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Stern Stranger Things

By pinmister

5 months ago

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#949 5 months ago

Guys, I just hopped out of a phone booth and came back from the future to tell you about pinsides reception of Stranger Things.

While the projection mapping is incredible and everyone is starving for new ideas, of course pinside agrees that "the Pro is the way to go".
Projection mapping does not alter the way the game shoots and is not that great if you set up the game on a tanning bed, like most of us do, anyways.

Have to go back to the future now and play some Bill & Ted pinball, bye!

#958 5 months ago

Every time you guys mention the number of modes, just add 10 more!

#1105 5 months ago

Like seeing new tech ideas, altough it doesn‘t seem to be 100% there yet. (Pico projectors aren‘t very bright.)

My main concern is if this‘ll feel interactive enough.

Brian Eddy has one of the most interactive and satisfieing toys ever with the MM castle, I‘m not seeing that yet.


#1291 5 months ago

With the backboard magnet gone, the projector gone and the bashtoy being static,... what‘ll be left on the Pro? XD

#1594 5 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Haven't been following today. Still expecting a teaser from Stern? I know it's prob what kaneda released but would be great if it's the pro!

Stern posted the teaser today.

Kaneda released the Premium trailer.

#1602 5 months ago
Quoted from usandthem:

With the prices of these new machines, I'd rather just find a premium or LE on location near me (not hard to do), play 3 games for $2.00, hope that I play well enough for a replay on at least one of those games. Maybe do it again. Come back in a couple of weeks, play again. More times than not, after 12-15 games, I've had enough of that game for a long, long time. I'm only $6.00-$8.00 in. No chipped playfields or node boards to ever have to worry about.

That's how it's (was) supposed to be.

#1848 5 months ago

Ok, chuckwurt you were right, I was wrong.

Still can't understand why Stern pulled this but, hey, the more they pump out the better.

Not overly excited for the Pro; the premium/LE look intriguing tough.

#1915 5 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Do you still feel like that cat owes you something for feeding it all the damn time for nothing in return?
Because I do. Now if you'll excuse me I'm looking for some sailors.

#1939 5 months ago
Quoted from dts:

I wonder if the clear plastic ramps may have a specific purpose to reduce glare from the inserts and projector, in order to keep the light contamination at a lower level. There was no holding back on wireforms with JP2.

Look at the video & pics again.

Then answer the question:
How to project images onto a wireform?

#2065 5 months ago
Quoted from dts:

My thought was on wireform returns, not the entry ramps. But apparently a cost cutting measure as Ice mentioned above. No big deal.

Look at the video & pics again.

Then answer the question:
How to project images onto a wireform RETURN?
0piy2fp9 (resized).jpg

And yes you could change in the middle of the ramp but... why?!

#2084 5 months ago

I loled. XD

funny (resized).jpg
#2086 5 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:


Don't be so hard on yoursef.

#2100 5 months ago
Quoted from dts:

Talking about the return below that, the straight shot down. Can you give this a break?

Even on the straight part there's a white sticker running down.

#2101 5 months ago
Quoted from thedarkknight77:

Where is this streaming, I don’t see anything on deadflip?


#2109 5 months ago
Quoted from robotron:

you might not see it in a dark room and it will get out of focus.

Then turn the lights on.

#2120 5 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Code is bad at this point. There's even video that is missing audio....

That (Callouts) is the main thing that is missing.

If voices are missing in the video clips they'll propably have to synch soundalikes.

#2122 5 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Who is Yusef?

Your mom.

#2123 5 months ago
Quoted from paul_8788:

Hope some of the LCD is placeholder. Some of it looks great, other things like the jackpot and ball lock screens not so much.

I heard voices in one of the clips.

I only heard the gal screaming.

Only thing really bugging me (at the moment) is that there ios no real "upside down" indicator in the Pro.

The projector is missing, ok, but maybe some different colored GI? :-/

#2127 5 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

That's what I was thinking too? It didn't even seem like the lighting changed at all?

Looked that way.

Ok there's only white & purple GI but shut off the white maybe?

