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Stern Stranger Things

By pinmister

2 years ago

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#43 2 years ago

No question this game has Christmas lights in it which Stern is just dying to get to the market in time for Christmas.

It sells itself!

#68 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Yeah no lower playfield, more often than not they suck.
Badass lighting to switch between real world and the upside down. Magnet save between the flippers and maybe on the playfield somewhere like the right orbit on Elvis to hold and set up a shot, Eleven is constantly saving and helping the rest of the cast in Stranger Things so it would translate well if she/magnets helped and saved you.

Agreed haven't found one lower I really liked. Although if they do, would be an easier pro decision for me

#70 2 years ago
Quoted from pinmister:

I walked around the house all weekend depressed.(My wife kept telling me-it's just pinball) I have been chopping at the bit for Scott's next game that has been in the works for two years. I was really disappointed by the choice of theme, and it crushed my dreams. I do not watch adult cartoons and really do not see myself getting into it-as much as I really want to. Trying to shift my focus elsewhere-ie. Stranger Things. I also got a glimmer of hope for Led Zeppelin not being a re-skin, that really got my juices flowing. So many epic games coming out I really need to figure out what is good for me. Need to start thinning the herd or saving up-lots of good stuff on the horizon. Again-I really am excited to see what Eddy came up with-so excited!

seriously - if pinball has that much of an effect on you, I would take a break. Relax and enjoy something else....

#115 2 years ago

If the rumor date of 12/23 ship hits, I would think a reveal happens really soon. I can hope....

#156 2 years ago

what am I even looking at?

Future pinball has a ST table - looks similar assuming that's a translite.

#216 2 years ago

How can they mess the art up on ST? Literally if the lifted the prayers I would be happy. Stern don't f up ST

RM in as well so no skin in the game

#232 2 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Yeah, I think that works for JP as the draw ends up being the dinosaurs. For Stranger Things however actor audio and actor video are a must as it's the characters that help make the theme popular.

for me JP is their best however it I couldn't change the audio and some music, it would be a definite issue. I hope stern doesn't go down the same road b/c i rather not put that effort into this game too. It's kind of annoying stern.

#299 2 years ago
Quoted from Hop721:

This is a dream theme for me. I was the same age as those kids in the same time as the show took place. Love it. And Brian Eddy is one of my favorite designers (I own an AFM). HOWEVER...I won’t spend 7-8k on a machine that does not shoot well or is poorly coded. And I’ve never met a lower playfield that I liked. That’s a deal breaker for me.
I have very high hopes and pray they won’t be shattered by any of the above negatives. Stern is set up, with this theme, to hit another one out of the park as a follow up to JP. Fingers crossed

Is lower confirmed? I hope not.

#308 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

100% confirmed there ISN'T a lower playfield.

Thank god!

Bring it on Stern. For me, this is an IP they'll have to really mess up for it not to be exciting.

#348 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Has anyone ever seen a game with amazing theme and asset integration from a big time license?
Hobbit is the only game I’ve seen that is really well done in that department. LOTR might be the best one before that.
So that’s why I’m totally fine with the JP approach and if they continued to advance their games in that direction.

Alien Alien and Alien. Rivals Hobbit, which does it really well but i prefer the Alien universe.

I know no ridley but they nailed it.

#374 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I like the sounds of everything so far.

going to say the same. Stern rarely uses drops now so good to see. 3 ramps on the pro is nice - I'm trying to convince myself pro is good enough! I mean - who needs 4 ramps! haha

and hand drawn art. Thank god.

#378 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Three ramps also lends to a third flipper. Yes!

I really hope you get that third flipper!

#395 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Same. CPA here. I’m doing trainings tomorrow so more of the same!

Hey it's a reportable year. I hear you.

#405 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Disagree. Tons of annoying sound FX that have nothing to do with GB, yet totally lacking iconic sounds like the streams & Slimer’s screams & growls. Not enough movie quotes peppered about. Ernie, while legit, is kinda bland sounding as a custom callout - if you didn’t know it was Ernie, it just sounds like a generic guy. The DMD never shows the character’s faces. Only their backs & hands. Clearly they didn’t want to go through approvals on the Dot animation.

there are so many lines of dialogue from the movie - even when the game is not being played the flipper buttons will play more.

No one is confusing Ernie for a generic guy. Triple. Super. Jackpot. It's actually the opposite of bland as well. I worry he's going to have a heart attack he's so spirited in some of the call outs.

Now if you want absolute dogshit call outs, check out JP stern!

#417 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

And yet JP is one of best pins ever
I assume the hidden posts are critical of GB
Great call outs! Great pin

one of the best pins ever after I changed the really bad call outs. I'm at peace with it b/c I customized the code so I can hear the real actors. JP2 is sterns best period and one of the best pins I've ever played. I'm also a HUGE JP fan but the gameplay is so good too.

Not sure what hidden posts you're referring to but I'm a big fan of GB.

#464 2 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I appreciate the Cleland audio mods but at these prices more licensed assets should be expected in games. Stern did a great job with Ghostbusters licensing, probably their best effort with licensed assets since Lord of the Rings in my opinion.
Modifying audio is a nice option that I'm glad we have but it cannot replace the intent and choreography a sound designer and programmer creates using licensed assets while working on the project.

As someone that actually does customization I can't agree more. When a game has this built in, the time and effort put in can't just be replaced with simple music replacements. It's actually part of the game and it's very hard to truly replicate without sinking in so much time.

