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Sterns new cabinets...

By daddyxxx

2 years ago

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    #205 2 years ago

    My AS split . No shaker. GB is fine

    #221 2 years ago

    It's mine. Never damaged by me. Box was intact. May have been dropped in transit . I didn't notice the crack when installing legs but may have been overlooked

    #233 2 years ago

    Here's a pic of the inside. It appears the crack is OK at the leg bolts but flares out towards the top. An L bracket or two will probably fix it. But then again why should I have to on a new machine. This is really a good pin but they need to address this.

    20170411_105944 (resized).jpg

    20170411_105956 (resized).jpg

    #605 2 years ago
    Quoted from 0geist0:

    Seem that there are a few people on here that just won't be happy with anything Stern does.
    Simple solution is just don't buy a Stern.

    Not really. I've bought both a GB and AS over the last few months. I'm very pleased with both machines. They are a blast to play and very reliable. I would advise anyone to buy either of these games. Trouble is my AS has already split and that needs to be brought to the attention of those that can fix it so they can make a good game better.

    #624 2 years ago
    Quoted from tiesmasc:

    From the pictures I've seen it seems like all the splits are starting at the top of the cabinet and working down.
    Would a wood corner block or metal brace with screws near the top keep this from even starting (and perhaps help pull back any separation that has already occurred)?
    [Admittedly ignoring the quality of this joint and the likely need for improved glue (or process)... and focusing on what to do with machines that are already out in the wild.]

    This is correct. A small brace near the top should prevent cracks. The reinforcement at the leg bolt area is more doubtful.

    #628 2 years ago
    Quoted from jgentry:

    Lol, what company would be the Cadillac of pinball then. Don't charge 8-10k for an LE or 15k for a sle and expect people not to be pissed when qc is crap.
    Why does every F'ing thread on pinside have some jackass comparing pinball to a car. I'm going to go drive my TWD to the store now.

    Should have bought a Mustang or Corvette

    #749 2 years ago

    I sent an email to Stern. No reply yet.

    #765 2 years ago

    Uh oh - my GB split today on the right side. Where as I used a corner brace on my AS this time I tried 2 eyelets and a turnbuckle. The turnbuckle pulls in 2 dimensions and works pretty well..easier to install but the angle brace looks better. I still have heard nothing from Stern.

    #812 2 years ago

    These cracks are not due owner error. I have teflon gliders on berber carpet - you can move the pins very easily. I've only been to play these 2 new Stern's about 16 days since new as they are at my beach house - most of that 16 days I've been getting ready for the rental season and only playing once in a while. Less than 100 plays on each GB and AS and both have 1 cracked corner on each. I've E:mailed Stern with no reply. My situation is what it is and I'll fix this myself. I only want Stern to acknowledge the problem and fix it for future buyers.

    #865 2 years ago

    I just kind of pre drilled. Use a very small bit and don't go in very far. This will give you the strength you need yet give the screw a place to take hold.

    #867 2 years ago
    Quoted from Mike_J:

    Based upon other's past experiences, he should hear back from Stern in 2 years.
    Stern is probably hoping the buyer will drop dead within that 2 year window.

    This is actually pretty funny as I ordered AS from my isolation hospital bed- my leukemia had returned. I explained to my wife I wanted just....one...more...pin, my last! She fell for it!

    #870 2 years ago
    Quoted from pindude80:

    Hopefully you beat it again and you can buy many more pins, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Thanks so much! My blood work looks good - going for bone marrow check this coming Wednesday.

    #876 2 years ago

    Ordered a premium but switched to pro.

    #910 2 years ago

    I just ordered the B/W style corners to go with upper corner brackets already installed. This should do
    the trick. Everyone with a GB or AS or maybe even BM66 should at the very least add the upper corner bracket.
    Here's my GB which broke sometime between last Friday night and Saturday morning. The crack is small and repaired now.
    My AS which was much worse and popped a piece of covering when it cracked. It has also been repaired and you can hardly see it now.
    I fully agree Stern should fix this and my guess is they're working on it now.
    If you already have a crack -I used a turnbuckle to draw the corners together before installing the braces. The correct way (I know cabinet guys are cringing) is to get the proper clamps, etc. But if you have no tools the turnbuckle will work. You'll need a turnbuckle, "S" hooks, and two eye hooks. You can remove the the turnbuckle after braces installed

    20170418_140548 (resized).jpg
    20170418_164946 (resized).jpg

    #923 2 years ago
    Quoted from ExtremePinball:

    To my understanding, you have two NIB games, and both have split at the cabinet corner since you've set them up. I'm beginning to detect another common denominator....
    I'm going to hang myself out on a limb and state that it would be my opinion that Stern needs to include a torque spec for installing the leg bolts during unboxing and assembly. I believe that the current collector standard of "slightly less than finger tight" may be causing this cabinet splitting situation.