#2147 5 months ago

So initial impressions:

[Edit: Disclaimer - I don't know the show at all.]

- I like the Artdesign
- I like flow and shots, looks very satisfieing and fast
[Edit: - All the inserts look for a promising amount of modes, as they said]
- I like the music...

- ...wich nontheless gives me a headache if they don't mix it up a little.
- The main toy is not as interactive as you'd suspect from a Brian Eddy game. ( Let's wait how the Premium/ LE performs)
- I very much dislike that the upsidedown mode doesn't have a visual indicator (change of GI lighting).

But that last thing, the music as well as all other gripes that people mentioned are fixable with code.

My temporary verdict for the Pro:
Looking forward to play this... on location.

#2157 5 months ago
Quoted from Russell:

Looking forward to playing this on location=backhanded compliment of the year?

It just means I‘m hooked, but not sold yet.

I don‘t have the spare money anyway at the moment, but of I would have it and I would have to buy a NIB Pro pinball machine (wich is a nice thought ) I‘d propably buy a different one.
(Stern wouldn‘t mind WICH one I get. )

#2178 5 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

That’s the word.

Mnpinball said, thas „was“ the word...

#2245 5 months ago
Quoted from Russell:

Is this a known thing? Somehow I missed that. Would be a great thing if they did a full release.

Yes it is, I wrote that also just this page.

#2246 5 months ago
Quoted from RA77:

From what I have seen yes

You've seen wrong!

I don't think he talks about the code but about actual mechs in the game.
Stranger Things falls a bit short in that regard.

#2315 5 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

I don't understand why some people have to turn this into a Playstation vs Xbox style fanboy talk like my 10 year old. It's ok to like both, or not like them at all.

SEGA wins it anyway!!!

#2316 5 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

RAZA / magic girl complete fucking messes like most jpop stuff.

You sound slightly biased.

#2419 5 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Would have been tough to pull that off in 1993.

Actually no...

There‘s an old german porn pinball machine where the nude pictures that you unlock get projected.

#2627 5 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Man this is a dumb idea. Like, even for pinside.
Hey you know what? For pro baseball we should make it that the batter isn’t allowed to hold his bat and needs to swing away at everything. It’s cheating otherwise. Nfl teams shouldn’t be allowed to huddle either. It’s dumb.
Dialed in throws a wrinkle into multiballs with the energy surge to the flippers. It’s cute but doing something like this all the time would ruin games and you wouldn’t see them in tournaments at all. Not sure how that helps anything.
There’s tons of ways to make tournament games play shorter that don’t involve such ridiculous ideas. Remove rubbers from posts, open outlanes, make the rules harder....anybody who actually plays in tournaments knows this. Stranger things will be a fine tournament game just like everything else and players will still be allowed to cradle the ball.

Whoa, suddenly all the snarky undertone is gone.

#2673 5 months ago
Quoted from Jakusu:

Thanks thats great.
Looks like I better start printing up mods!
First up interactive lit revolving Arcade sign!

Since ypu didn‘t know about the arch and pinball browser...

...plz bear in mind that it‘s easy to fry your nodeboards if you just hook up additional lighting to an insert light.

#2909 5 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

No lift ramp in any version.

There‘s a lift ramp that shoots the balls at the backboard magnet as I see it in the trailer.

#3029 5 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Not true at all. Munsters and Black knight showed the pro and LE same reveal same stream.

And way before that.

The last reveal I remember where they didn't show both versions was GoT for sure... and maybe Ghostbusters.

#3031 5 months ago

One thing came to my mind today...

Usually Stern's Pro machines look more "bare" then the Premium/ LE.

Stranger Things may be the first game where the more costly game looks even sadder, with all the white stickers and the backboard magnet being "invisible".
I can't imagine they let the projector left on during attract mode; but on location it'd be a must.
Propably will be an Option.

#3034 5 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Why would you assume that? Of course it’ll be on. It’ll never be off. The whole point of it is that it’s an attractive feature and a major part of the game. Can you imagine if RFM had an option to turn the monitor off?!