It's def an option to help but I rather not have to even use it as it can be so much more if done properly from the start

Now I hope to see this thing today based on the rumors...

#488 2 years ago

it would be impossible for the backglass to look bad if it's one of those posters. I just hope stern doesn't try to be too cute with it.

#587 2 years ago

This goes against what I usually say but I've actually had my fill of random I ayouts and wouldn't mind a really good themed MM or AFM layout as neither of those really interest me.

Long story short, I'm on board if this is AFM stranger things version

#609 2 years ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

I don't watch the show. I watched the first season and said wow the special fx are so bad, the plot makes no sense, but I gave it one more season. Season 2 was the worst it was impossible to even follow it. Someone said watch season 3 its the best, but I couldn't even watch season 2.

People who dislike stranger things this much - I just can't even comprehend. It's like not human. If you didn't like stranger things season 1, nothing will change your mind.

#644 2 years ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Someone shares their own opinion they don't watch or follow Stranger Things and people blow up. Its my opinion! OMG! You like what you like I like what I like get over it!

nah - it's like someone tells you they hate chocolate or they can't stand burgers and french fries.

It's something so off the wall that inherently, it's going to draw a lot of attention. It's mind boggling how someone could hate the show that much. but hey - you share your opinion, don't be surprised when others share theirs in reaction.

cmon doc!

#702 2 years ago

sounds great. Prem doesn't seem like a big diff. I will be ALL OVER this.

#747 2 years ago

worst part about Pirates is the modes. So generic - so snooze worthy. It's ultimately why I think the game is very good - not great. Now Hobbit, Alien - those are how you sell modes.

#772 2 years ago

Damn no projector on the pro could be a deal breaker. That some really cool

#774 2 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I wouldn't call off your dogs yet, the projector could be a great idea and shitty IRL

Totally agree but it's a very unique mech that if done well would awesome

#780 2 years ago

I'm predicting reveal on the 23rd bc it's interesting this article not only comes out now but you can tell someone from Stern is reading it as they notified TWIP to change the premium features.... and likely allowing it to be printed by TWIP as general story vs only limited rumors.

#822 2 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Wording from both "leaks" sounds like the same source.

I think the original guy with this info was a LE member on TWIP and leaked out what he read.

Totally fine with me as I'm not a fan of this LE info behind a pay wall although I understand Jeff is trying to make some $$ to help with the site so I see both sides.

#909 2 years ago

From kaneda - take it however you want

- teaser of ST to be released Sunday

- game to be unvealed and streamed by Stern on Monday the 23rd

- games already have been received by distributors and will be for sale same day. Really impressive if so

- projector feature not great and really dependent on the room being dark.

#912 2 years ago

Rumors but Reveal Monday, Sunday teaser

#920 2 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

Hasn't he already had multiple wrong predictions this week?

not really - always said Dec 23rd. I think I know who the informant is here as well. I think this is legit.

#929 2 years ago

I like the idea but for me, pinball is all about physical interaction. GB hologram even if done right just doesn't feel good to have the ball run through. I like it but wouldn't pay the prem for it. Those magna slings.....totally diff story as they are physical and just absolutely rock.

With TMNT coming out right after, and I'm hearing it's awesome, that's my prem option and I'm going ST on a pro. Of course this could all change if the reveal shows this projector is awesome but I doubt it will be enough for me to go prem.

#931 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

The term you’re looking for is Kinetic Satisfaction. Another thing Elwin is a genius at.

haha yes. well put!

fellas - we're only two days away from seeing this thing!

On a sep note, I looked at my collection and all of a sudden I have nothing but sterns except my fav title ever (Alien). GB, TWD, Tron and JP2. Soon, ST and then TMNT.

As much shit as they get, they give you the themes you want and recently the gameplay to really match them. Rick and Morty, GnR will come in this year but it will be majority stern for 2020.

This could be the best time (for me) in pinball yet. Thank god we're moving past the old themes.

#969 2 years ago

First off thank you kaneda

Second - thank god it looks like Stern has full assets!

Premium shown. Little disappointed with translite art so hopefully pro is better.

Projector does look kind of cheesey and seems you have to play in complete darkness.

Anyone know what's being shown 34 seconds in? It's a picture but from where?

#979 2 years ago

Actually looks like multiple translite are being shown? What's right in the beginning bc that is different than translite on full machine....hmmm

#998 2 years ago

Excuse me while I watch the trailer for the 6th time!

Hardly innovative but it looks like the layout is fine, many modes as they said, art check, full assets HELL YES check. Thank you Stern.

#1009 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

So the screen thing is only the prem/le, correct?
Hoping so


#1088 2 years ago

so they end up showing the side art of the cabinet during the beginning then at 34 sec mark. At first I didn't know where those were coming from but both have those black circles in them that are typically in the sides of cabs. Translite is weak....hoping for better on pro.

I also noticed that during the projection scenes, look at the main LCD - it's barely being used. I wonder if the prem/le will use the projector to portray the video while the pro will just use the LCD at all times. I'm not really impressed at all with the projector thus far (reminds me of that pinball 2k which I thought was dumb) and if the pro just ends up keeping the action on the LCD, its a complete pass.

Magnet against the wall isn't interesting to me either. I would love to see more!

#1180 2 years ago

This hobby is crazy sometimes. People are spending THOUSANDS on pinball machines and then they're concerned about changing a bulb once a year.

