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Stern Stranger Things

By pinmister

5 months ago

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Post #972 Stranger things video Posted by halflip87 (5 months ago)

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Post #1751 Feature matrix from Stern. Posted by twenty84 (5 months ago)

Post #1774 Pro features video. Posted by proco (5 months ago)

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#1751 5 months ago

Feature matrix

Feature matrix Stranger Things (resized).jpg
#1770 5 months ago
Quoted from westofrome:

Star Wars style ball launch is worrying. Hopefully won’t lead to launch-drain-save-launch-drain again like SW. if there’s not room for a normal shooter lane just feed the flipper, guys.

Quoted from westofrome:

Not talking about auto launchers. I’m talking about the design that launches the ball into the middle of the playfield.

I'm sure its easy to make minor adjustments to keep it from going down the out lane if that ends up being an issue on some examples - like every other game.

#2428 5 months ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

can't understand the hate for this game.

It’s a pinside tradition to hate every new game from designers who have had a couple successful games already.

1 week later
#3482 5 months ago
Quoted from Rockytop:

I think paid for DLC, or whatever it will be called, is coming to pinball.

It is already here.

JJP offers code updates for WoZ and Hobbit (and maybe others)at additional charge that have a timed version of the game designed for use with ticket dispensers. Additional games implemented in software are also sold for the Multimophic P3. It is also standard in other arcade games - Raw Thrills offers several paid add on games for BBH HD - the Zombie attack, several additional animals, and duck hunting games. They are releasing more next month.

#3571 5 months ago
Quoted from kpg:

The day DLC becomes a thing for pinball is the day I stop buying NIB machines.

The day DLC becomes available is the day this thread will be about Stranger Things again

#3645 5 months ago
Quoted from PoMC:

I couldn’t look at that translite in my lineup every day.

I'd take it over NASCAR, Big Hurt, SWE1, Demo man and maybe a few others but each to their own.

#4015 4 months ago
Quoted from frolic:

Showed up at wired.com.
Hint: The projector doesn't work well with spot lights.
[quoted image]

Thats old news, people are worried about the cratering now

Crater doctor (resized).jpg
#4019 4 months ago
Quoted from Globalcop:

I wonder if the ball will cast a shadow.

It will need power balls so it can project onto the ball itself

#4025 4 months ago
Quoted from Buschjs:

I like it..... but will it work if the ball is in a crater?

It will if you put a tent over the crater to make it dark enough

#4190 4 months ago
Quoted from Nazz26:

Stern pinball CES 2020

I love this guy's narration: "I bet these are really expensive.. like $3-5k"

2 weeks later
#5361 4 months ago
Quoted from Trindawg:

So upset that my machine isn’t working out of the box! My firts (and possibly last) NIB purchase. 6k and this thing on it 2nd day in my basement, takes a crap on me. The center ramp won’t come down. So stern sent me a replacement board. Swapped it out. Then 2 hours later, it fails again!! Seriously ??? WTF is going on here stern?? This is ridiculous. I’ve never made such a big purchase on a “toy” and for it to not work out of the box! Really??? Frustrated here.

18 up votes

Quoted from Trindawg:

I just don’t get it. Yes I’m new to the hobby in the aspect of OWNING a machine. But where is the QC on these machines? I just don’t accept it as being status quo, it is what it is, whatever. We spend a lot of HARD EARNED money for these things NOT to work out of the box. To me, as a consumer, it’s unacceptable. Will I ever buy another NIB machine. Doubtful. And if I do, I’ll wait for all the problems to get ironed out first. Just my 2 cents. I know I’ll probly get roasted for my opinions. But oh well. It’s how I feel. I love the game though.

19 up votes

Quoted from Trindawg:

Well. You just never know. It’s just odd that as soon as I added the shaker motor, that’s when my problems started with the ramp. And then I disconnect it totally from the system and it’s back working as normal??? That can’t be coincidence.

1 up vote.

Thats pinside in a nutshell - bash Stern for poor QC and and say you are never buying another NIB and you'll be very popular. Once you discover the problem was due to some after market mod you installed and goes away when you remove it no one cares.

#5384 4 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

And how exactly would his speaker lights and shaker damage his ramp motor? These are plug and play mods, not like he soldered them on or had to move stuff around. The lights and shaker work I believe. Most likely, he’s got a bad ramp motor or issue on the node board that controls the ramp motor. Since it’s never worked out of the box, it likely was defective from the factory. It happens.

He said everything worked before he installed these mods. Not saying this is what happened in this case but if you try to use a SAM shaker motor in a Spike game it will damage the node board which would effect other functions driven by that board:


In any case he removed the mods and Stern is sending him a new node board and motor.

#5390 4 months ago
Quoted from Trindawg:

I think you’re the second person that suggested that I ordered the wrong shaker for my machine. That’s not the case. I specifically ordered a spike 2 shaker that was compatible with my machine. I’m only guessing here, but if I had ordered the wrong one, wouldn’t the connectors to the board be totally different for a non-spike 2 setup????????