Because pinside decided the projector will break after 5 minutes of usage.

#3035 5 months ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

And Deadpool?

Hmmm... I'm afraid you're right...

...wich means I have to kill you now.

#3043 4 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

LOL, oh Pinside...
The projector is basically just another LED. It’ll be fine.

Actually I have a pico projector...

...wich is why I'm pretty confident everything will work fine (the image in the trailer appearing blurred is just the camera exposure so it'll still Show enough of the playfield and while that projector may not be very bright it's more then sufficient with that short distance).

BUT that thing does get very hot, you can burn yourself if you remove the heatsink and touch that thing.
So if that thing stays switched on it HAS to have an active cooling (wich a pico projector usually doesn't have).

#3071 4 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

If you say don't listen to me then tell me why?

Because that's usually a waste of time.

#3087 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I heard they are scrapping the premium and LE models because nothing works. Only Pro this time around.

New Kaneda Podcast incoming...

#3094 4 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

I'm not sure if you're trying to be funny or that is actually true. it might be both! LOL Funny one!!!

It's metaphysics. Your expectations shape reality.

I just watch the shitshow.

#3095 4 months ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

genjuro Might be able to see something different in this photo. Sure it's not the one way gate being too tight? Was an issue with Elvira and JP3[quoted image]

I want to see the underside of the playfield.

That has to be a giant LED board.

#3117 4 months ago
Quoted from underlord:

No it isn’t. It was ‘Sullivan-ized’.


#3121 4 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

I don't get this either. Dwight games in general have been fantastic. Cool strategy and high energy choreography. With Munsters, I believe Gomez gave poor direction on this. He told Dwight to make a simple game and didn't let Dwight be Dwight. Munsters will get an update soon that will make folks happy.

Munsters is a Borg game.

Munsters is intentionally and as communicated beforehand more „T2 simple“ after people (including myself) shat on Star Wars Code being way too complicated.

So the only lesson (noone) learned:
Be careful what you wish for.

(For me I prefer Munsters over Star Wars codewise, so I‘m happy.)

What all this has to do with Lonnie, I have no clue.

#3123 4 months ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

I agree that Dwight is a great rules designer. Some of his games are my favorite, GOT for example. But he was a guest on the 24 hour stream that SpecialWhenLit did and he said again that there a NO plans for a Munster's code update. He went on to say that if there was one it would be several months out, but followed that up with "but it's not gonna happen". I really think his hands are tied on this one.

I think it‘s just done as intended,... wich is what they‘re saying.

#3171 4 months ago
Quoted from underlord:

Dwight Sullivan does quite a bit of shallow coding.

Since you‘re not new, I suppose you‘re so old that your memory can‘t remember anything more then one year back...

#3172 4 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Play Game of Thrones and Star Wars. Not shallow. George Gomez told him to make Munsters shallow, which was a mistake. Dwight mentioned this direction in interviews. Back to the Lonnie show...

Still not Gomez...

#3173 4 months ago
Quoted from tiesmasc:

No one, including very skilled players, could make the shot at any reliable %.
As such this isn't a play better or aim better thing. It is a design or setup flaw (which goes back to design since many routed games may omit proper setup).

So off, into the RAZA Ramp thread with it.

I‘d ASSUME, with that large ass ramp, that you‘re not SUPPOSED to hit bullseye every time.

#3194 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Absolutely true. However, if you’re trapped up, line it up, and are dead center the ball travels too high, how are you supposed to adjust for that as a player except hope for a lucky half flip that is just the right speed to fall in?

Ok, yeah.

Maybe lessen flipper power while the game is still new but it'll even out eventually.

#3197 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I had that idea too. Unfortunately the flipper power isn’t a setting currently. Bummer.


I won't judge anything in the game yet, but imho they really shouldn't have released it that early.

#3200 4 months ago
Quoted from Metengo:

You could sand the playfield, then the ball is slowlier, must be the same effect like the power setting. When you do this you also have a thinner clearcoat and no problems with chipping and things like that.
Do it!

I'd set the game up less steep first, so the ball will shoot at another angle.