Get out of here.

I personally think the projector is just ok but the last thing I would complain about is changing the bulb.

#1210 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Everything is the same. But instead of a white screen it’s artwork printed on it.

So you're saying the pro is the same as far as physical items but instead of white it's printed art?

#1239 2 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

When I said it was very innovative pages back many said it was not and very pin2kish and nothing new
Sorry but this is very different and cld be very awesome if coded well and looks good in lower light situations which I believe it will . I showed my other half and she loves it and said we must get it.... which she has never said lol. Very excited to see more of this and how it plays. Good job stern and b eddy for trying something out of the normal...this is what I've been waiting for from you .

Very innovative is a stretch but I agree that Stern is trying something new and for that kudos to them. I will go pro bc I'm a die hard fan and I want this for the break to share with family coming in but ultimately I might be back for a premium if the projector works well (so be on the lookout!). I usually play in a darker room but sometimes I don't and I'm not sure if I want to be forced to play dark otherwise I'm seeing blurry images and white ramp that's the only rub

As an Alien owner I know pinball can really work well and not be bright but this is taking that to the max.

Regardless they have the full assets, BE design and it's stranger things. Can't pass that up!

#1294 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

It doesn’t really but the real deal is a good actor who clearly knows the role and the show. Might do a better job than an actor of an actor. Haha

Def doesn't sound like him. I thought it was just generic guy #4 at Stern like they do for the other games. Sounded ok but not real deal or close.

#1385 2 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

The potential for this theme is huge. I definitely like what I see so far, including some unique new features (which in many ways is probably my number 1 priority for a new pin right now...I just feel like I want something "different"). Also curious to see how Eddie's layout will play.
Lonnie is not going to get anyone excited, but he can be more than ok if he has good help/collaboration.
The music plays a HUGE role in my love for Stranger Things (nostalgia), and I can really see it playing a huge role in the pin in terms of setting the mood for each mode. Like I said, huge potential here. Just hope that Stern will get the rights to a lot of the non-original music from the 80's.

and if they didn't, I'll mix it some myself and share!

#1401 2 years ago

Kind of scary to think what some people might be spending on new Stern's based on some of these estimates for premiums.

#1488 2 years ago

Whatever it is, I hope the pro art is better. The art on premium it's just ok but should be amazing considering the material.

#1493 2 years ago
Quoted from kermit24:

I think the art looks good so far, but these are screen grabs from a video. It resembles the show. I am going to wait for high res photos before passing judgement.

Translite is shown clearly on a Stern developed teaser. I hope the pro looks better

#1507 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Yes. It’s really a non issue for home buyers or almost any location.
People just bored and looking for something to bitch about a usual.

The light bulb thing is SO dumb. The concern about forcing folks to play the game in the dark is something I can understand.

I usually play with lights low but sometimes I don't want to (feel like I'm going to fall asleep and I like seeing all the art) so not being able to play this game with full lights on with the prem and le could bother some

#1566 2 years ago

Haven't been following today. Still expecting a teaser from Stern? I know it's prob what kaneda released but would be great if it's the pro!

#1651 2 years ago

this thread has really taken a turn for the worse. Can't wait for some real news. I know I'll be posting pics if I can get a pro. Can't wait for the reveal today.

Less whining, arguing about what age watches this show, why sterns sucks and more focus on hype and pics!!

#1680 2 years ago

Love the color on the pf, especially the pro. Like the fixed art on the pro too.

Translites are weak on all of them. GD stern - so easy to get a good one for it. I like the LE the best. Pro and Prem weak sauce.

Pro has the flip down center ramp which is good.

IGN article mentions they have video and audio BUT they also did custom video with 3d models? Oh god - that last part is a little worriesome considering their tech is ala playstation 2.

Also - main theme is in. Rest of the audio is custom based on show. Not unexpected but it looks like I'll need to inject some good 80s songs into it!

#1692 2 years ago
Quoted from Crile1:

Interesting that they went with the neon-ish blues and magentas. That really wasn't the color palette of the show or posters, except for season 3. It was more deep reds and blacks. I also agree that the translite art on all 3 seem weak. I think I favor the Pro translite.

it's really bringing in that 80s style so I'm digging it!

Reminds me ALOT of the coloring for GB pro. Too much 11 in general.

#1702 2 years ago
Quoted from Crile1:

"Ding" away!

haha - going to ding the ___ out of this game.

seriously though, Billy and Steve better be on the pro somewhere. Hoping other side

#1707 2 years ago
Quoted from Crile1:

So...are there any streams being done today? Not sure why they wouldn't say from the start.

per kaneda (who has been right thus far) - stream today of the pro, maybe more by JD

#1771 2 years ago

best surprise (for me) is that Hopper is doing the call outs. That's really impressive stern. Good one.

I was hoping to get some Billy and Steve but I'll pinbrowser them in.

#1782 2 years ago

pro side art is the same on both sides? Pro features shows it for a sec. Seems to be a mirror of the right. Is that how pros usually are? Dissappointed b/c that art just isn't great.

Also - no steve or Billy b/c Pro is Season 1 only art. FYI.

If i didn't absolutely love stranger things, I would prob pass but I need a fan layout and love ST

#1850 2 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Jurassic Park would like a word with you...

I love JP2 - their best but the video assets look PS2 on that as well.

