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Sterns home Star Wars

By vidgameseller

4 months ago

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#15 4 months ago
Quoted from thedarkknight77:

Stern’s home edition pin is not about growing the market, it’s about designing the next round of cost cutting for the only market.


#88 4 months ago

Welll... It has actual metal ramps and the Tie Fighters now are Drop Targets wich give way to the Death Star. Thats an improvement to the Pro.

#91 4 months ago

Actually I like that they refined that left Spiderman Home shot here (it was way difficult to hit before and my main gripe with the game) and would like to shoot it.

#102 4 months ago

With a nights sleep (saw the first pic 4AM here and went to bed) I must say the only thing that really stand out bugging me has nothing to do with the game in itself but the playfield artwork. - Man this looks blend. Speedlines all the way!

In addition... is that playfield not clearcoated?
That colors have no depth. Look at Han Solos Vest. It's grey, not black. No saturation.
Propably just the reflection on the glass... I hope.

#104 4 months ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

R any of u honestly that confused that u think this is the next Stern release?

Confusion I sense in you.

It IS NOT Sterns next (Cornerstone) game for US and it doesn't take away anything from us... other than kill our hype.

But nontheless this IS Sterns next release for the moment.

#174 4 months ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

With no action button on the lock down bar it's a step in the right direction. let's hope they follow suit on the rest of their new releases.

Look again.

#214 4 months ago
Quoted from GravitaR:

Sterns new ball lock assembly. Two posts and a side rail to hold the initial ball against / which will rest on a switch and can be hit out like a captive ball. A 2nd ball can be hit up to the top of that one and to the left activating a second lock switch. (New cost cutting measure)
[quoted image]

Good morning.

Whis is still Spiderman Home/ Supreme (wich have the exact same "mech" and it's nice btw.).

#215 4 months ago

That the Tie fighters are now Drop targets that guard the Death Star IS SO MUCH BETTER THEN THE PRO!!!

#226 4 months ago

The small display and worse lighting aside:
This thing really looks more fun than the Pro.

The Drops guarding the Death Star, the Death Star ramp divert into the other ramp (so 3 ramp shots) wich on top are steel ones and not plastic.

And I like the super-simple lock mechanism.

And flow seems great! (It's the 3rd iteration of that game so...)

Gomez knocked it out of the park... if you take the restrictions into account that is, of course.

#238 4 months ago

Ok, HERE is something new (wich you may have guessed in parts):

While the other "Home" games usually have not been distributed trough retailers, this one will.

Additionally at least Star Wars Home will be available as the FIRST "Home" Pin outside the US.
That at least is great news (for me), since Spider Man Home, The Pin oder Batman Home didn't find their way here.

#297 4 months ago
Quoted from Extraballz:

That’s because this isn’t a real pinball machine. It’s a cheap toy. I hope it flops.....

It is a real pinball machine.

4500$ is not cheap.

Pinball itself is a "toy" if it's not what you make your income of.

Wishing other people bad luck gets you nothing and that bad luck hurts the company and therefore the other games they make.

#310 4 months ago
Quoted from Extraballz:

Technically yes it is a real pinball machine. But Stern keeps watering down pinball and it has an overall effect of lower expectations on all pins. It is not a good thing for the hobby overall IMO. Right now we are getting less at the same time prices are increasing. There will be a breaking point to this. So why should I wish good luck to those purposely diluting pinball. Improve your quality and features and then you get praise. Not for this SW home junk.

That's fair.

But then change the market, vote with your wallet and buy yourself a Dialed In, Houdini or Alice Cooper.

No need to wish them bad luck.

#313 4 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Game play has nothing to do with Star Wars... even the pro isn't the best pinball ever made not even close. There are many many Star Wars fans out there and when you walk into a game room store and see Star Wars, c'mon they don't care about game play they care about the theme. So look at this disaster pinball game here... the screen is as big as your cell phone. LOL
Who wants that when you're looking at a Star Wars game? Why didn't they just keep the same size screen because those are super cheap they probably pay less than 100 dollars for those. If I buy a Stern Star Wars, its because I love Star Wars, creating a dummied down game for 4k what a JOKE!
You can find Stern Pro's for 4200 to 4700 so why wouldn't you just buy that??? Seriously this is a terrible idea!
Waste of time and proves Stern cares about making money, not making cutting edge pinball games. Problem is this isn't going to make money this is going to be a disaster. If someone can afford to pay 4k for this nightmare why couldn't they afford to pay a couple hundred more and get a used pro?
I talked to some distributors they told me they're not buying ANY of these games as in ZERO! So I hope they have a new system to sell them maybe amazon or something who knows.

According to you Star Wars Home is not out and the first game we'll see is Elvira in October, so until then bye, thanks!

And yes Stern cares about money, that is quintessential for a company and EVERYONE AT STERN ALWAYS SAYS THIS.
Glad you finally noticed.

