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Sterns home Star Wars

By vidgameseller

89 days ago

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#293 88 days ago

LOL just one more disaster pinball game from Stern... how many more strikeouts can one company afford? If someone is unwilling pay 4500 for a used Stern Pro why would someone buy this disaster for 4K or whatever? Who came up with this bad idea over there?

Home models or the market they’re trying to reach are called USED PINBALL MACHINES! DUH!

Stern has lost their mojo!

#304 88 days ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Some may actually think the gameplay is better than the stripped down pro. The multiplier scoring isn’t liked by many.

Game play has nothing to do with Star Wars... even the pro isn't the best pinball ever made not even close. There are many many Star Wars fans out there and when you walk into a game room store and see Star Wars, c'mon they don't care about game play they care about the theme. So look at this disaster pinball game here... the screen is as big as your cell phone. LOL

Who wants that when you're looking at a Star Wars game? Why didn't they just keep the same size screen because those are super cheap they probably pay less than 100 dollars for those. If I buy a Stern Star Wars, its because I love Star Wars, creating a dummied down game for 4k what a JOKE!

You can find Stern Pro's for 4200 to 4700 so why wouldn't you just buy that??? Seriously this is a terrible idea!

Waste of time and proves Stern cares about making money, not making cutting edge pinball games. Problem is this isn't going to make money this is going to be a disaster. If someone can afford to pay 4k for this nightmare why couldn't they afford to pay a couple hundred more and get a used pro?

I talked to some distributors they told me they're not buying ANY of these games as in ZERO! So I hope they have a new system to sell them maybe amazon or something who knows.

#306 88 days ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Or that this is mike their 4th attempt

This is probably the best theme they can take a stab at this market, but I don't think pinball is popular enough to find some market for a cheaper version. If someone wants a pinball game or even a rare car its not hard to find on the web. For 4k you could buy an x-box and every single game that is out right now plus a chair to sit in and play, plus xbox live for 10 years. Why would they buy a 4k pinball game they don't want or never considered? There just isn't a market for these games... as it is I think Pinball games cost too much now. Just a few short years ago new pinball games cost as much as this new home game.

Stern has totally lost their focus.

Here some advice for you Stern... if you want to try something new, take a pinball title you're currently making and make a four player sit down pinball that spits out tickets. Something that would go into fec or dave and busters, a four player sit down game. There is a market for that and this gets you out of your wheelhouse and into the faster growing side of the coin industry.

Otherwise just stick to making BETTER pinball games.

#314 88 days ago
Quoted from wlf_:

Stern doesn't sell used pinballs, they sell NIB. This release isn't geared toward someone into pinball enough to hunt down a used machine.

Several comments here... i know they only sell new games. What I'm saying is a used PRO is just slightly more than this home version. What I'm saying is the 3 to 5k pinball market is the used market, and there is no need for slimmed down games into that market.

It's geared toward a much much more casual market, who is at one of those pool table/outdoor furniture/game room places

again i'm saying you can buy a used one from facebook, ebay, or craigs list for less than this home version.

... those folks were never gonna seek out a used pin, which may have service issues, wear and tear, etc.

I'm saying there isn't a market for this at all... the market for cheaper pins is used pins. Pinball isn't that popular okay its very niche, you don't create a new market by creating a game that is essentially the same price as a really nice used model.

They are too casual to plop down 7k for a NIB, but they may buy a more simple, slightly cheaper, less chance of breakdown NIB pin... thus, this release.

Good used pinball games sell for 2500 to 5000 no one is buying this thing. Its going to flop!

#315 88 days ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

According to you Star Wars Home is not out and the first game we'll see is Elvira in October, so until then bye, thanks!

No that isn't what I said... I was saying in response to it leaking that the new game was Star Wars Home. I didn't say this game wasn't coming out... that is the problem here can't people read before they start quoting people. Seriously. I said my prediction is no new real game until Elvira in October, aside from this home edition. You're just another person who put words into someones mouth. Nice try.

#360 88 days ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

You put them in your own mouth.
But ok, granted, this is no "real" game, and you only talked about that.

My answer is still the same as last time:
New "real" game these next couple of days.
And Elvira still isn't a cornerstone game -no Pro, therefore not "real" by your own definition you made the last time.

What I said after it was leaked that Star Wars Home was being released... again AFTER not before, was that Elvira was coming out in October and no other game would be out prior. Now I could be wrong, but why would Stern announce a game say in August then announce another one in October? Does that make sense. I said I think you'll see a new game other than Elvira probably in January. That is my opinion not a fact, because NO ONE knows for sure.

I'm sure you'll change all of that what you said in hindsight as well.

Quoted from wlf_:

You miss/ignore/don't recognize the nuance I made, again demonstrating your inability to contemplate or counter any views that vary even slightly from your poorly considered 20 paragraph diatribes

OMG, anytime and everything I make a reply I offer facts, or give an opinion. I'm sorry you can't read more than 4 letter words.

#364 88 days ago
Quoted from riggy469:

Anyone who says they would rather this over a pro is deranged.

Wow you and I think a like. I would agree deranged is a good word there. Stern fanboys just out in force to give kudos.

If anyone thinks there is really a market for a 4000 pinball game, that doesn't already exist within the group of people who already buy pinballs let me use that word you're deranged. LOL

There is already a 4k market its called USED PINBALLS!

If I was choosing between a star wars game with a screen smaller than my cell phone for 4k or a used Star Wars pro for about 500 more its a no brainer!

#368 88 days ago
Quoted from wlf_:

OMG, a 50-something year-old man saying "OMG" (all caps, so yelling, presumably?)

There you go again speculating. What a come back. I'm not 50 something but thanks for guessing wrong. Just so you know typing isn't yelling its typing. If I capitalize something does it hurt your ears... let me give it a quick try. HELLO btw I'm SCREAMING IN YOUR EAR RIGHT NOW! ARRRRGGGG... question does your ear heart now? LOL

Oh it didn't okay thanks for being honest and I'm glad your ears are okay! LOL (whoops I just screamed again)

BTW based on your picture do you have a mullet? That is so cool... do you own a Dodge Charger Daytona?

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