#1853 2 years ago
Quoted from fooflighter:

Reserving judgement until I can see some Premium footage/gameplay. I already have an amazing fan pin.. SW Prem, so the projector utilization is really the make or break for me... Not really feeling this one yet and I love Stranger Things... Hope it shoots well and the code is solid - I'm just worried with so many inserts...

I agree that if I didn't like Stranger Things, this would be a snoozer pass no question. It's the fan of fans.

That theme though! ....and I actually don't have a fan in my collection so it fits really well.

Looks like no pro for me this week btw. Family in town so I'm out until next week at least.

#1931 2 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

This is pinball. If you're hung up on graphics go play your PS4.

Pinball in 2020 apparently includes 3d models in an lcd. Check it out

#2145 2 years ago

Watching the Jack Danger stream and I'm really liking what I'm seeing.....

They nailed the music, the sound effects, the video clips, 80s art, modes seemed varied with themes, even harper call outs are great (extra ball especially). The freaking animations are even nice.

Early code but still plenty there and I really like where they're going with it. Biggest missing piece is the humor. They need to inject some (haven't seen it yet)....

#2162 2 years ago

I would love that Steve art on the bottom left corner of his stream to be on the pro....but I think it's on the premium.

Left orbit to right ramp return is so deadpool premium....and I love it. Best reason for the DP prem was injected into stranger things.

#2492 2 years ago

So just got done hosting a killer Christmas Eve party (best time of the year - Merry Christmas pinside) and I'm catching up on this absolute disaster of a thread. Holy shit. What a mess. Here's the deal.... Coming from a guy buying Stranger Things and Rick and Morty.....

- it's so obvious why this game is getting a ton of shit. The layout is not innovative. It's rinse and repeat afm.

- the projector is going to disappoint. Stern knows it and doesn't even know how to stream it. If they did it wouldn't have been the pro to kick it off. Ultimately it shows video on another screen while you already have video on the lcd. It doesn't change the way it shoots like DP what so ever. Oh and it looks like shit when it's off.

- here's why it's going to be awesome (I'm in on a pro and a huge fan of the show)..... It's AFM meets stranger things WITH better code.


#2494 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

You don’t know this has better code than AFM. AFM is a Lyman masterpiece. Strangey Thangs is currently unfinished.

It's a deeper coded game than afm. The current code they showed yesterday demonstrated it's basically AFM..... One of the mini wizard was a play on. Total annilihation.

Oh and it has over 40 modes..... It's going to be a deeper AFM per Brian Eddy

I'll take that

#2559 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Just talking about “depth” in a vacuum means nothing. It’s about how the rules, sounds, music, content, choreography, execution & overall feel that matters...how the rules gel with design. Promise of depth means nothing until you play it and feel it out. You can’t declare a new unfinished untested mostly unplaced Stern a victory over an all time classic that’s still being enjoyed today.

LOL my taste level is just fine. Fake voices from bad actors are in bad taste. The layout is close enough to other games that are much better that I don’t need to force myself to like bobaleebobo...I’ll just jam on Metallica & Iron Man to get a similar but superior experience.

Not saying Stranger Things is better than AFM right now. It's basically lifting the layout, and code to a certain extent and then building on that with additional modes to make it deeper. Brian said on the podcast literally the same thing. He wants it to be a deeper AFM. A deeper AFM is better (for me) than the current AFM. Why wouldn't I want more? Then throw on Stranger Things vs generic alien guy and you have a weiner.

#2565 2 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

There isn't much humor in Stranger Things - it's a drama. It's never going to be as funny as AFM or MM because those games are basically parody farces.
Why is the code only being compared to AFM? Isn't MM basically AFM with better toys and mode stacking?

there is def enough humor in ST to require it to be in the stern pinball machine. They can achieve this by putting in some funny one liners in the modes or something like that.

Not a ton - just need something.

#3074 2 years ago
Quoted from zeddex:

Stern has never ever done this with any pin......since the pro/premium/LE system has been in place and people cared this much. They Roll out the PRO first....and the PREMIUM a few weeks later. That always means you have to wait to see the bells and whistles. You can complain, but it’s never been any different.

Wrong. JP2 premium was shown as well first then the pro.

It's super clear that this projector feature is not ready for primetime and if I was aprem or worse LE I would pull my money no question until I see this thing in action.

And I'm a huge fan but something is def up.

#3182 2 years ago

Just played the pro. Detailed review when I get back but I'll just say there are a lot of trolls around here.

Game is solid.

#3236 2 years ago

Here's my review of playing this game for about 2 hours today. Shout out to Helicon Brewery for being the absolute king of location pinball!

Shot summary - I was a little weary after watching the stream and hearing a lot of negative feedback but after playing it today, I'm picking up a pro tomorrow. That should get my point across fairly easily. It has brought one of my fav shows to pinball and it executes well with a fun layout, excellent music and effects, their best LCD art to date and a two tier toy. While not fully baked, I rather buy in now and enjoy it instead of waiting on the sidelines only to hold out on the fun until the inevitable code updates happen.

+Smooth shooter. Layout is very AFM so it feels familiar but not identical but I was a little worried about the ramps being plastic. Luckily they didn't detract at all to the experience. Love that left orbit shot to the right flipper (very DP prem). Right orbit was my concern but shooting it into the pops was still satisfying although I am a sucker for pops in pinball. Right inlane shot has to be my fav as you can loop it around but it's not fast enough to be impossible (ala JP2 top right flipper loop) but not slow enough that it doesn't feel fun/exciting. Just a great shot and mixes up the formula as part of the code is looping. Left inlane was fine as gives you a little time to breath which was nice to have as this game plays rather fast, as you would expect. No lock on the pro was fine as it does pause enough and when you got into Tele MB, the ball is shot right when that van comes crashing down which was a nice touch.