I specifically said I didn't know that was the case. I was just responding to the earlier comment that claimed the shaker board couldn't damage the node board. In fact one distributor sold a few shakers that weren't wired correctly and blew node boards. Those boards and shakers were replaced. Your shaker could have been the problem and you previously said as much and you even said earlier today that you thought the shaker was the issue.

#5432 4 months ago
Quoted from phil-lee:

Just because one has the money to purchase a License / Franchise to produce a Title doesn't mean they should if they are not going to do it justice. Stranger Things is a innovative science fiction story that grabbed a lot of new viewers and offered many great ideas that could have been implemented into a pinball machine.
I was going to wait till I played it but after watching several hours of game play really no need. Wheres the beef? Where are the cool gadgets? I can't get beyond that big blank screen cutting the machine in half, what is it hiding up there? Nothing,really.
The circus colors from too many inserts, I agree with others, it should have had a moody, 70's color scheme.
Any machine that deserved a cool basement/ underground area with tunnels this was it.
Its like Chicago Coin purchasing rights to Tommy/ The Who and putting out a half baked bare playfield that would have been better served by Bally, Gottlieb or Williams.
When I first saw it I thought Stern was jealous of the Rick and Morty sales success and rushed a half-finished prototype on the Market to steal the thunder. This is it?
Good news, through talking about this thing. I apologize if I offended those who love it. Again, it should have been so much more, and would have been if another Manufacturer had acquired rights to build it, they would have cherished the opportunity to build an A List instead of hacking out another run of the mill game. I'm out.
I hope Stern doesn't do Jaws, I couldn't stand to see that dream machine half-assed.

I feel like threads get filled with these kinds of reviews every time Stern releases a game based on a popular license. Reviews from people who haven't played much if at all, but want to share their disappointment about the layout, art, code, rules, quality, etc. with a dozen other likeminded people that show up in every new game thread to do the same . We saw it with Iron Man, TWD, GoT, BM66, SW, DP, Beatles None of these games were perfect, or the way I imagine they could have been if someone else did them, but all of these games are ones I enjoy enough to have in my collection. Luckily Stern releases a new game every 3-4 months so those that want to complain about a game they don't own, plan to buy or play quickly move on to the next one.

#5453 4 months ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

I cannot understand why they release games like this...it's like buying a car but up till now you can only do 30 miles per hour, next month maybe 50 and within a year you'll be able to go 100

You're obviously not a Tesla buyer.

#5681 4 months ago
Quoted from kpg:

Ok fine one more !
7) It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside

Don't forget

8 ) Mirrored back glass/translight

9) Get a full featured game before the premiums are available

10) Different art package which is often preferable

#5710 4 months ago
Quoted from kpg:

I haven't seen him talked about on here much and havent watched many of his videos. Whats the general consensus of him on Pinside?

This is now his 5th YouTube video reviewing Stranger Things and now he tells us he has has now played it for an hour. Apparently much of that time the game wasn't actually working due to the well documented plastic rod getting loose from the solenoid issue.

Spoiler alert: playing the game validates all the opinions he expressed in his previous videos before he played it. He says he has now lost interest in the game so maybe we won't get another youtube "review."

In much of the video his head is shown really big in a static image, then there is his name really big, then a video of his head talking. Overall I get the impressions that these videos are about him much more than about the game.

#5729 4 months ago

I just played for the first time at lunch and I really thought it shot well, which is pretty much expected from an Eddy game with a fan layout. A couple of things that were unexpected at least for me.

1. The demigorgon shot was hard but makable on the example I played. I'd guess I could get it in 1 out of 5. That said this is a dangerous shot and it is only worth 5M. It is possible to stack it with the mode, including modes where you need to hit drop targets but that is impossible when the ramp is down. With the current code and scoring I can see it might be a reasonable strategy to just let this time out and continue to mode after when you need to hit the drops. This seems odd, given the importance of the demigorgon to the theme and this is the main toy in the game. I think this could be improved and probably will be with code.

2. A lot of the points seemed to be hitting targets in the upside down mode. Seemed to be very unbalanced towards this one mode which starts randomly.

#5742 4 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

The game debut in the top 100 was something like 117, then it dropped again to the mid 150's now its on the brink of dropping out of the top 200 sitting at 198. Its time to just admit the obvious... this game is a disaster!
I keep saying it who cares about the projector, the game itself isn't fun. Nothing else matters.
The playfield art isn't good, there isn't really anything happening, lots of problems. Honestly its time to just move on and see what's next!
If there was EVER a time for JJP to go ahead and release GNR it is RIGHT NOW!
Take advantage RIGHT NOW during this BLACK GAP! (Nothing in sight for 8 weeks)
What are they waiting for they could own the conversation for the next 8 weeks if they dropped the game RIGHT NOW!
Stern fumbled the ball, pick it up and run it into the endzone! Lets go JJP change the conversation from a disaster to who knows but now is the time.
BTW if anyone even cares at this point I heard Stranger Things LE goes into productions this Friday.