#317 4 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

No that isn't what I said... I was saying in response to it leaking that the new game was Star Wars Home. I didn't say this game wasn't coming out... that is the problem here can't people read before they start quoting people. Seriously. I said my prediction is no new real game until Elvira in October, aside from this home edition. You're just another person who put words into someones mouth. Nice try.

You put them in your own mouth.
But ok, granted, this is no "real" game, and you only talked about that.

My answer is still the same as last time:
New "real" game these next couple of days.
And Elvira still isn't a cornerstone game -no Pro, therefore not "real" by your own definition you made the last time.

I'm sure you'll change all of that what you said in hindsight as well.

#383 4 months ago
Quoted from Extraballz:

So I never said I wish them bad luck. That sounds like I am being malicious in some way. I am not a fan of the Stern home edition idea as a consumer looking for high quality pinball. So yes I would like to see this strategy fail because of what I think it does overall. I would rather see Stern use it’s far superior manufacturing to build better and better pins. Let’s say all pins from all manufacturers were 7K. I think Stern could build the best because of their capabilities and talent. A man can dream....

Sorry, "I hope it flops....." Is totally different and non-malicious. How could I fail to see that?

Sarcasm aside I get the rest of your argument of course. Everyone of us wants the best we can get.

#394 4 months ago
Quoted from Ballsofsteel:

please stop...comparing...this....to.....the pro/premium/le
it is nothing like the other models. unreal

Edit: Honestly I didn't even notice that book. XD

th (resized).jpg
#412 4 months ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Okay DS_Nadine... what does the book of Morman have to do with Star Wars?

Didn't notice that.

#442 4 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

OMG, and I make a reply I offer, or give an. I'm sorry you can't read more than 4.

What are you even talking about?

#480 4 months ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Thunderbirds or Stern Star Wars Home Edition?

Themewise Thunderbirds (srsly)... but yeah, Star Wars.

#496 4 months ago
Quoted from PinKopf:

We've been clamoring for more affordable pins - this seems to be Stern's answer, whether directly targeted for "us" or not.
Honestly, I like what I see, minus the super basic code. There's basic code, which I can appreciate in some settings and titles, and then there is literally doing everything in the game multiple times on ball one. This looks like the latter if I didn't overlook some nuances...

Srsly the more I see of this game, the more I like it... mostly.

So the metal ramps, the better theme integration (Tie Fighter Drops guarding the ramp entrance to the Death Star), the Death star having an actual target where the ball can ricochet off instead of being just decoration like with the pro, as well as having the Tie Fighter on a spring... springing (shaking)... in a much simpler way. This game has not LESS toys then the Pro, ist has MORE!!! (I don't coun't the underused mini screen above the stand up targets as a toy. I wrote here when that game was new, that this targets should just have been drops to get a physical feedback instead of the screen animation - and now they are.)
(Edit: I forgot the 3 Color GI, but that still is no game changer - well, maybe in "lightsaber battle" mode.)

Mechanically I'm intrigued how they tried to do cost savings (like the slings not firing individually) as I have a background in product development; but not so much on the customer end of things, of course. But still, unless you're in multiball it will make no difference gameplaywise, whatsoever.

And regarding the price:
1500$ less then the Pro is a huge amount of money for a missing screen, less coils and missing coin slot mount.
Additionally for me as a "Newb", when I had made my mind up to buy a full fledged pinball machine I wanted to buy a TOTAN but preferred to buy a Ghostbusters Pro NIB. Because no matter how good a TOTAN is, I couldn't imagine to pay the same price for a 20 year old game as for a brand new one. Going back to that thought I'd buy a Star Wars Home oder a 2 year old used Pro, because I'd still have warranty and customer service on that!

Should I have bought a TOTAN? - Now I'd say yes. BUt this still were my thoughts back then thinking of this of a huge investment going into a mostly new hobby.

#498 4 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Flash forward to today at exactly thirty seconds ago. Game will be available soon and it costs $4k, will you be buying one? I ask because that seems to be the only sticking point to Stern being able to sell these in quantity. If you answered no, would you buy one if it were priced at $3k? I’d be a very hard yes. The proof is in the pudding and we will see how things actually play out.

Well, to be honest I will be buying no game because I'm broke.

Additionally I don't even like Star Wars and only bought a NIB Star Wars Pro because I (usually) love Steve Ritchie games... but sold this one after 2 weeks because of code and sparse toys and got a Star Trek Pro instead - So the next go to game for me would be GoT or Black Knight SoR. (I like SoR better but I wan't the full game there whereas with GoT I'd only want the Pro, so my next game will propably be GoT Pro because moneyz.)

So no, I wouldn't buy one but I am very intrigued to play one.
But, if Star Wars was my go to license I would even reconsider buying a Home Edition (after playing it).