+LCD Screen - no question, the best stern has put out to date. I own JP2. I know it improved in that game but you can't ignore certain scenes (especially with people) where you cringe a little and go, well it's a pinball machine so what do you expect. I didn't feel any of that here with Stranger Things (ST) - the dogs, the atmosphere, the demogorgan... I feel they really played to their strengths and avoided the pitfalls (like people) so I didn't feel like I was playing Dreamcast Crazy Taxi! They did and excellent job and I found myself trying to look up at it. I make fun of stern all the time regarding this but they nailed it here. btw - extra ball animation is a complete shout out to AFM replacing the alien getting hit in the face with the demo. Nice touch too.

+Sounds/Music- This one is BIG for me. If you're a player that doesn't need to hear well to enjoy, then you're the opposite of me and prob don't place a lot of value in this category but I do. Case in point, with Wonka, it absolutely tore me out of the gorgeous table and layout b/c the slot machine effects and the announcer and lack of good music really pissed me off - to the point where I passed on owning the game...it drove me crazy. ST on the other hand just nails it. The sound effects, the spooky music, it really put me in the ST universe. It's hard to describe in a review but I couldn't have handpicked better myself. In the current code though, it's clear they are targeting suspense/scary vs humor which they need to balance better but I'm aware the lines are in the code already so just a matter of time. The important part is what's been coded thus far is really impressive and that's important b/c after the fact replacements is hard and often ends up disjointed. Music wise that's easier but I do a lot of add ins for games and it's always better when the original team nails it and Stern crushed it here.

+Demogorgan- I had to call this out separately b/c I've read about all the whining and complaining related to this toy and my expectations were probably lower than they should have been but I really enjoyed it. Here's the surprise for me. I might have read this somewhere on these forums but it truly feels like the hole in one shot from NGG. I love the temporary giant ramp that drops in front of you and it becomes a game of not only hitting it but timing it so it goes in the hole. I wasn't successful many times (although I'm also not very good) but when I connected, it gave me the same satisfaction from my time of NGG ownership and I loved that shot. It's much more fun to shoot than the AFM mother ship b/c of that extra element resulting in having a tiered approach to what is normally a one approach bash toy. Loved it. Hit it or sink it. It's hard but super satisfying.

+/- = code. This is def leaning towards the + category b/c the modes seemed varied (and could get to that promised "deep" code), the video assets looked very good, the tie in to the effects and music already impressed me. I just want more.....and that's the negative. I know it's early but believe me, the code foundation is set and it is solid. Really enjoyed what I played and I'm eager to see how they build. It's going to get even better and I have no issue buying in now so I can begin to enjoy what's there and then continue enjoying all the new updates that hit. It's like buying an episodic game that just continues to get better. It's the opposite of a game with broken or incomplete code that results in boredom or wasting time - I truly enjoyed each second I had with it.

-/+ Art. Tough one as well. It's not clipart stern bad. Yes it might appear to favor that style more than what we've seen recently but the PF art especially along with the purple really has it's own look. It stands out from the rest of the games and it does surface that 80s touch, especially with the fonts used. Too many inserts no question but looking over it and seeing how they represented the scenes from the seasons in interesting ways, from the poisioned grounds, to the vans to billy and steve's face over to something else - it's a lot to look at but satisfying, especially as a fan. It's a negative b/c it could have been SO much more. So much - hello season 3??. I'm happy that it's not terrible though but I'm looking forward to some sick side blades (we need more Billy and Steve) and a better translite. Speaking of, it's not great but not terrible - in fact that summarizes it well for art and for that alone, with this type of powerhouse, it's leaning negative which is a shame but they gave us enough to enjoy.

#3350 2 years ago

Just unboxed and my 5 year old played first as usual.... He got the hole in one shot his first try! I think the toy is fine haha
20191230_170749 (resized).jpg

#3394 2 years ago

Crazy day yesterday but got an opp late at night to play latest code. One thing I didn't have any trouble with was that center shot. I actually got the ball in the hole many times so def not a design issue but machine by machine.

Getting the table setup properly was harder than usual. Not just balance but the table level seemed to have to be really perfect to get the shots to play as designed. All tables are like this but this one seems very sensitive which might explain the varing center shot.

Morse code mode has a really annoying beap that needs to be addressed...I know what they're going for but it needs to be dialed back.

More call outs but still not nearly enough

I like Harper call outs in certain situations but some will likely need to be pinbrowser'd out. One I keep on hearing is OOOOOOKAAAY. Just not a great delivery.

Game is fun. Upside down world mode now has more color difference so the entire pf goes purple. Sound effects are great.

No pf issues at all.

Lighting on this is good. Will just add a couple of spots maybe but with all the inserts it really is bright but still has that scary feel.

Speaking of, the game is so dark/spooky that including neverending story at the end would kind of break the feel. Thinking about where it might be best.... But injecting humor into this at this state will be interesting on Sarena part.

Love that theme music.

Looking at the premium screens and playing the pro, the images they showed on the premium reveal literally take the video from the pro and project it into the premium screens.....I thought it might be doing this (pro shows on lcd premium shows on the white screen). Premium will show letters and other smaller things on target and spinner.

