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Sterns home Star Wars

By vidgameseller

3 months ago

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#10 3 months ago

Looks the pro translite, similar if not the same cabinet art as premium(subtle differences), front art almost the same, Death Star toy looks similar if not the same.

Is there anything different?WTF?

#118 3 months ago

You think they would have at a minimum went with a totally different art package, looks too similar to the pro/premium.

#147 3 months ago

There seem to be quite a few differences from the shitty photos that are out.

3 bank of drops at left ramp entry with airball shield, something maybe at top of right ramp hence the airball shield there, looks like either a spinner and drop up the middle or perhaps two spinners?

What the heck is that angles thing on ramp by Death Star entrance?

What other differences have been noticed? How different is the art to accommodate the slightly different layout?

Is the translite identical to the pro?

Is it different enough that it could coexist in a lineup with a pro/premium/Le? If yes, I could see these joining collections especially if prices at 3.5k or lower.

#192 3 months ago

Detailed photos up on Stern site

#222 3 months ago

They have better variety of animations and clips even callouts than the regular machines.

I’m seeing and hearing a ton of new stuff

#224 3 months ago

It does look good, I’m truly surprised.

#261 3 months ago

Looks better than the regular pro to me and kind of like the coding better.

#290 3 months ago
Quoted from chubtoad13:

I think it’s good that they are trying new markets as well. If the price point could ever get something like this down to $1000 I think a lot of people here would have a different opinion

You say “something like this”. It’s a full size PF. Only knock I have is the slings and pops firing together. $1000 is a unrealistic price point. $2500-$3500 should be the target range in my opinion.

I actually think this looks better than the pro for sure and kind of dig the code. Most folks I have over to play seem to have a difficult time grasping the multiplier scoring on my premium. This has a straight forward ruleset.

I think they have better video and voice assets integrated into this as well which is crazy.

#296 3 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

LOL just one more disaster pinball game from Stern... how many more strikeouts can one company afford? If someone is unwilling pay 4500 for a used Stern Pro why would someone buy this disaster for 4K or whatever? Who came up with this bad idea over there?
Home models or the market they’re trying to reach are called USED PINBALL MACHINES! DUH!
Stern has lost their mojo!

Some may actually think the gameplay is better than the stripped down pro. The multiplier scoring isn’t liked by many.

#308 3 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Game play has nothing to do with Star Wars... even the pro isn't the best pinball ever made not even close. There are many many Star Wars fans out there and when you walk into a game room store and see Star Wars, c'mon they don't care about game play they care about the theme. So look at this disaster pinball game here... the screen is as big as your cell phone. LOL
Who wants that when you're looking at a Star Wars game? Why didn't they just keep the same size screen because those are super cheap they probably pay less than 100 dollars for those. If I buy a Stern Star Wars, its because I love Star Wars, creating a dummied down game for 4k what a JOKE!
You can find Stern Pro's for 4200 to 4700 so why wouldn't you just buy that??? Seriously this is a terrible idea!
Waste of time and proves Stern cares about making money, not making cutting edge pinball games. Problem is this isn't going to make money this is going to be a disaster. If someone can afford to pay 4k for this nightmare why couldn't they afford to pay a couple hundred more and get a used pro?
I talked to some distributors they told me they're not buying ANY of these games as in ZERO! So I hope they have a new system to sell them maybe amazon or something who knows.

Your kind of missing my point. People keep saying buy a Star Wars pro for 4700...well, it sucks. This one is better for less.

Star Wars is a fine machine if you have the pre/LE the pro I didn’t like.

I’m a Star Wars nerd as many on here are and I’m just stating a simple fact. This plays better and Better video, audio and the code looks more fun than the crazy 40x multiplier stuff that most of my guests just don’t comprehend when I have parties.

just saying and I am the owner of a premium.

#311 3 months ago

Watch the stream instead of speculating...game looks perfectly fine to me.

#337 3 months ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Hate to break it to you, but that’s an opinion, not a fact. Truth is (lol?), SW pro/prem/Le is a fantastic game. If people weren’t so hung up on moving shot multipliers and impatience to learn the rules, they might actually see the genius ness in the code/rules.
That all said; The SW home pin looks really cool and fun, but you might want to watch the stream a little closer; It has very basic rules comparatively speaking - and that is a fact. (But, that’s not always bad thing).

I watched hours of it today and Yes it was my opinion and what you wrote is your opinion as well.

