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Black Knight Sword of Rage!!! - Sterns next machine!!!

By Blacksun

8 months ago

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#1926 8 months ago

Ok, I hate STERN!!!! I don‘t have room or the Money for more games and now I have to find a way to buy this game.

#2321 8 months ago

I liked what I have seen. But man this game looks brutal.

#2338 8 months ago

The animations are impressive. The monsters are original art and they look awesome. They couldn't use video clips out of movies like on Hobbit, Star Wars or PotC and I think the design of the bosses are realy good.

#2391 8 months ago

Early in the stream Jack said something about that he captures the LCD without his "box". What does this mean? Has this game a hdmi output?

#2433 8 months ago

I would like to know if you could end the modes and kill the boss or if it just times out, if there is a finish line?

#2465 8 months ago

The Iron Maiden Pinball has cool modes (except Flight of Icarus!!!), everything is staged. As an example the Aces high mode, you start against a few fighter, easy to do even for unskilled players, then there are the bombers and it's getting harder and if you finish that, the Ace Pilots waits for the skilled player. You can find this gameplay in Hobbit too.
And I think it would fit in the BK too. If every Bossfight had 3 stages and you could finish every stage, than the timer resets and every stage you have to use different tactics untill you could finish the boss. That would make this game a dream to play.
Who else thought about World of Warcraft with the boss fights? Now why don't they make this fights more complex. Like the one GoT mode, the lich kings could freeze your flipper and drain your life, so you have to restore it with certain shots. The Molten Core beast could flood the bottom play field with lava , so you only are save to play on the upper playfield, the Hydra could spit poison and you have to hit the shield to shield you before it hits you, the psychodelic hellhand mode could switch your flipper controlls......there are so many possibilities to make these fights epic.

#2656 7 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Just curious what the risk is on the gameplay side? I'm not talking about the theme, the art - where is the innovation, what is the ball doing in this game that truly wows you? It looks born out of GOT and the knight, although cool looking doesn't really interact as much as I would have hoped for. Magna save has been done a thousand times (WCS looking at you) - and it's stern's typical move of doing something "magical" by using a cheap mech (magnet). The light show doesn't even come close to a JJP and I guess for stern is fine, but the bar isn't high.
Seriously though - gamplay/layout only....what exactly gets you excited about this game vs every other stern?

I am still not totally sold on this game and will wait for more reports but to criticize the knight? Sry but this is the kind of toy I am waiting for a long time in pinball. Your enemy, the final boss and one of the greatest myth stands right before you on the playfield ready for battle, he taunts you, blocks multiple ways and fights back with his flail and shield. He is not only decoration or ball lock. The shield alone could block your way, or let you lock balls, or it could kick the ball back, his left hand alone could interact in three ways. He is the star of this game! There are many things I am unsure about this game. Is it to hard? Will the music get annoying over time? Is there enough to do on the upper playfield. Is there enough content to be a keeper?
But for me the Black Knight toy looks like one of the best toys in pinball history. Beside the Crane in Batman Dark Knight I don't know many more interactive toys. Could you please call better toys?

#2821 7 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Again just my opinion.

You gave The Shadow a 2.5 rating, Star Wars 4.6 and Iron Maiden LE a 4.8? Ok so now after your bad review of BK I think the Black Knight will be a game that I will love and have to buy.

#2830 7 months ago

After hearing the new Slap Save Podcast I start to lean to premium over pro again, but I think I have to wait and play it before I could finaly decide.


#2837 7 months ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

Sounds like someone tries to downvote anything he doesnt own in an attempt to bump his own games up the top 100. Cool guy.

No you can't say this, he rates some games he owns not good and he has his own system. I respect this. I think his review was just his own opinion and it is good to hear reviews that are not in every way positive and point out negative things.
I looked for his other ratings cause when I read a review that is interesting I always check how someone rates other games I played. Everything is subjective in this hobby. I think there is someone for everygame. And my holy grail game could be a nightmare for someone else.

#2843 7 months ago

I still don't know if I should buy a BK or not. I have enough games to play and fun with all and already not enough time for them. If you would have asked me a few month ago I would have said that there are other themes that I am more interested in. But there is something with this game..... after the trailer and the reveal of the premium artwork, the BK toy as an enemy that fights back and than this cool music.... that is exactly what I like!!!
If the code developes in the right direction this could be the game I always wanted.

#2937 7 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

When compared with Wonka, BKSoR needs more stuff. Stern should be thinking what else can we put in the premium and le models. It’s not much investment for Stern, but it would add value.
Lower playfield should have kickback added to left drain instead of ball save.
Upper playfield needs a 3 bank of timed drops added. Otherwise add two more standup targets to increase things to hit. Also might be able to add WAR lane switches over the ones below, allowing another way to boost playfield multiplier. Finally, add additional path for ball to travel between playfields.
Cabinet needs a bell added inside that is programmed to award bonus time multiball to the winner, allowing him some victory laps and a chance to run up his final score.

From what I have seen so far this game is awesome. But I still have doubts if it will have enough content. But the inserts on the wheel are generic named after areas and not after Bossfights. "Wicked Cavern", "Mud Bog", "Molten Fire".......Stern with this game is not bound to a license, right? So they could add as many content as they want to it? So if they would want they could add a lot more monster fights in these Areas? If every area would have different levels let's say 3 and different monsters to fight with different tactics and weaknesses you have to find out. And in every area would be one big end fight to win something that could be helpfull in your endfight against the BK. This game could be so epic.

#3018 7 months ago

From the reviews so far, what do we do if this time the pro is a great game and the Premium and LE too and worth the extra money? What if you can‘t go wrong with either game?

#3054 7 months ago

Today I listened to the new "Rapsody of fire" album and the whole time hearing the lyrics I had to think about Black Knight.....
"Eyes that shine in the spell of the night. Smart and dark he was born just to fight. Fear and pain that remains when it's cold. Arch-rival king of the mighty untold. With the shield on my left and the shiny gold sword. With the power of magic to fight the warlord....."
I can't wait to play this game and fight him.

#3055 7 months ago

double post

#3070 7 months ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

I really can't wait to see all the new modes and foes waiting to be released into the game

I hope there will be more modes and foes. But has anybody informations about, if we realy get more content or are this only hopes and speculations? Has someone from STERN talked about what they have planed for the next updates?

#3096 7 months ago

I am still on the fence to buy a premium, but STERN is way too quiet about this game. There is still no information about in what direction this game will go. Will we see more modes, more monsters in it or is what it has now, all we will get and they just do a few bugfixes and this is the game? Everything I saw so far from this game is good but I just don't think it has enough content. In my opinion games like Iron Maiden are perfect with the content they have. Shortgoal gameplay and long goals to keep it interesting. If I count the modes and MBs in other STERN games like Iron Maiden or SW and than look what BK has so far. I can't pull the trigger and buy it now. I know that some STERN games took along time until the code was in a good shape but most times they talked in interviews or through insiders about the features that would come. So normaly I was relative early sure about buying a game. Is it just my feeling or is the hype about this game already over before it realy started? With Iron Maiden, Keith was everywhere: tilforum, streams, podcasts, interviews.....talking about the features what we will see in future updates and I knew excactly what game I will get when I ordered it. What is the direction they are trying to go with this game, will it be shallow but addictive like in the 80' just with LCD and LEDs. Or will it also have modern rules and enough content like other games now have?

#3130 7 months ago

I'm just wondering, where will BK land in this graph if it would be placed in it?

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