I think the (hopeful) success of BK3 will change the path of current trends in the industry. I'd say we're in the start, if not the middle of, the second/third/fourth "golden era" of pinball boys and girls. Hopefully it goes on at a sustainable pace so there isn't a crash like the last time.

Life is good!

#1700 7 months ago
Quoted from Yoko2una:

I think the upper PF lock is a halfpipe design similar to the skill shot in WCS. I'd guess the spike in the lock is only there when lock is lit to trap the balls. If lock isn't lit, then the ball can spill through. I believe the part on the right is the transition to the upper PF from the Flail Lane.

My initial impression as well.

I really haven't been excited for a new Stern release in years, but this one looks like it has gusto!

#1827 7 months ago
Quoted from MikeS:

I wouldn't be concerned. You can always remove the playfield and polish it, or just buy a new one. the one's for WPT are like $60.
Elvis had a similar lexan playfield as well and I don't really hear anyone complain about durability.

It seems most of the in-playfield lexan windows hold up just fine, and can readily be polished back to crystal clear. I've seen Millionaires, Haunted Houses, Speakeasies, Tee'd Offs, and Creatures, to name a few, with tons of plays, and the windows looked as good as new.

If it will only take 30 seconds to remove the upper playfield as claimed, nothing a little novus and a rag couldn't fix. This would be a non issue for me. But is the locking mech and window and minor additional code worth $1700 more? That's the real question in all of this.

#1828 7 months ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

Haha no that was me reading a comment in chat. Some told me to “Get Fucked”

What the sourpusses don't get, DF, is that the joke IS actually on all of you guys this morning.

I laughed my ass off watching the video and chat comments this morning; you guys are probably all literally sh#%ing your asses off now after eating BK...I applaud your intestinal commitment to such a great, hilarious trolling. Bravo!

In all seriousness, I look forward to the first game play streams, keep up the great work as always!

#1902 7 months ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

If I pick one up I'll definitely have to swap out this bumper pad. Black or Red maybe. Why blue? It draws my eye everytime I watch the trailer. It just seems like something lots of people will change. Or I'm just nuts lol
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

You're not alone! It stands out on Deadpool as well as others.

Those bumper pads annoy me; why not just put a post with some rubber there?

#1951 7 months ago
Quoted from rai:

I’m trying to think of a layout with 5 up the playfield shots (not counting bash toys, drop or standup targets).
TWD pro 2 ramps, 2 orbits and riot shot. But does have 2 bash toys).
I’m not counting Woodbury shot because it’s not up the playfield.

Not modern by any stretch, and probably doesn't deserve to even be mentioned in this thread, but Tee'd Off has 5 up playfield shots.

#1955 7 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

There have been a few of us stuck on a lonely island of a single pinball machine on site at his favorite lunch spot for MONTHS and it just so happened to be Tee’d Off. Now, not a GOAT, but not a snoozefest either. It can be fun once you learn how take it on a walk in the park.

That's exactly how I grew to have an irrational affinity for it. Hence the avatar, haha.

It's the only machine on location at a little place I like to go to, and play it regularly, as do many others. The operator has mentioned that not only is it the oldest machine in "the fleet", but it has been his top weekly earner on occasion, which is shocking to say the least, considering he runs 50 sterns from the past two decades in a 50 mile radius. I guess it's really a testament to the build quality of sys3's

My GC is 5 billion and change, lol.

Back on topic...

BK3 may be my first, genuine, nib purchase. I've come so close to pulling the trigger on many occasions (WD, IM, AFMr) but just couldn't ever get over the hump. This might actually be the one. Excited to see the first stream, and play this baby for real.

#2222 7 months ago
Quoted from rai:

I don’t know Tim Sexton but he’s a top player hopefully that will translate to him knowing a lot of pins what is good rules, what is fun not make it some kind of video game RPG like world of Warcraft. That’s fine to have some rpg elements but it needs to be pinabll first and foremost. The throwback mode sounds like fun.
I said several times the music sounds great. Can’t believe the talent they got on this pin sound, art, design. The code is unknown but hope for the best.

I played in league with Tim for a while before he moved to take his job with Stern. Still see him at tournies now and then. I don't know him as well as some may, but I'm sure he understands that risk/reward creates excitement, rules that are straightforward enough that can be easily grasped (but that are deep enough to keep coming back), and little, game specific nuances are what makes pinball fun.

I wouldn't sweat it. It seems that actual pinball players (KME, LFS, etc.) actually know what makes a game fun and exciting, and can apply it to their own creations...

#2524 7 months ago
Quoted from Guidotorpedo:

Lmaoooooo at everyone complaining about the music....
Maybe stern should make an over 55 version featuring this?
[quoted image]

I have no problem with the music in BK3 at all...its a nice, modern take on the classic.

However, I'm significantly closer to 30 than 55, and I listen to SD nearly every single day. I also like George Clinton/Parliament/Funkadelic. The 'Stones. STP. Alice 'n Chains. ELO. Beastie Boys. Beatles. Elvis. Snoop Dogg. Merle Haggard. The Clash. Pink Floyd. Dr. Dre. N.W.A. Weezer. The Weather Report. Sinatra. Buddy Holly. ZZ Top. Guns 'N Roses. Jimmy Smith. The list goes on and on and on.

Don't bag on The Dan, man.

1 week later
#2877 7 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Or it could have been placed lower in the outlane and chucked the ball back up like Shadow?

What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?

ETA: I see what you mean now...magnet down low in the outlane and have it thrown up like hitting the sanctum lock...I originally thought you were talking about some magnet ball save in TS, and I was about to have an epiphany that I've been playing it without all the features ALL THESE YEARS!!!

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