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Black Knight Sword of Rage!!! - Sterns next machine!!!

By Blacksun

7 months ago

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#1225 6 months ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

I'm guessing it's gonna be like the Maiden reveal at MGC and there'll be a shit ton of em. Might have to go after all.
Edit: guess that's up to Marco. C'mon Marco YOU CAN DO IT

Its actually up to people buying them from Marco to setup at the show. If I can figure out whether I want a pro or prem soon enough, I might have to use the show deal to get one.

#1686 6 months ago

Part of it is nostalgia, but it also adds an additional multiball that can be stacked. One of the things I love on BK2K is hitting the loops a few times in a row. So satisfying.

#1854 6 months ago

We dont fully know what effects the upper playfield has on game play yet, so right now, its a guess. What we do know is that it locks 3 balls and will start its own mulitball that can be stacked with a lower pf multiball. It also has a loop like BK2K. We probably wont find out until either a JD stream or MGC. So is it worth it? Up to you to decide.

#1907 6 months ago

Because they buy thousands at a time. Buying all one color is cheaper (and less inventory to have on hand).

#1945 6 months ago

I contacted Titan about the blue nubs. He said he thought they were actually fabricated from a silicone sheet, so its not the same process. Sounds like a no go from him.

#2148 6 months ago

Easy fix. Stop looking at this thread. This is pinside. Get used to it.

#2213 6 months ago

In the April fools BK stream, Steve mentioned that there is a lot of risk in this pin. Stern basically said OK to an "unlicensed" theme (I use it in quotes because it technically licensed from Williams, but its not like a movie/band type license). They haven't really done anything unlicensed in a long time. So if you want to see more original stuff from Stern, then this needs to do well. I also think that since its Tim Sextons first lead programmer gig, he really wants it to shine. He seems passionate about making it amazing. I really am hoping he is a mini Lyman

#2219 6 months ago

There might be brand recognition for collectors/people in the scene, but location play is still their bread and butter. If operators don't buy it, it probably wont do well enough. From the looks alone the toys look awesome, so I don't see there being a problem in this specific case. Hopefully they don't disappoint.

#2224 6 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

“The Black Knight detects money in your pocket- “
“The Black Knight knows a Pussy when he sees one-”
“Buy The Black Knight Sword of Rage- You wife will never find out”
“Get Ready for Battle- You think you can beat me?!? No way!!!”
“I got your Sword of Rage hanging right here Mother F<bleep>kers!”
“Your mama sure liked her some Black Knight’s Sword of Rage last night, Mmm Mmm”
“Once you’ve gone Black, there’s no Turning back!”
“You don’t have the steel balls to defeat me!”
“I am sure there are ‘Good People’ on both sides of the flippers, both sides-“
“I Flail my steel balls in your general direction, you sons of a silly person-”
“Forget the Sword of Rage baby, here come my Balls of Steel!”
“The Black Knight will slay you... please tip your servers... Try the veal, I am here till next Thursday...”
“Can’t we just be friends?!?”

I see some pinball browser action coming up!

#2486 6 months ago

I know why they used the lockdown bar for the magna-save, but it does stink. Shouldn't be too hard to install a second button mod at least though and just have it tied into that switch.

Soundtrack is good, but it might get old. Luckily we can change it with pinball browser if we need to.

The callouts. I feel they really missed the boat on these. They are really toned down from BK2K. Thats one of my favorite parts, him making fun of you. However, the fact that it looks like the toy in the middle is actually saying these things is pretty sweet.

I need to play it this weekend, and I assume Ill still buy a premium, but the upper playfield seems like if you miss high, the ball kind of just hangs out there. Kind of slows down game play a ton. Not much you can do there now I guess.

#2490 6 months ago

The music is arguably the best part of BK2K! I absolutely love it. The music on this is hard to tell so far. After re-listening some more, its only one small refrain part that kind of annoys me. I'm not sure if that was part of a mode or just regular music...no idea. Overall, great work (though I hope they redo some of the callouts).

#2504 6 months ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

I feel like they need to be re-edited. Not sure how exactly to quantify it, but they don't sound like the black knight. Like, the wrong computer effects were used or something. It just sounds ... different. Too tinny maybe. I'm not sure. But you get what I mean, Right?

I agree 100%. In BK2K they are in your face. In the stream they seemed almost like afterthoughts. Might be just because its a stream though? Hopefully?

#2666 6 months ago

Im not sure why everyone is bagging on the kickback. Nobody ever said there was going to be one, its just something you wished for. Have you ever owned games with kickbacks? Because I find that most of the time the kickback can be just as bad. It kicks it back then goes SDTM or back down the kickback as soon as it times out with no way to save it. I would much rather have it be a ball save.

#2810 6 months ago

I played so many games on this machine over the weekend. I kept coming back for more. Rules are definitely basic, but thats pretty normal. Give it some time. I will say, there is no question for me over pro vs premium. Premium all the way. Without the upper PF it just didnt feel right. The lock shot gives an extra element, and stacking the multiballs was a riot. I am really going to try and wait to buy a premium until next year at MGC (unless someone has a magic dealer that gives amazing deals).

