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Black Knight Sword of Rage!!! - Sterns next machine!!!

By Blacksun

8 months ago

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#822 8 months ago

I don't know - based on just the video and the layout I'm not impressed. Seems like so much of what we've seen from Stern already. I want to play this thing first b/c I love Richie but it seems meh to me. Pro with no upper on a game like BK is terrible.

I just hope stern doesn't cheap out on Jurrasic World. I want something special stern.

#824 8 months ago
Quoted from Fytr:

Something's got to give to reach the Pro price point. I haven't seen a stream yet so no idea how much fun the upper PF even is.

Yep totally understand and usually upper makes sense but the foundation of BK is the upper so it just seems like a big cut. I just feel like the layout and especially "toys" (full game - LE) seems low budget/cheap. First impressions only - will hold off until I play but I'm not impressed. They really should be adding more to these games especially at that price. Give me magic stern!

#857 8 months ago

Premium art would be my choice. I like the blood splatter on the side.

#1791 8 months ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

Srsly? - They said before that first gameplay will be shown at midwest gaming or whatever the name is in two weeks and this little joke was pretty obvious.
So you really want to skip a possibly awesome game only because of a lil obvious april fools joke you fell for?!

Let the man vent his frustration. Who knows what he's going to do but he's on fire right now!

1 week later
#2359 8 months ago

well after watching gameplay my initial reaction to the reveal is still the same. Another stern snoozer. 2 for 2 now - I'm hoping Jurassic World is the rebound game. We'll see.

#2592 8 months ago

Starting to read all these new responses and I just can't believe people are complaining about animations/graphics.

I think this game looks extremely dull, been there done that yawn fest BUT I dig the animations, art, style, call outs. If people are putting that down, I'm not even sure where to go from here. I applaud stern for the art package but am very disappointed in the rinse repeat nature of the gameplay. Munsters and now this is a terrible example of what I hope to see from them down the road. I just hope Jurrasic World brings them back b/c they are better than this.

#2598 8 months ago

Sounds like Stern might stop streaming early as it sounds like they are going to lose alot of money with people switching to pros

#2605 8 months ago
Quoted from Darscot:

The idea of waiting in hopes your customers wont realize they are being sold an inferior product for more money is a terrible way to run a business. Just make a better product and stream it in a positive way.

True but you know that's not going to happen until people stop buying these overpriced rehashes.

#2620 8 months ago
Quoted from thirdedition:

How is this game a rehash? I'm genuinely curious.

there is absolutely nothing new about this game. Same old same old from stern with absolutely no innovation and just b/c there is a knight in the middle doesn't help. Just my opinion - it just seems like I've played this game before a thousand times. Iron Maiden at least mixed it up with the shot layouts but munsters went right back to complete boredom and this game is following suit.

If you can't understand and see no difference in a PF like IMDN vs this game then you're already in too deep.

#2622 8 months ago
Quoted from jgentry:

No clue what you are talking about. Modern stern has never made a game like this that I can think of. Stern is also not going to stop streaming games because the same people that rush to an LE everytime change their mind like they do on pretty much every title.
The game looks good, great art, pretty awesome looking light show, rocking sound track that is always going to depend on personal tastes, a unique new toy that is molded and sculpted with pretty awesome detail, in your face brutal gameplay that might make IM feel easy, cool theme, code that is yet to be determined. Overall one of sterns best offerings at this point in the release in my opinion. Lots to be determined, but a really cool looking game and a well done release.

respect your opinion and happy to hear you're looking forward to it. I predict an onslaught of disappointed people just like munsters as this is another snoozer from stern. There is just nothing about this game that makes me think stern even cares. I hope they change course for Jurassic and take a cue from IMDN to at least atempt to innovate.

#2654 8 months ago
Quoted from MikeS:

What game in the past 25 years has a similar layout to BKSOR LE? What toys are similar to the Black Knight toy? What other modern games have a player controlled magna-save over the outlanes? What other games have LEDs that simulate a giant fire in the back, what other games have a custom 'metal' soundtrack? What other Stern games are based off an original non-licensed pinball title? I can go on and on.....
I applaud Stern for actually taking a risk and doing something different and original with this game.