#3202 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

So from what I hear, raising the toy is out due to affecting the switch that should register when you bash it.
Ramp doesn’t seem adjustable at all.
So maybe the two screws that hold the toy to bracket that are offset by rubber washers is the key to adjustment. Just really hard to get to anything since there’s so much back there.

As I wrote, what is with the steepness (is that a word)?

The steeper you set up the game, the higher the ball will fly.

#3205 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Agree. However in my case I set the game at crazy steep, crazy shallow and everything in between and it still misses high every time.

I'd be kind of angry as **** by now in your place. :-/

#3208 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

And yet I’m still cool as a cucumber. Take notice negative nellys.

While it may not be worth getting angry over something like this that'll work out eventually, I suppose "normal people" would at least question their "early adopter day 1 NIB 64% complete" purchase.

#3227 4 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

You may be right, but it looked more around 50/50 to me, but not that important. The question is do those people like it enough to drop the money on one? Because ultimately that is what this discussion is about. There's lots of pins I don't hate that I have no interest in owning.
EDIT: Let me expand a bit. I'm more of a buy and hold person, not a buy and see if I like it and turn around and sell it in a few months person. That is probably the distinction here. In 99% of the cases, I won't buy something until I've played it a bit, but the online gameplay videos that are available these days are usually a pretty good indicator if you'll like something or not. In this particular case, it's hard to say because the code is so early and we've only seen the very much cut down pro.

I completely see that.

If you want to get a Stranger Things machine anyway, why not immediately. It may not be ready fror Primetime but if you want to buy it NIB anyway it won't get cheaper if you wait.

But if you don't want or can't take the loss on buying and selling every new Stern Pin, you actually think twice before you buy, at least that goes for me. After I bought SW NIB and sold it after 2 weeks, because it was completely not for me, I only want to get a game that I REALLY dig and would like to keep (intentionally forever, in reality till space runs out).

With Stranger Things there is no way to make an educated decision on "bolting the game to the floor" yet, since we won't know how it'll play in a few weeks from now. I'm not in touch with the license but like the style, so I'm generally interrested; but as it is now I'm not yet sold.

#3258 4 months ago
Quoted from Lounge:

The angle of the playfield won’t affect the launch of the ball off the ramp. The ramp angle and target is consistent with and relative to the playfield so moving the playfield angle (while it may slow the ball) will not change the physical angle of the ramp as it relates to the playfield and the target.
You’ll need a different approach..... pun intended.


Kinetic energy in the ball aka speed, therefore it‘s flying angle does change with the steepness of the game.

You wouldn‘t even reach the ramp if you tilt the machine 90 degrees.

#3259 4 months ago
Quoted from zimvsdib:

I just looked at this machine and its probably the worst photoshop bashed art I've ever seen on a game. This could have been something incredible and really took advantage of the 80s esthetic but no, you get the same ole' stock images of the characters we've seen 1000X and a bunch "energy blasts" to fill the negative space.
It's a sorry looking game and ugly AF. Just because you have have video integration you can't just phone in the PF art.
With so few new pins being made I wish it wasn't too much ask for them to have some artistry to them. Another fail here Stern. Just what were you thinking?
Wish they would have called me up before this was finalized, I could make a PF that looked 100X better in 24hrs.
Just sad...

It‘s hand drawn, this guy just draws very realistic; have to see it in person.

That not all the compositions are great if you take those individually crafted art assets and put thrm together is a different thing.

It‘s not ideal if you have to make 3 different art packages from the same pictures.
I likes that Zombie Yeti made comepletely unique cabs and notvreassorted the assets like with GotG.