As for the flaming castle, at some point they mentioned it was an LED array with like 60 LED's (I dont remember the exact number, but it was around that). I would assume its a single PCB with SMD LED's mounted on. Wouldnt be that hard. It looks super cool in person.

#2882 6 months ago

As other mentioned drfrightner, your logic is flawed. I am totally not a fan of Iron Maiden. I mean, its not the worst music ever, but its just not something I grew up with or loved. The pinball machine though is awesome. So the mechanics, gameplay, etc get high marks, then I put a low mark on music. I dont mark down everything just to get the machine lower.

Same with your stupid pro/premium/le arguement. Just because the game costs $1500 more doesn't make it less fun. Your rating shouldn't be reflecting that. You rate JJP games a perfect 10 yet they cost how much? Seems you dont have an issue with cost with your precious JJP. You sound like a shill.

#2979 6 months ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

Thanks to the pinball browser and a sinister character I'm listening to the Music & Callouts of BKSoR on pinball browser.
Browsing trough the callouts I think and hope there's way more to come from the "beige" knight and lots of humor.
So there's:
"Superduperloopa Jackot" (lol)
"I can learn to be good/ let's have a brew and talk etc." (beige knight)
"It's just a flesh wound" (monty python)
doing funny voices aaaand...
Of course "Agaaaain!", "Play Better" and "Fight".
If they really put all this in (there's callouts relating to the story development as well) this is a must-buy for me.

During the Black Knight talk with Tim and Steve at MGC, Tim said there is much more coming for callouts. There is also more content coming that they haven't gotten yet and are waiting on. So much more to come! Cant wait.

#3008 6 months ago
Quoted from Reality_Studio:

Just played the pro a bunch at AYCE Gogi, typing this while I wait for my fried Oreos. Awesome game, fast, fluid, brutal, exactly what I'm looking for. I disagree with people that say it's a one flipper game, I definitely use both. Hopefully will get mine next week, was my favorite game at their location.

I agree its a two flipper game. If you are only using the right flipper, you are doing it wrong. I think the big reason people think that is because the left ramp returns to the right flipper, and there is no left flipper return. I have no problems hitting the left ramp with the left flipper though, so its not a big deal.

#3020 6 months ago
Quoted from Asael:

From the reviews so far, what do we do if this time the pro is a great game and the Premium and LE too and worth the extra money? What if you can‘t go wrong with either game?

From what I played at MGC, they both felt very different. Having or not having the upper playfield was big. Some people don't care and some people are going to convince themselves they dont care so they dont have to spend extra money. The base game is still really awesome, it just didnt feel like you had as much to do (even if it was only 2 more shots really from the upper playfield, the loop and the ball lock). The upper playfield added variety. The GF and I agreed that I needed to buy the premium over the pro. It just felt right.

I don't think you can go wrong with either one. The pro is still a great game, which should get even better with more updates. Some will probably say the pro has a better flow because the ramp shot comes right back to the flipper, instead of dropping it on the upper playfield, going for those shots, then going back to the right flipper. The upper playfield kind of gives you a break.

Just depends on what kind of action you like. Both are great for different reasons.

#3036 6 months ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

That is the way I see things NorCal. I say if you have a problem or question regarding BK then go up to Steve at a show and talk to him directly and voice your concern. See what he has to say rather than making your own answers up and looking for folks around here to agree with you.
Here is how I see the BK concerns talk going down if anyone meets Steve.
Angry opinionated Pinsider - “Uh Mr. Ritchie. Hi, Uh, I wanted to let you know that uh the Black Knight game that came out uh has some things that I uh do not.....”
SR - “Sorry, but you have to speak up.”
Angry Pinsider speaking louder -“Oh Sorry. I just wanted to say that, uh..........High Speed was my first pinball game I fell in love with as a kid so Uh thanks for that. I own a HS today!“
SR- “Your welcome! Loved working on that game. Glad you own one!”
Humble/Grateful Pinsider - “Would like to see a HS3 someday from you!”
SR - “Hey you never know”
Happy Pinsider - “Nice to meet you. Thanks for coming to the show Steve!”
SR - “Nice to meet you also. Happy to be here!”
Happy Pinsider walks away and says - “Steve Ritchie - what a nice guy!! Legend!”

Actually, during the question and answer, if your question wasnt exactly to the point, he would say, "that question is to long, next" because he wasn't able to follow what you were saying by reading your lips (he told everyone at the end that's why he was saying that).

#3079 6 months ago
Quoted from newtoit:

Any one know about when the topper will be released?

My guess....not that long. Its already been talked about. I would think its already designed. They probably need to code it still since its going to be interactive like the knight on the playfield. So how fast can that get done? All I know is a knight head shaking no while he says no way sounds awesome.

Quoted from JodyG:

While you get pissy about my answer, we still do not have a Star Wars topper...and it has been 22 months.

Star wars has to deal with Disney for approval. BK3 doesn't.

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