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Stern Stranger Things

By pinmister

1 year ago

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#91 1 year ago

Season 3 of Stranger Things was amazing. Billy was awesome and such a great character. The sets were amazing and the creature was prob the coolest creature in any sci fi/horror genre. Overall an amazing watch and will be getting this game if it is true.

#102 1 year ago

If it is Stranger Things I have a feeling they may take a Jurassic Park approach with it and not follow the show at all. Maybe make it where you have to travel back and forth between the upside down and normal world. Battle creatures from the show as well as new ones that were created for the game and also try and save people from the upside down. Kind of feel this is the new way to do a license game. Create a whole new story but use the assets. I will be fine with that. Especially that there is still another season (and hopefully season 5) still left to do. Would seem odd to have a machine with only story from the first 3 seasons and missing the new ones. Any rumor on who the art will be by? Would be neat if Netflix has their person that did all the posters and promos to work with Stern to do the art.

#150 1 year ago
Quoted from clg:

A surprise Stranger Things xmas special combined with a pinball release would go down pretty well I suspect...

I doubt Netflix is doing a holiday special. Each season takes place during a holiday. Season 1 was in November close to Thanksgiving. Season 2 was Halloween and Season 3 was 4th of July. Season 4 is rumored to take place during Christmas.

#181 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

It’s definitely not that.

I have not listened to the podcast but maybe the head scratcher is that they are not doing a lower playfield for the upsidedown. Which to be honest I do not want a lower playfield. Would much rather have the lights do all the work.

#188 1 year ago
Quoted from DanQverymuch:

Have some of you even seen the show? The Upside Down is not mirror image, or backwards, or under, or even upside down, it is the same world but way darker, spooky if I may be so bold, with that snowy crap floating around. Kind of a misnomer when you think about it.

You are very correct on this. But it has Upside and Down in the name so HA. Jk . I agree with you.

#334 1 year ago

To be honest all I want for music is the original Stranger Things music that Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein did for the show. Every single one of their tracks is awesome. I don't care for the licensed music like "should I stay or should I go" or "time after time". I have heard enough of that stuff. Give me the synth stuff that those guys did for the show. For those not familiar go on Spotify and look up Stranger Things Volume 1. Notable tracks of what I want

Stranger Things Main Theme
A Kiss
The Upside Down

This is the ambiance I want when I play this game. Not sure why people want licensed music that we have heard a million times already.

#338 1 year ago
Quoted from bgwilly31:

Im going to have to give this a listen. But im sure your spot on! Totally agree.

I will say though that the one big licensed song that needs to find a way to get into the game is The Neverending Story song. I cant see that costing that much.

#339 1 year ago
Quoted from bgwilly31:

Im going to have to give this a listen. But im sure your spot on! Totally agree.

Its a great original soundtrack. I used to have it going on in the background at work in my office. Good stuff. One of the things that makes this show so good is those two guys and the music they created for it.

#356 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Has anyone ever seen a game with amazing theme and asset integration from a big time license?
Hobbit is the only game I’ve seen that is really well done in that department. LOTR might be the best one before that.
So that’s why I’m totally fine with the JP approach and if they continued to advance their games in that direction.

Ghostbusters was pretty damn good as far as theme integration goes. I know a lot of people don't like that game but you can not say the theme integration was not there. The whole game was based on the movie and had call outs by Ernie Hudson. The sounds in the game are some of the best and the light show mimicking the ghost trap was top notch. At the end of the day I don't care if Stranger Things is not based on the show. Give me the world. I don't need the kids. Give me the locations (Starcourt Mall, Hawkins, School, Upside Down), give me the monsters and give me the original synth music. Come up with a new story like they did in JP. Ill be good with that. I'm ready for this pin!

#380 1 year ago

Cant wait! I'm guessing the ramp would be a flap that opens up and the hologram will project the gate to the upside down.

#386 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Too late. I’ve been freaking out about this since Saturday. Seriously going to be the least productive person on earth until the reveal.

Yeah being in a billable hours industry is not helping me right now. Good thing I have PTO that I need to use before 12/31. Forget about anything getting done on the full reveal day. I'm looking at doing TPF show special for a Premium. My guess is that TPF will be flooded with the premiums like it was with Munsters last TPF.

#387 1 year ago
Quoted from yancy:

It's been a minute since the last Zombie Yeti game.

You will see him on Turtles which is rumored to be after Stranger Things.

#397 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Lots of drops? Maybe theres 11 drops in the game and when hit in a specific order it starts an Eleven multiball mode with 11 balls. Lol. List looks good so far.
Now we just need Stern to nail the license. Hopefully they have licensed actor audio, video, and some licensed music across all 3 seasons.

I have already said my want list multiple times on this forum on not caring about getting all the licensed stuff but now thinking of it, I would love if all the call outs were done by a drunk Jim Hopper.