#3325 4 months ago
Quoted from zimvsdib:

Free lesson, you shouldn't step unless you're able to back up your criticism. You literally couldn't even figure out how to upload a 72 dpi image.
Clearly being clever isn't your song suit... or art, or technology.
Also why so butt hurt? I'm criticizing the art for good reason with my own professional opinion. I'm a designer and an artist who can see past lazy artwork and graphics. It's always funny to me that wanting something to "be better" is met with this kind of reaction.
Sounds like a lot of inept people I've dealt with in my career, they're impressed by uninspired design and have no creativity themselves which makes them terrible judges at it. If you like garbage that's fine, post about why you want to cream all over it, but be specific or you're just going to make yourself look foolish like you've done here.
Another bonehead move on your "comparison", I didn't mention gameplay.
And for the record I think JP artwork is also lame. Did you like the giant Nedry, and the Tonka truck JP jeep thats altogether wrong?
Enjoy the Panel Vans cgpinhead. May they always haunt you as you play.

I'm a professional artist for living,... and you are wrong.

First of, as a professional, you don't shit on other artists (or clients) platter.

Second you should at least look closely what you're criticizing. Every art snippet is handdrawn,... in a photorealistic way wich you won't notice on your 72dpi screen. Just look at that pic above the Feature Matrix: https://sternpinball.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Stranger-Things-Feature-Matrix.pdf
You're allowed to not like the style but calling yourself an artist and criticizing that craftsmenship as "garbage" is either dumbness or arrogance.

So the artist delivers a lot of individual art pieces and often a different designer "shuffles them around" to make the playfield or cab & backglass artwork. Like when Franchi started and made Batman'66 he made the assets but Kevin O'Connor made the playfield.
What happens here is a completely different story and often times not ideal; partially a bit lackluster but mostly due to a lot of restrictions (canvas space, insert relation & space, license, asset quality, time & money...).

Third is that the artists customer is the client, and you work to his specifications. The Jeep in JP is not "wrong" it's intentionally looking "different" for licensing reasons. You're again allowed to dislike this, but it has nothing to do with the artwork being lazy.

#3371 4 months ago
Quoted from zimvsdib:

Are you a shill for Stern Co?

Did I anywhere in this thread say I love anything about the game?

I don't have any interrest in the game other then to eventually play it on Location, I'm more the "trying to be objective" type, if you know what that is.

Quoted from zimvsdib:

so many excuses.

Not excuses for anything, just prooving points where you are plain wrong explaining stuff you undoubtedly have no clue about.
You still haven't since you obviously didn't read or understand what I wrote.

Quoted from zimvsdib:

I guess some people are just happy with mediocrity and other strive for something a little more special.
My opinion is "wrong"?! An opinion by nature can't be "wrong", but reinforced more or less with theory.

You did not present it as an opinion. The opposite.

Funny thing is I was the first person to put "wrong" in quotation marks.

Quoted from zimvsdib:

It sounds like you're only looking for conformity within this thread. Be careful, some other guys in history were only interested in conformity, you might be familiar, Germany 1940ish.

Classy let's play of the racism card.

So be careful then.

Quoted from zimvsdib:

Also I can be as colorful as I like with my criticism, politeness has nothing to do with ability or expertise. Not everyone has a Nerf thought filter™. Albeit I'm sure this artist probably doesn't want to hear his or her art is weak but maybe it will make them strive to be better. Maybe someone will look a little more closely and say we can do better than sketch filter portraits and cotton candy barf.

Again, there is a difference in the assets and how they're put together (als slap some color filters over it), by mostly different artists.
So you crapping on them as a whole, not being able to differenciate between the craftsmenship of the individual portraits for instance and the color design you don't like and the arrangement (lot's of Vans) speaks a lot for your "ability or expertise".
The end customer doesn't have to know about that and just sees if he likes it or not, but you claim to be from inside the business.

And you don't shit on people you might at sometime have to work with,... unless you're no artist as you claim or play in the same league at the slightest.

And again. Never ever did I write the playfield art looks great as a whole.
But it definately is not "garbage". We had those not long ago, it looked a lot worse.
I personally like it way more as well, when Zombie Yeti does a "complete" artwork for the cab, not a collage made out of different individual drawings like it is done here, or lot's of others.

You remind me of an ancient legendary markenter that was once in the land of pinside.
He shat on everything he saw, and still is supposed to be leaking stuff and therefore trying to destroy any marketing plans from the companies he wonders why they cut any connection with him and don't hire him as a markenter.
He will never find out, altough everyone knows.