#3425 2 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

Great review and thanks for taking the time for the write up!
You mentioned it took a while to set up the machine.
Would you mind sharing those details if you could? What pitch did you settle with?

I'm still tweaking it. What's weird is that with the levelers all the way down it's about 6.5/7 which is usually not the case.

For owners, how low or high are you setting the back? Assuming front all low? My center shot is perfect but sometimes that right inner loop doesn't always come back to my left flipper. Not sure if it's supposed to but I would like for it to always be repeatable.... Assuming I hit it!

#3427 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Levelers in front all the way in. We settled at back levelers half way out. No matter what we did with the back it didn’t change the demo shot. I didn’t have issues with the burn it back loop at any setup. Usually comes to the left flipper unless is a weird rattling shot that bounces off the ball guide.

What angle did that give you? More then 7? I usually do the same and it's 7 or a little less but with this game is reading 7.5

#3440 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

The bubble is just past the top line of the bubble level. We just level and set the pitch manually we don’t have a digital level or anything.

Thanks that sounds about right... Above 7. I'll check when I'm back home.

All of a sudden I own all Stern.....

20191231_084716 (resized).jpg
#3493 2 years ago

ST with spots to help with the middle

Plenty of light and keeps the mood spooky...

Comes off a little brighter than it is...

Just a really nice color palette that you don't see very often

UV trough light from comet will wrap it up

20191231_190503 (resized).jpg

#3507 2 years ago

So three things I've noticed for future owners after one day....

1). My right inner loop shot was returning to my right flipper sometimes instead of left. Thought it was leveling BUT I realized that damn E Target to the left was hitting the ball on return. I adjusted that left guard rail a little to point more right and now it's working perfect as the ball slips that Target and returns left flipper like it should for continuous looping

2) drop targets are def risky but in the beginning they are so stiff the ball was bouncing more than expected. Just one day in and they are def more broken in and work better. It makes hitting Central less risky but still risky!

3) posts are set at the highest point for outlanes. Usually Stern games are middle so it's set up super hard by default.

#3510 2 years ago

Outer right orbit shot - when it returns where should they return the ball? Sometimes it goes left and sometimes right.... Maybe both?

Also I continue having no issue hitting that hole shot.

#3529 2 years ago

I'm heading over to the stranger things owners thread..... Can't deal with DLC nonsense. Cheers.

1 week later
#4353 2 years ago

Wow this projector reveal. Seems like this is the place to talk about that aspect and after seeing an overwhelming of wtf moments (that cnet video was a car wreck), this last one where stern himself is now telling people in 2020 to stop taking a video of a machine he brought for people to enjoy.....? Very amateur. Planning on this seems like an afterthought which is surprising.

What I want to know is how are the videos we're seeing so washed out on cnet + almost every random ces attendees footage but Jack's looks better? Not implying Jack is doing something - he's a good guy but the angle must be so important.

I just hope they don't restrict the video assets on the pro to make their premium/le more desirable.

#4355 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I’ve already seen lots of assets on the projector that are currently not on the pro.

Yeah that's a bummer. Hope they update the pro code to include.

I just realized I think in pinbrowser you can add video. If so I'll see if I can locate the video, extract and inject into pro....

#4368 2 years ago

Guys I just took this myself at CES

The projector looks MUCH better in person. Premium/LE saved!

20200108_214547 (resized).jpg
#4420 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

No different than him telling people not to record Star Wars before their official stern reveal imo. Weird, but they’ve done it before. Randos that aren’t pinball people and the projector not having up to date code, aren’t going to do it justice anyway.

But it's been revealed by Stern already. The official Stern issued video was released by every website and it was focused on the premium and the projector. Now we have to wait for them to stream it live as well? Getting ridiculous.

What's happening is that Stern knows this feature looks like ass unless in exact dialed in setting and they want to control that. Good suggestion would have been to make that setting a reality at CES and avoid this nonsense.

#4546 2 years ago
Quoted from DRDAVE:

Agreed. It's amazing the way people like Levi feel the need to blaspheme when they have no belief in the person they use to blaspheme, namely Jesus Christ.
If you don’t believe in God, then go in peace and live happily; but why do you constantly feel compelled to use foul language on God and His only begotten Son and Savior Jesus Christ? It's looking more and more like a type of Tourette's syndrome.
More than likely, atheists really know that God exists, but some have had personal issues with their own father so they equate their relationship with God to the bad one they have with their father. And they want to hit Him and people who believe in Him; otherwise, as they like to point out God is no different from the Easter Bunny, and as people who don’t believe in the Easter Bunny just go about life happily without believing in the Easter Bunny, so also if you don’t believe in God, then go about life happily without God.
No need to blaspheme and use foul language on Jesus and people who believe in Jesus.

Omg this topic is such a dumpster fire.

#4630 2 years ago

I kind of like this thread again. It's almost gone full circle of crazy. I'll add

Grab a beer and listen to a song called stranger things by a band called Band Royale.

Then jump in a hot tub with a cold beer and you'll have me right now.

Enjoy that 65 degree weekend Pennsylvania

2 weeks later
#5783 2 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Yep. Welcome to the suck...[quoted image]

Omg that's hilarious

#5818 2 years ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

My JJP POTC has been PERFECT from DAY ONE! My game also has no chips or pooling. That is a game I would never sell! Incredible game!
Can't wait for Eric's next game GNR!!!!