#502 4 months ago
Quoted from russdx:

The other thing is you cant make it too good or people wont bother with the higher up models and will just buy this! Might explain the smaller LCD as i am almost sure adding a bigger one would not cost much more at all! The only part changing is the actual lcd screen and they must be pretty cheap in the quantities stern buy them in. Id say the smaller one is probably more expensive? (lower volume not really a standard size??) Just thinking out loud

That is propably wrong but generally you're right.
I explain why.

The alternated backbox, with the smaler lower part for LCD and Speakers, is a part that is especially designed and manufactured for this game.
Usually it would make more sense to keep the old form factor since it means no additional cost and no additional stock, since it can be used on all models.
So there will be a business reason to make this (propably more expensive due to low quantities) part, wich propably is the cost saving of the smaler screens, smaler speakers (and propably to drive the weight down as well since the usual games are a tiny bit to heavy that a supermarket would handle them) and to differenciate it from the bigger models as someone allready said.

#504 4 months ago
Quoted from gdonovan:

I would bet good money that the screen is from another application that is turned out by the millions and costs pennies.
When netbooks (very small laptops) burst onto the scene years ago one factiod that leaked out what the screen was actually from a popular GPS unit.

Of course it is.
Not "pennies", but yes, it's a mass product.

#506 4 months ago
Quoted from russdx:

Is it just a plug and play replacement with the larger ones? or requires different driver hardware? Wonder what the cost differences are.

Just to get a feeling:

#519 4 months ago
Quoted from russdx:

Do companies like stern actually use alibaba? as you never really know what your getting / could be shitting out all sorts of emissions which could fail CE certification etc... I'd of guessd they would be getting from a big well known traceable distrubuter? But at a larger cost

First that is just an example link since most of the prices aren't "open".

Second that thing is supposed to be a "Sharp" display, wich is a Japanese Company but (as all the rest) manufacture in China.
So if it is not fake (wich you could test with a smaller order) it shouldn't be junk.

But yes, you'd usually try to buy directly from the manufacturer. At least if the bulk you want is big enough.
While Stern is "big" as a pinball manufacturer it does not need nearly as many LCD for their machines as Apple, so the way to buy directly from the manufacturer isn't always possible because until certain numbers they woun't deal with you.

-> Whil I have some background, this is all mostly hypothetical! Noone here really knows what Sterns expenses are and how many machines they sell.

#521 4 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

You don't cheap out on your supply chain.. because the last thing you want is to stop your production because someone decided to buy from some flybynight with no guarantees of availability, lifecycle, volumes, etc. You buy 3,000 parts for a game x # of games... and then risk getting stuck where none of them can be converted to shipping goods unless all 3,000 are in hand. And not just once.. but every time you reorder.. and not just today, but for the intended production lifecycle, etc.

What is so hard to understand on the word "example" and how is getting the best price of a well known manufacturer for a product you usually do a contract wich includes failure rates "cheapening out"?

It get's cheaper the more you promise to buy. Just god beware if something hits you like a recession and you have a contract where you have to buy stuff you don't need anymore. Switched companies because of exactly that stuff happening. Promised to buy thousands of engines for years contract manufactured for a car that, from one day to the next, noone bought anymore.
And that engine was contracted to have maximum failure rate of 15% reaching 150.000 Miles. If they don't hit that goal or deliver in the timeframe you write down it has consequences. (Good contracts are a must.)
- Just to give you an idea how that works.

#544 4 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Because the Chinese dumping grounds are not a great place to take a sample of what commercially reliable and guaranteed lifecycle products are...

Where do you guess 99% of electronics in your home come from... pinball machines not included?

That is a rhetorical question, since I won't see your answer anymore.


#547 4 months ago
Quoted from j_m_:

agreed. the problem isn't china, it's the companies that produce goods with parts where the specs just good enough to pass their testing but keep the bottom line down

You pay bottom line, you get bottom line quality.
That's why you define specs for failure rates. The manufacturer of course wants to pay as little as he can... for specified quality.

And testing usually does include tests for that. Like taking a some coils out of every shipment and fire it up tens of thousands of times.

#548 4 months ago
Quoted from vansmack99:

Can anyone confirm if John William's score is included. I read somewhere no official music.

I read here (and heard) the exact opposite.

You'll know tomorrow.

Edit: Lol... Thought I was in the JP thread.
Just watch the game on twitch and hear for yourself.

#551 4 months ago

This part of the recent George Gomez interview with 'Special when lit', stolen from 'TWIP' sounds awesome:
"So what I did is, I came up with this thing where in the Death Star Multiball, which is started by taking down the drop targets a certain number of times. You get a four ball multiball, and when you’re down to a single ball, we start a timer and we start strobing the lights on the ramp, and you have within the timer to get control of the ball and make the shot."

And for the tech guys:
The whole game runs with only ONE (!!!) node board (wich explains the simultaniously firing slingshots and stuff).

#556 4 months ago
Quoted from KenLayton:

So if that node board craps out you are dead in the water and have a 250 pound paperweight.

That is different to any other pinball with a broken board, power supply, whatever in wich way?

You don't have to actively make up things to dislike the game.

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