    That's great logic. I only want to state I had nothing to do with the other 20 to 30 that split. Also this is my first and second split since 1952

    #947 2 years ago

    These cabinets will not take normal flexing that comes with shipping or just plain using it.

    #998 2 years ago

    Brackets can be found at ACE or Tractor supply.

    While I have 1 corner split on both AS and GB (they were not split upon delivery) I really like both these
    games otherwise. Stern can make a really fun game. I'm going to fix the splits and move on but Stern must
    fix this for future owners.

    When I lift the playfield of WOZ and compare to GB/AS it's amazing how much stuff Stern has removed but
    the game still seems to play well. The JJP games by comparison are built like a brick shithouse but I've
    had many more problems with WOZ, not cabinet problems but electrical gremlins. So I for one would
    buy Stern again...I'd buy JJP again. Maybe I really do have shit for brains.

    #1001 2 years ago

    We really didn't hear of this issue with BM66 or even early GB. My GB and AS with problems were built only a few weeks
    apart - Feb/March. Stern changed something at this time or the cabinet maker made changes.
    AS # 266863 GB # 264865

    #1027 2 years ago

    I've had no problems with JJP cabinets. 'Not so lucky with JJP electronics when new but I think that's been worked out now

    #1126 2 years ago

    I just installed the B/W corner supports on my AS and GB and wanted to add a few things. The upper angle brackets are a pain and not really worth it. I think the B/W brackets will do fine all by themselves. You can flip the plunger side bracket upside down to cover more upper space if you want - the cracks appear to start from the top down. You'll need to move a wire harness loop on the left side bracket but it's pretty easy. Screws are not included with the brackets so buy some 1/2" screws - 6 per corner. Install is pretty easy and you don't need to drill pilot holes.

    If you haven't done any modifications check the tightness of your legs after a week or so. The Stern metal supports dig into the wood no matter how tight it is originally. Mine were not loose but not as tight as I usually have them which may contribute to cracking.

    If you have a corner cracked already you'll have to pull the corners together before installing the B/W brackets. Use clamps or a turnbuckle will do it. PM me on how if you need and don't have access to clamps

    Here's a pic of the Stern vs B/W support. Of course you have to remove the old Stern support first.

    20170429_092850 (resized).jpg

    #1129 2 years ago
    Quoted from vireland:

    Might have been my imagination, but on the AS Pre I put these brackets on, it didn't seem like the screws were able to grab the wood on the cabinet as tightly as I expected. Didn't feel "loose" but didn't feel nice and tight, either. I wonder if Stern is using cheaper, less dense plywood now, too.

    I agree - use the fatest 1/2" screws that still fit the bracket hole

    #1159 2 years ago

    The solution to the cracked cabinets problem cost me $20 per pin. Agreed I shouldn't have to even spend that on a new pin but otherwise my GB and AS have had no problems at all. They are a blast to play and I am very pleased overall with both.
    Let's give Stern a chance to acknowledge the problem and a little more time to fix it. Stern will be around a long long time I hope.

    #1173 2 years ago
    Quoted from MustangPaul:

    My 2 leg plates per game only cost me $10 shipped. What else are you doing to yours that brings it up to $20?

    6 pack of beer - makes the install better.

    #1175 2 years ago

    I just checked - $30.49 for 4 B/W corner braces from Pinball life. The screws (stainless) were 27 cents apiece - 12 are needed per game

    #1188 2 years ago
    Quoted from MustangPaul:

    Hmmmmmm I bought 24 of them ($95.76) and 10-4 packs of the clear plastic cab protectors ($139.90) and $10 for shipping and it came to $245.66 from Marco. This box of screws was $4.99 so .0415833 cents each.

    In Corolla there's one hardware store. They have one screw with a socket drive head (which I prefer) and that's stainless.
    Stainless screws were $0.27. 'Guess I got screwed but that's what I wanted. Home Depot with cheaper screws is in Nags Head and 30 minutes each way ( that's if no slow ass is going 35mph in a 45 zone on the only road in and out). Pinball Life did charge $30.49 delivered for 4 corners but I was pleased with their fast service. I really didn't shop around.

    #1228 2 years ago

    I just played my As with the cracked (but fixed) corner. Great machine and really a great balance of all the things we like in a pinball machine. I hope Stern will fix the corner issue but damn, this in is really good pin. I rarely play anything else now.