If you did sell it, would you list it at a cheap price, then complain you have too many PM's, then say you're not spending any extra money to become a pinside plus member (even though this is the website that allows you to speak your nonsense and sell your games to others)..... And in the end you ended up raising the price of the game. Unbelievable.

Just a dick move you did with that TBL sale. Text book definition.

Why don't you go off on explaining that move to us instead of wasting everyone's time about stranger things.

#5842 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I for the life of me don't understand the level of hate for this game. This game is going to be pretty damn good I think. Sure there are some bugs and some unfortunate things going on with it but it will all get worked out. Some of you folks need to chill out for real.

I agree - the hatred is way overrated. Yes stern cheapened out but what’s new. The gameplay is pretty good and the sound effects are some of the best in years. Voice clips will get better as there is much more in the code per pin browser. It’s going to take time for sure and it was def released way too early but it’s not going to be a mess. The jump ramp toy shot is really fun especially when you get it.

#6000 2 years ago
Quoted from wrb1977:

I guess the doctor missed his nap and is bored again. I seriously doubt anyone would bet you on anything. With the way you handled the sale of your The Big Lebowski, your word clearly means nothing and you’re cheap. Even if somebody won the bet I’m sure you would find a way not to pay up.

Let's see how much BS drfrightner can litter this thread with and still not address how he did a bait and switch on that TBL ad and then was too cheap to support this website.

Please - his word is as weak as his arguments.

#6010 2 years ago

I'm not going to post this in the stranger things owners thread, b/c it would seem like I'm rubbing it in which is def not my point. I still think the game is getting a worse rep (gameplay wise) than it deserves but quality wise (or lackthereof), this is really starting to get out of hand.

The poor LE guys who are going to take a bath on this game now have to deal with Sterns obvious rush job as that magnet lock shot doesn't even work. Luckily the community is so damn smart (shout out lodgingdolphin) that there appears to be a fix saving Stern's ass yet again. A distributor gets on - of course not blaming Stern in any way...but says see guys - instead of getting the pitch forks out, shit gets solved.


So stern fucks up royally but hey - no need to complain, let's work together as a team to fix their BS. Where is the outrage to the brass at stern who OBVIOUSLY rushed this thing from the people selling us these games? I'm really happy that these guys get things fixed but how is this shit going to be resolved going forward if we just keep on taking it and rely on ourselves to fix it? Would be nice if the same people taking our 9K+ appear to care about the lack of quality too instead of just overlooking it. Playfield issues? Oh you're overreacting.....BUY BUY BUY!

#6049 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

In my experience the more they innovate or do things that have not been done before the more variation you’ll have or growing pains.
The three main features of the LE have never been done before. Add that slight variations in each of the features will cause them to behave much differently, it makes it hard to nail down a consistent fix/setup. I bet the hardest things to fix for stern are the things that aren’t consistently behaving.

I just can’t believe the defense sometimes on these forums.

Let’s assume you truly believe this is innovation, which I don’t...balls stick to magnets all the time, BUT let’s assume you agree. How in the world can you just accept stern release a game where that “innovation” doesn’t work? I sometimes think this hobby is full of suckers bc only in pinball will someone pay 9k and then make excuses for the company that just bent them over. It’s crazy. No you shouldn’t have to be their test pilot. It’s just not right

And ICE? I love the guy.... but even he knows he’s completely out of his stern defending mind at this point that there is no reason to even comment. No not every LE Owner takes a bath and I won’t even use the easy examples like GB but recent ones like hmmmmmm I don’t know - 2019 JP LE or 2018 IMDN? Now compare that to 2019 Black Knight or how about 2019 Munsters. Both tankers and owners that are taking it in the pants.

This game is fun. It’s being overly criticized for gameplay but let’s stop defending sterns obvious quality oversights.

#6051 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Not defending anything just trying to understand why some games are fine and others aren’t.
I don’t want sterns job, that’s all I got to say. Haha
I’ve been tweaking my game here and there since I got it. There’s no perfect way to do it. Some are fine, others aren’t. How can you possibly control for that? I have no clue. I can tell you this though it would be a lot harder controlling for variances on new stuff that hasn’t been done before than variances in flipper performance or ramp layouts that have been around for decades.
Of course I would rather not have to fiddle with my games all the time. But before I bought it I was well aware of the risks. Just part of pinball. Always will be. No matter what you buy and who you buy from.

I hear you as it would be naive to think nothing would need to be addressed in the lifecycle of a machine but we’re talking brand new pinball games and the premier features of why people bought them over a pro. Whaaaaat? That’s what gets me. Some work and some don’t bc obviously stern can engineer it but can they spend enough time to ensure that works consistently and the answer is no. Why? BUY BUY BUY. It’s really getting to be much. Tweak a sling, fix a post but now I’m being forced to fix main features too? Nah cmon we deserve better.

#6080 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

It's one thing to have to do a few tweaks (that's pinball) but this game here has experienced people like yourself scratching their heads and searching for answers just to get their game to work correctly.
I do believe (hope) that eventually all of you guys get your games working correctly and I also believe that this could be a really good game. The problem is, Stern obviously didn't do their homework on testing this game and now they have just totally killed the hype of this game and it has literally already been forgotten about and people are looking to the next game already because they have already lost interest in this one.
Stern might be killing it but the thing is they could be killing it a hell of alot more if they didn't constantly keep shooting themselves in the foot by releasing games that have all of these problems. What I can't understand to save my life is how many times do they have to keep doing stupid shit before they realize that they need to get better?
It's a terrible idea to release a game with mechs that haven't been put through lots of testing, just like it's a bad idea to sell games with shitty playfields but yet they don't seem to ever learn. I just don't get it.