Yes simpler rules and I agree, not always a bad thing and those guys seemed to be enjoying it quite a bit. It is nice to be able to get deep in the game, I’ve had my premium for I guess about 18 months and have only blown the Death Star up twice, just brutal...lol

#338 3 months ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

Agree on all counts! I own a Pro, and I think most people just don’t know the rules - and how good they are - and therefore can’t get into the game.
It’s an intense, fast game that keeps you on your toes. I do wish it had a more interactive toy, but seriously, it doesn’t feel barren while you’re playing it...because you’re having too much fun to reflect on the lack of a bash toy, or whatever.
This home version has some movie footage that I don’t think I’ve seen in my game, which is interesting. It looks fun!

That’s my biggest takeaway from today, tons of new footage from movies, animations and a heck of a lot more actual dialogue from the movies all integrated very well.

#346 3 months ago

It streamed for 9 hours

#401 3 months ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

I've sold and purchased pins from guys that route, and I've had one game on route and will likely route more in the future. No option to route will kill resale on this pin, and most won't touch it, unless they can buy it for dirt. Even then, I wouldn't touch it. Coin doors aren't just for show.

I hear what your saying but it’s a HOME edition not a Operator or Route edition. Pretty sure that is the intention of a Pro.

Don’t get why people feel like Stern F’ed them over the barrel or something here.

It’s a little over priced for what it is otherwise I think it’s fine.

#403 3 months ago
Quoted from KenLayton:

I'm assuming since it has a "blank" coin door, that the test/volume switch assembly is present?

Pretty sure someone asked about this during the stream. Other than the lack of coin mechs the rest of the hardware is standard commercial grade stuff down to the tilt bob. Spike 2 system, service menus, USB code updates etc....

#405 3 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Good news from a servicability standpoint. It also looks much more pro having a real coin door on it, along with speakers in the head.
Spiderman home looked absolutely terrible.

Yeah, sort of an evolution I guess. Transformers looked ridiculously bad, spider man at lease shot half decent and looked somewhat normal.

Interesting note from yesterday about the cabinet with the visible bolt heads. Can’t remember who said this during the 9 hours of stream but the games were prototypes and it was suggested that the cabinets were a whiteboard prototype.

Maybe the final product will be constructed like a normal cabinet.

#408 3 months ago
Quoted from Reality_Studio:

Well I meant in store of course, you'd figure part of the idea is random foot traffic seeing the games in store as a way to grab a new audience, not people who already actively search pinball online.

If they were going to target a big box store to have one of these on display and take orders then a large national electronics retailer such as Best Buy would be the way to go.
Wide age demographic with customers who are into electronics, high end audio video and other tech items.

#415 3 months ago
Quoted from KenLayton:

Stern did try selling machines in Best Buy several years ago.

Yeah - standard machines and never had any on display to get a taste. At lease not in the Philly metro area and we have some large Best Buy’s with all the high end stuff.

They ought to give these a go there.

They did have success selling them at the sharper image when they were in business in the early 2000’s. That’s where my potc was bought from.

All about the target audience.

#418 3 months ago
Quoted from treborlicec:

They also sold them via the web through Sears for a bit.

Don’t recall that but they need to get a physical display model in the flagship stores of major markets.

Example for my area would be the King Of Prussia store outside Philly.

It’s a magnolia home theatre store and has all the top high end appliances etc...

Most customers have more money than they know what to do with at these stores

This is the target audience to get people’s feet wet.

#523 88 days ago
Quoted from JediPimp:

I agree those are interesting details, has Stern ever done a ramp that leads to a stand-up target? Its an interesting concept that they may add to a future game. Maybe not for a main ramp on a Pro/Premium/LE game but a secondary ramp would be awesome.
Also the captive ball lock is so easy and interesting to do, they could easily add another one somewhere on the game for either a proper three-ball multiball or another multiball entirely (that can be stacked with the other captive ball multiball!).
Imagine a game with a drop-target at the top of a ramp behind a one-way gate that feeds to a nearby wire form, once you hit the drop-target and it drops down, you now have access to the rest of the ramp pathway!
Can anyone confirm if the Death-Star opens up at all when hit, like the Premium/LE? (I don't feel like watching the 8-hour Dead Flip stream haha)

Didn’t see it open during the steam but it looks like the premium/LE toy that is split so maybe it will be coded in. They were only on .62 I believe.

Anyone notice that target with the storm trooper on it behind the 3 drops to ramp and slightly to the right side of ramp?

It is to the left of the captive ball area and think it can only be hit after taking the drops down. They didn’t talk about it during stream and didn’t see it done anything.


#526 88 days ago

Not sure if it’s even coded into the game.

They didn’t say anything about it and didn’t see any modes or anything that drew attention to it.

It’s in a really odd position with the way the ramp and drops in front are angled in relation to the target.

Has to do something right?

1 week later
#554 82 days ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

I would think you could buy a node board (if its out of warranty). Sure your game is down until then....

Correct, Stern has sent replacement node boards out to customers even when out of warranty.

Is this really an issue?

Who plays when you have boards out anyhow?

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