#434 1 year ago
Quoted from ryanbrooks:

The excuse given to my distributor from CGC as to the ETA of a MMr ordered in May was “waiting on Stern to finish”. I have no reason to doubt my distributor. His firm is one of the oldest and undoubtedly the most respected coin-op distributor in the country.

Not trying to be mean but either you or your distributor were very high during that conversation.

#505 1 year ago
Quoted from ryanbrooks:

The excuse given to my distributor from CGC as to the ETA of a MMr ordered in May was “waiting on Stern to finish”. I have no reason to doubt my distributor. His firm is one of the oldest and undoubtedly the most respected coin-op distributor in the country.

Everyone is waiting in anticipation for this pin and I am sitting here wondering how the phone call is going with Ryanbrooks and his Distributor regarding his delayed MMr.....

#547 1 year ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

Am I the only one a bit annoyed at Winona Ryders overacting, and lack of range in facial emotions?

I would say she is the weakest of the cast as far as the character and acting goes. In season 1 she seemed a bit "medicated". It was never bad enough to cause me to be annoyed or turned off. I do understand though.

#676 1 year ago

The reason why Stranger Things is a dream theme for a lot of people including myself is because the show has soul to it. It has emotion. It causes people to imagine. Makes us feel good. What person doesn't want to be a kid again and go on adventures and see crazy shit? It has characters that everyone relates to and can see themselves taking on a roll. You can almost say it makes you dream. Love this show and looking forward to a pin that celebrates it.

#781 1 year ago
Quoted from Zablon:

If you need an idea of what they are attempting, go youtube halloween house projection mapping. I assume it is like this and the interactivity will coincide with this. It's a pretty cool idea actually. They will essentially be able to also create that snow/ash effect in the upside down with it as well.

wow the 2019 stranger things Halloween house projection mapping display live video is very impressive. I understand it wont be like this but this is some cool stuff for sure.

#1418 1 year ago

Everyone is fretting about a projector on this pin and I am still sitting here wondering how the phone call went with ryanbrooks and his Distributor regarding his delayed MMr.....

#1436 1 year ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Looking forward to the reveal and seeing gameplay for sure. Not interested in buying though because I've never seen the show. I've read enough about the show to know it's not for me....I don't enjoy kid shows at all.

I can assure you it is not a kids show. I would not let my 5 year old watch it. Yes it has kids in it but it also has adult main characters that play a major role. It's a show that a lot of age groups can relate to. Don't let the kid aspect turn you off. Not telling you to watch it but give it a shot.

#1443 1 year ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Hey guys I just want to chime in and let everyone know we broke the 100 count vote for pizza.
114 votes for pizza so far, Papa John would be proud.[quoted image]

Screen-Shot-2019-11-26-at-3.49.10-PM (resized).jpeg
#1552 1 year ago

Not sure why people are scared that Lonnie is doing the code. His last few Sterns all have been fun games. Star Trek, Aerosmith, Guardians of the Galaxy. Yes some were undercooked when released but the final code all has been great in my opinion. Can't wait to see all the pics tomorrow. Looking forward to playing and buying eventually when the premiums come out.

#1564 1 year ago
Quoted from Zablon:

I don't really look at coders/designers typically, but I can say I didn't like those 3 games at all :/

Totally understand. They are good in that they are pretty easy to understand. Esp for someone new to pinball. They all are standard 8 or so modes and shoot the colored shots. I'm looking forward to seeing how this one works.

#2447 1 year ago

Everyone is fighting and arguing about Stranger Things Pinball on Christmas Eve and I am sitting here wondering if ryanbrooks bought his Distributor a Christmas gift based on the information he received regarding his delayed MMr.....

#2450 1 year ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

I love it. It’s very entertaining. Please keep it up.

It's the gift that keeps on giving. Merry Christmas. I'll stop now.