#3374 4 months ago
Quoted from aingide:

Watch out everyone, this guy has the shittiest hot takes yet!
He got from pinball art to Hitler in record time! I didn’t even think it was possible, but here we are.

I honestly laughed about this, because I actually got in talk with a (satire) party TODAY (wich I drew some election posters for), to get into an election for a post for Mayor myself (in the middle of nowhere) as a starting point to reach world domination of course!!! XD
bene (resized).jpg

So, yeah... it's getting on ones nerves but you joke around with that cliché yourself.

#3508 4 months ago
Quoted from pipes:

Does it suck knowing that your company will never make anything better than NHL '93 for the Sega Genesis?

We seem pretty happy knowing the best pinball game of all time is Medival Madness from 25 years ago...

#3591 4 months ago
Quoted from Dr-pin:

If you love the beatles pin, how wouldn´t pay a 100$ to have 10 additional songs and game modes?
If you love pirates, who wouldnt pay a 100$ for the original music and clips with actors from the film?
Or a wonka with the musical music and synched gene wilder clips assisting game play?

If you buy a Beatles machine that is clearly labeled "includes X songs", and you can buy additional content, that's great.

If you buy a PotC machine and can buy the original music & clips... that is not great because it should have been in the machine in the first place.
Some goes for Wonka.

This is a very, very fine line.

I'd be ok if Stern would offer the possibility to add Seasons 3 + 4 of Stranger Things in the far away future.
Or a major Code update up to Season 8 for GoT.
It's more like Re-Releasing those game in a new edition and existing customers can upgrade.
Like CGC did with MMR Royal Edition, altough that is a hardware thing.

#3614 4 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Today's stern and JJP games playfields are going to dimple. No matter what. CGC and Spooky seem to have it figured out and their PFs don't dimple or have pooling/chipping near posts. (a very small run of TNA playfields had some issues, but spooky took care of it very quickly)

My TNA dimpled as the Sterns I had. Then again it was #36 I think and don‘t care. Wouldn‘t use a protector.

#3851 4 months ago

I begin to see a flapdimpling trend...

#3880 4 months ago

So, is this now #dimplegate2 ? #flapgate ? #dimpleflapgate ? #theflappening ?

#3902 4 months ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

My Stranger Things Premium opinion meme...
[quoted image]
Original photo by Jack Danger at CES, no filter.

Srsly if you look at the spots right above the machine it's a miracle that you can still see the images.

Under any normal roomlight that should be fine.

#3957 4 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Yes it does. I took a hammer to my car the other day and it didn't even put a mark on it.

You were drunk and that wasn‘t your car.

#3959 4 months ago
Quoted from Stones:

Im way behind on the thread.....will we see some footage of the premium today?

Propably not official.

CES opens (for the public) tomorrow.

It‘d be better to show the game in a semi controlled environment then to let others do it under the bright CES lighting.
So... maybe we get something tomorrow?

#4001 4 months ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

It’s hardly lit like the sun... the lighting in the convention center isn’t overbearing by any measure. It’s well lit and cool on the color spectrum, but I’ve never found it to be overly so. That said, Stern really needs a covered area to make the projected image pop. Any sort of external light is going to wash the image... even insert and GI lights are going to ding it.

Technically you are right, since everyone would die within 3 seconds if you weren‘t.

The hall still is way brighter and less shadowy then the best lit normal location the game will ever sit in.

#4008 4 months ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

You remind me of my 3rd grade teacher who made my face red when asking her if I can use the bathroom and she responded...”well can you?”

I asked "may I go and wash my hands please" and the teacher said we have sink in the classrom for that...

...next of I began to get ready to take a dump in the sink when the teacher learned he'd better not mess with me.

100% true story.

#4010 4 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Wrong thread dude posts about inappropriate public defecation go in the "SF Stops arcade" thread.

Did they finally rename the Deeproot thread?