Just curious what the risk is on the gameplay side? I'm not talking about the theme, the art - where is the innovation, what is the ball doing in this game that truly wows you? It looks born out of GOT and the knight, although cool looking doesn't really interact as much as I would have hoped for. Magna save has been done a thousand times (WCS looking at you) - and it's stern's typical move of doing something "magical" by using a cheap mech (magnet). The light show doesn't even come close to a JJP and I guess for stern is fine, but the bar isn't high.

Seriously though - gamplay/layout only....what exactly gets you excited about this game vs every other stern?

#2659 8 months ago
Quoted from frolic:

Does it have to be quantifiable what individuals find "fun"?
If someone likes it, they like it, do they have to convince anyone else of that? Maybe just let them enjoy their game?

No I totally get that if he/she didn't already provide their feedback so they are obviously interested in convincing others like me that think this game is a borefest as to why it's fun.

I love the guys on here that go oh man, bitch fest about a new stern game - well sorry, some just don't take whatever stern decides to give us.

#2660 8 months ago
Quoted from Asael:

I am still not totally sold on this game and will wait for more reports but to criticize the knight? Sry but this is the kind of toy I am waiting for a long time in pinball. Your enemy, the final boss and one of the greatest myth stands right before you on the playfield ready for battle, he taunts you, blocks multiple ways and fights back with his flail and shield. He is not only decoration or ball lock. The shield alone could block your way, or let you lock balls, or it could kick the ball back, his left hand alone could interact in three ways. He is the star of this game! There are many things I am unsure about this game. Is it to hard? Will the music get annoying over time? Is there enough to do on the upper playfield. Is there enough content to be a keeper?
But for me the Black Knight toy looks like one of the best toys in pinball history. Beside the Crane in Batman Dark Knight I don't know many more interactive toys. Could you please call better toys?

It's not that I don't like it at all - it's sculpted vs Stern's kmart toys which is nice to see (although that's happening now b/c of people on these forums calling them out). I do like how in interacts - I just want more I guess. It's like saying the lightning guy on DI is amazing - which he def is not. Yes he blocks the player, is interactive, lights up, wears dad jeans with a tucked in shirt, but he's def not a top tier toy.

#2674 8 months ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

This JJP vs Stern stuff is getting old. I get it, you Stern fan boys and JJP fan boys want duke it out. Take it elsewhere. Plenty of people appreciate all pinball and we don't need you crapping up these threads. So bye

Not sure if this was posted to me but I'm critical of both and appreciate both. No fan boy here of either as each had it's own strength. Just bc someone is critical of a Stern doesn't make them a fan boy of the other company. Sorry this thread isn't called black knight let's kiss Stern's ass.

As for lighting jjp Hobbit, WoZ set the bar for light shows. Not sure how anyone can consider Stern a player in that category. In fact their recent offerings have been extremely dark...

#2684 8 months ago
Quoted from jgentry:

How can you mention WOZ as setting the bar then turn around and say sterns are dark? WOZ might have the worst GI lighting of any modern game. The insert lighting is beautifully done with some very nice affects. You cant see anything other then the inserts on that game in a dark room. So that's a really strange comparison to me.
Ah, did I hurt your feelings dirtbag66 those downvotes just cut right through me like a knife.

That's a fair point regarding it's GI. I was talking about the light show that's attached to the gameplay which I think you agree with too. Hobbit really great too.

1 week later
#3026 7 months ago

So finally played the game..... Great job Stern on the toy itself. It's very impressive looking and really stands out. I was very impressed with how large and interactive it was. I also like the built in lights to illuminate the flipper section. Again good job Stern on introducing that as it replaces the need for led strip.

The gameplay unfortunately is exactly what I anticipated which is been there done that and just very uninspiring so just not a game for me. Art on the playfully was really lacking and I get they're going for old school look but it's jarring compared to their recent games where are has been so good.

On a side not I played idmn again and the gameplay in that is just so damn good.

#3047 7 months ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Art lacking? Are we looking at the same pin?

I think so. Black knight sword of rage

I'm talking about the playfield art only here it's extremely lacking/boring. I like the other art though (translate, even the LCD). Call outs are good too

#3049 7 months ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

So for those who played the game:
I'm (just by looking at the specs) a bit bummed that the Black Knight toy doesn't shake (like the Vengeance f.e.).
(So ist misses some direct interactivity if you just hit the target beneath it.)
The toys has a lot of other cool features tough.
So my question is...
...does the Black Knight toy seem lacking or is it awesome as it is?

It's definitely in the awesome category. It doesn't need to shake to cheapen the effect. It's really good as is

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