#3241 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Here's my review of playing this game for about 2 hours today. Shout out to Helicon Brewery for being the absolute king of location pinball!
Shot summary - I was a little weary after watching the stream and hearing a lot of negative feedback but after playing it today, I'm picking up a pro tomorrow. That should get my point across fairly easily. It has brought one of my fav shows to pinball and it executes well with a fun layout, excellent music and effects, their best LCD art to date and a two tier toy. While not fully baked, I rather buy in now and enjoy it instead of waiting on the sidelines only to hold out on the fun until the inevitable code updates happen.
+Smooth shooter. Layout is very AFM so it feels familiar but not identical but I was a little worried about the ramps being plastic. Luckily they didn't detract at all to the experience. Love that left orbit shot to the right flipper (very DP prem). Right orbit was my concern but shooting it into the pops was still satisfying although I am a sucker for pops in pinball. Right inlane shot has to be my fav as you can loop it around but it's not fast enough to be impossible (ala JP2 top right flipper loop) but not slow enough that it doesn't feel fun/exciting. Just a great shot and mixes up the formula as part of the code is looping. Left inlane was fine as gives you a little time to breath which was nice to have as this game plays rather fast, as you would expect. No lock on the pro was fine as it does pause enough and when you got into Tele MB, the ball is shot right when that van comes crashing down which was a nice touch.
+LCD Screen - no question, the best stern has put out to date. I own JP2. I know it improved in that game but you can't ignore certain scenes (especially with people) where you cringe a little and go, well it's a pinball machine so what do you expect. I didn't feel any of that here with Stranger Things (ST) - the dogs, the atmosphere, the demogorgan... I feel they really played to their strengths and avoided the pitfalls (like people) so I didn't feel like I was playing Dreamcast Crazy Taxi! They did and excellent job and I found myself trying to look up at it. I make fun of stern all the time regarding this but they nailed it here. btw - extra ball animation is a complete shout out to AFM replacing the alien getting hit in the face with the demo. Nice touch too.
+Sounds/Music- This one is BIG for me. If you're a player that doesn't need to hear well to enjoy, then you're the opposite of me and prob don't place a lot of value in this category but I do. Case in point, with Wonka, it absolutely tore me out of the gorgeous table and layout b/c the slot machine effects and the announcer and lack of good music really pissed me off - to the point where I passed on owning the game...it drove me crazy. ST on the other hand just nails it. The sound effects, the spooky music, it really put me in the ST universe. It's hard to describe in a review but I couldn't have handpicked better myself. In the current code though, it's clear they are targeting suspense/scary vs humor which they need to balance better but I'm aware the lines are in the code already so just a matter of time. The important part is what's been coded thus far is really impressive and that's important b/c after the fact replacements is hard and often ends up disjointed. Music wise that's easier but I do a lot of add ins for games and it's always better when the original team nails it and Stern crushed it here.
+Demogorgan- I had to call this out separately b/c I've read about all the whining and complaining related to this toy and my expectations were probably lower than they should have been but I really enjoyed it. Here's the surprise for me. I might have read this somewhere on these forums but it truly feels like the hole in one shot from NGG. I love the temporary giant ramp that drops in front of you and it becomes a game of not only hitting it but timing it so it goes in the hole. I wasn't successful many times (although I'm also not very good) but when I connected, it gave me the same satisfaction from my time of NGG ownership and I loved that shot. It's much more fun to shoot than the AFM mother ship b/c of that extra element resulting in having a tiered approach to what is normally a one approach bash toy. Loved it. Hit it or sink it. It's hard but super satisfying.
+/- = code. This is def leaning towards the + category b/c the modes seemed varied (and could get to that promised "deep" code), the video assets looked very good, the tie in to the effects and music already impressed me. I just want more.....and that's the negative. I know it's early but believe me, the code foundation is set and it is solid. Really enjoyed what I played and I'm eager to see how they build. It's going to get even better and I have no issue buying in now so I can begin to enjoy what's there and then continue enjoying all the new updates that hit. It's like buying an episodic game that just continues to get better. It's the opposite of a game with broken or incomplete code that results in boredom or wasting time - I truly enjoyed each second I had with it.
-/+ Art. Tough one as well. It's not clipart stern bad. Yes it might appear to favor that style more than what we've seen recently but the PF art especially along with the purple really has it's own look. It stands out from the rest of the games and it does surface that 80s touch, especially with the fonts used. Too many inserts no question but looking over it and seeing how they represented the scenes from the seasons in interesting ways, from the poisioned grounds, to the vans to billy and steve's face over to something else - it's a lot to look at but satisfying, especially as a fan. It's a negative b/c it could have been SO much more. So much - hello season 3??. I'm happy that it's not terrible though but I'm looking forward to some sick side blades (we need more Billy and Steve) and a better translite. Speaking of, it's not great but not terrible - in fact that summarizes it well for art and for that alone, with this type of powerhouse, it's leaning negative which is a shame but they gave us enough to enjoy.

Thank you for a very detailed review! Looking forward to playing.

1 week later
#4574 1 year ago
Quoted from Jaybird815:

I came to this thread to get some insight for a friend who is interested in this pin, never mind I forgot where I was at for a second, now back to listening to Macho podcasts

I came to this thread to learn about Stranger Things pinball and learned that I have daddy issues and then became a born again Christian.

#4591 1 year ago

I noticed in the latest code update that there is now a flipper adjustment for strength. When I played the pro at league this week I noticed the game being way to fast. When I hit the ramps they would zip through them too fast in my opinion. The demo shot was also not makeable due to the speed the ball was going off the ramp and smacking him in the face. I wonder if the flipper adjustment will be the fix for this game as far as the demo shot being makeable? I wonder if those games that are makeable had different flipper strengths coming out of factory and that's why some individuals were not having any issues. We should be getting the premium on location next month. Looking forward to it!

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