#4188 4 months ago
Quoted from kpg:

Well, if you use a projector with enough lumens and a high gain screen of 1.4 or higher, then they can look really damn good in well lit areas which was my point.
The problem here is it looks like "ass" because the projectors are "ass" lol
This is a good example of a proper lumens output + proper projection surface + well lit area.. notice you cant see any of the white screen behind the images?
[quoted image][quoted image]

It's only one variable and your photos prove nothing.

You won't still see shit in daylight if your projector is not brighter then the sun.
And your screen set up with the windows in the back would appear darker then it is due to the backlighting effect and camera exposure.
You know, like photographing someone with the sun behind him and suddenly hes all black.

#4216 4 months ago
Quoted from kpg:

You are 100% incorrect.


I'm 10000% right!!!

And you should at least refer to my full posting to prove me wrong.

You set up a projector with less lumens then the sun outside on a sunny day you wont see anything.

Your projector doesn't project "darkness", the darkest color is the spot on the screen where no light shines on.
But if the sun does that for you, you only have shades of white.

If you like to prove me wrong take that picture outside on a sunny day and not in front of some windows letting the screen to be appear black.

#4226 4 months ago
Quoted from kpg:

We can go on about this topic so I'll just agree with you for the sake of not wanting to get into a huge debate on Pinside lol. It's all good brotha !!

I didn't mean ot to serious, therefore the "10000%".

#4227 4 months ago

Pic from Mr. Flip:

"Here’s a snapshot of a “slightly” more normalized environment.
Keep in mind the content for the projector is still in development aka ramps etc."

Looks ok in my book. Of course the ramps look still white (the projector lights get way diffused there together with that overhead lighting that's not good), but on the Pro there'd be nothing, so...

ENusficUUAAR1yl (resized).jpg
#4241 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinballpal:

They should be using a material like this for the screen.

Maybe we could get a couple screen samples and glue them to the stranger things pins screen and see if it improves the picture.
Stern should have used a material like this to begin with.


Maybe that screen is just very good at only reflecting direct light, wich would be great...

...but maybe the whole screen would just look black because of that if you‘re not looking right from the center... wich you aren‘t in a pinball machine.

It‘s not magic, it‘s physics.
So I‘m not 100% confident this would work, since that effect has to come with a price.

#4410 4 months ago
Quoted from pinballOsp:

Pinside spelled backwards IS drama (** in some language)
-- when there comes a day when we're not up in arms over some stupid pinball-related shit, I know the apocalypse is nigh!
Thanks Jack

Pins ide

Edi snip

Don‘t snip Brian Eddys crotch!

#4523 4 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

The better screen material wants 1800-2000 lumens minimum. I'm really questioning if the Stern happy meal pico projector can meet that threshold.

I just imagine George Gomez bringing a pinball machine to pinside, made out of solid steel...


Then he urinates into the crowd, set's his jet of urine on fire and noone in the cancer dumpster fire will even notice the difference while he's bursting out in laughter.

At least that would be a totally understandable action after reading trough all this...

2 weeks later
#5686 3 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I love how STH is a "flop" before the code gets off the ground

According to you Raza is allready a flop before it even came to market.

Everything is fine.

#5694 3 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

"Theme is everything". Lol You made my point. Wtf is RAZA?
Seen enough and that "theme" is not gonna get it done in UNLIMITED production by Deeproot. And btw, the layout sucks, the ramp can't be hit!
And i've waited for YEARS, total letdown for me

- You (as most) mix up "theme" and "license"

- The ramp can easily be hit (the question is if you make it up there)

- Stop waiting and holding your breath for Alien, or your brain dies off

#5695 3 months ago
Quoted from Airball:

Hardy nails Stranger Things coffin.

Well, I wouldn't rate all model of the game based on the pro.

The projector wouldn't interact with the ball of course, but lights & sounds are the things that attract people and also make things satisfying.
The projector can potentially add a lot to the "world under glass" with interactive visual elements and that whole switching to the upside down world.