    #1230 2 years ago
    Quoted from Manic:

    Happy honeymoon!

    Really I am enjoying a honeymoon. With my WOZ is was pain in the ass fix it from day 1. Thank god for Lloyd and others at JJP but really it was one thing after another. Still I'd buy a JJP in a minute. Same with Stern

    #1252 2 years ago

    I used 1/2 inch screws with a socket head. There are 6 per bracket so I think that is adequate. Be careful not to over torque. No need for pilot holes. Make sure the screws have the girth enough to almost fill up the B/W bracket holes. You can use 3/4 inch but I'd add a washer to space it a bit.

    #1283 2 years ago

    Just in case it matters the build date on my GB was 12/13/2016 and 3/9/2017 for AS

    #1290 2 years ago

    I haven't seen any new people with corner problems. This is a very good sign. Owner's do need to check every time you play for a while. A small crack is easier to repair.

    #1298 2 years ago

    I'd add the B/W brackets (or similar) first thing to a new Stern. They are cheap insurance and easy to install. I even think they look rather nice.

    #1323 2 years ago

    If your supports look like those on the right get replacements as soon as you can.

    Stern having only one complaint is BS. I personally complained (in a nice way) about the joints on my AS then a week later when GB split.

    20170429_092850 (resized).jpg

    #1325 2 years ago

    Ok - Thanks - I didn't notice that . I didn't complain to my distributor at all. For one thing I was so pleased with Great American Pinball in getting me my AS so early and it really wasn't the fault of GAP. But I wanted Stern to know there was a problem so I contacted them directly. The problem is fixed now thanks to advice from this thread.

    #1333 2 years ago

    I haven't seen or heard of any separation problems after the B/W braces installed. Make's you wonder why Stern doesn't just install the braces from factory.

    #1376 2 years ago

    With my GB and AS the decals don't wrap around so the cracks are only in the black painted part - much easier to fix. Not much consolation but a little

    #1390 2 years ago

    Already posted but GB was 12/13/2016 and AS 3/9/2017

    #1394 2 years ago

    I don't want or expect a replacement cabinet. It would take way too long to swap out components and you can hardly tell anyway. I'd like an acknowledgement of the problem and a fix for future buyers

    #1398 2 years ago
    Quoted from smassa:

    With the new spike system it wouldn't take as long as you think.

    You're probably correct. I was absolutely amazed at the lack of stuff under the playfield on AS and GB especially compared to WOZ. But somehow the stuff that IS there works really good and is sufficient to run the many switches and lights needed. I'm all for progress - new pins have 20 wires where it took 200 in the old days (thanks Mr. Diode) but I wish Stern would put the wood back in my pin...or switch to some fancy carbon fiber.

    3 months later
    #1881 2 years ago

    I bought a GB and AS within 3 weeks of each other. 'Had one cracked corner on each. No reply from Stern at all so I fixed it myself. Not too big a deal but I would have liked at least an acknowledgement.

    #1895 2 years ago
    Quoted from smassa:

    Did you contact your distributor?

    No I didn't - I fixed the problem myself and moved on. I really only wanted them to know of the problem to take corrective action on future games. I don't think I'd wanted to take the time to swap cabinets even if it was offered. Good advice is to contact distributor though.

    I was really glad this topic had died for a while - I thought they'd fixed it. All it would take is some glue and B/W corner supports.

    But back to Stern. I haven't had a single problem (other than the corners) on either GB or AS. So all in all I'm a happy camper.

    2 months later
    #1999 1 year ago

    If you look at my AS and GB, both of which split, there seem to be missing plys of wood. This would probably account for a weak joint. (My As and GB were built nearly the same time)

    #2011 1 year ago
    Quoted from MustangPaul:

    If there was a missing ply of wood the plastic glass channel would over hang or be even with the inside of the cabinet sides. Is that what your seeing on your games?

    I'm saying when you buy 5 or 7 ply plywood and you look at it end on you should see a solid 5 or 7 plys. If a knot or defect is encountered if is removed and replaced during manufacture. It's as if they removed the knots then sandwiched. Plys 1, 3 , and 5 are fine #2 and 4 are holed but still good enough to provide spacing. I'll snap a picture this weekend.

    #2019 1 year ago

    Here's a shot I found-

    20170411_105944 (resized).jpg

    #2027 1 year ago

    As I said before I got about the first game so don't worry now. The issue has been resolved in new games

    #2032 1 year ago

    I received GB and AS about March or April 2017. Besides the corner issue I've had absolutely no problems.

    #2034 1 year ago

    Pic was taken April 11th and is of my AS.

    #2035 1 year ago

    My Aerosmith not my AS

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