I understand Stranger Things isn't one of your perfect 10 game like Scared Stiff or CFTBL. Still at 5.5 you ranked it above Tron LE (4.7), Star Wars (4.6), and Fathom (2.6). It may not be as good as TWD (6) in your eyes but I had fun playing it, love the theme, and am looking forward to seeing how the code develops.

#5743 4 months ago
Quoted from robotron:

it feels to my that stern runs away from a new pin when it doesnt hit a home run out of the box.

I would disagree with this. A lot of games got crapped on by pinside on release (Iron Man, TWD, BM66, Beatles, SW), and turned out to be great - or at least games that I enjoy for whatever that is worth. Stern also releases major updates to code years after release (Kiss, Ghostbusters, GoT, ACDC, Met) even though some of those games were considered mediocre at first.

#5784 4 months ago
Quoted from kpg:

Imagine if Stranger Things had the effort, creativity, and amount of detailed interactive objects on it. You can only imagine how sick the machine would have been if it was mechanically and creatively equal to MET. That is the point.

When Met came out people were complaining about the layout that was too similar to AFM, they were complaining that it was too expensive and too stripped down, they were complaining about the early code, they were complaining that Sparky lacked the interactivity of the mother ship on AFM. Fast forward to the present and you find Met is loved and the new game complainers are saying the same things about Stranger Things. I think Met is a great game, and I also think Stranger Things deserves a chance.

1 week later
#6004 3 months ago
Quoted from Bartzenegger:

Had mine 2 yrs in March and have never had a hyperloop problem

Mine I had to bend that fork ramp slightly to get it to work 100%. That said I've bought NIB games from Stern, JJP, and Spooky and every game something had to be fixed or adjusted to get them playing 100% after. Pretty much the same goes for used games after you move them. Everyone wants to open the perfect game that they can play forever without it breaking - but that isn't realistic in this hobby. Sounds like some people have decided that these types of problems are limited to a few recent Stern titles. Stop buying and start complaining about it here and see if you get your perfect game. I'd rather spend a half hour getting the game dialed in and then playing it.

#6152 3 months ago
Quoted from kpg:

I think we can all admit that there truly isn't much to talk about the pin though. It's a pinball machine with a Stranger Things theme, a couple ramps, and a plastic sculpture with a hole that balls go into. And coding by Lonnie. I mean, where do you really go from there.

Coming from the guy that has posted this thread 138 times so far.

#6421 3 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

And this is the real problem. There is no consequence for Stern.

You're right. The reason is that almost all of the most outraged complainers are people who were very vocal about not buying the game for various other reasons before anyone knew about this. Most of us that did buy the game think it sucks that we have to buy this separately, but we buy it because we can afford it and its pretty cool.

#6932 3 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Yeah this new code is pretty buggy.

No joke. I've had my game restart in the "turn up the heat" mode 3x this weekend which ends the game for all players.

#6997 3 months ago
Quoted from coop:

Has anyone else had this problem?
I just played an LE this evening but I was unable to backhand the left ramp. The ball goes up but when it hits the telekinesis jump at the very top—it's only on the LE and needed to get the ball onto the wall so the magnet can hold it—the ball does not have enough juice to get over that small jump, thus it rejects. This is 100% of the time. Now, shooting from the right flipper I also get rejects, maybe 20-25 percent of the time. My buddy who's an extremely good player and made it into the top five in my state tried after me and experienced exactly the same problem. What I mean to say is that it's not about, "Well you have the make the shots dude." I'm saying that little jump ramp on top the left ramp is mechanically screwing up that ramp shot which is extremely important as it's how you lock/start multiball.
After playing the Pro over the last few weeks quite frequently I really see a difference in this LE and it's in no way an upgrade from a game playability POV. I would love to hear if this is isolated to this game or if this is a common problem.

In my experience this is unfortunately pretty much how the LE plays. Unless the ball already has some speed on it, you won't be able to backhand the left ramp with the diverter up. I've spent a lot of time adjust mine and currently have it exactly how Stern recommends in their PDF. A friend has done the same on another LE. If you are only getting rejects 20-25% of the time with the diverter you are doing pretty well. Last night on my stream I think I was at around 50%. This sucks because when that mech rejects the ball it often comes right back down the ramp and can drain straight down the middle. So essentially you get punished by this crappy mech for a good solid shot. I'd love it if someone could figure out a way for this to work reliably. I've emailed Stern several times about it and now they are pretty much at the point of just saying they will "forward my comments to engineering." I'd like to turn the feature off and just play it like the pro at this point, but the code doesn't really support that because even when you turn it off in code the diverter still goes off some times.

2 weeks later
#7120 85 days ago

I think the UV kit looks great in person. There are a lot of videos out there that I think don't capture it well. I think this short clip gives the feel of what it looks like during play:


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