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Black Knight Sword of Rage!!! - Sterns next machine!!!

By Blacksun

8 months ago

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#680 8 months ago

Wow. No upper playfield on the pro model? That is the whole thing about BK games...they all have an upper playfield.

1 week later
#2124 8 months ago

I'm excited to play both BK3 and Wonka at MGC. I prefer Richie over Lawlor, but JJP over Stern. I think one will be in your face loud and fast and the other more nuanced and refined. So, two games that will really give two separate versions of the best that pinball can be. Can't see myself not liking either of them.

#2255 8 months ago

Animations look so bad. They look like PS 2 quality. Was hoping for a step up from IMDN, but look like same quality.

#2269 8 months ago

You guys must be watching a different stream. I see nothing that looks next level.

#2333 8 months ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

I have no idea what you're talking about. For a pinball machine they look great.

Wow, are people really willing to pay 5 to 9k for mediocrity?

#2388 8 months ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Ouch, that hurt!
No wait you tell us you bought an ACNC?

ACNC animations, art, sculpts, and rule creativity far surpass what I saw in that BK3 stream. I look forward to trying out the new BK, but at 6.5K price point, yeah...I'm totally content with my Alice Cooper that I'm picking up this weekend.

#2491 8 months ago

With up to 6 ball multiball and 3 ball released from upper playfield lock, I wonder how scratched that clear upper playfield will be over time, especially on location.

#2492 8 months ago
Quoted from newtoit:

Last week : What no upper playfield on the pro....
Today: id rather have the pro anyway

I think the reason that folks are saying, "go pro" is how unimpressive the upper playfield is, especially compared to BK and BK2000. Putting pop bumpers and rollover lanes on the main playfield instead of upper really makes it look barren up there.

#2779 8 months ago

I played it at MGC and it was fun. I'd play it on location, but not one I would buy. That is because it feels like a mid to late 80's game ala F14, High Speed 1&2, etc. I don't think it would have staying power in my collection since I already have one. I'd definitely go premium over pro. Without the upper playfield, the pro just didn't seem to have any character or as much to do. Those who buy this game will enjoy it, but I am afraid will stale in 6 months or less, kind of like how I felt with Aerosmith. But I will gladly play it at shows and on location.

#3017 7 months ago

My number one complaint with Black Knight is my complaint that I have as well with my Star Wars: lighting effects. Right now, Stern just seems to be doing lots of in your face bright, strobe stuff. I mean, I almost have a seizure playing Escape from Boba Fett on SW. On Black Knight after a drain, a light show goes off ending with the middle ring blasting blinding 100% powered pure white leds. All they have to do is keep the effect, but switch to the pure soft yellow of the original. Then you get the effect you want without the pain. It just became irritating after 2 games. I had to walk away. Otherwise, I enjoyed the game. I would definitely go premium over pro because I think you'd miss the upper playfield. But I do think this game will get old quick, especially in a smaller collection. There are better Ritchie games (themed and un-licensed) out there. I will definitely play this on location, if it is a premium/le...just need to remember to look away at the end.

2 months later
#3900 5 months ago

Played 4 games on a BK3 Premium at Recbar in Louisville, KY today along with a bunch of other games. Had a blast with BK3. Started both multiballs and started retro mode. Was really blown away. Had played it at MGC and enjoyed it, but not as much as today. Really liked the fast and retro feel of this game. I'm really thinking of getting one new or HUO. Curious if code will be deep enough to be a long term game. Remember having a great time with Aerosmith on location, but it got old quick at home. Guess I will see how you owners feel 6 months later.

20190628_171836 (resized).jpg
#3902 5 months ago

There were two things that bothered me when playing. First, the virtual kickback does suck. I kept looking at the left outlane and then a ball fires from the shooter lane. For such an aggressive, fast paced game, this delay to get back into the action vs a quick kick back into play feels off. But, on the positive side, for the Premium version it does put you back into the upper playfield. Second issue is all of the ball hops. Wow did that ball fly all over the place. I jumped it off the upper playfield several times. I think this is a Stern problem because of all other games and manufacturers I've owned/played, I've never seen ball hops like on Sterns. I think it is a combination of flipper strength and design. Pretty sure it's why their playfields dimple deeper and faster than others. Barring those two issues, I think I wouldn't have anything negative to say about the games. The music, sound, callouts, and animations were more appealing the second time around. So, hopefully the code continues to mature. I think the upper playfield post enhancement is needed as the ball quickly drains before you have a chance to nudge quite often.

#3908 5 months ago
Quoted from John_I:

Well over 100 games on my LE and never once saw this.

Maybe it was how it was set up. I had balls jump from upper playfield into shooter lane and onto lower playfield several times. Usually when trying to hit catapult off a fast moving loop. But glad to here it may be the rare event instead of the norm.

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