All great points. I can answer that question about how long will it take for Stern to stop doing this? Well until we stop buying.

I'm going to wait and see with tmnt that's for sure

#6205 2 years ago

This really is the beginning of DLC. Already installed by being part of the pf already. Now you're essentially unlocking by buying this kit.

Complete bullshit. Anyone describing this as an add on like a shooter rod is already lost. This is literally part of the code/gameplay and clearly should have been included as prem/le.

I'm starting to really get sick of Stern's abuse along with the Stern army apologists who support this garbage.

#6317 2 years ago

Wow just shaking my head at the suckers on this website who will defend stern to the end. Fucking embarrassing. They are now charging for GI effects that were literally printed into the Pf from day 1 and these dummies are saying it’s just like an aftermarket mod.

HOLY shit - it’s unbelievable. I wouldn’t even waste one breath trying to explain to these shills - just remembering the names of the mindless army who just can’t wait to take it next from Gary. It’s like stern somehow took away their common sense. I’m waiting for our favorite distributor to start promoting this feature too - lets just complete the loop. BUY BUY BUY!

#6358 2 years ago
Quoted from chooch:

So are you officially out on Stern? No TMNT or future Stern titles? Asking for a friend.

Great question (no joke) bc I’m really excited for tmnt. This is super dirty though. I’m trying to remind myself this is the same company that gave us JP2. Loaded and plays great. I’m hoping that company releases tmnt. Bottom line I’ll be extremely skeptical based on this.

#6372 2 years ago
Quoted from chooch:

I know which is why I asked. I don't like what they did with the UV light and it's very dirty. However I can't blame Stern for trying to squeeze more money out of people for less just like Apple. People keep saying they will show Stern with their wallet but I have yet to see it happen by enough people to have any impact. I was part of the "I'm never buying another NIB Stern" club and I stuck to my guns for 6 years until they released Iron Maiden which was a dream theme for me. No regrets since I think it was one of Stern's best titles however at $8.5K I didn't feel like I was getting anything more for money they I did for my $5K NIB LOTR LE.

I don’t support the never Stern or never JJP or never _____ club b/c IMO, these companies all make mistakes. I’m just as vocal to support a company when they do well (see my JP2 posts) as I am when they bend you over backwards (see this thread). Stern is testing the market for how much they can bend this community before it breaks and it’s up to us to not support this type of BS. Shills will shill so that’s expected but call those fools out too. Believe me they don’t help the situation.

Open mind on everything that is released and judge based on product and approach. This approach is disgusting. Period.

#6814 2 years ago
Quoted from NPO:

You'll forgive as soon as it is revealed. And you'll like it too.
Truly some frog slowly boiled in a pan stuff by Stern.

Here's what's important. Calling out Stern for the bad and the good. Currently.... there is a lot of bad with this cash grab. That should be called out along with the shills who defend it. If/when tmnt comes out - if it's loaded AND doesn't have BS DLC than I will be there to support it. No doubt about it.

It's not about some fanboy bullshit. It's about what is right and what is wrong period and calling these companies out when they pull this but also supporting them when it's deserved.

#6829 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

LOL, like i said, way to stand on your principles Delt. You and everybody else will be right back at the Stern trough.
Just because YOU don't like STH or what Stern did along with some others in the vocal minority it means NOTHING. I have nothing to shill or motivation to do it.
I'm just gonna get my game, set it up and love playing it like all my other games, you want take a shit all over it non stop, that's up to you.
I am calling out YOUR over the top jealous BS hate for it. See how that works? Bitch and whiners on the one hand and shill defenders on the other.
Here is a GUARANTEE, you are crying here but you haven't called Stern to voice your displeasure have you. You can take that "fanboy" stuff and stick it.

Ice - out of respect for the ice I knew before I'm going to reply in a respectful fashion. I'm out after this though. Becoming boring now.

I bought Sth NIB. I'm not someone that comes in and whines but doesn't buy anything. I also said the game was perfectly fine. Yes code rush but foundation is there. Criticism was over the top. Check the boards. It's all in there.

What I am calling out is this ridicous add on DLC bullshit. Im calling out the shills who defend Stern even as they're being bent over. I'm calling out the distributor who says don't worry about pf defects, what's the big deal about Stern building something into the pf and then charging later.....BUY BUY BUY

And no Ice I didn't call Stern to complain bc I'm not a b****. I just won't support them when they attempt that BS marketing. Feel free to continue defending. You know where I stand.

#6883 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Lol. 3 to 5 thousand. Put the crack pipe down dude!
Here’s another post for you. Why don’t you quit trying to stiff buyers on TBL and actually pay your Pinside sale fees. How f ing cheap are you?

Now I can get behind that advice ICE! Guy does a bait and switch and doesn’t even pay fees or a membership. Total garbage. He pms me this long explanation (fell asleep trying to read it - like ramblings of a five year old) and I will never open another message from him. Lesson learned. What a joke.

You and I might not agree on everything but there is a level of respect for each other. We speak our minds and move forward. Others might agree or not - who cares. But this guy? I don’t respect anyone who does that.

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