#5706 3 months ago
Quoted from Trindawg:

I just watched his review. Man he tore this game up bad! I mean. I get it. There’s been quite a few issues with this game as far as hardware on the game. For instance , the ball lock plunger. I have it on my game where the plastic rod came out of the plunger assembly completely. There’s nothing really holding it in there securely. I took it out and hammered it back in and it’s fine for now. I may have to glue it in there with super glue or something. My distro is sending me a new one but who knows if it’s gonna be the same design. It was made cheaply. And also, I had some wiring issues on my machine that basically made the center ramp useless. It wouldn’t move up or down. But after a couple weeks of troubleshooting, we found the problem. And this was NIB for me. My first purchase like this. But i love the game and am excited for the new code updates. I think it’s going to be a fine game after all the updates come out.

Yes, but for a product with a price you can basically get a small new car for, I can understand that people want it to work properly out of the box.

#5727 3 months ago
Quoted from ViperVS:

Can someone please explain what is wrong with those GI lights (bottom left):

My Maiden and Metallica also have some flickering GI lights. Both had less than 300 plays when this started happening.

Bulb loose?

#5733 3 months ago
Quoted from twenty84:

Overall I get the impressions that these videos are about him much more than about the game.


#5752 3 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

I also voted Batman Dark Knight (movie) a perfect 10. Do you have a problem with someone liking something? My rating is my opinion last I checked this is America, we have the freedom to our own opinion. If you don't think a game is a perfect 10 then that is your opinion. With all that being said I love how you change the subject. Stranger Things is about to fall out of the not top 100, but top 200. Stern doesn't get our support by default they need to earn it.
But just for you I'm going to change my rating for Creature from the Black Lagoon so it's a 9.9 instead of a 10 because I really want your support! You rate games the way you see fit and I'll do the same!

If you use a rating system and rate stuff without any relation to each other you‘re basically undermining the system, or as you’d put it: Burning the flag as your way to express your freedom of opinion.

Happily awaiting moderation notice.

#5767 3 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Your're trying to reason with the unstable. Don't waste your time.

„If you‘re reasoning with an idiot, two idiots are reasoning“

#5788 3 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Is that why you like reasoning with me?

#5816 3 months ago
Quoted from PBFan:

Did somebody just say that the shadow doesn’t have interactive toys? Like 2 player controlled diverters, a unique upper battlefield flipper, the sanctum (magnet). Has a 3rd flipper.
Doesn’t sound like a fair comparison to STH does it?

I always thought of that "battlefield flipper" as an anlogue version of breakout!

#5826 3 months ago
Quoted from Dr-pin:

Oversized balls?

Dear Dr. Pin,

my balls are way too big, what shall I do?

#5843 3 months ago
Quoted from corvair61:

I’m saving my thoughts until I fix the random issues I’m finding throughout the playfield. Here’s an obvious, yet easily remedied issue right out of the box..[quoted image]

My TMNT had this.

#5893 3 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

My only
Take away from the past 2 pages is that Iceman REALLY thinks


#5901 3 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Pinside is FILLED with “podcaster shills” these days who just parrot what they hear and think we won’t notice their brilliant thoughts are just second-hand regurgitation of what someone else said on line. It’s like someone who quotes a Simpsons joke and thinks the rest of us aren’t gonna realize we know they didn’t come up with it.
Even D-list pinball podcasters are doing it now. Remember that nobody who kept calling us “pinside babies” here because we said his material sucked?

You seem bitter.

#5905 3 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

You seem German.

Don't let your bitterness deceive you!

1 week later
#6268 3 months ago

I think that addon looks awesome, yet that "upside down" should be better presented by the GI color switching as well and at least the LE buyers should get it for free.

#6424 3 months ago
Quoted from pascal-pinball:

I think the uv-kit looks better than the projector.
So get a pro and buy an uv-kit.
If you like the game...

I'd sign this but for me (!) the Demogorgon "rattling" adds an essential part to the fun of the game.

3 weeks later
#7123 76 days ago
Quoted from SodakCox:

Love the game. Premium or LE is a must. Pro misses the projector too much.

srsly that demorgorgon not rocking and therefore seemingly „dead“ is what kills the Pro for me personally.

Have it moving and put that UV kit in (for upside down) and that‘d be awesome. (For me)

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