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Sterns home Star Wars

By vidgameseller

88 days ago

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#540 82 days ago

Im thinkin around 2899.99 would be a pretty sweet spot on this,as long as the build quality is good and it plays fun,i like the rules on the pf,thatd make it easier for the newbs and kiddos,lowest im seeing is 4199 shipped which is agreeable too much with a used pro so close in price.

1 month later
#578 40 days ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

Star Wars: The Pin
Unboxing, Setup, and Gameplay

Damn it dont look too bad at all,would you put this in your lineup zack?It is quite beautiful as well

#585 40 days ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

Cab and playfield is a type of mdf yes. Silver circles on cab help secure the cabinet together. For the audience and likely locations, it should hold up well.

It shoots well and the parts on playfield are nice. It’s shoot like a commercial-grade Stern. Layout is great and there’s a lot of fun to be had for sure. I wouldn’t put one in my collection because Stern Star Wars Prem/LE is one of my favorite games ever made so no need for two. But for an office break room or waiting room I’d love it. I’d play the hell out of it if one of my non-pin buddies were to pick one up for their game room.

I look forward to trying one out soon,thanks for the reply

#588 40 days ago
Quoted from acedanger:

I'd rather spend the extra grand & get all the "REAL" features of a Pinball Machine. This looks really cheap to me for the money. I don't get it you could easily get a Star Wars Pro NOB with very few miles for roughly 4,500.00. I think Stern has priced themselves out of any potential new markets other than complete impulse buyers. Just my two cents.

It is priced too high,people keep mentioning non-pinball ppl as a market and at 4k you cant be serious.Thats not a price point where someones gonna go "hey that looks cool lets get one for the kids rec room" Arcade 1up at least has a price point that has sold alotta mini cabs to non-arcade ppl.2499-2999 woulda really got alot of attention but i dont think theyll sell at 4k+

#594 40 days ago
Quoted from Thermionic:

How well do we think Stern will ultimately support this game? What vibe do you get from them, do they actually seem committed these “Pin” models now?
Games are shipping, but there are no service manuals posted to the Stern website at this point, which is unusual for them and frankly a bit ominous, given that they don’t appear to even acknowledge the existence of the Avengers and Transformers games at all. It also seems as if they are trying to discourage the end-user from accessing the “innards”, given the coin door partition (totally unnecessary, and that money should have instead been allocated to stereo backbox speakers and/or a cabinet mid/bass driver) and screws/bracket rather than a lock for the backglass. This would be a great fit for my kids and their friends, but I am concerned they’ll end up abandoning this game too or that they will tell me it’s only serviceable by “qualified personnel” if I call for tech support.
The previous “Pin” games were virtually non-serviceable, never had any printed or online service documentation available (not even a list of rubber sizes or fuse locations, or basic schematics/parts diagrams), and don’t appear to have spare parts (beyond the universal stuff) available anywhere.

Yep and that crap is poor practice,those "pins" arent cheap and to ghost your own product is very suspect to me.It does look servicable though but will there ever be a rubber kit made for the thing?

#596 40 days ago
Quoted from JodyG:

Any pooling in the clearcoat yet? That would be something if this playfield holds up better than the real deal.


#599 39 days ago
Quoted from hassellcastle:

Comparing Star Wars Home Pin to a pre-owned Pro for $4500 is a mute point. Who puts a pro for sale for $4500 probably a pinsider? Having a retail store the people for the most part that walk through our doors have never even heard of pinside and they came to us as they know we are brick and mortar establishment that will service and support the product after the sale. To home consumers there is piece of mind in purchasing a $4500 game from an established game retailer than purchasing for same price similar product with no support and just a hand shake and a wave as they back out of the driveway after purchasing from a private party. Buying their first pinball and NO IDEA how to work on it.
I’m not trying to hype this game here. It was never meant to be sold or marketed to the pinball collector pinsider. But I’m actually here defending it because I think some here don’t get it. Because as I said it wasn’t designed for the pinball collector, that now caught wind of it but feel because it doesn’t meet their standards they must bash it and find ways to justify why it’s not for them.
- I think it is a great entry level pinball for our type of consumer looking to add their first pinball to compliment with their pool table & multicade they just purchased to round out their gameroom.
- price point is $1500ish less than a pro. Home consumers could care less about coin mechanisms but just want to make sure what they are buying is built solid and will last.
- Game features original John Williams score and has TONs of movie clips throughout game play and in attract mode. More so in attract mode than the pro.
- LCD is a big plus over all other previous home pinball attempts in previous years. Although smaller looks light years better than a DMD.
- and finally after having this game in our showroom. I’m gravitating to play it. Don’t knock it until you play it. The rules are easy to understand but hard to complete. You have to spell FORCE to light (blink) a rebel LEIA/HAN/R2D2 or LUKE. After lighting force you have to complete the shots for each character. Hard to start each character and complete them within one 3 ball game. There are other rules that I just haven’t figured out yet.
Just my .02 on this game as a distributor/retailer. I’ve sold their previous models and thus one is definitely better.

Thats cool and i dont doubt that its fun as hell,it looks beautiful and i am sure when i get the chance ill play the hell outta it.Just seems like a ton of cash for a non-pinballer to shell out BUT i havent played it so who knows maybe itll surprise me and ill see the value more

#614 34 days ago
Quoted from KYLEDM5:

I played the one at the Cleveland Show, yesterday. Overall, I liked it. It actually shot pretty well.
It of course does feel a bit cheaper. That mostly seemed to be because it feels lighter than a standard pin when nudging and slap saving.
For some reason it was set to 5 ball. Plus, I earned a couple extra balls.
By the time I was done with that game, I didn't quite notice the cheaper feel.
It of course isn't overly deep and lacks the great use of the action button with the shot multiplier that the commercial models have.
For me, that is what really makes the standard SW shine.
By no means a terrible game.
If it was under $3k NIB, I'd consider one.

Ya but it seems even after playing you agree its a grand too much at least,thanks for some feedback tho,more ppl whos played it should start chiming in

#618 32 days ago
Quoted from tamoore:

Oh yea - one other thing. There is a target in the center of the playfield that is really almost impossible to hit. Can't be done from the left flipper, and would be nearly impossible from the right. I spent an entire game trying just to see if I could do it.

Sounds not so good man,should be better for that cash,thanks for the imput

#620 27 days ago
Quoted from KenLayton:

Well, 60 days now since this game was announced. Still the only thing available for it is a sales flyer on Stern's website. So much for support. :rolleyes:

Lol,not surprised!

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